RagLak-Our Life’s Mystery Made Perfect Chemistry by Yashu and Dharani (Part 2)

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The episode starts with Laksh who opens his mouth in super duper shock seeing the person who is along with principal.
“Hello students, here we have a new student today. Meet her she is Ragini.” says principal.
Ragini smiles at everyone and Laksh once again gets mesmerised seeing her smile and gets lost in her smile.

“Ragini you go and sit beside Laksh as there is no place to sit in the class except it… The one who is sitting alone there.” Says the lecturer to Ragini pointing towards Laksh. Ragini looks at the place and Laksh. She goes and sits beside him.
“Why did you come here?” Laksh whispers to her.

“Why will anyone come to university? Obviously to study” Ragini says.
Laksh didn’t got bother much about her and started looking outside through the window while Ragini sees him and she starts thinking something deeply.

The bell rings just then and that class gets over. Laksh goes and submits his project and he picked his bag and starts going out of the class.

“Where are you going so soon?” asks Ragini from behind.

But laksh ignores her and starts leaving from there. He then reaches to the corridor when someone calls him from behind
Laksh turns and looks at that person.
“What?” He asks with attitude.
“Where are you going still there are classes na?” Asks the boy who called laksh.
“Now what is your problem? I am already very irritated as I have to come here and now you are irritating me” says laksh in an irritated voice.
“You came after many days but If you don’t like to attend the lectures will you please teach me Maths in the garden? You teach really well. Last time when you teached me I understood very well than what lecturer said.” He says with a smile.

Laksh thinks for a minute and then nods ok.
This is all is seen by Ragini.
“Means he has helping nature beyond his this haughty nature too” Ragini thinks smilingly.

Laksh and the boy settle on a bench in the garden and Laksh started telling all the things which the boy asks. Ragini sees all this from far. She is walking while seeing at laksh that she did not notice a boy coming seeing his phone on opposite side and they both collide eachother and the boy holds her preventing from falling. Laksh who just sees towards that direction sees them and a strange anger boils deep inside his heart.
Ragini thanks the boy and starts coming towards Laksh.
Laksh looks at her angrily and then he turns to that boy
“Samay if you have any other doubts ask me later” and then he sees her angrily while she does not understand why he is looking at her like this.
“But when will you come again?” Samay asks but Laksh picked his bag and goes away ignoring them.
Ragini looks him going and after thinking something for a while she too follows him.

Laksh comes to his house and goes to his room and closes the door.
“Huh finally I came back from that stupid university and phew that girl too left me alone” Laksh sighs and sits on the bed. As soon as he sat on the bed again a star appeared and in the same manner Ragini appears in front of him. Laksh looks at her with wide eyes.
“You… You are back?” He asks her with wide eyes.
“Then what did you think that I will leave you. No ways.” Says Ragini and sits on the couch in his room.
“Means do you have an intention to stay forever” asks Laksh with a horrified expression but still felt that she should say yes in his heart.
Ragini is about to answer but there is a knock on the door of Laksh’s room.
“What do you want ma?” Laksh asks without opening the door.
“Beta please go and deposit this money in bank please” she requests and Laksh sighs and goes to open the door and as soon as Ragini realised that he is going to open the door she disappears. Laksh opens the door and takes money from his mother’s hand.
“Ma I will go in five minutes just now came from university.. “Laksh says.

“Ok beta do one thing I will bring something for you to eat then you eat and go” his mother says.

“No ma will eat after coming from bank just five minutes” Laksh says and his mother nods and Laksh closes the door and turns back and he finds Ragini missing.

“Where she went?” Thought Laksh but shrugs his thoughts and leaves to bank.
Laksh reaches bank and stands in the queue to deposit money. At that time few people having black mask on their faces and guns in their hands enter into the bank. One of the men keeps a gun on the forehead of the bank employee and blackmiles him to  keep all the money in their bags and remaining men are threating the people in the bank to not to move.

“I have to save them…but how? I have to take every step carefully. They have guns in their hands. If I will do something either they can harm me or the others too..” thinks Laksh.

When a rober come towards him with his gun taking the rounds. Laksh scanned everything carefully. He finds that there was no other robber near him that time. That robber was passing near Laksh at that time he kicks his leg and the gun falls down on the ground. Laksh grabs the gun and other robbers too comes towards him.
One of them takes a lady in his custody. “Hey boy put the gun down or else I will shoot this lady” warns that robber.

”Please leave me” that lady screams.

Laksh was in a tight spot now.
He keeps gun down and that robber leave the lady.
They comes to Laksh and starts beating him.
Laksh tries to beat them but he can’t then suddenly he feels a strange energy coming in his body. He beat all the men black and blue and they could not over power him. Laksh himself got amaze by what  happened finally police arrive and arest them,security already informs to police when this all is happening. Police appreciate for his bravery and leave. Laksh thanks him and deposits his money in bank and leaves. After he goes away. A girl gets visible who was in a golden hood lowering her head . She looks up and she is none other than Ragini who only helped Laksh in beating the robbers.  She smiles and goes away too.
Next day Laksh goes to university just for sake of Ragini as she did not come in front of him again after he came back from bank. He badly wanted to know who is she? How did she come there? Why did she come there?
As soon as he entered in his class all looks at him in a strange manner. Then Samay comes to him.
“I thought you are only intelligent but you also proved you are very brave” says Samay.
Laksh looks at him confused while Samay shows him the newspaper in which his photograph is published saying how he saved bank from robbery the before day.
Other students also come and appreciate him while he himself gets surprised seeing that newspaper.

Just then his eyes fall on Ragini who was standing in a corner and was passing a smile towards him.

Laksh comes out from the circle of the students. He goes near Ragini and holds her hand. He takes her with him in the campus’s garden.

“Why u took me here?” Ragini asks.
“Why u came here first tell me that?” Laksh replies, He continues, “I know u know magic and u were the one who helped me to fight at the bank. Right?”

Ragini turns her face as she says,”Yes I know magic and about your question that why I came to u..so I will answer it when the right time will come”.

Laksh only looks her in confusion.

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