RagLak- Our Cute Love Story (Part 14)

RagLak-Our Cute Love Story (Part 14)
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Haveli is fully decorated for Ragini’s mehendi ceremony. Ragini is sitting and two mehendi designers are sitting on either side of her and making mehendi on her hands.
Mehendi Designer: What name should I write?
Isha: (comes there) Hmm… Do one thing write jelly (she smiles teasingly for which she gets a glare from Ragini)
Isha: (pretends like someone calling and shouts) coming aunty (leaves from there)
Ragini smiles and whispers something in designers ear. She smiles and nods ok.
Suddenly music starts, swara, isha and Ritu start dancing. They pull all others and all dance happily making ragini stand in the middle of them. Ragini keeps enjoying, laughing seeing them and keep dancing along with them.
Laksh is pacing to and fro in his room. He did not see ragini after last night and badly missing her. He could not even speak to her as she is busy with mehendi from morning. Now he just want to see his duckling badly and thinking various ways to reach her. He gets tired and sits on the bed. At that time his phone beeps. He taps and opens the message only to find Ragini’s beautiful picture sent by Isha.
Isha: happy.
Laksh: what happy… Now I want to see her more badly you mad girl you are intentionally teasing me.
Isha: hahahaha I want to see your face now
Laksh: Isha now if you don’t stop na I will enter into the phone and smash your face in that way that you don’t get a boy friend in your whole life.
Isha: hahaha your frustration aww… I am liking it lucky.
Laksh: ??? bye.
Isha: ??? bye.
Laksh: (to himself) ahhh… Now I am definitely going to see her and that is final.
He comes out of the room and was about to go out of the house but was stopped by dadi’s voice.
Dadi: laksh where are you going?
Laksh: (closes his eyes and murmurs) wrong timing gf (he turns to her and fake smiles) nowhere gf just going into garden for fresh air.
Dadi: (suspiciously looks at him) go to your room tomorrow you should wake early so go and sleep.
Laksh just nods his head and goes to his room and starts pacing again around the room. After pacing for sometime he once peeped out of his room, looked around to find none which seems all are fast asleep.
He takes a deap breathe and comes out of his room and slowly sneaks out of the house.
Laksh: uff finally… I am coming duckling (he smiles dreamily)
He takes his bike drags it far from house and starts it. He finally reaches near to the haveli on his bike and parks it there and looks around to find whether there are anybody. When he saw nobody he climbs the wall and reaches Ragini’s room balcony. He peeps into the room and finds Ragini sitting on the bed and her back is facing towards him. He goes in front of her and immediately got worried seeing her sobbing. She is sobbing uncontrollably and wiping her tears with her shoulder as her hands are filled with mehendi but it is dried.
Laksh: (worried and cupped her face) duckling why are you crying?
Ragini looks at him and immediately hugs him and starts crying more. He gets more worried.
Laksh: bacha tell me why are you crying? Did any one say anything to you?
Ragini: (while sobbing and cleans her nose with shoulder) woh na… I was miss….ing …..you so…. I was crying….
Laksh: (sighs in relief and smiles) so you were missing me?
Ragini (nods yes innocently): so much
Laksh: (wipes her tears completely from her red face due to crying) mera bacha I too missed you so much that is why see I came to meet you.
Ragini nods with smile and he hugs her and closes his eyes feeling her near him after almost 24 hours.
After few minutes they break the hug.
Ragini: (excitedly) jelly chalo find your name in mehendi.
Laksh nods and starts looking at the hands. He keeps moving her hands from one side to another side irritating her.
Ragini: (irritated) jelly why are you playing with my hands I asked you to find your name not to play.
Laksh: (still moving her hands) ha jaan I am searching only not playing.
He joins both her hands and see a love shape forming and showed ‘Rag’ in one hand and ‘Lak’ in another hand with a very small sized letters between the design and smiled at Ragini.
Laksh: here also we both are together and I promise I will be always with you till my last breath.
Ragini: (Smiles broadly and looks him lovingly) Love you so much jelly.
Laksh: (hugs her again) Love you too duckling.
Laksh kisses her head and they both stay in hug. After few minutes laksh feels some weight on him and looks down to find a peacefully sleeping Ragini with a beautiful smile on her face. He looks at her lovingly. She is looking like an angel. He tucks her hair strands behind her ear which are falling on her face. He presses his lips on her forehead making her to smile in sleep. He slowly lays her on bed. Again kisses her forehead and leaves from there after covering her with a comforter.
Laksh is sleeping peacefully on the bed hugging Ragini’s photographer. His sleep gets disturbed due to the knock on the door. He gets up and opens the door.
