Raglak OS – You Are My World by kitkat….

Hey guys Kitkat here with an OS again…..

Sorry I m late I know but I was too ill…..

This OS was requested by one of our reader Nikky Gupta…..

So without much bakbak of mine here we go….


Scene starts from the day when sanlak fought with goons to save swaragini before 6 months leap….

Laskh didn’t left but Raglak had a small fight…..

Adarsh n pari both had been arrested and property issues had been sold n returned to DP….

Swasan n SUji-Rp with uttara returned to MM….

Laksh held Ragini’s hand and dragged her towards his can n drove towards MM…..


In Raglak room…

L (in anger):- Ragini I have told u to b away from swasan…. why don’t you listen to me??? U supported them even when I opposed u??? Dont u have respect for my words… If so b with them only….. I m leaving n won’t return…..

R (crying badly n hugged him):- No Laksh plz don’t leave me….. I did it for u only… to get our home back….

He melted a bit as he can’t see his love crying…..

L (Broke the hug n cupping her face):- But that home is not more important to me than u…..
Ok I won’t leave u if u listen to me… will u…. Promise me…

He said this extending his palm towards her…..

R (keeping her palm upon his):- Ok I will do whatever u say but don’t leave me…. I can’t survive without u Laksh…..

L (Kissing her forehead):- Ok so we are leaving to California tonight…. only we both…. if u come with me its good or u won’t see me ever again….. n I think u promised me now so u will keep ur promise….. Mom-dad know this decision of mine n they too are with me….

R :- But Laksh how can we leave??? We don’t have any document too…. like passport n visa….

L :- Ragini i have arranged it all as I was thinking about it since we came back here from baadi…. I have talked to Omi as his cousin leaves there and I m gonna work as manager for his hotel there…. All documents are ready….. We will have our own house too….

Laksh turned to leave but stopped and continued without turning…..

“B ready with all our stuffs and no need to inform anybody….”

Ragini was sad but just nodded affirmatively as she knows how stubborn Laksh is and he won’t change his decision….

R :- Laksh…..!!!!!!! (He stopped n turned now) but I need to go to baadi to take some of my things and dresses…. Plz….

L:- Ok but I will ask any maid she will come with u…. U won’t talk to any body… take ur required stuffs and then return quickly…. Ok???

Ragini just hmmmed…

Laksh kissed her forehead n left to closet to pack his stuffs….

Ragini went to baadi and her eyes welled up remembering all her memories there…..

She said her n Laksh’s decision to shemish who were in in shock n then she left after collecting all her required stuffs……

In evening @7PM,

Raglak were ready with all their currently required luggage as extra luggage was supposed to b transpoted later as Ragini was stubborn on taking her sitar along with her which was not possible now….
Ragini was in a plain sku blue sheffon anarkali with hairs left open straightly, Small pearl earrings, pearl braselate, a watch, sindoor n mangalsutra….

Whereas laksh was wearing a grey V neck T shirt n faded blue jeans n heavy shoes with his shades on…

when raglak were about to leave APs eyes welled up watching her childrens leaving…..

She busted in cry n Ragini too started crying who was already on the verge of crying…..

SWsan too were sad and tried to stop Raglak but Laksh was too stubborn to listen….

Swaragini hugged eachother

Yeh kaisi baat hue hain…..
Dil ke sang ghat hue hain….
Apna hua hain bewafa……

Chat jati hain jab dil pe aariyan…
Ek pal main bikhar jaati hain yaari…

Koi dil ke tukde gine….
Koi dil ke tukde chune….

Ruthi hain suronse RAGINI…..

Swaragini…. swaragini…..
Ṣwaragini….. swaraginiiiiii……

Ragini broke the hug n went beside Laksh facing the door n he wrapped his arm around her….

And they both left the place in car…..

Ap started cring badlly and DP supported her………

In flight too Ragini was ṣilent and she was resting her head on his lost in her own world and his one hand was wrap around her while other was hold her palm firmly……

He knew it was too tough for her to live all this memories of her here n suddenly start her life freshly in a new place…..

Laksh slowly kissed her forehead n she closed her eyes burring her face in his chest n he dragged her closer…..

After 3 days they reached California n Ragini was initially scared due to new surrounding n people n even new culture……

They were supposed to live in an Indian society there as Laksh know Ragini wont be comfortable with all the new surrounding ……

It was a small 2BHK flat but still it was their heaven from now……

Slowly Ragini started getting habitual of all the things around and Laksh too encouraged her…..

