Raglak OS- I Will Never Stop Loving You…

Hey friends Kitkat here with an OS….. Its basically a raglaksan OS but totally a treat for raglak fans…… as finally it will be Raglak……..
Most part will b in raginis P.O.V….
In a big dark room of a huge palace type bunglow,
A girl approximately 26-27 years was sitting on bed with closed eyes n her head resting on bed board….. she has vermolium on her hair parting n a simple diamond studed mangalsutra in her neck n no accessories n a pale face….. she has a big baby bump….. she is in her 8th month of pregnancy….

She slowly open her eyes n tears escape from them….. her face is reveled as ragini……

I m Mrs. Ragini Sanskar Singhaniya….. Yes I m wife of the great Business tycoon THE SANSKAR SINGHANIYA…… we are married since 5 years….. for world he is perfect person n a loving husband but they don’t know the real sanskar….. Its only me who knows it….. Its not like he don’t love me, yes he loves me but more than love i m his obsession…… to be honest i don’t love him i married with him only due to save my father n my love n later for my child…..
But this all was not all of a sudden. It started when I was in 2nd year of my Graduation…..
I was the only child to my parents as my mom died when i was 2 years old…. later dadi took care of me but she too left me alone in this world when I was of 15 years. Papa never bothered much about me as he wanted a son n so he never cared about me. He had a grossary shop in the main market area of kolkatta. N were leading a simple life of middle class family of kolkatta. Its not like he tortured me but also was never so close to me.

He hardly spoke to me……
I was some what shy types so didn’t had any friends till the day I mate him….. Yes you guess right it was my first love Laksh Maheshwari….. He lost his whole family in a tragic accident so was an orphan but had a huge anciestorial property…. he was the only heir of Maheshwari Empire that is Maheshwari group of companies….. he was one year senior to me in collage… he was topper of his batch…. but too down to earth n simple person….. It was our first meet when he saved me from a group of my seniors who were bulling me on first day of my collage…. After that incident I fell in love with him but ignored it thinking it as my attraction….. Soon we became besties…..

After 6 months of our friendship that is during my first year he proposed me. I instantly replied him in yes as i too liked him…. first it was just attraction but even we don’t knew when we fell deeply in eachothers love….. many a times we had fights n misunderstandings but never parted off…. It was during second year of my collage. that day changed our life for ever when we mate Sanskar….

After collage i n laksh went to a cafe to have some peaceful time…. I didn’t actually felt to go but Laksh insisted me n blackmailed me with his puppy face….. n so as he knows I gaveup n we went….. we were lost in our world stairing eachother, talking n our hands intangle on table between us… just then a loud noise of breaking of glass brought us to reality….. we went over their n we saw a man shouting badly on a waiter for falling coffee on his feet… n waiter wasc asking apology from him…. but that rude man was not in a mood to listen… We were not able to see the mans face at first but then Laksh moved forward feeling pitty for that waiter n i too accompany him….

Laksh spoke in middle….
L:- Excuse me sir he didn’t did it intentionally…. a he is even as apology from you… let it go plz….
The person turned towards Laksh and is reveled as Sanskar….
S:- Oh so see who is here…. the Laksh Maheshwari…..
L:- Oh its you…. Sanskar Singhaniya…. If I would have known it was you I would have never interfere in this matter as what else can b expected from a cheater like you…..
S( cluthing coller of Laksh’s shirt):- How dare u call me a cheater……
They both started fighting badly n so I have to interfere as I know Laksh’s anger…..
R:- Stop it Laksh for m sake stop it…..

Hearing this Laksh Left Sanskars collar which he held n then the crowd to seperated Sanskar….
Sanskar gaze feel on me and I fell awkward due to his continuous gaze……
Laksh in anger dragged me from their…
Even in car he was too angry n was driving car too harshly so I got it that its better to be quite n let him cool down but I was scared because Laksh was a very calm person.
We reached at his home that is Maheshwari Mension….
Their Vishal uncle who was Lakshs maternal uncle n only guardian saw us n got something fishy wathing him dragging me as Laksh was a clam person…. I assured uncle through my eyes that I will tell him later. (Raginis visits to MM were common as Lakshs bestie …..)