Dadi: arey beta you are still sleeping go get ready your haldi is going to start within sometime. He nods and closes the door. He was about to go to get fresh up but stops listening beep sound of his phone. He pics the phone and smiles looking at Id and opens it and reads it.
Ragini: Good Morning jelly here is my mehendi it became so bright showing how much you love me. (Sends a pic of her mehendi)
Laksh: (smiles) Good Morning bacha. It means you don’t know how much I love you before.
Ragini: hmm… i know but still this proved more. Did you get ready for haldi?
Laksh: going to get ready stopped seeing your message.
Ragini: ok go get ready. Love you. Bye.
Laksh: Love you too. Bye.
Laksh smiles and goes to get fresh.
Laksh comes wearing white dress and looking handsome as always.
Ap: laksh remove your shirt.
Laksh: (shocked and horrified) what!!! Why???
Isha: (who came there to take shagun haldi and playing the role of groom’s sister) to apply haldi idiot.
Laksh: you…. what are you doing here?
Isha: (goes near him and whispers in his ear) came to take your shirtless photos so that can tease you.
Laksh: what no!
Ap: What happened laksh? And why didn’t you remove your shirt yet?
Laksh: I will not remove it mom. If you want do like this otherwise no.
Aakash and sanskar look at each other and wink at each other. They smirk and goes towards laksh and immediately pulls his shirt making him shirtless.
Laksh: (screams) bbbbhhhhaaaiiiii
All laugh seeing his reaction.
Dadi: oho beta don’t worry we are just applying haldi ok
Laksh: (whines) gf
Dadi: just sometime after haldi you can wear it. Won’t you do this much for your gf
Laksh nods making faces.
Isha: (taking photograph) lucky smile please
Laksh: ahhhh Isha devil (he was about to snatch mobile but she runs from there laughing and he was about to run behind her but stopped by dadi and ap.)
Ap: beta stop
Laksh sits there with irritated face.
Sanskar: (keeps his hand around laksh’s shoulder) lucky she is just teasing you she did not take your photo…. You don’t get these moments again so just enjoy ok.
Laksh looks at sanskar and nods ok smiling. The ritual is started and all one by one applies haldi to him while he makes faces.
Isha: now it is my time to apply haldi
Laksh: devil please very little.
Isha: (smirks) very little (she takes handful of haldi and smears fully on his face making him shout in irritation. All laugh seeing their bond. The ritual gets completed finally.)
Ap: Lucky go get fresh up now.
Laksh immediately gets up to go.
Ap: Isha beta here take this haldi which is applied to laksh and now this is to be applied to Ragini.
Laksh: why this haldi take a fresh one for my duckling
Dadi: (smiles) this is ritual laksh you go and get fresh up.
Laksh nods and leaves to get fresh.
Dp: ma Shall I go.
Dadi: where?
Ap: obviously ma to haldi of Ragini
Dadi: (looks at everyone) we all are going chalo.
All smile and they go leaving laksh (but does he sit there calm haha he already has his plans)
Laksh enters into his room and immediately messages to Ragini
Laksh: I want you to apply haldi to me and me to apply haldi for you.
Ragini: (immediately messages) but we should not see eachother after haldi your haldi is over so forbidden.
Laksh: I am going to apply haldi to you for sure and you should apply for me and don’t worry neither you will see me nor I will see you.
Ragini: how?
Laksh: that you leave for me.
Laksh immediately freshes himself and seeks out of his room but finds none. He asks one of the servants about family and he informs him about they going to haveli for haldi. He grins widely and reaches haveli and reaches Ragu’s room. As everyone busy in haldi it was easy for him to reach there.
On the other side Ragini is made sit on a chair and every one started applying haldi to her. Isha keeps teasing her and telling her how laksh made faces in his haldi and all while Ragini keeps blushing. Soon the ritual is over.
Janaki: Ragu go get fresh and come.
Ragini nods and goes to her room. When she closed the door and was about to turn Laksh back hugs her.
Laksh: don’t turn bacha we should not see each other.
Ragini nods and leans her head back to his chest.
Laksh: so now apply haldi to me.
Ragini: how?
Laksh holds her hand and applies haldi which is back of her palm to his cheek.
Laksh: like this. Now my turn.
Laksh bends a little front making his cheek which has haldi touch her cheek sensuously while Ragini closes her eyes. Both their eyes are closed and lost in the moment. Their moment gets disturbed by a door knock.
Swara: Ragu did you get ready?
Laksh: (murmurs) why me?
