`Hi guys this is my first proper os its on raglak on the film vivah……………..


Ragini Mehta/ Ragini Laksh Kapoor: Tejaswi Prakash
Laksh Kapoor: Namish Taneja
Radhika Mehta: Monica Sehgal
Arjun Kapoor: Aham Sharma
Sanskaar Kapoor: Varun Kapoor
Swara Sanskaar Kapoor: Helly Shah
Seema Mehta: Parineeta Borthakur
Suresh Mehta: Sachin Tyagi
Mohesh Kapoor: Amar Sharma
Sujatha Kapoor: (Laksh’s Mom):Sonica Handa


A older girl who seems around her 20’s is seen running behind a younger girl who is
aged around 15-17 yrs old.
RADHIKA RADHU please drink this milk then you can go out with your friends please for me……
Okay but only for you laado di
yes the older girl is ragini and the younger girl is radhika.
RADHIKA a lady shouts
Ragini: radhu go chachi is calling you

Seema: radhika go and tell ragini to clean your fathers room
radhika: OK mamma

After ragini cleans her chacha’s room she goes to sleep because she is very tired……

LAADO LAADO i have some very good news!…….someone downstairs is shouting…..

Ragini wakes up and says why is chacha ji shouting….let me go and see afterall he is calling me

Ragini goes downstairs and so do Seema and Radhika.

Ragini:Chacha ji why are you shouting what happend?

Suresh; Laado i am very happy right now we have got a very good proposal for you…..its from a very famous buisness man Mohesh Kapoor’s son Laksh Kapoor….Mohesh was my very good friend in childhood and now he wants you to get married with his son.

Ragini blushes…..
Ragini: Whatever you choose for me will be right for sure so i accept

Suresh hugs her and says that they will come the day after tomorrow to meet you

Seema POV:
Wow she gets so many good propsals because she is so beautuful is wish swara was like that I hate Ragini why does she have light skin why not Swara

Ragini POV;
i hope i get a caring husband like i always dreamed of
every girl wants the qualiteies of her father (she starts to get tears in her eyes) but i just want a husband in laksh who cares for me and loves me……….and she falls asleep (her parents died in an accident when she was 13 years old since then she has been living with her chachi and chacha’s family)

The house is completly decorated it looks very beautiful
There is a knock on the door And a handsome and dashing boy wearing a black blazer and tie and orange shirt comes in he is very well mannered so he takes blessings form elders….. Seema is just irritated
He is Laksh
Lakshs older brother and sister in law/bhabhi (sanskaar and swara) are there along with his parents and smaller brother arjun

Laksh keeps looking at the stairs and thinking when will ragini come…..radhika notices that
Radhika: what happend jiju waiting for my gorgeus ragini di……
Laksh stammers; it its n no th thing li like th that
Arjun: oh chipkali just stop teasing my brother of course he will wait for my to be bhabhi

JUst then ragini comes wearing a orange and black salwar suit with open curly hair…….she is so pretty laksh just drowns in her beauty…….

She takes everyones blessings and gives tea to everybody

She is giving the tea to laksh and he does not even take it he just looks at her like a idiot…….
Ragini: Ji chai(tea)
Laksh: Looks down in embarersment and says “oh sorry”and takes the tea
Ragini blushes……

everyone thinks to let ragini talk to laksh in private……..

raginii is very shy
Laksh: so do you agree for this marrigae
Ragini; yes
Laksh:You are very beautiful
Ragini: thanks…you too
Laksh: you think im beautiful!
Ragini: No No you got it wrong i meant to say your very handsome
she realises what she said and looks down
they both burst out laughing…..
Laksh: Friends….
Ragini :Friends….

They both start falling in love with eachother………..
They get engaged…….

One day laksh takes ragini to a garden
ragini is weraing a purple gown with a bun
laksh is wearing just a purple shirt with a white tie

they both dance on soch na sake

he proposes her with a ring that has RAGLAK carved into it……….

