Raglak-pyaar ki bandhan 12

I just want to say only one thing to u all guys. “LOOVVEE UUUU SOOOOOO MUCH” for such beautiful comments.I really felt happy to read ur comments,from the core of my heart. Bcoz I always being late to post my ff(always asking excuses!).even we have somuch other good ffs. But u guys,always read my ff&gave support to continoue.
In truth,I was thinking to stop my ff writing.bcoz my study works become heavy day by day. But after reading ur comments I feel that to re-think about my decision. Till now I couldn’t take any decision on it!!!!. So I will think one more time. But my dear READERS(DAILY/SILENT) I will try my best to continoue this ff..

Scene 1
Laksh feel amazement to hear Ragini’s words!!!
Ragini:(with laugh):just be cool Laksh,mazaa kar rahihu meim.
Laksh felt relaxed to hear this. He also smiled.
Shekher:haa Laksh don’t mind her words!! Voh abhi bhi bachom ki tarah se hei!
sumi:haa laksh!!kyum ki ye chori ki papa abhi bhi uski betti ko aise dekhti hei!
shekher:ho ho ..if I didn’t treat her like that,then who?
Sumi:but she became younger shekher!
shekher:kon bathaya aise?? Voh abhi bi meri chotti laadoo hei! He na laadoo?
Ragini:yes,yes papa such keherehi hei.
Shekher:see,even she agreed that. Then wat is ur problem? Kyaa papa-betti ki pyaar se jelous ho thi he na?
Rags&shekher gave hi-fi. Laksh smiled see this.
Sumi folded her hands to them.
Sumi:aree baba,bas karo. I didn’t said any think&didn’t hear any thing. Just leave it. Hooo….
all laughed hear this.
Laksh:then by uncle,aunty&ragini Take care ur self. By..
Ragini:by laksh…
She wave hands…
laksh leave to MM.

Scene 2
Laksh’s room. He came to room after dinner. He opend some file to check. But he can’t. He felt soo rest less in heart.
So he decided to sleep. He placed the file in table&switch off the lights. Go to bed.
But he couldn’t sleep. He turnd so many times. Then he get up&sit streight.
Laksh:yeh kyaa hua mujh ko? Lets take a deep breath lucy,u will feel good.
He closed his eyes&take a deep breath.
Suddenly a face came to his face.our Rags!!
Her beautiful face&extremly beautiful smile..
Laksh shake his head&opened his eyes.
Laksh:oh..!! Wat is this? Y her face came to my mind now!!
He placed head in his arms&looked down.
He remembered about past incident. Ragini’s crying,fighting,their eye-lock,her family bonding etc….
A smile came to his face.
Laksh:how girl is she!! After such a bad experience,which a girl can not even think,she smiled like a child&spend happy moments with family!! Oh wat a girl? ?
He go to balcony&sit in the chair.a small breeze shake his hair. He looked to sky. Saw The bright moon. See that he remembered Ragini’s face!! He remembered the whole past things happend b/w them!! Her memory fill a +ve enery on him.he felt relax mind. The breeze made his body cool. He went back to bed&sleep thinking about Ragini.!!

Scene 3
Morning. GH
Ragini was sitting in the chair in garden. She is in her lite blue color night dress with poni tailed hair. She remembered past night incident&thinking about that her body became little shiiver.!! Her eyes filled with tears! She close her eyes. Tears flow throuh her cheeks. She wipe it. Then she think about Laksh! She think that,if he didn’t came, wat will be her condition!!! She felt soo much thankful to him in heart!
&she also remembered his caring towards her!
Suddenly shekher came there. He was in suit.
Shekher:wat ladoo? Wat r u thinking?
Hear his voice Ragini became sense .
Ragini:nothing papa..
Shekher:so how is ur pain now? Do u want to go hospital?
Ragini: no papa.I feel perfect now. So no need to go hospital.
She remaind silent..
Shekher:tell me wat is the problem ladoo?
Ragini:no,papa! Nothing. I told u na?
Shekher:no,something is disturbing u!! Wat laadoo? Kyaa tum tumhari papa ko nahi bathavoonga?
Ragini:kuch nahi papa…voh..voh meim meri car ke baare meim soch rahti dhi !!!!
Shekher:don’t worry laadoo,I will tell driver to arrange some one to take the car.ok?
Ragini:thanks papa!
Shekher:BTW where is the location that ur got accident?
Ragini didn’t respond for one second. In that time the whole incident happend go through her mind.
Shekher looks on her.

A car came inside. It was her car !!!
Ragini:papa ….my car!!
They both looked at each other.
Ragini:kyaa tum already kisi ko arrange kiya?
Ragini:then who is this??
A well dressed man came out from the car. He picked a box from car&came towards Ragini!!!
Man:kyaa aap Ms.Ragini Gadodia hei?
Ragini came a little forward.
Man:good morning madam.
Ragini:good morning! BTW who r u?
Man:I am from Maheshwari group of companies. Mr.Laksh Maheshwari told me to take the car&give it to u madam.
Man:yes madam&also said to gave this.
He gave the box to her.
She take it. Her eyes widened with excitement!! She opened it!!
In that box 2 faces had.
One with sadface& anothe is a smile face!
In sad face written
” forget the past which have bad things(if ur face become like this,looking sooo bad)”
In smile face;
“Go forward life with full happiness(if ur face look like this it will be the most beautiful thing in this world!! So smile always”
Ragini felt soo relaxed read that!! She laughed!!
Man:can I leave madam?
Ragini:yes&say him a huge thank from me.
Man:sure madam.
He turned to go..
Ragini think something &called him!!
She rush to the house&after one minitue she came with a piece of paper!!
Ragini:give it to him..
Man:sure madam.
He went from there. Ragini’s face filled with smile! ………



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