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Hello friends, I am a silent reader and this is my first ever update on tellyupdates. My writing skills r very bad but still I have an intense desire to post a story. Here we go…
—————————————————————————“What!,” screamed Laksh.
“U r going to do this for me ,”argued Sohan.
“Why only me??”he asked.
“Do u have any problem? u love her na, so..”said Sohan.
“Wait, how come you know that I love her?”Laksh asked
“Well, I am ur friend , I know everything..She’s coming so tell ur final decision”, said Sohan.
They saw a beautiful girl coming towards them at a distance.
“Its OK , anything for u”, sighed Laksh.
“Thanks”, said Sohan joyfully.
The girl comes towards them.The trio had a talk which is muted. The girl agreed to something reluctantly.

One week later
In a room decorated with flowers and candles.
“Ragini, don’t worry, I will not touch u”,said Laksh.
Yeah, the girl is Ragini.
Ragini spoke,”I know you would say that. Besides, u r doing this for ur best friend. Please bear me for these 2 months.”
“Its OK, besides, u r my best friend’s gf,” I will have no problem with u,” he stated.
“Thanks “, she said.
Laksh slept on the couch and Ragini in the bed.

Sohan and Laksh are best friends and studied in the same college. Laksh meets a girl one day and falls in love with her. He decides to propose her but the day before he thought to propose her, he finds out that his best friend Sohan had already proposed her and she readily accepted it. The girl was Ragini only. Laksh becomes heartbroken and tries to give up his love for his friend, but still he couldn’t.Sohan came to know about Laksh’s feelings towards Ragini. He was going abroad for further studies. He thought that Ragini’s parents can fix her alliance with another guy so he confronted Laksh and Ragini and made them agree to enter into a 2 months contact marriage. Sohan promised Ragini that he would return to India after 2 months and would marry her after Ragini and Laksh’s divorce.

Ragini and Laksh came close to each other after marriage, but they behaved like Friends. Ragini stared to enjoy Laksh’s company. On the other hand, Laksh was happy to stay close with his lady love.
Meanwhile, Ragini falls due to taxing work for her office. At that time, Laksh took care of her and tried to solve her every problems and fulfil her requirements. Ragini falls in love with Laksh unknowingly on seeing his care and concern towards her.
Still, the two do not confess about their feelings. Laksh thinks that Ragini loves Sohan and wouldn’t accept him if he confesses. She takes him for a friend and it might break their friendship. On the other hand, Ragini is not aware of her feelings towards Laksh. She couldn’t realize that she has fallen for him , not Sohan.
2 days b4 the end of the agreement
“But i have to go na,” said Laksh,” And so u should..”
“No, no, no, today is ur turn, i’ll hear no lame excuses-its ur turn to clean the house.” argued Ragini.
“u r staying back home today, so..”
Ragini and Laksh argued cutely .
Ragini was going out of the room in frustration, when she slipped over the doormat. She closed her eyes in fear that she would fall but two masculine hands held her back. She opened her eyes..it met with of Laksh.
They had an eyelock. He was mesmerized to see her so close. He lost his control and leaned down to her lips to kiss her. She unknowingly closed her eyes.
Suddenly , the phone rang. Ragini leaves from Laksh’s arms and holds the call. Laksh goes out of the room.

After some time, Laksh comes into the room and is shocked to see Ragini crying. Laksh asked her,” What happened why r u crying?”
“Everything is over..Sohan broke up with me”, Ragini replied in a low tone.
Laksh was dumbstruck to hear the news. Once he had wished 4 this day, but today when he is supposed to be happy, he is feeling sad. It was because of his Ragini who is now heartbroken-he couldn’t see her sad.
“Sohan,” as Ragini continued,” met with a girl in Dubai and fell for her. He now regards his love for me as a mere adolescence attraction. Why didn’t he think before proposing me..I loved him but he played with my emotions as well as my life.”Saying this, she started to sob.
“Don’t worry, Ragini,I am there for u .I will never leave u. I will always stay by ur side”, said laksh and he kissed her forehead. He was about to leave when Ragini held his hand from back.
“Do u…”,Ragini spoke out.
“No Ragini , I just like you as a friend.”Laksh interrupted and buttered out a lie. He left.
Laksh hid the truth from Ragini because he did not want to make her more weak of love. He thought that Ragini now thinks Sohan made him enter forcefully in her life and she didn’t want to move on especially with him.
Ragini wiped her tears and took out her diary. She loved to write her feelings in a diary. She penned the entire incident that happened. In the last part, she wrote:
“I am ready to move on..I will not accept defeat and breakdown and mourn. I think that I never ever loved that Sohan but I love Laksh who stayed beside me through thick and thin. Wish he Loves ME Back.”
She kept the diary in the table next to the couch.
That night, Laksh inters prospected on him. He finally decided to tell his feelings to her and to ask her to start afresh with him. He thought to give a surprise to her the next day- The Last day of Their Agreement.