Ragini: (giggles) now go I need to fresh.
Swara: (again) Ragu are you there?
Ragini: ha di just ten minutes.
Swara: ok come fast. (Goes from there)
Ragini: now go na jelly.
Laksh: you are so desperate to send me huh.
Ragini giggles listening him while he kisses her head and leaves her. As soon as she realised he turned back she turns and looks at his back amd smiles. After he went she goes to fresh.
Laksh is coming to haveli on horse with all the barat. All are dancing happily. Ragini who heard the sound of barat comes outside of her room to balcony from where she can see barat and sees laksh sitting on the horse and coming to haveli. She looks at him and is stunned to see him looking most handsome in this whole world. Laksh feeling someone’s gaze on him looks at her and he just forgets to blink his eyes. Ragini blushes seeing him staring at her. Laksh gives a flying kiss to her making her more red. She runs away inside while blushing. Laksh smiles. He gets inside haveli and gets settled in a chair after some more rituals done by janaki. Laksh is looking impatiently around the haveli.
Aakash: intezar intezar… Still there is time for muharat… Woh kya hain na Sabar ka pal meeta hota hain.
Laksh: acha when your time comes na then I will tell.
Aakash: ha yaar I did not see my ritu bye should go there will meet you later
Saying he goes and laksh pouts.
Aakash enters Ragini’s room where Isha, Swara and Ritu are doing last touch ups and checking whether everything is fine or not.
Aakash: wow ragu looking so beautiful just like an angel. (He hugs her)
Ragini: (smiles) thank you bhai.
Ritu: hello Mr. what are you doing here?
Aakash: Hmm.. I was missing someone so thought to take her with me so came here.
Ritu smiles and nods her head and aakash and Ritu goes from there. Shekhar, janaki, Viren and jeevika come inside and Isha goes out giving family time to them.
Janaki: (keeping kala teeka back of Ragini’s ear) kisi ka nazar na lage
Shekhar: looking so pretty my angel (he kisses her forehead with teary eyes)
Janaki: (with teary eyes) don’t know how you became so big. It is like you were born just yesterday and now you are going to get married.
Ragini hugs both of them with teary eyes. She looks at swara who is having teary eyes and signs her to come and immediately she joins and all four have a family hug.
Swara: I will miss you.
Ragini: di I will be just next to our house and you know how I will be.
Swara: then you were my sister Ragini Gadodia but now you will be Laksh’s wife Ragini Laksh Maheshwari
Ragini: I will be always your sister di whatever may be my identity is…
Shekhar: (pouts) before marriage you used be mostly there in mm only and now also you will be in mm only.
Ragini: haha papa you are talking like me.
Shekhar: what to do khoon hai na beta you are like me always cheerful not like your ma boring.
Janaki: what me boring then why did you marry this boring woman.
Shekhar: haye don’t remember my mistake again.
Janaki: what?
Shekhar, swara and ragini laugh and hug her.
Janaki: ok you sit down here will call you when time comes ok.
All this while viriki just watched them talking and Janaki and shekhar leave.
Ragini: bhayyu won’t you tell how am I?
Viren: (cups her face and kisses her forehead) you know I still remember when I took you in my arms first time. You were so small and delicate. I was so happy and excited seeing you. I did not give you to anyone saying that my angel will be with me only…. But now see you are going leaving me (he has tears by now in his eyes)
Ragini: (hugs him) bhayyu I am not going anywhere I will be beside our house only na.
Jeevika: but still ragu it will always be sad seeing their sister going to sasural
Ragini: (with tears) bhayyu where is darls?
Viren: he is playing.
Ragini nods and they talk for sometime.
After sometime Marriage rituals start and Laksh does some puja while pandit chanting some mantras.
Pandit: call the bride.
Swara and Jeevika bring Ragini and Laksh keeps looking at her with open mouth. Ragini is wearing violet colour lehenga with golden works on it. She has wore a maangtika with stones studded in it and all the jewellery which are stone studded perfectly matching to the lehenga. She is looking perfectly like a Princess of a kingdom.
Isha: (closes his mouth) close your mouth otherwise don’t know which type of insects make their shelter inside.
Laksh glares her and again shifts his gaze to Ragini. He gets up and goes near to Ragini and forwards his hand to her. She looks at him and gets mesmerised seeing him in a maroon and violet coloured sherwani… then places her hand in his and walk along with him holding his hand. All smile looking at them. They both get settled in mandap and start doing puja.
Pandit: you both stand for warmala.
Laksh again gives hand to her, she places her hand in his and they both stood up.
Ragini puts warmala around Laksh’s neck first.