@Lakshs room,

Laksh entered the room roaring in anger n stood in middle of his room cluthing. I placed a hand on his shoulder n he turned swiftly n hugged me tightly surprising me…. I hugged him back n started stroking his hairs…..
After some time I was sitting resting her back on bed while laksh was lying on bed with his head on her lap…… finally I broke the silence….

R:- Laksh why u got so angry on that man who is he…..?????
L:- He is my old business rival…. Sanskar Singhaniya….. I m just waiting to complete my education then he will get his answers…..
R ( to change the topic):- ok let it be…. n what is this laksh….???? ur girlfriend is here with u n u r thinking about that fool…..
Saying this I removed his head from my lap n stoodup n went near window with fake anger giving him my back n he too wokeup….

Just few seconds later I felt too hands encircleing my waist…. n I flinch a little but later placed my palms on his hands which were on my stomach….. he nuzzled his face in my neck giving me wet kisses….
L:- Sorry sweetheart k now no more talks about that just about u n me… he said placing his chin on my shoulder…..
N we were lost in beautiful dreams n talks about our future……
Unknown of Sanskars intention we were happy in our would n dreams of love….
But their Sanskar was planning for Lakshs distruction……
After his final year Laksh was suppose to go delhi for 6 months due to training and some work regarding his office as he was going to take it under him after his graduation n then continue his post graduation…..
As his time for leaving to Delhi was coming near I was getting restless….. I felt something was suppose to get wrong but brushed my thoughts n went to his home for bidding him bye…..

Vishal was in hall sitting reading news paper……
R:- Vishal uncle Laksh…???
V:- In his room waiting for u asusual…….. he replied smiling
She smiled to him n went towards Lakshs room….
The scene their forced my jaw to touch ground….
Whole room was a mess and still his packing was left…. He was supposed to leave within 3 hours n what the hell was wrong with this man….. n their he was sitting in middle of his king side bed with just his weast n pant clutching his head….. she reached him making way through that crap n started to shout….
R:- whats this mess Laksh….???? aren’t you supposed to leave within next few hours n u r done with nothing…..
Before she could complete he dragged her into a bone crushing hug…… leaving her shocked….
She could feel him sobbing….
R( broke the hug n cup his face):- hey sweetheart what happen…??? why r u crying……????
But laksh was still sobbing n not facing her but ground…. she made him face her n he burst into a cry…..
L( still sobbing):-Ragu i m not feeling to leave…. I m feeling like i will go i will loose u for ever…..
Ragini was shocked now that how can laksh too sense the same as she was sensing n was scared too but she composed herself as now she have too cheerup Laksh too…..
R:- arey my buddhuram….. nothing will happen like this ok… n whats all this….???? Come we have to clean this crap n then i will help you for packing ur luggage….
L( wiping his tears like a baby n with a pout):-Really u will never leave me na….???
Ragini went aww with his cute antiques….
R( kissing his pout):- never my sweetheart….

N then they both continued the packing after cleaning the mess by him…..
R:- so finally we are done…. but Laksh i wont b with you always just try to do ur work by urself….

Said Ragini closing the lid of his bag…… n turned just to find Laksh smashing his lips on hers….
It was a long n hard kiss to express his sadness, anger n even a bit of love….. after sometime Ragini wqas panting due to lack of oxygen but Laksh was not in a mood to break this moment. Finally after 10 minutes n touch their foreheads still breathing heavily….
L:- don’t you dare to say that you will leave me…. because if u go away from me u will take my life with you…..
Hearing this Raginis eyes welledup….. n she again hugged him tightly…..

L( still hugging her):- Ragu when i will return i will tell Vishal uncle to talk about us with ur dad…. hmmm…???
R:- I m egarly wait for that day Laksh…..
Laksh broke the hug n smiled after peaking her forehead…..
After some time Laksh got ready to leave n they both went down…..

