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RagLak….os (U LIVED) episode 2


Laksh’s POV
. It has been 6 years since u have left me………i left u and married kavya but she was only after my money and I have divorced her…..but u did not return….where r u Ragini…..i need u in my life……plz return

. laksh was getting ready to go to shimla for a business deal …after the deal he thought of going to the bazaar to buy something for ridha(pari nd adarsh’s daughter)……

. he bought some toys and ridha’s favorite chocolates….
. jst then he saw a small girl crying…….she seemed lost
. laksh went to her and asked beta what’s ur name and where r ur parents….
. mother? She told…….my name is aasha………iwas with my mother but lost her…she said that crying
. I saw her having a diary in her hand and assumed it was her mothers .i made her sit beside me and told that I will be with her till her mother reaches and started reading the diary( I know its not good to read someone’s diary but we always end up doing that)while I was reading it aasha keptt on talking to me like she knew me for a hundred years and I liked it
. I found the story similar to mine it was a story of a girl who made a lot of mistakes for her love but realized it and started repenting it when her love accepted her(only for betraying her like she did) she also had mentioned that she has no issues with her love and has forgiven him long back………the diary was full of truth and my eyes were full of tears………..

. I heard a voice behind me calling a name repeatedly ‘asha asha’ and that girl tan and hugged her telling mumma I thought I lost u tooo……..her words kept echoing in my ears when I saw that her mother is my wife and she is my daughter and she lived withot her father her 6 years……….my heart was filled with regrets.questions circled around my mind…

. Ragini told thank u and she too was in shock after seeing me…..she saw her diary in my hand and told me I am sry I nvr expected u will hve to confront me again
.. her words killed me ……i sat on my knees and begged for her forgiveness and hugged my daughter ……..she melted ( afterall she loved me a lot) too hugged us both and this time I promised I will never leave her…..

. we returned home everything was back to normal …….i had made things right and we lived happily ever after

Hope u liked it…………thank u.

Credit to: asheeyana

  1. nice yaar……happy ending….

  2. next time add some more cute scenes b/w them, nice os

  3. Again, a nice happy ending story but dear, please try to make it long..reading your os, i can say you’ve many good ideas…try to illustrate..waiting for your next os…???

  4. Nice… Thanks for the another os of Raglak…

  5. I don’t understand. how did laksh survive ???

    1. This is a diff os……but they posted it in the same name

  6. So sad yaar

    1. Why what happened……this is a different ff and not continuation of u lived……dont get confused

  7. Short but good..sequences were a lil too fast..i liked it

  8. Very sweet os

  9. Short but lovely

  10. Superbbb… it’s short n sweet….

    1. Thank u

  11. awesome os i loved i want more os from plz plz it is my humble request . all the best for ur next os

    1. Thank u yaar……….i wrote this os only bcoz u requested me..
      .keep supporting thank you

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