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This is the story of dumm dumm dumm film I juz made smal changes… I hope u ll lyk this story…

Here we go….

Laksh and ragini are two youngsters who have moved to Chennai from the same small village. Their parents meet and arrange for them to be married to each other. Laksh’s life is young, urban and exciting — with girls, parties, bikes, songs, cars, discos, movies and, infrequently, studying. He is not very enthused about the idea of being married to a village belle.
Ragini who has just ranked second in the Class XII examinations and has been admitted to an engineering college, wants to continue her education and is equally uninterested in the idea of marriage. When she got a good mark in exams her parent gifted a mobile she just knew about something only she don’t know how to use that time her childhood friend kavya visited her village for summer vacation.( she was studied there after that her family shifted to some other place) so she knew about mobiles.. she started to teach how to use and how to use social networks… ragini also excited to use the sites… so she created a fake id because if her family get to know about this… surely they will kill us.. she get afraid after that kavya created one id for her… she had so many friends in that sites.. one day she get a request… it was from laksh but he also use a fake id so she didn’t knew him… she don’t know whether she accept or not shes in deep confusion aftr that she clear her mind n said its just a friend not marriage proposal..

Other side laksh also dnt know abt her (because when he use the site… he thought to find a girl so he started searching… but he don’t know what to search so he decided to search his nick name… yes it was lucky…. Unfortunately ragini id also luckycharm… so he sent a request…) aftr accepting the request laksh texted hi.. aftr 2mins he receive a rly hlo… they feel something strange n continue their chatting the both introduced themselves as fake name like ragini as swara and laksh as sanskar ? both feel comfortable they re chatted daily more than 1 hour they both really like each other… but they hide their identity because they are afraid of losing them they started to love each other….

Laksh decided to propose her but at the same time he receive a call from his home..wen he attnd the call he get to know about his mom’s health condition ( she had a heartattack) and get to know about her marriage so he decided to stop this and text ragini as swara I am going for my friend marriage I ll be back in one month so I text u once I reach….

On other side ragini get to know about her marriage so she decided to avoid him because if she continued talkng to him she will fall for him so she decided to concentrate on her carrier and try to cancel the marriage.. that time her phone beep…. Yeah it was laksh msg… she read it and rly k sanskar take care

Once laksh reach his home. His mother asked to meet her daughter in law so he went to her home n tell his decision about the marriage but at the same time ragini also tell the same as she want to study more… shes not intrested in ths proposal after hearing this laksh felt so happy and think he get her swara anyhow and other side ragini also happy about his decision n think finally iam gng to study? yipppeeeee …..(she love to study)

So both decided to cancel their marriage.. they do so many plans.. but it all went vain… they don’t know wat to do… on the wedding night laksh went to ragini room for telling some plans.. but unfortunately ragini was not there… wen he about to go he saw her phone n smile evily?… he tke her phone n opn the social sites he shocked to see his msg he was hell shocked and realy happy for getting her swara as ragini.. at the time ragini came from terrace and shocked to see laksh in her room so she went near him and ask wat r u doing here… bt laksh not in his sense he was numb she don’t knw wat hap to him and think something n smirk she go near to him pour some water to his head.. later laksh jerk n shouted as swara both became shock… laksh realise what he said n explain her everything but ragini didn’t react anything she worried for her studies at the same time she felt happy also… laksh notice this and tell her don’t wry about ur studies u can continue ur studies even aftr our mrg she felt happy n hug him laksh also hug her back they both felt extreme happy about the marriage… laksh and ragini went to their room thinking abt their friendship love n both sleep peacefully

On the wedding laksh and ragini cme to the mandap both are looking stunning in their bridal attire…aftr some time they hear some noise all went to that place.. shocked to see laksh and ragini fathers fighting laksh stop their fighting and ask the reason so laksh father telling him that it was stealing his money which was kept in the locker n he saw the person it was ragini uncle.. he give money to the lenders I saw him n I know he dnt hve single penny then how he gave the money 1lakhs to them.. so raginis father getting angry n how he think like this… If he don’t hv a trust thn how will we keep a relation with him …..for a small misunderstanding on the day of their wedding turns into a fight between their families. The wedding is called off, and a feud has begun. Laksh n ragini crying see each other… they could nt do anything but they believe their love one day we will be together….