They both decended the steps n Laksh took blessings from Vishal……..
Ragini suddenly ran towards kitchen n came with a pooja thaal n a bowl of curd…..
She took Lakshs aarti n feed him curd….
V:- Laksh get use to this as now Ragini have to do this always…..
Raglak first were shocked that how Vishal got to know about them but then blushed red due to shyness….
Vishal laugh at their state…

V:- U r like my son to me Laksh…. I even didn’t married for your sake as so u r my everything n i know u n understand you so don’t worry about anything when it comes to share something with me…..
Laksh hugged him n Raginis eyes welled up watching their love n bond….. soon a click was heard n Vishal n Laksh broke the hug to see Ragini clicking their pic…. n again she clicked a pic… soon Vishal n Laksh Dragged her too with them for a selfie…..
Soon Laksh left for airport as his flight was within an hour……

In car…..
Driver was driving where as vishal was at front seat n Laksh was at back with ragini n he was hugging her tightly n she had buried her face in his chest….. as they reach airport Laksh kissed raginis forehead n hugged Vishal….. As soon as he left ragini burst into a cry she was suppressing for not breaking Laksh….. Vishal consoled her…..
Ragini was very upset as laksh Left but a ray of light that he will return soon was her only hope…..
Like this a week has passed after laksh left to delhi…. Ragini was busy in her final year studies… Laksh use to call n message her regularly n they even had video chats….. she even visited MM regularly…..
But one day changed her life totally….

Ragini’s trance was broken by a knock on her rooms door….
R:- come in….
A maid entered…
M:- Mam sir have called to remind you about evening party and see if u want any help to get ready….
R:- K… I will get ready n will call u if i need any help…..
The maid left n Ragini slowly headed towards washroom n after sometime she got ready in pretty baby pink shaffon light weight saree… she was sitting in front of dressing table n just then the door of her room got open Sanskar entered inside n threw his office bag on bed… he said coldly facing ragini who was watching him from mirror…..

S:- I will get ready in five minutes… R u ready …???
To which Ragini Just nodded ignoring him…. he irritatingly went to washroom n bang the door loudly…… resulting in ragini to flinch a bit…
After some time they both headed to the party venue…..
It was a business party so Ragini like an obideant wife had to follow her husband without her mood….
All was well till she spoted him…. with his 3 years old daughter….
He was changed now…. was looking more manly with mussels n a formal outfit…. he had got some beard…. yes he was no one else than laksh…..

Soon he too spotted her n the smile on his face vanished….. their sweet memories of togetherness flash in their mind n tears made way through Ragini’s eyes…. they were lost in eachother….
Just their trance was broken with Sanskars voice….
S:- oh look whom i mate here….. the Laksh Maheshwari with his little angel…. whats ur name baby….???
The little girl looked at Laksh n then back to sanskar before replying in her baby voice…..
G:- Ragya….
Hearing this Raginis heart flinch a bit they both went back into a memory……

RAGLAK were in collage garden….
It was a silent afternoon… They were sitting under a big mango tree with Raginis back was facing tree trunk n Laksh was laying on her lap facing shy with closed eyes….. Ragini was slowly stroking his hairs…..
L:- Ragini u know Sharma aunty who is our neighbour her daughter gave birth to a baby girl yesterday….. u know how cute she is… said he showing her a pic of baby in his phone….
R:- Yes laksh actually she is cute but all babies are cute not only her…..
Laksh smiled still his eyes closed…..
L:- Ragini i want a baby daughter of ours n i will give her all luxuries in this world… will never let her cry…
R:- and if it will b a son????
L:- then i will pamper him less…

N they both laugh at this…..
R:- If it will b a boy we will name him Ragsh n if girl then ragya…..
L:- deal final to be Mrs. Maheshwari…..
N they both burst into a laugh n then laksh bend her a little n took her into a kiss….
The screen got blurr…..

Raglak came back to present when Sanskar kept his hand on her sho
ulder n pressed it……
It pained Ragini n some tears slipped from her eyes which were noticed by Laksh…..
S:- We too are going to get our angel soon…. AS YOU CAN SEE MR MAHESHWARI>>> he said it bit loudly to which Laksh smiled fakely……
Soon Sanskar left n an awkward silence crept between them….
It was broke by Ragya who was asking Ragini to carry her…..
Ragini smile and forward her hand asking laksh to handover Ragya to her….
L:- Will u able to carry her??? Pointing at her big tummy….

