raglak os- yeh laal ishq, yeh malaal ishq


finally my second os. This time on raglak. I had this on my mind for a long time and now penned it down. It has incidents same as serial explained from my pov then my own ending. Pls forgive me if i hurt someone feelings by my pov. Pls read lyrics too.
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On that festival. His laksh put red color on her. Colouring his heart for always with that red colour. RED-colour of their, colour of their hate, colour of their blood, colour of the sindoor which she wears of his name and colour of their destiny.
Ye laal ishq, ye malaal ishq
Ye aib ishq, ye bair ishq (x2)

He told her that he would marry her and then broke it. Loved her sister whom she herself loved so much. She was sure for one thing that her Swara will never love him as she knows that how much she loves him. But she broke the day when she told her that she also love him. It was not love but just a crush which a person starts having if someone makes them feel special. But her love was not like this. It’s depth and intensity could not be understand by anyone except her.loved him with all his flaws. She was broken more because of her sister’s betrayal. She was hurt when Swara was not able to understand her pain under her fake smile while she said she was OK with their marriage. She choose to fight this time. A thing which she has never done form childhood. She killed herself while trying to kill her sister. Killed her sanity, her pureness, her everything for him., for his ishq.
Tujh sang bair lagaya aisa
Tujh sang bair lagaya aisa
Raha na main phir apne jaisa
Ho raha na main phir apne jaisa
Mera naam ishq
Tera naam ishq (x3)

Every day she was living in a hope that one day Laksh would love her. Did all the things to keep him to herself. She never wanted to do all this but then the only thing she could understand was that she could not loose him. That day she was was waiting for him in their room wearing the red saree. Again a shade of red in their life. She received a phone call from sanskar that her laksh is in farmhouse. She reached there hastily to see him, to see whether he is safe. There her laksh was lying coloured with blood. She couldn’t control herself, after all laksh was always her weakness and always her strength. She had only one malall that they took advantage of her love to expose her.

Mera naam, Tera naam
Mera naam ISHQ!
Ye laal ishq, ye malaal ishq
Ye aib ishq, ye bair ishq (x2)
Ishq-ishq, Ishq-ishq

She was furious when she came to know that Laksh tied to kill her. Now she decided that he has enough saw colour of her love and now she will show him colour of her hate. On new year night when she was wearing a red gown again something strange happened with her. Laksh saved her from the lady who had tightly kept a knife on her neck causing blood to ooze from there. Then her crazy stupid laksh saved her by cutting his own palm. In the process coloring her with his blood. Things were changing between them, he was showing his care towards her. She was curious about this care from that too in this moment when she was most hated by all. But then too she could never suspect him as he was his love. That night suddenly he made her his. Took away her virginity and became a part of her body though he was already a part of her soul. He also didn’t know why but he was harsh, eager to make her his in every possible way.and those love marks and scratches were evident of it. He had understood one thing in these days that her love for him was above all. She could do anything for him. People may call it obsession or craziness but it was her true love. Again a shade of red came in their life- red blood that was tainting the white bed sheet of their beautiful room.

Apna naam badal dun
Ya tera naam chhupa lun
Ya chhod ke saari aag
Main vairaag utha lun
Bas ek rahe mera kaam ishq
Mera kaam ishq
Mera kaam ishq

she was ready in her bridal attire. Looking exactly how her Laksh liked. But she was captivated and when she hastily returned to mandap, there Laksh was marrying another girl. He said he never loved her but she was pleading him. But she was shocked when Laksh slapped her baba. Slapped her baba! Now at the the place of pain in her eyes there was anger, anger which could burn anything. Afterall no girl can see disrespect of her father. She stood up and slapped him, slapped him again, again and again. She said-you know what I have done many mistakes in my life but the biggest in my life was to love you. I always regretted what I have done with my sisters. But today I am feeling happy for it as by doing that I have saved her from a devil. A devil who only knows to break heart, again and again. Do whatever you want. I am going. With that she headed towards their room which was never their only his to take things which she has brought from her home. He was furious. He wanted to see her in pain like he was when the person whom he trusted over his family, over his brother broke his trust. To make her feel how betrayal feels like she betrayed him. He too headed towards the same room and locked it. She was taking something out from cupboard , he came to her, turned her and pinned her tightly to the wall. There was a new flame in both of their eyes. All were worried outside to see this rage in them, a rage which could dest
He – tumhe dard nahi ho rha?

She- dard to ho rha tha Laksh magar apko pata h jab ek hi jagah par baar baar chot lagti h too dard ka ehsaas khatam ho jata hai.
He- you betayed my trust. Yes, I never loved Swara but when I thinked I loved her then too my heart always choose you to trust. But you broke that trust, broke every faith. You changed Ragini, you changed.