Omi’s cousin Neil Khanna n his wife Avni (Zain Imam n Aditi Rathod from naamkaran) helped Raglak alot…..

Ragini was more comfortable with Avni due to her Indo-western outfits……

Avni gave Ragini a total makeover of her look changing it to whole sort of crop tops n long skirts, jeans n t-shits, Long simple going n other comftable one for her which surprised Laksh…..

But Ragini was Ragini she prefered hand washing of utensils n cloths n self floor cleaning than washing machine, dishwasher and vaccum cleaner the one Laksh brought n so Laksh gaveup…..

Ragini’s day would start with Laksh filling her maang with vermillion n adore her neck with mangalsutra followed by a forehead kiss n would end in Lakshs embrace while he showered all his love upon her…..

Ragini felt bored at home as she would of alone once Laksh left for his work so she decided to do some job n Laksh to supported her understanding her POV…..

Avni was a school teacher by profession so she suggested Raginis name in her school for classical music teacher n Ragini to passed the interview…..

The moment Ragini got her first salary she gave it to Laksh for saving it for their dream home……

Laksh taught Ragini to drive car as being in USA driving is must thing…..

Raglaks life was typical but limited to only them both……

Ragini was experiencing whole new sensible, sincere n romantic Laksh who even at times would cook for her n always use to treat her as his princes……

Surprising eachother with different gifts for their partner was like a new tradition for them…..

Like this a year passed……

It was 2nd wedding anniversary of Raglak n the celebrations for them started at tghe time clock striked 12 at night…..

A private cake cutting for both of them n Laksh gifting her a small diamond mangalsutra n a diamond ring as the heavy mangalsutra was a disaster for her during her works……

Ragini gifted Laksh a gold bracelet with their initials n a wrist watch……

Whole day was a off as Laksh himself took one n asked ragini also to do the same….. n next day was Sunday….

Whole day they were out starting from morning breakfast in Neil’s hotel, lots of shopping again a outside lunch and a romantic movie date in which Laksh was all time busy showing Ragini his naughtiness……

In evening Laksh gifted Ragini A red two piece which consisted of a maroon frilled offshoulder blouse n a long skirt with matching accessories…. Her hair were open n left straight with smoky makeup…..
(her look she adore in Indonasia…)

That was for a surprise birthday party for her including their socity, Raginis colleagues n Hotel staff of Laksh……


Ragini was talking with Avni n some of her friends n suddenly a music is heard diverting them n making them turn……..

Mareez-e-Ishq hoon main, kar de dawaa
Mareez-e-Ishq hoon main, kar de dawaa

O o ho…
N the person is Laksh…

Talab hai tu, tu hai nasha
He says pointing towards Ragini….

Ghulam hai dil ye tera
He says pointing his heart…

Khulke zara jee loon tujhe
Aaja meri saanson mein aa (x2)
He says dragging her towards him n twills her…

Mareez-e-Ishq hoon, main kar de dawa
Haath rakh de tu dil pe zara
O o.. haath rakh de tu dil pe zara
He does the signature step of that song…

Tujhe mere rab ne milaya
He says pointing sky…
Maine tujhe apna banaya….
He drags her again towards him…..

Ab na bichadna Khudaya (x2)
Eyes of both of them weldup n their forehead touches eachother…..

Mohabbat rooh ki hai laazim riza
Haath rakh de tu dil pe zara
Now Ragini too joins him n keeps her Hand on his chest while moving back n forth……

O o.. haath rakh de tu dil pe zara
All other couples too join them……
O o ho…

Chaha tujhe maine wafaa se
Maanga tujhe maine duaa se
Paaya tujhe teri adaa se (x2)
Now he back hugs her n lifts her up though her waist n rotes slowly……

Karam hadh se zyaada mujhpe tera
He makes her face him n kiss her forehead ……

Haath rakh de tu dil pe zara
O o.. haath rakh de tu dil pe zara
O o.. haath rakh de tu dil pe zara…….
They again do the signature couple step at end

O o o o o…..
O o o o o……
N Ragini hugged him Tightly getting shy n burry her face in his chest while he hug her back…..

All clap for them…..

As party ended Laksh blindfolded Ragini n made her sit in car….

R:- laksh where are u taking me???

L:- Chup its a surprice n don’t u trust me???