Ragini just nodded n took Ragya……
N was engrossed in playing with her while Laksh was smiling at their antiques…..
On otherside someone was fuming to this…. he was no one else than sanskar…. he was gulping shots one after the other n like this almost had a dozen of them…..
It was time to go…… Ragini sadly gave Ragya back to Laksh n was about to leave but got tense to see Sanskar condition who was almost on the verge of fainting due to overdrinking……
Laksh insisted to drop them but Sanskar was too stubborn….
Ragini too knew sanskars anger so she denied Laksh n went with Sanskar… even she was somewhat scared…..

Ragsan left n laksh too followed them as he was scared for ragini…..
Sanskar was driving car in a rush n anger , ragini was hell scared but kept mum in fear as he was in in his sence……..
N after some time his wild dreams came true……..
Their was Ragsans car fully damaged n hitted to a tree trunk….
Laksh who was on driver seat of his car stopped his car at a side n left Ragya with her baby sitter n rushed towards them…..
Sanskars forehead was bleeding badly with some glass pieces immersed in his face n Raginin was wincing in pain holding her tummy with a cut on her forehead……
With the help of the passers by laksh rushed them to hospital…..
Sanskar was taken to ICU n Ragini to Labour room……
Laksh sent Ragya at home as it was too late n imformed Vishal about the situation……
After 3 hours dr returned after checking Sanskar…..
Laksh rushed to him….

L:- Dr how is he…???
S:- sorry to say mr Maheshwari but his condition is very bad n face was already sevearly damaged……. he is counting his last breadths….. we tried our best….. he want to meet you…..
L:- n Ragini….???
Dr:- she is fine but have to do her delivery as the pain is unbearable to her…….
Laksh entered ICU n he first time in his life felt bad for sanskar……
Sanskar was lying on bed lifeless just his eyes open n no of tubes attached to his body n a oxygen mass…. different machines were surrounding him…..
Laksh slowly sat on a chair beside his bed n Sanskar slowly romed his oxygen mass with lots of efforts…. Laksh tried to stop him but sanskar was more stubborn…..
S:- U might b very happy now right….??? u should be…..

To which laksh just nodded negatively with moist eyes…..
S:- now its time for me to pay for my sin to seperste you both….. this pain which i m going through is not even an inch equal to the pain i gave Ragini Physically n mentally…..
Plz take care of Ragini n my babies after me…. she is carring twins….. I know she hates me still i love her…. if u can marry her…. you too lost ur wife i know that….. Ragya n Ragini bond well….. I have transferred all my property in Raginis name earlier so no worries about expences of their studies….. I know you will prove yourself a better father…. Promise me u will marry Ragini…????
Saying so he forward his hand to Laksh and started taking deep breadth… Laksh made him wear oxygen mash to which sanskar resisited but later stoppd when Laksh said him to do it for Raginis sake……
L:- Sanskar nothing will happen to you…. you have to live for Ragini n ur kids….
S:- no Laksh i only know how i m struggling to hold my breadth for having a last look of them…. plz promise me….
L:- finally Laksh agreed to it n promise him…..
S:- Laksh plz see wheather Ragini n babies are ok i wanna see them for alast time plz…..
Laksh Nodded n went out……

Here in Labour room Ragini was struggling n tossing in pain ….. after two n a half hours her final scream was heard followed by crying sound of two babies…….
Nurse showed them to laksh n Later ragini when gained conscious was shifted to normal room where she was imformed by Laksh about Sanskar condition n she burst into cry n hugged Laksh…..
She was brought in sanskars ward on a wheel chair by Laksh as she was too weak to walk with on baby in her lap n other with a nurse….. She was totally devastrated after watching him in that condition…. counting his last breadths….. even if she hated him he was her husband n father of her children……