After a month ragini family decided to send her chennai to stays with her lawyer uncle and cousin anu. Laksh and ragini return to their respective lives but cant forget about their love..
laksh mistakenly lands in ragini’s uncle’s house, and ragini’s uncle thinks of laksh as an intern. laksh and ragini find him they are so happy.. they are about to hug. Ragini uncle call laksh and tell about his work as an intern laksh also pretend to act as for the sake of ragini.. even he could see her daily..ragini also felt the same.. one day her uncle n cousin went out. Ragini is in terrace at the tym laksh come he is mesmerised to see her because she is wearing white chudi and loose hair less makeup she was looking gorgeous laksh couldn’t see her lyk dis before.. on seeing laksh staring at her with love ragini feel shy n started to run from that place but laksh catch her wrist n make her to see his eyes…they had a cute eyelock.. laksh make her closer by holding her waist she started to shiver she don’t knw what to do next laksh hold her tightly and kissing her kiss she feel something in her heart she s enjoying his touch and he kissed his lip she was shocked but later it became passionate one..aftr few minutes they break their kiss and feel embrasses.. it was a deep silent between them laksh break the silent and ask ragini -do u know who steal the money??

Ragini- I don’t know but it was not my uncle
Laksh- then how he had a money
Ragini- because I was the one who give the money to him.. it was my college loan money I apply loan when I was studying 12th after that my family decided to get me married to you that time only I get the money without my family knowledge I give it to them because he suffered from heavy loss in his bussiness but I don’t know who’s the real culprit
Laksh- I am also thinking the same and somehow we have to clear the misunderstanding…

On laksh family
They are still angry on raginis family..one day laksh family went to his friends home.. they hear someone speak with much happiness and loudly he tell his friend about the stealing money.. whole laksh family was shock they are feel guilt of ragini family. They couldn’t utter a word and silently move from their… and directly went to ragini family ask for forgivenesss..
Ragini father also forgived him and laksh father ask him to give ur daughter to my son… he agreed but they planned to give him surprise… on the same day evng laksh and ragini receive a cal from his home…laksh tell ragini about moms health condition and he need to leave now… ragini also tell him even I am also going my dadajis not feeling well he want to see me…both wave bye.. raginis uncle take her with him in his car… laksh went by bus…

On reaching their house
Laksh home… he was shocked to see the arrangement and think whats going on here may be it will be a trap on making me marriage and about to go…. Someone tap his shoulder and ask where are you trying to escape… it was his mom.. he was shocked to see her.. shes realy good… and his mom told about the plan ask forgivenes by holding ear and she told him it was my last wish beta plz don’t reject this marriage… after hearing dis wrd from her he couldn’t say anything and accepting the proposal.. his mom ask him to get ready only one hour left for ur marriage… get ready soon… saying dis she left the place

Ragini’s house same as happened in laksh’s house… both try to call each other but they call disconnected they don’t know what to do… both get ready in the same dress which was weared in the marriage day.. they couldn’t see it because of the tension…on the mandap laksh was sitting with sad face and ragini also worried both think about their happy times… they became teary eyes.. they try to smile for their family… (sorry I dnt knw abt dis mrg rituals) laksh take perhas with ragini aftr complete the 7 perhas… laksh make her wear a mangalsuthra and about to put sindoor he saw ragini and think it was his imagination…but ragini still couldn’t saw him…after putting the sindoor only he turn to take ashirvad from his both family…he was shocked to see raginis family here… after that only he realised everything he was super happy and tell him both the family to keep this secret…still ragini couldn’t see his face she thought it was a imagination of laksh face…after completing all rituals ragini waiting for her groom… suddenly someone open the door she don’t know who is he…he come near to her and make her chin to see his eyes.. she was so happy to see the groom it was her laksh.. she hug him excitedly and laksh kis her lips and they consummate their marriage….


Sorry I know it was boring… I don’t have gud writing skill please forgive me dis s my frst and last ff….

Credit to: unknown rsaf

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  5. Nice it looked somewhat similar to a movie I can’t remember whether it was Telungu or Tamil..but its nice

      1. dis s my frst n last ff

      2. I don’t think you have to stop..you are really good at writing..please continue

  6. The story was in Tamil film it was dum dum dum madi and Jo …. Right

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