Raglak: planned wedding goes unplanned part 3


Hey!! I am back with the next part. Here it goes

Laksh and ragini leave for the venues. They go to two places first but dont like it that much..
Ragini: see laksh we have only one option now. You better like it
Laksh: is that an order or something? What can i do if i didnt like the first two.. Your choice sucks

Ragini: how dare you? She slaps him lightly on his cheeks . You have to get married according to my choice

Laksh: hahahaa!! Then it would be the great indian circus instead of great indian wedding
Ragini is now furious.. She starts hitting him friendly.
Laksh suddenly holds her hand and both share an eyelock which is very passionate and loving
Then ragini releases her hand and laksh comes back to senses
Ragini: lets go now?
Laksh: yeah.
Finally they reach to a hotel and take a look at their marriage gardens. Laksh likes one of them and they finalise it.
Manager: sir you are our lucky customer and so you get a night’s stay at our hotel for free after your reception. Please come have a look. Its our special honeymoon suite.

Laksh: thankyou very much but we dont need a room .
Ragini winks at him: sure we will go she drags laksh with her

While manager moves ahead she says to ragini:if you dont wish to stay here i will. How can you let go a free room in a 5-star hotel?
Laksh: hahh you are so miser and cheap
Ragini: that toh i am she punches him slightly and laughs.and runs ahead

Laksh: this girll!! She ll make me crazy! Then he realises what he said.. To himself: crazy? Laksh dude are you okay? Never mind..

After sometime they head back home.
Ragini: aunty we finalised the venue . Now i had a talk with the choreographer.. He will come tomorrow and the rehearsals will start. The guest list we need to prepare now so that tomorrow we can finalise the card and give it for printing.

Ap: sure beta come sit.. They make the guest list ..
Ap: so you laksh and khushi go for finalising the card tomorrow?? Fine?
Ragini: sure aunty..

The next day laksh and khushi pick ragini up from her place and they go for the card shop..
They look for many cards but didnt like any..
Ragini: can i please have a pen and a paper?? I will give you the design.
She makes a beautiful card with taj mahal(this scene i have taken from the movie mere brother ki dulhan as i liked it)
And writes the name laksh and ragini on it.. Then immediately she looks at khushi and laksh and scribbles it off and writes khushi on it..
She thinks: what am i doing? Am i in my senses? This hasnt happened ever before with any of my clients.. No ragini.. It’s strictly professional. Stay in your limits.

They leave from there and ragini sees baraf ka gola on the roadside.. She suddenly screams : golaaa!!!
Laksh jerks off and says : are you mad!! We could have met with an accident..
Ragini makes a pout face: but i want to eat golaa.
Laksh: no ! This is so unhygienic.
Khushi is not listening to them as she is looking out.. Suddenly she comes back to her senses and says/: arre what is the problem ? I need fresh air.. You two keep on fighting..
She leaves.. Ragini too gets down: you and your hygiene stay here.. I am going..
She orders a gola for herself and starts eating it like a kid.. She spills it all over her dress.. Her mouth.. Suddenly she gets a call from her mom.. She tries picking it up but is unable to.. Laksh comes there and takes it out and keeps it on her ears.. She talks to her mom..
After that she smiles looking ag laksh and says thankyou..laksh starts coming near her.. She starts moving back..
Then he holds her by her waist and drags her close and with his thumb cleans her mouth..
She is shocked but looks at him lovingly
Then he leaves her ..
Khushi comes back and says/: if you two are done fighting can we move?
Laksh: sure

They reach home and the choreographer has started teaching others..
When they enter he hugs raginia nd ragini shouts: how i missed you raj!! Finally after so long i meet you..
Laksh doesn’t understand why but he doesnt feel nice..
Laksh comes there : hey bro wont you meet me? The groom
Raj hugs him even more tightly and says: oh so hot!! I wish you weren’t the groom.
Ragini laughs silently when laksh looks at her and realises: oh shit he is gay!! (Hahahahaa i had to put this.. Idk why but i find it funny)
Now lets start the couple dance?
He starts teaching them and khushi gets a call. She cuts it and starts to dance again but her phone is ringing continuously
Ap: beta pickup! It mist be an important call. She leaves sying: ragini please learn the steps and teach me later please?
Ragini hesitates a little but then agrees.
Laksh and ragini start dancing and they do it like they have been practicing together since ages.. Perfect flawless moves.. At the end he makes her slip into his arms..
Ap: wow ragini! You are a great dancer. I need you to dance on laksh’s sangeet.

Ragini and laksh come back to senses: sure aunty.
Then she leaves from there abruptly. She goes to a corner: no ragini. This is wrong. He is getting married. You Yiu cant ruin someone’s happiness. You need to control yourself.

Laksh comes there and taps on her shoulder: i am sorry for what happened there. I didnt mean to make you feel awkward.
Ragini: no.. No problem laksh. Its okay.
Laksh: thankyou. Now will you please come with me tomorrow for finalising my sherwani and suits for the functions? I am very bad at shopping.
Ragini: finally you accept your defeat! Hahaa! My choice you have to rely on.
Laksh: ya ya madam.! I give up they both laugh .

Ragini comes back to the hall: i will take a leave now. I had a talk with the caterers and decoraters, they will come tomorrow in the morning then in the evening we will go for shopping.
Ap: thats great. And about shopping you and laksh go.. We ladies have called our tailer here and other gents of the house will do theirs separately.
Laksh: fine maa as you say..
Come ragini i ll drop you home.
Ap: take khushi also with you.
Sujata:she has already left jijii..
Ap: without informing? Well nevermind
Then you go

They leave and laksh drops ragini home.

Precap: raglak realisation and swasan entry.

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I will end it in 4-5 parts .

Credit to: Ananya

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