RAGLAK (A piece of my heart) episode-2


Hiii… everyone I’m here again your SS…. And hope you all like my ff and plzz… comment and tell me whether it is good or bad anything…I know i’m a day late but sorry for that guys…..
Both Lakshya and that girl with Sanskar went into flash back to remember that bitter moment…..
Let’s get into the story…..hope it’s not boring….
Flash back…..
I will tell like both Laksh’s and that girl’s POV tell me in the comments if it is ok….or I have to give like explanation…..

Girl’s POV

I banged opened the door after seeing that scenario and ran from there, I was hell shocked to see that, I never thought he would betray me but, he did all boys are same I should have listened to Sanky and went away to Venezuela with him then this phase of my life would never would have been in my life at all….I never wanted to live anymore but the only face that comes in front me is Sanky, he loves me so much…..what should I do…?
So many things are running around my mind it was interrupted when I heard Lucky call my name and run behind me…..I ran faster to hide from him….but he too ran faster and held me….
Lucky: Ragini…..
Ragini: mera nam bhi mat lo tumhare gandhe mu se….
Lucky: but listen to me once…… I can explain
Ragini: chi….i never thought you will cheat me….and also that you can explain this…?
Lucky: jesa tum soch rahe ho wesa kuch nahi hai!
Ragini: phir kesa hai bholo…? Actually tum to mujse bhat hi mat karo….and I pushed his hand and ran from there….
I went to parking lot took my two wheeler and started driving without knowing where to go just saw the road and started to drive……I was fully blank just then I saw someone standing in my way near the gate…..
Yes…it was Lucky…..his eyes were pleading me to stop my two wheeler and talk to him….but I didn’t want to get trapped again….I just closed my eyes and remembered everything…..my every moment with him and I passed him without even seeing his face….
Lucky again called from back… “Just listen to me once….please, let me explain” and started to follow me with his car….actually what was there to explain I saw it with my own eyes and my eyes cannot misguide me…yeah! I know ki they tell that we cannot just decide everything on our eyes WO bhi hamai doka dete hai! Par how he was behaving with me from few days like just ignoring me, my messages, phone calls and that Payal….ho! Leave it…
I felt like killing myself for feeling for him and thinking he is the piece of my heart without which I was incomplete. I was thinking of just dying then and there, but I remembered Sanky again and just washed that thought away I wanted to live a better life and show him that I can live without him….
Yeah! I have to and I was just wiping my tears and saw him through the side mirror, he was, was following me…? But why……….??????? After he did so much and his aim is fulfilled what was the need to follow me……really does he wanna say anything to me…? No…I cannot get trapped like before again….
This is also his trap so that he can give me only pain, sorrow, hatred and what not…? So better not talk to him…think so he wants to tell me that he did all that just for some cheap badla!!!!!
How can he…? He played with my feelings just for that badla…I will never forgive him in my life…..just then what….????? I am just stuck even in my life and also this traffic…..what the heck is this….?
And just then I saw him just next to me….what…? Again….and I drove off without waiting for the signal and was ready to pay any amount as penalty but not talk to him…..but, what…? He is following me still….why god does he wanna test me…?
Now, I took short cut where his car could not follow me and drove off soon…..so that he could not follow me and heard t him shout Ragini…….but did not care….and drove off…and did want to meet him again in my life….

Laksh’s POV

I had just opened my eyes while everything seemed blurry; I felt I was near her then, saw a familiar figure….
Yess…..it was her, but why did she come here….and actually where am i…? How did I come here….all my thoughts were interrupted when I saw her moving away by just banging the door, I was shocked at her act and started following her by wearing my shirt because she was running away from me and I can never afford losing her…..I’m nothing without her…
I called out for her to stop but, she ran faster….it was like she wanted to hide from me…..but, why I can never understand her? Like before…..i thought she was joking till I saw her pearl drop from the end of her beautiful eyes and I felt sorry because I was not there to stop her from crying and protect her from who made her cry……
I made a firm decision and stopped her to ask her what happened and tell her everything…..I held her hand….
Lucky: Ragini…..
Ragini: mera nam bhi mat lo tumhare gandhe mu se….
Lucky: but listen to me once…… I can explain
Ragini: chi….i never thought you will cheat me….and also that you can explain this…?
Now I understood what she was thinking…..i was shirtless and don’t know in which room……So I spoke up!
Lucky: jesa tum soch rahe ho wesa kuch nahi hai!
Ragini: phir kesa hai bholo…? Actually tum to mujse bhat hi mat karo….and she pushed my hand and ran from there….
I ran behind her but she had already reached the parking lot and had taken scooty and started driving…..
I stood near the gate ad thought how can she even think that I will cheat her…..i loved her to infinity, how could she even doubt me….and I pleaded her though my eyes to just stop once and talk to me and could see that she understood me but, she did not even see me and drove off…. “I did shout just listen to me once…..”
Even I did not lose and took my car and started driving the car behind her without her noticing me…..she was in deep thinking and don’t know what she understood and mistook me….
To my luck there was a traffic signal and she had to stop, I was just taking out my seat belt and getting down, just then she drove off without even caring for the signal I thought she might have seen me and went behind her, just then she took a short cut where my car could not move in and drove off……I stood there blank but did shout her name “Ragini…..”
Precap: Some light moments and enjoyment….
Guys sorry I could not reply to everyone in the last episode as I had been outing with my cousins so here is the reply…
Kalai: thankx yaar…..
Aarti: even I luv RAGLAK so….
Dhara: surely dhara so here is the reply…..i really do wanna continue but so many are against it…..i do have a plot already and can continue if you all support so, do tell me whether to continue or not…
Ammu: Thankxxxx Ammu dear……
Swati: Thank you…..
Ani: I’m really thankful to you for all the support you have given to me…
S Priya: Thank you Priya….
Teja: I’m happy that you found it interesting…
Naimi: you are right Naimi…
Ruhani: thank you so much for the warm well come dear…..and I will make it long next time…so, I wanna ask do you want it to be interlinked….
Nikki: thank you dear….and next part will be updated today itself but later….
Lovely: thank you lovely….
Thank you friends for all the love and comments in this episode hope you all like the story line….Stay tuned to no more that’s all I can say…..
May you shine like a sun today in your work…

Credit to: SS

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