Raglak-pyaar ki bandhan 1


Hi guys,thank u so much for giving me such a big support. I know there so many crazy fans of RAGLAK always waiting for their true love in show. So I will try my best to give a good love story of RAGLAK.pls gave ur valid comments&supports.

Scene 1
Starts from a temple.a car is coming. A girl coming out from the car.her face is not seen.she wearing a beautiful saadi -dark blue-&golden color blouse. She have long hair&it is opend.
She climed up the steps. She started praying.
From back” laadoo…”
She turned.it is our gorgeous&cute Ragini(teju…)!!
She have a cute smile in her face.
Ragini:papa,maa !tum donom kaham dhi?u two went from home before I got ready na?then where were u?
Shekher &sumi looked at each other.
Shekher picked Ragini’s ear.
Shekher:u don’t know isn’t it? I told u many time before don’t take more speed.but u always try to forgot what I told.
Ragini:oooohh..papa,leave me it is paining. Maa told him na?
Sumi:u need this laadoo,I become afraid to see ur driving.
Ragini:papa leave me,nahi toh…
Shekher:nahi toh?
Ragini:I will tell maa what happend in last company meeting!
Sumi:wat happend in meeting?no one tell me that.
Ragini:kyaa papa can I told that?
Shekher leave ragini’s ears
Shekher :wat happend ? I don’t know
Ragini:what u forgot it!I can not believe this!
Sumi:shekher tell me wat happend?
Shekher couldn’t understand what is ragini talking about
Shekher:I don’t know
Sumi:don’t lie to me shekher,I know some thing is wrong.don’t try to lie don’t forgot that we r on temple
Shekher:God promise I don’t know what she talking about.
Ragini step backward slowly
Sumi:If u r not going to tell me the truth..
Ragini will tell me.laadoo…
she turned to see ragini.but can’t find her
Sumi:where is she?
Shekher understood y ragini tell that,she do this bcoz escape from sumi’s lecture
Shekher:don’t be so much worried it is sure that ur daughter is escaped ,made trouble on me.
Sumi &shekher laughed together
Sumi:this girl… they started praying.
Ragini saw all this from behind the wall.she laughed out
:so sorry papa..God,to u also for playing a small lie drama in front of u!.
She started praying.

Scene 2
MM.scene starts from a room. A handsome guy seen sleeping.he is wearing a
White T-shirt&blue pant.It is our stylish hero Laksh(namish…)!!

Suddenly a girl enterd the room.she look beautiful.it was uttara.
Uttara:still ur sleeping,bhai I know what to do!!
Uttara:(shaking laksh)bhaai get up,get up bade maam calling u!
Laksh:tell her I will come after some time.
Uttara:(to her self)I know what to do?
Uttara:in a high voice:bade papa,tum jaavo,laksh bhayya abhi bi udaa nahi..
Laksh get up quick!
Laksh:what is papa calling me??
Oh lucky what is this?
Uttara couldn’t control her laugh.
Uttara:sorry bhai just to fool u….
She ran.laksh get angry
Laksh:uttara I am gonna kill u.
He throw one of the pillows to her.


PRECAP: …………..NO…………

So how was first chapter?if u like it do comments, if u don’t like it alwayas gave comments&suggetions. Thank u….

Credit to: Lakshmi

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