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Hiii… everyone I’m here again your SS…. And hope you all like my ff and plzz… comment and tell me whether it is good or bad anything…And I know it will be bad as it is a filling in part….what I mean to tell is….through this episode I will give some info about the past which I wanna tell urgently and it will be Sanskar’s POV today so, RAGLAK meeting will be postponed…. and tell me if it is not interesting I will end it soon………you all are not commenting guys so, I felt bad plzz….comment and tell me….and if there is any silent reader plzz comment today….
Recap: it is not a continuation just filling in part…..

Here you go for the previous episode if you have missed it….

Sanskar’s POV
Life is full of good and bad moments. Each day in itself brings various moments in life. Every day we go through mixed feelings. Sometimes, only we have experienced a pure jovial moment or a pure sad moment. Everyone also has the special moment in life. It is just a day when someone’s dreams are fulfilled. With the time the memories just get blurred, but stays with us in our mind. Whenever, we remember such moments we get excited and thrilled.

I remember the day and date it was 19th September 2015….it was a Saturday morning. I was at my home in Venezuela, having my morning tea. I was much tensed that morning; it was the day which would decide my future, my business everything and for which I had waited so loooooong……for which I had worked hard day and night and the aim of my life was just few steps away and I was already walking towards it while it was not still clear whether I reached there or not….as I was dreaming about my result while taking a sip of my coffee, there rang my phone I picked it up in no time…and after listening to the answer my eyes filled with tear and I shouted ‘oh!!!!!really……’ and yes, the answer was ‘yes’ and I wanted to give this news to my parents and I had to call them as they were out on a tour to Europe….i called them and informed they told me they literally wanted to hug me from there only and wished me luck and I bid them bye…
Next I had called Ragini, my Rago to inform that I reached what I want in my life…I reached my goal but then thought that let me go and meet her and give her a surprise on this special occasion and cancelled the call…..

I had a special official flight booked and boarded it…I had booked it so that I can reach there to India from Venezuela in no time, I thought of asking her whereabouts as I know that she loves to go to villages and do camping she wanted to treat the poor out of no cost and it was her dream to be an paediatrician, as she liked kids the most and wanted to treat every poor without money……she wanted to help them and I wanted to help her….and yeah! I forgot to tell what the result was about, it was about building the best hospital in India through which all the poor would get help, I wanted to help Rago by making an hospital for her future and I did want it to be done properly without any corruption, I followed all the rules and regulations and took the best site for the hospital and had applied for the permission and I got it today! I was on top 9 and nobody could control me…..i had already achieved my goal of my life and this was the second one for my Rago……..
I reached the mother land of mine where I was born and from which I was away for almost 10years, but my dear sister wanted to study here and do something here so she was left here in hostel…..i tried calling her after all the formalities been done but she didn’t pick it….what was it that she didn’t pick my call, where was she….and then thought that she might be busy in her studies, let me tell you she is very, very serious about her studies….then I thought of going to her hostel and meeting her…..i drived all the way long to her hostel and called her, she picked it up at last…

Sanky: Rago, what yaar how many times to call you….
There was no reply, so I continued…
Sanky: guess where I’m….?
Still there was no reply…
Sanky: abbe…..atom bomb speak Na…..
Ragini: Sanky….
She spoke that one word and realised she was crying bitterly…..in fact very, very badly….I was broken all at once…she was never like this….I just cut the call and ran to the reception…..
Receptionist: how can I help you….?
Sanskar: I wanna meet Ragini Gadodia….doing MBBS in paediatrics in her first year….
Receptionist: you will have to ask permission from warden…
Sanky: where is the warden call her soon….i literally shouted at her as I was too very much worried for my ladoo….
Warden: yeah! What can I do for you…?
Sanky: I wanna meet Ragini Gadodia….doing….
I was stopped by warden…

Warden: I know her! The best student I have ever met….
Sanky: okay….but I wanna meet her urgently….
Warden: but, she isn’t here…..
Sanky: what…?
Warden: she had been out and didn’t come back…
Sanky: at what time did she go out…?
Warden: 10 in the morning….
Sanky called her again but she cut the call each time….then he thought for some time and asked warden…
Sanky: is there any garden nearby…?

Warden: yeah! Rosedale Garden….
[a question for who lives in kolkata….guys is it really there…..? I mean this garden….is it really there…?] I literally ran from there to my car and started to drive for that park and it was a nearby one….as soon as I reached that park I just parked my car nearby and ran inside the park/garden I was at the entrance I saw many people there playing and all, but could not figure out where she was….?