R(Resting back):- more than myself…..

Laksh smiled @ her n took her hand in his n kissed it softly n again concentrated on driving……

After some time Laksh stopped the car n also made ragini to come out n unfolded fold on her eyes…..

As Ragini’s eyes struck on something she was shocked n tears made way through her eyes…..

Laksh back hugged Ragini keeping his chin on her shoulder……

She gave a questioning look to laksh that is it true???

L:- I made the dream u saw as mine n this turned out to b the reality….

Yes it was Ragini’s dream house which she had thought n shared it with laksh…..

Ragini moved her finger on the nameplate where it was written “Raglak Villa”…….

N above it were Raglaks names carved beautifully…….

First was Ragini’s as Ragini. L. Maheshwari……

N then second was Laksh. D. Maheshwari…..

Laksh forwarded his hand to Ragini n she placed it with a cute smile…..

He escoted her towards entrance n as they were about to enter an old Indian maid stopped them n took their Aarti n made Ragini kick the rice pot……

As they reached the staircase Laksh picked her up in his arms in bridal style……..

Ragini was shocked initially but later became normal and encircled her arms around his neck…..

They reached a huge room with glass doors n White cartons……

It was very huge with a king sized bed in middle of room n whole white classy furniture…..

Room was decorated with fragrant flowers n scented candles…….

Laksh slowly made her stand who was looking at room awestruck…..

He snapped his fingers before her making her come to reality….

He made her face him and asked her what happened through his eyes….

She nodded in no n hugged Laksh tightly while burring herself in his chest……

Laksh hugged her back n nuzzled her neck make her clutch his coat at back…..

He slowly parted n brushed her lips with his fingers n watched in her eyes for her permission……

Ragini closed her eyes in yes n Laksh quickly caught her lips in his……

Lakshs hands were clutching her waist while her one hand was on his shoulder n other in his hairs brushing them……

He dragged her more into her making her gasp n took a chance to enter her mouth…..

Their lips rhythmically tasted each other but soon they parted away panting as they remembered they need to breadth…..

Their foreheads meet n Laksh picked her up in his hands n made her lie on bed…..

He again kissed hersoftly n then they shared a long eye lock till laksh removed his coat n shirt n then came over her n again kissed her but gently….

She was cluthing his hairs with one n other hand was on his back…. whereas lakshs both hands were on both sides of ragini protesting him from putting his weight on her……..

Raglak broke the kiss n laksh nuzzled his face in her shoulder kissing her there…..

he then moved to her face kissing her forehead n then he partially lied on her while entangling his finger with her….

while he kissed both her eyes , then cheeks, he again peak her lips, then her chin, later he ended up to her coller bone….

he gave her a lovebite on his neck n ragini moaned his name in this pain enjoying the pleasure….

R:- laksh….

Laksh smiled sheepishly n kissed the place he bite her….

He turned ragini towards her back, removed her hairs from back n kissed her there…. whereas ragini was cluthing the bedsheet in her hands enjoying the love touchier given by him….

He slowly unzipped the chain of her blouse n kissed her lower back n turned her towards him…

They stoodup from the bed……

He then removed her skirt n it feel on ground exposing her to him fully while kissing her again while she started removing his trouser……

They were just in their inners now……

He kissed her again then without breaking the kiss he made her lie on bed again n then broke the kiss…..

He then nuzzled in her deep clevenge visible from her bra and planted few wet kisses their……

Then he moved down towards her stomach n kissed her hard their burring his face inside her stomach…

Ragini was clutching the bedsheet very tightly enjoying her naughty hubbys sweet tourchers……

he raised his head n then moved his fingers naughtily on her stomach……

He had a smirk on his lips after watching the expressions on raginis face n his effect on her……

He started trailing wet kisses from her waist then thigh then legs n then again moved up to her neck n started kissing her their vigorously leaving few love bites their…..

Ragini was now moving her one hand in his hairs awakening the sensations in him n the other hand was on his bare back tracing her nail marks there…….

Suddenly ragini came upon him leaving him in shock n started kissing his well tone stomach, then chest, neck, cheeks, nose, forehead n at last his lips…..

she slowly picked his lips n brush his both cheeks with hers whereas laksh was enjoying the sweet tourchers of his wife with closed eyes n was responding to her by careing her back with his hands…..

