RAGLAK (A piece of my heart) episode-7


Hiii… everyone I’m here again your SS…. And hope you all like my ff and plzz… comment and tell me whether it is good or bad anything…And I know it will be bad as it is a filling in part….what I mean to tell is….through this episode I will give some info about the past which I wanna tell urgently and it will be Sanskar’s POV today also, RAGLAK meeting will be postponed….
Guys this is a special thanks to everyone for such praises…….and guys I really wanna clarify something did I tell anywhere in the episode that RagSan are siblings….? So they are not siblings guys…..okay…?
Recap: Sanskar’s POV…..
Here you go for the previous episode if you have missed it….
Sanskar’s POV (Guys…there was a little part left out in his POV so thought of adding it here….don’t mind it ah!)
The scenario still comes in front of my eyes when I met her like that as nightmares, I would never want to see her like that again……and next time I will break down after seeing her like that….let me tell one thing she is a very moody person….she could change her mood whenever she wanted……
I was thinking about her when she came down with a letter in her hand…..I tried asking her what it was but, she didn’t speak and just asked me when the flight is booked I mean she asked about the timings…I said it was exactly after 45 minutes….
Ragini: snaky do you know which my favourite sweet is?
Sanky: what….?
Ragini: just answer me…
Sanky: yess…I do…
Ragini: which is it…?
Sanky: it is rasgolla….
Ragini: can you bring it for me from the best baker here within half an hour…
Sanky: yeah!!! (I told you she is very moody and will want anything anytime…)
Ragini: then do it fast…
Sanky: okay…and I went out to tell the driver to bring it from the best baker as he knew that and told him to be here in half an hour…..
I came inside and saw her sobbing again in her room hugging a big doll of her size no….it was not her size but bigger than herself….okay now leaves that how to make her laugh….? I cannot see her like that….after all she is my…..wait IDEA!!!!!
Just then an Idea flashed my mind and I went and brought to hand puppets and went to her….
I started playing with it…there were two puppets i started the story….
Once the boy puppet was away from the girl puppet for 1 year and suddenly he came back to give her the good news that he has got a surprise for her for which the boy puppet was working so much hard from loooooong time…and at last the day came when he reached that and he came to India to tell her the news but then he learnt that the girl was cheated by someone, she was all shattered and broken….because she didn’t follow what he had told do you remember what he had told…..? He had told her that never believe anyone so much that they break you into pieces….but, she didn’t follow him…..and I had also told her that when you believe someone so much then give them a chance to describe and explain what was their fault in it….rather than regretting that I was cheated by him for believing him…..
Suddenly she caught hold of the girl puppet and started acting on behalf of it and asked what to do if the whole cheat happens in front of her eyes…? Tell me what to do…? Should we never believe anyone only because they will cheat us…? Then I should not believe you also…?
I was just broken hearing that….I didn’t feel bad that she spoke to me like that telling she shouldn’t believe me…but, I was broken to hear that she was such broken from inside and made her tell that and till now she was not even showing up her 10% of sorrows to me….I would really break down in front of her If I would stand in front of her for, for even a few seconds more…..
So, I ran from there and came to garden leaving her there only….I came and slept on the bed of grass grown by my Rago who was all broken now!!! I had never seen her like this……..NEVER!!!!
My mind was filled with her when I heard her shout “Just drop it and come back…..”
I was going towards the main door when I saw the driver whom I had sent to bring sweets come there holding a letter wait! It was the same letter which was in ladoo’s hands….but where is she sending it….
I stopped the driver and asked him what happened…? He told that mam told him to drop this letter to someone’s home…..i asked him the letter and started reading it and it read like this…..
Hello handsome…..how are you…? How did your day spend…? Sorry, sorry how did you spend your night…? I know it might be a great one and it went well….after all you celebrated that you made me a fool! Right…?
You know what all the boys are same……I knew it from before but, you always told me that you are different, different but, I failed to understand the meaning of different…..you just simply meant that you just wanted to play with my feeling and emotions….while I thought that you always wanted to be with me spend time with me…..
You know what…? Initially when I didn’t agree for your proposal you ran behind me like a mad dog even joined my college to get when you had already started your business and started to do all the romantic things just to make me understand that you love me….and two days before I understood also….and I accepted your proposal also….but, now that I have accepted you….you have taken me for granted isn’t it…? But not anymore…..
You know what I’m moving on in my life….shocked right…? I know you might have thought that I will go into depression after the cheat what you have done with me and might try to kill myself also…..but, you are wrong….and you know what you were never and will never be right in your life…..
And I just wanted to thank you for whatever you have done for me….
1.Thank you for every tear dropping from my eyes…
2.Thank you for every time reminding me that I should never believe anyone in my life that they break me into pieces….
3.Thank you for making me feel ashamed of myself for believing in you
4.Thank you for making me to lead a better life in future and making me strong
5.Thank you coming into my life and teaching me to be strong in my life and never bend in front of anyone….
6.Thank you for everything and you can add anything if I have missed any…
And a good news! By the time this letter reaches you I will be gone very, very far from you FOREVER so, you should not feel bad right that I didn’t take up a moment to say GOODBYE to you and curse me so here you go…GOODBYE Mr. Handsome….
Your SWEET HEART!!!!!!!
Ragini Gadodia……
I was still more broken after I read this letter but handed it over to the driver and told him to send it to the person for whom she has told…..then I saw towards the sky to see the stars but, saw Ragini seeing me read the letter…..we both looked into each other’s eyes….
I could sense that she was all broken and had left no strength to move on so I thought I should be her strength from here on….
The driver took that letter and went to deliver it….while we moved to airport in another car while we cleared all the formalities and boarded the flight and reached THE VENEZUELA….
As soon as we stepped out Ragini stopped me and took out a Rasgolla box from her hand bag and started making me eat it! I too returned and made her eat it after which she asked me to wish her the best for her new journey! While I did so, she told me that I have to be her strength in this….to which I nodded in Positive and we went to our home THE BLUE BELLS……..and started to live a new life with all her ways changed and she came into the business instead of doing her paediatrics….
Precap: Swara’s POV…….sorry guys you will have to wait for RAGLAK’s meeting…
I know it was a boring episode after all it was just a filling in part but, do tell me how it was…? How was the letter which Ragini wrote for Lakshya….and possessiveness of Sanskar towards Ragini….how was it over all…? Waiting to see all your comments….
Guys….RagLak’s POV is given already…and that was the very second episode….I think you all have forgotten so check here….you will get to know….

Credit to: SS

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