She – yes, I changed laksh. But you never saw
because of whom I changed. I lost my own identity because of you. You never liked me the way I was so I became which I never was for you.
“No no no I never was.” He shouted in anger of not facing the truth and then out of nowhere he pulled her close to him and kissed her. Kissed her so hard that blood came from her lips which reached his mouth. And then in rage threw her to other side. She hit the bed dangouresly through her front. Strangely not from her whole body but dark blood was coming from her abdomen, covering her whole thighs and lower part.
Apna naam badal dun
Ya tera naam chhupa lun
Ya chhod ke saari aag
Main vairaag utha lun
Bas ek rahe mera kaam ishq
Mera kaam ishq
Mera kaam ishq

She was in the hospital fighting between life and death. All were worried outside and laksh was standing lifeless in a corner. Doctor came and said- “she lost her baby and because of the miscarriage poison spread in her whole body. And now it’s very hard to save her.” He collapsed listening this. She was pregnant! She was carrying their baby and that blood was their blood. And he, he killed his own baby. Doctor once again came out and informed that they couldn’t save her. This was end, end of her obsession, end of her craziness, end of her love, end of all. Or it was a new start?
Din-raat ke bairi bhed ka
Rukh mod ke main rakh dun
Tujh sang bair lagaya aisa

Raha na main phir apne jaisa
Raha na main phir apne jaisa
Mera naam ishq
Tera naam ishq
Laksh was in his room. Sitting in dark with a letter in one hand and a pistol in another. On the cover of letter it was written ‘ your marriage gift from your ragini’. It was her pregnancy report with words, ‘we have done many mistakes in past but will start a new journey from now and look someone is accompanying us in this journey.’ He had clearly known one thing now that he always loved Ragini only and couldn’t know it because of his stupidity. But he couldn’t live with the crime of killing his own child and love so he shot himself on the head. He was lying on the floor with his clood around him.

Ragini was true that they will start a new journey. Journey to death! Nay be they will meet one day. May be there was his small family somewhere. May be this time their love will be pure. May be, may be and only maybe.
Mera naam, Tera naam
Mera naam ISHQ!
Ye laal ishq
Ye malaal ishq
Ye aib ishq
Ye bair ishq
Pls pls forgive me if i hurt anyone’s feelings by this and dont bash me. l also don’t know how i made him too suicide bcoz personally i hate suicide too. it just came in my mind and i wrote it. Provide your feedback soon:):)

Credit to: Amna

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  1. This is the best is ever…it was way out of my expectation and trust me it was the BEST. I was literally tearing up while reading that last part. I wish the real drama was like this or something like this

    1. Oh god. This comment will make my day. It was totally my frustration towards the way they ruined laksh character in the story.

  2. No it’s really awesome. I wish the Cv’s have at least ended raglak track like this instead of giving stupid dialogues and story line for them. It would have been much better rather than seeing all the hatred comments towards them just because of the stupid writers. I’m sry I wrote so much unnecessary things. Anyways it’s really an awesome os

    1. Thank you so much.? yes they always treated raglak. More lakshya. It was my big wish that they leave that crap show and l made it in this manner.?

      1. Yes it’s my wish too. I think they deserve better than this crap show

  3. Its was really awesome.

    1. Thank you so much

  4. Awesome

  5. Really super Amma, was having tears in my eyes, such me itna pyaar is Maine kabhi nahi deka???

    1. Thank you so much. It was really a great comment.

  6. next time another raglak os with beautiful end

    1. Yup will try for sure. Let’s see

  7. It is soo emotional
    I was literally crying while reading this
    it is very nice 🙂

    1. Thank you thank you so much.? l never thought l will get so good response.

  8. wow it was awesomee…. it was heart touching…. so beautiful……..

    1. Thank you so much.?

    2. hey Amma i have one request to make. next time plz give it a happy ending. i have read last leaf also n as far as i remember there also sanky dies in the end. so next time nobody dying plz…

      1. Yup will try for sure. But don’t know how it becomes sad always.

      2. and it is AMNA:(:( It’s a arabic name meaning peace. My friends also tease me by saying amma as l hav habit of giving them lectures.

  9. Really really Awesome Fantastic Superb Fabulous Amazing
    U really nailed it
    Thanks for this OS
    Really I loved it alot…………

    1. Thank you so much for ur constant support in all my writing. ?

  10. It was awesome…..i agree with it…i too feel laksh and swara’s relation was not more than a crush….but which ragini had was true love…which afterwards changes laksh…..And also sanskaar’s pure love made a place in swara’s heart tooo…..But i’ll opposite the fact that swara didn’t loved ragini…but the fact is that she couldn’t understand her…..and the babywaala scene…..i really wished it in serial on that time
    And personally i love this song sooooooooooo much:-:*:*

    1. Yup. It was never love. How can anyone love anyone after only a date.
      This song is too beautiful. ?

  11. its really heart wrenching os. i had goosebumps while reading miscarriage part.
    this os taught us that think twice before you do something.