Sanskar removed his oxygen mask n signed her to come near n bend her head placing a soft kiss on her forehear…….. this made her cry more…. she hold his hand tightly… sanskar signed Laksh to come forward n gave raginis hand in his hand…. to which ragini was shocked…..
S:- Ragini i want you to moveon n my kids too need a father….. Laksh loves u still….. he will keep u happy…. n don’t forget that i love you….. n sorry for the miserable life i gave u till now…..
Ragini freed her hand n nodded in no while crying……
S:- u have to do it Ragini for kids sake n where our babies ragu….. i m holding my breadth to just see them……
Ragini forwarded the baby girl to him n signed the nurse to bring the baby boy….. laksh helped sanskar to sit properly n ragini handed the babies to them…..
S:- My princess name will b sangini n prince name will b Ragsh…..
Raglak were shocked to hear the boys name……
S:- this was the name u desided for your baby boy right….???? i once read it in Raginis diary n girls name as ragya….. but i want atleast my daughter to b named after us Ragu…. u will do it na????

Ragini noded in yes n sanskar smiled to her n suddenly he got freezed…. his eyes went wide open n his body wasn’t showing any moment…. nurses took the babies back n Laksh rushed to call doctor….. Ragini wasn’t in a condition to get anything….. she was still in shock….. Doctor rushed in to check sanskar n declared him dead…. and this brought ragini to reality n she burstout in cry….. n soon a scream with cry of sanskars name was heard which was of his mother….. Sujata….. Sanskar was not in good terms with his mother due to Ragini as Sujata knew what Sanskar didi was not right n even she was a victim of sanskars anger…,… but still she was his mom…. n now she had lost her only son….
Sanskars last Rituals were done by Laksh by holding Ragshs tiny hands to lit fire….. who was crying badly….. poor sole was not even knowing whats going on…..

Sanskar’s father died when sanskar was too young due to alcohol. He had a sister n a mother who were his lifen only family……. Sujata always treated Ragini as her own daughter n knew everything which sanskar did with her n laksh but was helpless…..
Whole day Ragini after returning from hospital was in her room lying lifeless on her remembering her time spent with Sanskar n her mind went back to the day her life changed…..
Ragini returned from collage n was talking on phone with laksh…. as she entered hall she got biggest shock of her life…
Sanskar was sitting their with his mom n sister n talking to shekhar.,.,…. she cut the call with Laksh without telling him anything……
Shekhar imformed Ragini that he had fixed her alliance with Sanskar….. hearing this she was shattered to core n before she could reply Sanskar intrupted by saying he wanna talk with ragini personally…. n whispered slowly in Raginis ear who was beside him that its about laksh…..
Shekhar n suji permitted them n as Ragsan were Left alone Raginis anger bursted ob sanskar…..
R:- whats this new game sanskar…..
S:- its not a game but a deal miss Gadodia to save life of ur dad n ur love Laksh maheshwari….
R:- Chi how cheap u r….. n u cant do anything….. u can just bark….
S:- ohh my my….. what an anger miss gadodia but to imform u ur dad is currently under a hanger whose rope if cut can cost his life n about Laksh he is in XYZ area ofDelhi in his car where a dumper of mine is working on construction site…. he is going to pass friom their in 2 minutes n the dumper can crush his car into pieces along with him…..
Ragini was hell shocked n soon a loud noise is heard from hall n ragsn rush there only to find broken hanger n slightly injured Shekhar.

Ragini was hell scared now n got to know that Sanskar really mean what he said so said yes for this alliance…. Ragsan got engaged after a week….. Ragini was worried for Laksh now…..she started to avoid calls from Laksh n even changed her no before Marriage which irked him making him angry….. Laksh asked vishal to visit Ragini as it was not possible for Laksh to come back……
Vishal as said by Laksh visited Raginis place n was shoced at the news of Ragsans Marriage…. He confronted Ragini n she said that she is doing this for her father who is a heart patient…
V:- and what about laksh….