Radhika and Arjun become good friends……..

Laksh goes back to mumbai with his family and Ragini stays back in dehli
they communicate through phone and letters

3 days before the wedding………

A fire is conducted in ragini’s house and the whole house is burned……
ragini gets out with everyone then she remembers that radhika is inside
so she goes inside to save her…………

Radhika gets out safely but ragini has severe burns and she faints on the doorstep…..

Ragini is taken to the hospital everyone is crying

Seema is feeling guilty that she under estimated her and now she risked her life for her daughter who she loves whole heartdly and she thinks she should accpet her as her own daughter.

Laksh comes with his family having tears in his eyes……..
Laksh:Laado is fine right i want to meet her right now
Suresh point to the operation theater…….

inside the OT

Laksh is continuley sobbing sitting beside ragini nad holding her hand………..
Laksh: Ragini pls get up for your laksh……he sobs
Ragini slowly opens her eyes and says La laksh
Laksh looks up
Laksh: are you alright laado?
Ragini: im fine…… laksh u please leave me and go marry someone else you will spoil your life on me……when you will see the burns on my body yuo will will be ashamed and will not even want to look at my face……
she sobs……
Laksh gets angry
Laksh: WHat are you talking about ragini…….yoyu know how much i love you i can never give your place to anybody else he sobs……………………….
He takes a magalsutra and sindoor and puts it on her
Soch na sake plays…………..

laksh kisses her forehead and she kisses his cheek……..
ragini has a sucsessful surgery……
after 2 months they get married and seema accepts Ragini as her daughter…….


Radhika and Arjun are married

Ragini has a baby boy in her hands and she is trying to calm him down
laksh is doing the same with a baby girl in his hands………………….
Ragini: Naina what happend why are you crying
Laksh: Yuvraj please by quiet
Just then Sujatha comes and takes the babys and they become quiet
Yuvraj and Naina are twins and they are both 6 months old
Ragini starts arranging the closet and laksh comes and hugs her form the back
Ragini: Laksh not right now…..
Laksh: What Ragini im just romancing with my wife…..
He turns her they have a eyelock………………….
He moves a strand of hair away……
He pulls her close
They are about to kiss………
“Ragini Ragini where are you” shouts a voice…….
They both get apart
Laksh: perfect timing swara bhabi…… just perfect hes a bit annoyed
Swara: What did I do ………………. she then realise and says oh sorry…. i was here to look for Ajay’s (swara and sanskaars son) coat he left it here last night
Ragini: oh here it is
swara leaves
Ragini starts laughing…..
Laksh makes a angry look
Ragini continues laughing until she sees his face….
Ragini makes the cutest face ever….
Laksh just drowns in her beauty…he cant control it any more so he hugs her………


i hope you guys liked it , it took me a hour to write this and a hour to make the cover…….
i am a huge raglak fan and i love os’s and i love the movie vivah so i combined that and made this
i also like radhika and arjun from manmarziyaan so i added them in this os also
i am very bad at hindi names because i am from a pure punjabi family living in canada so excuse me for that

please rate this os from 1/10


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  1. Akanksha Gupta

    Great. I will give you full marks. You had written perfectly. I must appreciate your combination. But I wish some swasan romance should be there.

  2. nice one

  3. Awesome dr.. I loved it..

  4. Varsha

    Full marks marks 10/10, supr dear

  5. Akshaya

    9/10 and +1 for the beautiful punjabi raglakian

  6. It was a very sweet os I would definitely rate it 10/10 as I really liked its end you gave your story a very cute end??

  7. Megha123

    Awsm I would rate 9/10

  8. SPP

    Awesome Superb

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  11. Superb dear and I loved it

  12. The OS was really nice. I love RagLak and I love the movie Vivah so overall I LOVED the OS ???. The RagLak moments in the OS were really nice. Thanks for writing this ? xx

  13. Simplesweety1

    Loved It! :-*

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