    1. Thank you so much.? yup this is true. We should try to control our anger.

  12. Something which is out of the box ..
    Too intensified & emotional

    1. Yup bcoz of this only l was frightened as many people don’t like such furious ending.

  13. Awsm awsm simply awsm….

    1. Thank you ,thank you thank you so much.?

  14. U made me cry itz was v emotional one…seriously speaking writers just killed one beautiful love story between our raglak ….tey could hve gven sometime fr blossoming of pure love btwn tem aft ragini got stabbed…itz all went in vain….but dono wy u killed both in end…anyways nice one

    1. Thank you . Yes they made it in just two days to make one more love story of swara.?

  15. u r just awsome. u had express each and every emotion very beautifuly. for appriciating ur os i didn’t have word its simply awsome and beyond the words.

    1. Oh thank you so so much. I m glad that you liked it.

  16. awsm i teared up at the last part
    i would have loved it if the serial showed the same thing

    1. I m glad that you liked it. Yup it was far much better if they would have end them then neglecting them in such a way.

  17. awesome .. totally fabulous…

    1. Thank you so much.?

  18. amna it was really nice.

    1. Thank you

    Truly mind blowing dear

    1. you taught it to be best!!! lts really my pleasure that you liked it.

  20. Never I had cried after reading a heart wrenching story..its the first time I am crying after reading such a painful story. Its a nice one and ur way of writing is just awesome.

    1. thank you so much. It’s really a great compliment for me.

  21. Super.write another os about raglak

    1. thank you . Will try for sure.

  22. It was out standing,just loved it. Everybody pointed to rags mistakes but i think u were the one who pointed that how difficult it was for her to change her own identity, her own self.
    What ever may be the reason but she trusted him always, loved him always, unconditionaly & unlimttedly
    Ending was also good
    Usualy i dont like tragic ending but in your case i liked it. The way u expressed it was awesome.
    Thank you for using ur valuable time for us
    If possible plz come back with another raglak os/ts/ss

    1. thank u so much. Its really to be what you are not. I always found laksh to be sole reason of hr change.
      l m glad you liked it inspite of such furious ending. Will try again for sure but it may not always be raglak as i like ragsan too.

  23. Amna! I loved it! I loved it! I loved it????? A bigggg huge huggg from my side?A very simple story with emotions overloaded?Amna! Awwww! I seriously have no words for yu?

    1. thank you so much for loving it. You ere smewhere my inspiration.The same big hug to you too.;):)

  24. Super very touching story … Was having tears while reading the last part…

    1. thank you so much for loving it.

  25. what an awsm os yar hatts off u nailed it such amazingly u described the story wid lyrics it was jst beautiful plz be back wid another

    1. thank you so much for this compliment. I m really on top of world by reading these comments. This song was best for describing their love. will be back for sure;):)

  26. Brilliant piece if workk.. No words…;)

    1. thank you so so much:)**

  27. Oh my god…its d bstest os i hve ever read..its jst awesome,amazng,superb…i jst dnt have words for it…d way u presented d story wid d heart touchng song is fabulous…u jst nailed it…plz write another os on ragini…love ragini

    1. thank you so so much. Your comment literally drive me crazy. Yup love Ragini. I have a story in my mind but don’t know when l will write it,**

  28. Bestest ……???

    1. thank you

  29. superb really awesome. great work .suicide is not the end but he deserve this

    1. Thank you so much.? yup suicide is always wrong but this is a drama.?

      1. Thank you so much for thinking is as best. I never ever taught that l will get such a good response.

  30. mridula krishnan

    hey dear its awesome &&&& its the best os on raglak …that i have read

    1. Above comment was for you. My mistake it had gone for her.??

  31. It was so so nice. This is the bestest is I have ever read. M really disappointed the way cv’s r sketching raglak character in the serial. Even they should b given a chance. Being a big raglak fan I would love to see some raglak scene in the serial but the story is different. But you have written it so Nicely I was literally tearing while reading. It was heart touching. Beautifully written.
    Hope u will b back with another ff on raglak.
    Lots of love n hugs. Keep writing

    1. Oops it was a typo I mean to say bested os I have ever read

      1. Thank you so so much.? Yup they ruined them in every possible ways. Always treated them as side characters. ??
        And thanks for loving it in spite of my typing errors. I always do this-miss words while writing.??

  32. Superb superb superb os dear and I loved it

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