raglak-pocket full of love [episode 1]


It all starts with a boy who is sleeping peacefully and dreaming his darkest fantasy ,to be with “ his girl”
Ragini and laksh are having their candle night dinner at a romantic place which is beside a river and under the moonlight. Laksh is wearing the formal black suit and looking handsome than usual. Ragini is wearing a beautiful white-navy blue anarkali suit in which she is stunning . They are having their dinner and talking to each other.
Laksh (smiling): Ragini, I couldn’t help but notice you have much beautiful eyes.
Ragini (blushed inside): Laksh, I couldn’t help but notice that you are flirting.
Laksh :That’s only because you inspire me. You’re eyes bind me in the chain of love.
Ragini (blushing):you’re a quiet good poet laksh.

Laksh: I’m just the poet ,you’re my poetry.
**(saying this laksh goes to her and kneels down in a proposing way and shows a red rose)**
Ragini (smiling):Maybe we can complete the poem together
**(saying so Ragini stands and takes the rose)**
Laksh looks at the moon and says “OMG….. Ragini accepted my proposal”
A big mansion is shown .In a big room of the mansion which is pretty in white and black theme looking classy .A young boy is shown sleeping on bed he is shouting “OMG….Ragini accepted my proposal” and rolls over the bed and falls down. After falling down he realizes that it was his dream and says to himself.

Laksh : arghh ……this is just a dream .I thought it is real .I wish this dream would become true so soon…..
Saying this he goes to washroom to get ready.
He comes out of the washroom and gets ready in his casuals.
After getting ready he went down to have breakfast.
Durgaprasad was reading news paper and Annapurna in kitchen.

Laksh:goodmorning dad..
Durgaprasad:morning lucky..

After having breakfast and a lovely conversation with his family durgaprasad left for his office in his car and lucky left for his college in his favorite brand new Honda CB hornet 160R

On the other side,We can see another big and beautiful mansion . beside the big gate of the mansion it is written Gadodia mansion. Inside the mansion, a lady in mid forty’s doing pooja. Soon the prayer got over. She opened her eyes and gave Prasad to everyone.
Parvati: janaki, come soon …… ragini might be hungry.
Janaki : oh yes….she might be feeling hungry. I will go and call her soon for the breakfast.
Shekar: wait, I will go and call my doll.
Before he go upstairs we can see a young girl wearing a light pink anarkali suit coming downstairs.
Parvati; shekar no need to go …see she came already.

Shekar :yes mom…by the ragu why did you woke up so late??are you sick.i think you should not go to college. Come we will go to hospital. You can manage to come or shall I call the doctor??
[he said all in 1 go without giving a gap to answer]
Ragini : uff…..i am fine dad.i felt sleepy that’s why I woke late.
Shekar: then why did you woke up you could have slept for some more time .right??
Ragini says nothing but smiles whole heartedly and seeing her smile shekar also present a happy smile and hugs her she too hugs him

Ragini’s P.O.V
Hmmmm…………It’s not new for me.if I woke up fast they will ask me if there is any reason which is making me restless and if I woke up late they will ask me if my health is alright.hahaha….i got such a over protective and a happy family. After sometime dad and I went to the dining table to have our breakfast where as grandpa is already waiting for us. This seems to be a regular story of a family with the only child. I feel that I am very well fortunated because I have all I want. My loving family ,who cares a lot for me . my world, my dad who buys anything I ask .yeah that’s the thing every father does but my father is different because he buys me everything before I ask him.he is just amazing and loving.

I don’t only love him because he fulfills my every wish but also because he supports me in everything. Does anyone believe that he haven’t even scold me atleast once? Yeah he haven’t scold me atleast once because, who can scold their breath ,their life? I know he loves me a lot.Even when I did mistake he corrected me but haven’t scolded me. He is my role model.and last but not the least ….my bestie,my lakshya….my bestfriend since childhood,who cares for me a lot just like my dad does. He has the same qualities my dad has . I believe that these qualities made me close to lakshya.He is so understandable, kind and well mannered guy.Yeah ofcourse he is so handsome .my family,my hero and my lakshya makes my small world in which I am treated as a princess. And my career I wouldn’t take it so serious as my dad also never wished me to take it serious and It doesn’t mean that I don’t wanna study . I will study but as an average kid but scores as a topper because of lakshya as he helps me so well.

I am not so interested in the classes so , I bunk my classes frequently even lakshya also joins me but the thing that I won’t get is how can he study so well… he is so studious.he is been my best friend since my childhood. I feel so happy being with him.
Janaki(shouting):it’s your favourite breakfast today ragu.
Saying this janaki came from kitchen holding the dishes she prepared followed by parvati and the servant .

Ragini just let out a smile listening this.
“hmmm………..so bad ,starting to eat breakfast without my presence.forgot me??”a voice came from the door.

Precap:whose voice is it??….raglak special bonding……

To know more stay tuned to RAGLAK-[POCKET FULL OF LOVE].

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  1. Harinipriya

    I know the answer! Its Laksh’s voice! Am I right? If not its okk!! This is really a chupper cute story!! Wanna read more!! Please post next part soon!!

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    Waiting for the next part

  3. I think it must be laksh . Come to ff it is awesome

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  6. IQRA222

    vyshu di !! where were you ?? i missed you and this ff
    coming to the episode it was wonderful awesome lovely
    loved it
    ragu’s family is just like mine so lovely
    and i know its lucky’s voice
    cant wait for the next part

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  10. Amazing part nd can’t wait for next

  11. Interesting episode dear and loved Raglak scenes. I think it’s Laksh. Eagerly waiting for next episode and plz post next part ASAP

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    Amazing… It’s Laksh voice…

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    Super cute???
    The title fits aptly, “Pocket Full Of Love”. Loved it a lot???

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    One of cute story, hope u will continue

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