Ragini slowly again started chewing his lips while kissing him……

He too reciprocated while kissing her lower lip n she was kissing his upper lip n moaning with pleasure……

But suddenly he smiled naughtily with a thought n unhooked her bra…..

This made ragini shocked n opened her eyes widely while breaking their kiss….

Laksh smiled to her sheepishly n they shared a long passionate eyelock….

Ragini buried her bace in his chest while blushing red in shyness…….

Laksh slowly rolled on her resting her back on bed n removed her bra while ragini closed her eyes tightly n clutched the bed sheet……

Laksh took raginis one hand in his hand and clutched it tightly entangling his fingers with hers…..

Later he left her hands free n she instantly clutched the bed sheet feeling shy n shut her eyes tightly……

This closeness of them was not a new thing for her as they have intimated many a time…..

But everytime it was like a new experience for them…..

Now Laksh’s gaze turned to her exposed n s*xy body….

He buried his face in her clevenge n kissed her their hardly………

Ragini arched her back moan in pleasure with lakshs touch giving him more approach to taste her s*xy clevenge…..

He then moved to her bobs n started sucking them n kissing her there…..

He went crazy with touch of her milky skin n started biting her wildly there…..

He kissed one side n took the other in his hand pressing them n Ragini smiled lightly while biting her own lips……

He then moved to her stomach and kissed her their……

Now both had enough from this teasing session n were on the verge of exhausting so laksh removed the Last piece of cloth left on her body striking him from marking her as his again…..

He removed it n now every inch of her body was exposed to him….

He to removed his waist making Ragini’s heart to thump out while imagining what will happen next……

Ragini had closed her eyes tightly in shyness n her hands were clutching the soft bedsheet beneath her hardly in her fist……

So Laksh moved up to her face n kissed her forehead while disengaging her fingers from bedsheet n entangled his fingers of his both the hand to each of her hands……

They again shared a long liplock for about a minute n later Laksh started nuzzling, kissing, biting n smoothing the love bites on her neck…..

N then he again moved down to her thigh’s n kissed her inner thigh n ragini was just enjoying his touch……

he kissed her soft part n then moved up to her lipes while kissing her abdomen, stomach, br*asts, clevenge, nape n finally he entered inside her with all his force…..

“Laksh’’ She screamed in pain when he entered inside her n tears rolled down her eyes due to pain….

Laksh again started kissing her wildly on her lips to sooth her pain while adjusting his position inside her……

He started pushing himself more inside her moving up-down rhythmically n smoothly while continueing to kiss her as a distraction to decrease her pain

n after all this activities they finally parted after almost 20 minutes while Laksh collapsed beside her…..

She gentally cared his hairs n kissed his forehead….

Both were drenched in sweat, exhausted n panting badly….

She rested her head on his chest n he felt bad for her condition as he know that she beared this all tortures just to give him pleasure…..

He covered themselves in a soft quilt n gentally kissed her forehead while his one hand was wraped around her delicate figure n another stroking her chick….

While Ragini had already dozed off all drained due to recent activities but still a satisfaction of being with her love n charm of his love was visible on her exhausted face……

Smiling on her innocence n calm face Laksh too dozed off while stairing her…….

Next morning sun rays entered the room disturbing Ragini’s sleep n she placed her hand beside to hug Laksh but found it empty….

She opened her eyes quickly n stoodup a bit panicked but was relieved when she saw him in balcony….

She wore Lakshs shirt lying on floor n went to him who was sitting on swing with his coffee….

She slowly back hugged him n he dagged her on his lap smiling……

She rested her head on his chest n closed her eyes…..

L ( wapping his arms around her kissed her forehead):- Good morning my hot wify…….

R (Softly n still sleepy):- Good morning hubby……

L: – Ragu baby I need to go hotel for one or two hours I promise to b back soon ok….

Ragini nodded without moving an inch….

R:- Laksh what about our luggage????

L:- Its already shifted here when we were in party….

Ragini nodded weakly n again became silent…..

Laksh smiled naughtily n quickly picked her up in his arms n moved to washroom along with her…..

After sometime…..

Ragini was in study wearing a full length, baby pink, sleeveless, plain shaffon gown n hairs tied in a bun heldup with a pin…..

She was engrossed in the book she was reading…..

Laksh was nowhere seen……

The phone beside her started ringing……

She picked the call still focused on her book….

R:- Hello….

N she got freezed….

After a while…..

Laksh came calling out her name…..