Ragini and Laksh didn’t talk to each other in the day. They only communicated to each other through their eyes which were filled with the pain of getting separated. Both of them wanted to express their love but couldn’t get the courage.
Laksh brought a flower bought and a proposal card. He was about to present them to Ragini when she spoke out
“Laksh, I have made ur fav dishes for dinner. It is our last day of our Agreement..”
She took a deep sigh and continued
“I think from the next day we will be able to move on with our lives.”
These words made Laksh think that Ragini takes him as a burden in her life. He gets depressed and throws the bouquet and the card in the dustbin(It was in the living room near the door to the balcony).
Both had their dinner. They didn’t talk to each other. Laksh went to the bedroom and got ready to sleep. Little did he knew that he wouldn’t be falling to sleep easily because of his unexpressed feelings in his heart. So, he thought to read something. He found a diary on the table next to the couch and began to read it…..
Ragini was in the living room. She thought whether it would be proper to confess her feelings to Laksh or not. Finally, she thought not to do as he might not accept her and gave up.
Suddenly, wind strong gusts of wind started blowing and dust flew into the room. She ran to close the door to the balcony. She closed it and turned back when she noticed flowers beneath her feet. She also found a well-decorated card fallen in the room. She took it and peered into it. She saw a letter which was addressed to her.
“My dear Ragini,
I know it will be a shocking news to u, but to say that I have lost my heart to u since the day I first met u. We were separated by circumstances but fate gave me a chance to be with u. It was a beautiful journey to stay with u for 2 months but I want u to stay with me FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. I only want to give our relationship a second chance- coz I LOVE YOU, RAGINI, I LOVE YOU.
From Laksh.”

Ragini was surprised. It was ironical for her that the person to whom her heart has been lost was loving her from the very beginning.
“Ragini.” she heard Laksh calling her.
She turned around and saw him standing in front of her.
She whispered,”Laksh.”
Both took a heavy breath and closed their eyes. Both at the same muttered out,” I LOVE U” to each other.
Ragini and Laksh were dumbstruck. They couldn’t understand how and when it all happened. It was not expected by them at all.
After a few minutes of silence, Ragini and Laksh came close and hold each other’s hands.
Ragini spoke out “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”
“I thought..” began Laksh.
“No need ,I know. In fact, I should have also confessed.Let’s forget our past..” interrupted Ragini.
“And begin a new life. U know, we r destined to be together..” continued Laksh.
“..We r incomplete without each other”, said Ragini.
Both looked into each other’s eyes. They had tears of happiness in their eyes.Ragini and Laksh rushed into each others arms and hugged each other. They found solace in their hearts and felt their hearts beat together as one.

They were lost in their sweet world when the clock struck twelve. They pulled out from their hug and looked at the clock.
Laksh said to Ragini,” From today, we are starting our journey of love..”
“..and ending our contact of agreement.”, completed Ragini.
The two bought the contact papers , tore it into pieces and threw it in the air.
Ragini and Laksh started to dance romantically while the papers fell around them creating a more romantic atmosphere.
Laksh cupped Ragini’s face with his hands and asked ,”My dear, are you really readily accepting me?”
Ragini replied with a smile,” I am already yours.”
Now, our lovebirds kissed each other on the lips. It was a soft one but it melted into a passionate one. They gave when they became out of breath.

Laksh carried Ragini in bridal style, went to their room and lied down in the bed. It was indeed the longest night for them…They romanced each other and consummated their marriage.
After that ,Raglak lived happily together the rest of their lives.

Guys, I know my story is simple and boring. Thanks for spending ur precious time in reading my os.

Credit to: Sofia

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