An idea flashed my mind just as I saw some people taking on his mike in his hand and alerting people about corruption and all….i ran to him and without his permission took the mike and ran from there to garden and shouted in the mike ‘There is a Bomb in the Garden plzz….everyone go out….’ Hearing which people started to pour out of the garden just like water and it was almost clear in 15 minutes…..
[I know it doesn’t happen in real life but, I wanted it to be filmy so….] I kept eye on the people who were going out but I couldn’t see Ragini there so I went inside to search for her….I ran everywhere searching for her, I searched the whole garden and came to a point where I couldn’t find her, I went and sat on the nearby bench thinking where did she go….?
Just then I heard someone weeping…I turned around to see a girl sitting behind the tree and weeping very badly, I wished it should not be my Rago because I will be broken after seeing her in that state and went and kept my hand on that girl’s shoulder, she turned around for which I got an heart attack for the first time in his life…..

I had never seen my Rago this depressed about something and crying such bitterly over a thing like not even hearing about the bomb and thinking of dying…..I fell on my knees seeing her like that lifeless but, still tears coming out of her eyes like hell…..I hugged her and gave her a bone
crushing hug and pacified her….she hugged me back and started crying more heavily….

Sanky: Rago…Rago…WH…what happened…?
There was no reply; just tears was coming out of her eyes…
Sanky: Ladoo…..batao Na…. (Tell Na….)
Still there was no reply; but, I did not give away…
Sanky: tu bataegi…yaa…mein chale jao…. (Will you tell me…? Or shall I go away….)
Still there was no reply, so I woke up and was about to walk away but stopped when she held my hand from behind…..
Ragini: San….Sank…Sanky I was cheated……
Sanky: what….?
Ragini: usne Mujhe cheat kiya hai…… (He cheated me…) And she cried out loudly that still echoes in my ears…..

I was about to talk but, she hugged me again and left me….then wiped her eyes and told…
Ragini: Mujhe leja yaha se, mein yaha nahi rehna chahati Hu…. (Sanky take me away from here….I don’t wanna stay here….)
Sanky: par….hua kya hai…? (What happened…?) Who cheated you….?
Ragini: I can’t tell you anything now! I will surely tell it afterwards, plzz…take me from her and
started to shout again….

Just then police entered and asked me what it was….I explained that Ragini’s life was in danger so, I made that announcement and sorry for that…..police understood the situation and told me to take her from there…..he also asked if I wanna give any complaint against anyone to which I replied no and took her with me….to the bungalow…. [I know it doesn’t happen in real life but, I wanted it to be filmy so….] She was all shattered and broken when we came to bungalow she did not even speak to me and went to her room telling me to book tickets for her and myself to leave from India and permanently shift to Venezuela for life time….

I didn’t ask her why as I didn’t wanna scratch her wounds and apply salt on them…..i worked very, very hard to make her normal but she became fully opposite to her culture and nature after that incident, I really don’t know it till now….whenever I ask her what happened she would reply to me nothing with no expression in her face so, that I don’t understand her feelings, I know how hard it was to bring her back and she was just like a doll with broken heart and just tries to be all hyper active in front of me so that I don’t doubt her……

The scenario still comes in front of my eyes when I met her like that as nightmares, I would never want to see her like that again……and next time I will break down after seeing her like that….
and now!!! my mother wants this marriage to happen here….She had asked me not to tell anything to anyone about her depression…… she had been into depression for all these months…….I meant to tell not the real depression this was about her love…. she was active from outside but…andar hi andar use kuch kaaye jaarahata Jo usne mujhe ab tak bataya nahi hai…..( she was active from outside but…she was hiding something inside her which she has not told me till now!!!!)
Precap: Swara’s or Laksh’s POV which do you want guys….about how Swara met Lakshya after that incident with Ragini….do tell me through comments whose POV you want describing about SwaLak meeting…..

So how was the POV of Sanskar guys….was it good or worst tell it to me in comments section….

I know it was a boring episode after all it was just a filling in part but, do tell me how it was…? If it is boring I will change the way of presenting the next POV….so done with today’s part guys….and waiting to see all the comments I feel you all are not interested so not commenting, DO COMMENT GUYS……..your comments are my energy to type the next episode…

Guys I truly want a reply today whether it is nice or not I meant not this part but, the story line how is it going…….so, DO Comment…..

Credit to: SS

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