L:- Ragu where are you….???

He spotted her sitting on living room sofa with her back towards him he went n back hugged her……

L:- Hey Ragu baby…..

Suddenly he felt something wet on his hands…..

He quickly made her turn n found her crying…..

L( a little panicked n cupped her face):- What happing Ragu…..???? R u ok??

Ragini now started crying badly n hugged him……

R:- Laksh…..sob uttara called me…sob an hour ago n said that….sob swara fell from steps n…sob miscarried…. sob n now doctor is saying that…… sob she can’t conceive again….. sob Swara is in shock Laksh…..

Laksh too felt bad hearing this n it pained him to see his love in such devastated state…..

L( Rubbing back of her head):- Sush baby enough….. I m too sad for swara n bhai but we cant change the destiny…..

He broke the hug n delicately wiped her tears with his fingers…..

L:- did u spoke to her???

Ragini noded in no still sobbing….

L:- Ok u want to talk to her???

Ragini nodded affirmatively…..

L:- I will call bhai n ask him to bring her on facetime……

Ragini nodded in yes…..

Raglak talked with swasan n tried to cheer up swara but all was in vain….. she remained unaffected…..

Few days later….

Ragini was still disturbed with swara but was better than before she was passing through collage lobby but suddenly felt like vomiting n so hurried to washroom…..

She was feeling week since many days but today the uneasiness was more….

She washed her face n felt a bit dizzy but managed to move out n as she reached the staffroom she fainted there itself…..

She was rushed to school nursing room by a lady professor n the doctor asked her to consult a gynaecologist as she is suspecting her to b pregnant….

The professors informed Laksh about her faul health n he quickly rushed to college n took her appointment too on his way…..

He from there took her to gynaecologist where it was confirmed that she is pregnant…..

Laksh was beyond happy n as doctor left he kissed ragini hardly on her lips there itself in excitement making her shock…..

One they returned he informed this to all Maheswaris n Gadodia’s…..

All were happy for them but still were concerned about swara as she was still in shock…..

The days started moving fastly with Laksh showering ragini with all his love n care n pampering her……

Ragini was detected with twins n the happiness for all specially raglak now had no bound…..

But doctor said that raginis womb is too weak to carry twins n may result in complications during her pregnancy……

Laksh started to care more about her and use to snap every special moment of them…..

Raginis every demand was fulfilled the next moment after she asked for anything…..

Their old maid shweta kaki use to be with her alays to help her when needed…..

After her 6th month Ragini applied for leave n stopped going to school…..

Ragini’s babyshower was held in her 7th month in community hall of their old Indian society where Laksh surprised her by bringing AP there……

She was supposed to be with her till her delivery as laksh knew that ragini was missing her mom…..

Ragini started to act more stubborn n her mood swings were unbearable for them now……

But every demand of any food item she want was fulfilled by AP …..

One night in Ragini’s 8th month….

Laksh was engrossed in his laptop n Ragini was sitting on couch pouting….

L:- Ragini this won’t work…

R:- Laksh plz I want ice-cream….

Laksh sigh n closed the Laptop n moved to Ragini who was sitting on the bed wearing a loose white color night gown with big baby bump n hairs plated in a braid….

L ( Kissing the baby bump n then Ragini’s pouted lips):- Baby see its too cold outside….. u n our babies will caught cold n fever….

Ragini thought for a while….

R:- ok but then I want chocolate milkshake….

L (kissing her forehead):- Thats like my Good girl….. Ok I will get milkshake for u….

Ragini nodded in yes n Laksh went away……

In her 9th month Ragini started feeling too week n dizzy so doctor decided to go for scissor delivary for her or it may complicate the situation….

Laksh was disturbed but then doctor made him understood that it was really necessary……

Ragini was operated on the date decided n delivered two baby boys…..

All were beyond happy but were laughing on laksh on his prediction of both the babies to be girls went wrong…..

Ragini was kept in hospital for about 2 weeks n then discharged…..

All the maheshwari’s n gadodia’s were very excited to see the babies but bringing them here was not possible so AP suggested Raglak to visit India which didnt went good with laksh…..

After Lots of arguments n Raginis emotional breakdown Laksh decided that once babies are 6 months old they all will visit India but Raglak will return back soon…..

AP felt bad but still were happy as they decided atleast to come……

The babies were named as Dheya n Gaurav…..

Soon six months were over with flip n they all left for India….

