Raglak – its promise (one shot)


Hey friends im Tamanna.its my 1st time to write one shot,hope u like it.its raglaks one shot.lets see
raginis) story in her words.

Its already 5:00 pm.im waiting for him since 2 hours…..Why hes late???? Is he fine or no i dont have to think This type of things,its the most special day of my life.i have been waited for this day from 10 years.How he wil look like i didnt saw him since 10 years…but hope he’ll not forget his promice..promice yes promice of love..

★★★★10 years before…

a girl is shown 14yrs old girl whos wearing red green lahenga..as today is anathalays annual function and she is parforms radhas dance with her krishna..
A voice comes-“raginii gets ready fast,im here im ready come fast ayu”
this is the voice of ayus bestie her krishna,her love laksh
hearing lakshs word cute smiles comes on ragus face.
ragini-jst 2 min veer n she comes out The announcement made n they hold each others hand n went to stage n starts dancing…every1 clapped for them.
They r really the radha-krishna of anathalaya.ragu is 2 years littile than laksh.laksh is 15.they r each others best friends.they never leave each other…veer n ayu really love each other.
though they r small but enough mature.From birth they r in anathalaya.They r hungry for the love,trust n care and they got them through each other…this is not the teenage crush this is true love..

laksh wanted to achieve something he is always topper in any exam on the other hand our ragini is not less than him, she is very good singer n wanted to beacome singer.

They used to chat till late nights..they share everything..
one day laksh gifted ragu a beautiful bracelate…ragini is happy but ayu said-lucky”! it seems expensive.how u brought it???
lacky-ragu!! i brought it from my sclolarship.
Ragini-lacky!!! its ur scolarships money this will helped u in further study dont waste it dear!!
saying this she gives bracelate to laksh
laksh-ragu!!! i brought it for u with love!!!
ragu- i know!! but i cant take this..ur smile,ur hand in my hand in every time,ur presence is enough for me i dont need bracelate n all okk!!
lacky smiles seeing his mature ragyu
laksh-kkk as ur wish!!
ragini-but lacky u have to gifted me bracelate from ur 1st payment okk not frm ur sclolarship huh!!!
lacky -kkk baba…

raglak r inseprable..there love is true,Both r like two hearts one beat…even Ragini can recognised veer through his touch,through his fragrance…
but one day life played game
The one of the top buisnessman DpMaheshwari with his family come to anathalaya…they saw anathalaya…Dps son RAHUL same age of veer also come n he has to meet his accident but laksh saves him…
MAHESHWARI Family see this,they r really impressed by laksh n they wanted to adopt laksh ..n Due to there power n possition they addapt laksh easily..
laksh dosent want to go frm orphanage leaving ragini alone
here Ragini went to picnic….

n he wanted to talk her…
Mausi(caretaker of children of orphanage) packed his bag..n the family is ready for leaving..
he requested them to wait for 1 hour

1 hour passed but still ragini is not come….dp said to lacky-lets go!!!!
laksh unwillingly leaves from there
when the car starts ragini comes in bus ragini n laksh sees each other
laksh again requested them to stop they stop….laksh rushesh to ragini

Ragini undetstand that Some1 adopt laksh…ragini controlls her tears as she doesnt want to weak laksh by showing her tears.
n laksh can feel that
Ragini-laksh its seems that its good family n they’ll give u bright future
go lacky!!!
laksh-no!! i cant leave u alone here
Ragini-kkk laksh,we’ll meet at the same place
Ragini-lacky when u grown up
laksh-yes…10 years later…same place..”same day!!!!
Ragini-yes its promice
they both hold there hand….while Rahul comes out of car n says
Rahul-lacky bhai!!! come n pull lucky
n Ragini waves lacky bye..
laksh seats in the car..but he turns again n again to see his Angels beautifull face..to capture her beautifull smile in his heart beacouse he will live the rest of his life in her memories…

here ragini wanted to cry but she didnt as she knows her 1 tear can make lucky weak.shes happy for him.as he got family which can love him.which can give him bright future so she gives smile to him n he turns again n again to see her smiling face!!!!

now the car is moving away lakshs face disappear…ragini runs to find the car she runs away n finally fall on ground..
laksh senced that she hurted herself..he feels her pain,he wanted to go back to her….but he cant..
the family welcome him n gives lots of love treat him like son..
he also gives her best to his family dp,ap n rahul..

here Ragini is adapted by Gadodia family,they also love her..
now laksh is 18yrs old n want to visit anathalaya but he got to know about the news that anathatlaya catches fire n all r died..

his heart breaks in infinite pieces
some1 snatches her life from him..
he cried lot that day but he remind promice made by Ragini n he convinced himself-Ragini is alive

now 10 yrs completed laksh is the most successfull buisnessman..
he got everything frm life except his love but now his love comes back to his life he got ready n takes bracelate which he brought for ragini…..n leaves while smiling
he drives car but hes lost in her thoughts how she will look like??
she still innocent…i know my ragu she’ll come with painting(given by laksh) n here laksh loses controll on car n hes car crashes with truck”!


ragini is waiting for laksh..now shes beacoming sad by her thoughts
her mind ask her again n again-is he allright??? why hes not coming still???
she saw place of orphan now turn into Hotel n shes waiting for him in garden
She saw 1 boy comes towerds her..same age of laksh,but she can recognised that this is not laksh

the boy come to ragini n says-RAGINI!!!!
Ragini stands up n says-who r u???
Boy-Im Rahul..lakshs brow n i recognised u seeing painting..
Ragini looks for laksh…
Rahul gives her bracelate n watch(which was given by ragini to laksh when he was small)
ragini gets teary eye several thoughts comes in her mind n jerk.all thought n gatherd her all courage n asked-where is laksh????
Rahul-Ragini!! bhai met with an accident
Ragini is about to fall but rahul holds her
they leave fo hospital…
teara r coming frm raginis eyes
rahul-Ragini bhabhi!!! dont cry its jst small accident n i know when bai see u they will fine!!
Ragini nodes
Rahul-Ragini bhabi!! u know when we rushed hospital bhai was unconcius but still they only take ur name!! they asked me to take u!!
seriously bhai loves u so much!! n u know he rejected 88 mirrage proposals for u!!
Ragini smiles sadly
finally they reached to hospital
Ragini met his family n finally goes to Room where laksh is treated
when she enter laksh got conciousness…she sees laksh n remind there moment(Moh moh ke dhage plays)
she go to him n hold his hand
ragini can feel the same fragrance n touch
Ragini-laksh!! dont say anything jst take rest!! how can u be so careless u were not changed in this years!!
laksh smiles n says-U also not changed,always scolding me!! makes puffy face…
ragini-of cource!! if u will not care urself then ill scold u laksh!! as u know u r my life laksh!!
laksh- i know!!! ragini u dont know how thease years r passed u know 1 min is like 1 hour but now ragini i cant let u go away from me…
ragini i love u!!! will u marry me??
tears of happiness comes from raginis eyes..laksh wips that tears
ragini-yes!! laksh

maheshwari family n Gadodia family r happy due to this allience..due to raginis sacrifice laksh got bright future n due to there love n promice they met once again….n now theyre married to each other.
ITS BEAUTIFUL EVINING,maheshwari house is decorated like palace….a big beautiful palce where all family membars r gatherd to welcome there new bahu RAGINI…
Ragini is wearing red lahenga with manglsutra n sindur of lakshs name…she comes in maheshwari house every1 is happy she wispers in lakshs ear-I LOVE U LAKSH

LAKSH-I love u my angel!!!

friends feedback plzzzzz!!!

Credit to: Tamanna

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