R:- say him to forget me…..
Vishal in a shocked state left the place thinking about Lakshs condition after hearing this…..
He lied laksh saying that first Shekhar had a heart attack n later ragini lost her phone she would call him after buying a new one….
Laksh was not satisfied by his reply as ragini was a person who can do anything to contact laksh but shrugged his thoughts…..
After 2 months Ragsans marriage was done n Laksh too got off for few days so he returned back…. just to get biggest shock of his life… i.e to see his love hot married to his rival….. He was broken n even confronted Ragini who pleaded him to leave for her sake…..
Laksh left the place heart broken…..
Soon Sanskar started forcing Ragini n even beated n hurted her when she resisted….
On other hand Laksh was too depressed n many a time had faeoff with Ragini at business parties but then vishal forced Laksh to marry their other business partes daughter Swara…. she brought back Laksh to life n helped him to come out of this depression…..
Ragini was once pregnant after 2 years of her marriage but faced miscarriage….
Whereas soon swara died giving birth to a baby girls whom Laksh named Ragya…..
Ragini never loved sanskar …. even he just used her for his revenge againt Laksh…..
After 3 years of Ragsan marriage Shekhar too died due to heart attack…..
After 5 years Ragini was again pregnant…. but Ragsans relation was still same……

She came out of her thoughts when the babies started crying…… n uttara, sanskars sister too came their with her 2 years old son urvarsh n Ragya as Laksh too was in SM to support them……
Ragini made Sangini n Ragsh to sleep n then took Ragya from uttara as she was not getting quite by uttara…..
As soon as Ragya came in Raginis lap she became silent n slept in Raginis Lap cuddleing her tightly….. to which uttara n Ragini Smiled…..
4 more eyes were watching this with happy tears who were none other than laksh n sujata…..
In few days Ragya got addicted to ragini n even Ragini too…. Raglak too cleared their misunderstandings….

After 1 month Raglak had a simple traditional marriage as they promised Sanskar to get married….
Soon every thing got normal between them…..

They accepted eachother completely… Ragini too completed her post graduation as laksh insisted her which she left incomplete after her marriage with sanskar….
Sujata too came too live with Raglak on their insistence n Ragini took over Sanskars company merging it with Lakshs company…
Raglak were happy with their family Laksh got his mom in sujata and sujata got her son…..
Ragya was close to Ragini whereas Ragsh n Sangini were close to Laksh…….
Raglak mutually decided not to have their own child as this may make their children insecure….
Raglaks children gifted them their dream honeymoon to Singapore on their 10th wedding anniversary…………………
Evening after they returned from trip…..
All were in hall of MM, children sujata n vishal were busy in watching gifts n raglaks photos in romantic poses………

Laksh was sitting on dinning table with Ragini n others were in hall…. Laksh took the chance n planted a kiss on Raginis chick n muttered an I LOVE YOU in her ear who was sitting beside him…… She was shock at first but later blushed red in shyness burring her head in his chest….. She too slow n sftly replied I LOVE YOU TOO…… n Lakshn kissed her forehead…. suddenly they heard a loud WE TOO LOVE YOU n found their whole family surrounded them n watching them…. They too joined Raglak in their hug……. n Laksh took a selfie of them all……
Raglak with sujata , vishal, ragsh sangini n ragya lead a happy life ever after…..
Hey guys this OS is for competition….. do comment….

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  1. Bela

    This was a really sweet OS KitKat. I liked the story a lot 😀 (Y)

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    I really felt bad raglak but dont know why i didnt felt bad for sanky he deserved it

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    It​ was extremely emotional story…
    Loved it very very very very very muchhhhhhhh……such a superb os by you ?????????
    Omg…..di raglak were too lovely couple…they loved eo..to the core of their heart..but sanky separated them…. and he deserved the punishment which he got…
    It was very sweet os didu…. brilliant work????????

    Keep writing like this..
    Keep smiling..
    All the best for the competition
    Love you. Very very very very very very muchhhhhhhhh..?????????????????????????

    Your nautanki sis?

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    It was an emotional OS dear…i loved it a lot…
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    I feel really bad for Ragu…
    It’s really nice dear…
    And all the best for the competition dear…tc da…

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    fabulous dear….feeling bad for raglak….Sanky deserve that….raglak r so understanding each other….loved it alot dear..waiting for ur ff….tkcr dear…

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