All were over joyed with Raglaks return n that too with both of this bundle of joy….

As soon as ragini entered MM all her previous memories again rushed through her mind but Laksh supported her by wrapping his arm around her….

All were shocked by the drastic change in Ragini n her way of dressing…..

Ragini was dressed in a floral threefourth sleeved long gown……

Shemish n dadi too visited MM with Aayush who was two years old now…..

Dadi asked forgiveness from Ragini n pleaded her a lot n so Ragini forgave her…..


#Raglak room….

Raglak changed to their night wears….

Ragini in a pink silk night robe n Laksh in a brown silk shirt n night pant…..

Ragini made the babies sleep in the cradles arranged by AP n went to bed near Laksh who was lying on bed partially…..

She rested her head on his shoulder n buried herself in his chest n Laksh wrapped his hands around her n kissed her forehead……

R:- Laksh…..

L:- yes baby…..

R:- Tomorrow morning I will meet swara…..

L:- Ok but b carefull…. maa was saying that she have became too agrassive this days n specially about babies ok….???

R:- Hmm….

Next morning…..

#breakfast table….

All maheshwari’s were present i.e AP-DP, RP-suji, Uttara n her husband Punit Singhaniya ( mishkat varma) who came to visit Raglak n sanskar…. ( Adarsh is in jail n pari at her mother’s house…) Swara was always in her room n babies were sleeping in raglaks room…..

DP:- Laksh I have a request…..

L:- Ji papa…???

DP:- Now when you are finally here so don’t go back….. We all are missing you n ur sons are future heirs of Maheshwari’s…..

L:- Papa I have cleared this to maa before itself….. We are here just for a visit….. Me n my family which includes of my wife n my sons have nothing to do with these house n properties….. we are here just for Maa n Ragini who wanted to meet Swara…..

DP sigh disappointed…..

Ragini too felt bad but she knew Lakshs stubbornness…..

Just a servant came running…..

Sr:- bade sahib.. Swara bahurani took one of the babies on terrace with her…. the baby was crying badly…..

All got panicked n rushed towards terrace…….

Ragini took the other baby too who was crying now…..

The sight there scared them to hell….

Swara was sitting on the concrete railing facing the door n the baby was in her hands…..

Ragini started crying badly n gaurav who was in AP’s hands now was also crying….

Laksh side hugged Ragini who was totally devastated by the situation….

Sw( to baby):- You are my baby na??? Swaras baby??? I will never let u go…..

Sn:- Swara give the baby here… its Raginis baby…

Swara Clutched Dheya more tightly which made him cry n it pinched Ragini’s heart….

Sw:- No he is my baby….. I won’t give him…..

Baby was about to fall off the terrace as swara held him in air but she balanced him…

Watching this Ragini fainted n this distracted swara a bit….

Sanskar quickly took baby from her but this caused imbalance n swara slipped off terrace…..

All:- Swara……

But it was too late n swara was now lying down in the pool of blood….

After some time…..

All were in hospital….

Laksh, Ap n Uttara were beside Ragini who was unconscious still……

Laksh was holding Ragini’s hand tightly….

Gaurav n Dheya were in AP’s n Uttara’s hands…..

Sanskar was totally devastrated as Swara went in coma…..

Laksh suddenly woke up n marched out of Ragini’s room….

He went to DP….

L:- Now are u happy??? See what ur fav DIL did…. n now I too have decided something….. I m going back to USA n won’t return ever…. Ragini have already suffered a lot becoz of swara but now not anymore….. I don’t want my kids to suffer…. MM has always snatched our happiness… we were happy when we were away… so now i cant compromise with my kids future…….

DP:- But Laksh….

L:- no dad… i wont listen… as soon as Ragini feels good we will leave…..

Saying so he left….

We Ragini woke up she was still in shock but once Dheya was kept in her lap she was a bit calm….

Within 2-3 days Raglak too left for California n never to return….

AP was too sad as her both sons left her but Laksh said her to visit them whenever she wants…..
After 6 months Swara died n Sanskar was devastated but with this time he bonde very well with Dr Purvi who was Swara’s doctor n married her on Sujata’s insistence….. After 3 years they were blessed with a baby girl….

Ragini had nightmares of that incidence for many days but Laksh never left her alone n was always beside her…..

So their journey continued with eachother with ups n downs but they always supported eachother…..

So friends here is the end…. do comment…..


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