Raglak-pyaar ki bandhan 11

Thanks a lot my dears for ur love&support…
But my dear RAGLAKIANS… U should wait for our cute couple ki love story keliye..bcoz they r PYAAR SE BANDHIT HUA HEI !! So there should be so many huddles.. !! But don’t worry guys I will try my best to give a good love story……

So….next chapter….
Scene 1
Shekher &sumi were soo worried. Shekher continously tried to call Ragini. But he only got one reply”the phone is out of coverage area”
Shekher:wat the hell is this!! Always hear the same answer.
Sumi:I told her many times,don’t spend more time in night with any friends. But how will she obey. U always support her&even don’t allow me to talk to her.
Shekher:sumi,stop it! How do u know that she is with friends in this time! May be she late bcoz of any other reason!! Even I can’t contact with her.!!
He try one more time. But it is in vain!
Shekher:she told that she is go to Teena’s home right?
Shekher:then we will call Teena.
Shekher dialed Teena’s number. But no one attend the call. Shekher tried 2 more times. But no use!
Shekher:no,Teena didn’t pick the cal!
Sumi:wat will do know!! Oh wat happend to my laado?hei bhagwan,keep her safe…
She folded her hands..

Shekher:I will go to Teena’s home..
Sumi:I will also come with u..!!
In that time Raglak reach GH.
Security opened the door. Laksh stop car.
Laksh remove seat belt&stepped out.
He opend the door of Rags side.
Laksh:how is now Ragini?
Ragini:hmmm…feels better
She stepped out.
Laksh:wait I will help u .

Ragini:it’s ok Laksh.I can walk now.!!!
She take 2steps.but suddenly she lost her grip&going to fall down. Quickly Laksh hold her by waist!”
Laksh:I told u na! I will help u!!
Ragini:but laksh no need of that.!! Now I am my home na? So I will call my papa&maa.
She opend her mouth to call shekher&sumi. Suddenly Laksh close her mouth with his hand&lift her.
Laksh:kyaa tum koi ki baath sunai nahi!!uff .. aag tak tumahra maa&papa ko tum kitni takhaleef dethi hum!!
Ragini made a puppy face to hear this!
Laksh knock the door. Servent came &opend the door. He shocked to see Ragino in that situation. Laksh felt a little blush !!
Shekher &sumi was in a busy to go to Teena’s house.they heard the knoking sound.
Sumi:may be it is laadoo!
They rushed to hall.
They also become shock to see Ragini.

When she saw shekher&sumi Ragini smiled like a kid…
Laksh felt embaressment to see them.
He placed Ragini on the sofa.
Sumi rushed to her&hugged her. Ragini hugged her back..
Sumi:kyaa hua meri betti ko!!
Laksh try to gave answer.
Laksh:voh.. ek chotti accident….
But sumi didn’t hear his voice. She only look at Ragini.
She kissed in her forehead.
Ragini:kuch nahi maa..apni betti ko kuch nahi hua!! My friend helped me!!
Shekher came &sit near to Ragini. He did’t said any thing.his eyes filled with tears..
Ragini:ohh ..papa!! Aap bilkul bachom ki tarh se hei!!
also her eyes filled with tears ..
She hugged him..

Sumi:oh..papa betti ki pyaar shuru hua!!!Now don’t need of me.
Shekher &Ragini break the hug&laughed..
Shekher:haa …haa bilkul….tum bilkul tik kehre hi hei.. he na laadoo
Ragini shake her head in “yes”
Laksh was watching all this. He felt very happy to see their bond. Also felt a little pain in heart. He think that he can’t find this type of love in his family any time.he rememberd Dp’s rude behaviour..
Shekher:actually, wat happend?
Ragini:voh…kyaa he na…on my way back a car hit my car. He didn’t stopped. I fell down from car. By God’s grace nothing more happend! Only got a cut in my knee..
She showed her leg..
Laksh looked at her shockly,she winked her eyes at him!!
Ragini:papa meet him. He is my friend!! Laksh.! He save me from the accident..
Shekher:ohh..so sorry betta! I forgot u..
Laksh:it’s ok uncle!
Shekher:any way,I am Shekher Gadodia,Ragini’s papa.

Shekher forwarded his hand. They shake hands.
Laksh:Laksh,Laksh Maheshwari!
Shekher:Laksh Maheshwari!! Kyaa tum Durgaprasad Maheshwari ka betta hei?
Laksh(with an unplesent tone):haamm..
Shekher:ohh..I know ur papa&also we r discussed about a new project. But he told that now he didn’t want to do any project in partnership!
Laksh didn’t gave any reply.!!
Shekher:any way thank u so much betta for saving my daughter..
He hugged Laksh.
Laksh got a parental feeling from him. He closed his eyes&hugged him back.
Laksh:koi baath nahi Uncle!!
Sumi came forward&cuppled his face.
Sumi:hamesha khush raho betta…
Laksh felt Ap’s presence..he touches in her feet..
Laksh:thank u aunty…
Ragino smiled see this. Laksh saw this.
He felt very happy to see her smiled face..
Laksh:so uncle&aunty by I am leaving.
He go towards Ragini.
Laksh:Ragini take care ur self&……
Laksh:nothing by…
He stood up&turn to go..
suddenly Rags grabbed his hand!!!

Laksh gave a question look!
Ragini:Laksh thanks a lot for ur help..
He laughed
Laksh:it’s ok Ragini,take care ur self.
Ragini:but Laksh…I need one more help.!!
Ragini smiled &widend her hand!!
Laksh didn’t get wat she means!!
Laksh:wat help u want?
Ragini:will u pls take me to my room!!
Laksh:oh….excuse me wat??
He became super shocked to hear this!!he looked at sumi&shekher!!
Ragini smiled like a child.
Sumi hit her forehead! Shekher control her laugh to see the expression of Laksh..
Sumi:yeh bachi kabhi nahi badlegi!!

Laksh:Ragini, wat r u talking??
Ragini:don’t u hear? I ask u to take me to my room. Can u do that? Yes or no.
Laksh looked helplessly to their 3’s faces.
Ragini burst out laughed to see his face!!!



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