Now when it is Laksh’s turn. Laksh is about to put warmala around her neck Aakash and Viren lift her up.
Laksh: jiju put her down
Viren: show your love
Laksh: aha testing my love done.
Laksh jumps but could not do it. He again tries for few times finally he jumps and throws it by making a target and it correctly falls in Ragini’s neck.
Laksh gives attitude look to Viren while they put her down.
Laksh makes her warmala proper and they get settled again and Shekhar and Janaki does kanydhan and swara does ghatbandan.
Pandit: you should stand for pheres.
Laksh again gives hand to her and she places her hand in his and they both stand for pheres.
Pandit: first three rounds bride should be front later groom should be front.
Ragini moves front and they take three pheres.
Later laksh comes front and they complete remaining pheres while all the others showered them with flowers and blessings.
In all this laksh never left her hand. They again get settled and laksh adorned mangalsootr around her neck.
Then he takes a pinch of sindoor and fills her hairline and some fell on her nose showing that he loves her so much.
They both share a cute and lovely eyelock.
Pandit: now you both are husband and wife with all rituals. You can take elders blessings.
Laksh again forwards hand and Ragini places hers in his. They both get up and takes elders blessings.
Harish: my gudiya became very big. Oye lucky if I see tears from her eyes na I am going to take her with me and you will not be allowed to even see her face understood.
Laksh: if she cries na mamu it pains me I will try best mamu to keep her happy and you know that her happiness is my happiness.
Avantika: God bless you both and be like this always.
RagLak smiles
Sanskar: I am also elder to you.
Laksh: aha ok wait I will take your blessings
Saying he bends and pulls his one leg resulting sanskar to stumble but laksh himself holds him preventing to fall.
Sanskar: idiot what if I fall down
Laksh: what!! You will get hurt that’s all.
Ragini: (glaring) jelly.
Laksh immediately hugs sanskar and says sorry and ragini joins the hug. Later they hug Viren and jeevika.
Laksh: (sits on his knees to reach ayan’s height and smiles teasingly) waise Mr. Sautan from today your cutie will be with me only she is leaving you.
Ayan: (teary eyes looks at Ragini who is also sitting on her knees beside laksh) Really cutie you will go leaving me.
Ragini: (teary eyes and hugs him) no darls do you think that your cutie will leave you… Mamu is just teasing you.
But ayan starts sobbing laksh immediately pulls him and hugs him.
Laksh: sorry champ I was just teasing you…. Your cutie will never leave you.
Ayan: (looks at him) sachi
Laksh: muchi
Ayan smiles and hugs both raglak and kisses their cheeks. All smile seeing their bond.
Ap: chalo chalo dinner time.
Dp: sweetheart you can remove your warmala now it might be heavy na
Ragini nods and dp removes it while laksh looks at his dad
Shekhar: you don’t worry beta he is always her handsome I am there na I will help you.
Shekhar helps him
Dp: Chale dinner time
Ragini: (sits on the chair there) I cant stand anymore
Dp: (sits beside her) let us get service then (he winks at her and she grins widely) lucky go bring dinner for us both.
All nods their head unbelievably and go for having dinner. Ragini is sitting keeping her head on dp’s shoulder and closing her eyes.
Laksh: (comes there with a plate and sits beside her) chalo duckling dinner time.
Ragini opes her mouth still sitting like that and laksh feeds her.
Dp: oye where is my dinner?
Laksh: bhai is bringing
Sanskar comes and gives him his plate.
Sanskar: dad if you need anything call me
Dp smiles and nods. All have dinner happily enjoying.
Bidai time.
Ragini is moving by throwing rice (I don’t know whether it is rice or not sorry if I am wrong) back while janaki following them keeping her pallu spreading front making the thrown rice fall in that pallu. After that Ragini hugs shekhar and janaki with teary eyes and then hugs swara.
Dp: why are you crying yaar we will be just next to your house and she will be anyways staying according to her wish like always.
Shekhar: but still durga she is now daughter in law of Maheshwari’s.
Dp: ok father’s heart can’t help.
Dadi: chalo we should leave now. There grah pravesh should be done.
They all nod ok. All are getting settled in cars.
Ayan: I will come with cutie.
Jeevika: no ayan we will go in this car.
Ayan: (stubbornly) no no no
Laksh: di let him come.
Jeevika: no lucky.
Laksh: di don’t be silly let him come.
Jeevika nods and ayan immediately runs to ragini and she lifts him and raglak and ayan settle in one car and all others also get settled in the cars to go back to dadi’s house. Even gadodia’s are going back.
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