Raglak-pyaar ki bandhan 10

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Scene 1
Parking area.
the man sit down near to her!!
Ragini was really in a pathetic situation.even she couldn’t standup!
The man forwarded his hand to touch her!!
Ragini(in a loud voice):NO ……..

Suddenly there came a car!!
It headlight fell upon her. For one second their couldn’t see any thing….
1st man:who the hell is tha??
A man came out from the car. They all looked at him. Ragini also looked&in her mind she felt so thank to God.!!
2nd man:hey,man wat r u doing??
But the man didn’t respond. He came a little forward.
Now his face became visible!! It was Laksh!!!
Ragini whispered:Laksh!!
1st:hey..u wat u want?
Ragini shouted his name loudly..

Laksh came near to them.1st man standup&all the 6men stopped him!
1st man:who the hell ur!just go from here..
He looked at Ragini. Ragini also looked at him,with teary eyes…
Laksh:I will,but only with her!!
1st:ohh…so u want her. No way bcoz she is our’s…u can take her after our use…
Laksh couldn’t control her angry!! He gave a strong punch to his face…..
He fell down. All r become shocked!!!
Laksh walked towards Ragini&placed his hands in her shoulder and made her stand…he take her out of there…
Suddenly one of the men gave a kick to Laksh’s head from back&laksh fell down. He stand up&started fighting…

Suddenly raining started…
Ragini was watching all this..suddenly she saw that one of them take a iron stick&go towards laksh from back side..
Ragini screamed.!!
Ragini:Laksh….watch out…
Laksh here this&blocked the iron stick by his hand..
Suddenly a police vehicle came there!!
See this all the goons take their bikes&went from there…
Laksh slowly walk to Ragini..

the police jeep stopped near of them.one police man came out from that.
Police:wat happend here?
Laksh:nothing…it was…it was just an accident..
Police:BTW who r u? It seems like I already met u before!
Laksh:I am Laksh,Laksh Maheshwari.
Police:oh!! Laksh! Don’t u remember? We met before 2 months for a case of labours issue.
Laksh:yea I remember!
Police:oh! !bcoz of the fake complaint I torture u so many times,sorry for that.
Laksh:no problem it is ur duty.
Police:ok then who is this?

Then only he noticed Ragini..
Laksh look at Ragini for a second!!
Even Ragini had not any idea wat to be answred!! She also look at him.
Laksh:voh…voh meri fiance hei!!!
said this he looked at her!
Her eyes widend hear thia! But she didn’t felt any angry on him! She really felt secure in her heart!!!
Police:nice to meet u madam.&laksh do u need any help? Do u want a lift?
Laksh:no thanks,we r leaving. Our car is here.
Police:then by.
they shake there hands..
He gone.
Laksh:sorry ..I just said that ur my fiance.bcoz..
Ragini:it’s ok Laksh. I can understand.If u didn’t say that he may be think me as a bad girl!
Laksh:come I will drop u ..
Ragini try to walk. But she couldn’t. Bcoz of her wound.

Ragini:nothing..my leg got a cut..
Laksh understood that she can’t walk.
He think one second..
Then suddenly take her in his arm.!!
Rags became super shock&didn’t respond..
Laksh started walking towards car,Ragini started staring at him.
She felt warm in her body…..
He came near to car&opened the door. He placed Ragini on the seat. Then he also sit in driving seat.
They two were in wet condition…
Ragini felt very cold. Laksh saw this. He take his coat from back seat&cover her with that.
In that moment they two came so close!! Even they felt their breath to each..
They share an eye-lock..

hear this laksh become sense..
Just then Ragini saw blood in the side of laksh’s mouth!!
Ragini slowly touch in his lips&wipe the blood.
Laksh felt some thing in heart!!!
Rags looks on him…



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