Raglak os: Tell Me The Story

“I hate you…I hate you…I haaatteeee you!” said Ragini on her phone while pouting and stomping her foot on the ground.?”What I had done bachha?” said Laksh in a pleading tone on the other end of the phone.?

“What you haven’t done Mr. Maheshwari? You came into my life and married me then made me fall for you? and made love with me?? then you made me to carry our love??? and sent me to my mom’s house to deliver our love?. This is not fair you know!”? said Ragini while letting the air through her nose like a dragon.?
“What to do Ragini?? I tried my best to stop you from sending you to your parent’s house. But they were so adamant and even convinced me saying you will need your parents care more at this time.”? He paused for a while. “I miss you so much baby.”? said Laksh pouting looking at the other side of their king sized bed.

Ragini saw her other side of bed with a sad pout but suddenly smiled mischievously. “So you miss me?”?
“No doubt in that Ragini. I am missing your warmth, smell, baby bump and more than that your cute pout.”?
“Aww my cute hubby?, no need to worry; you can come here and get rid of your Devdas feeling!” said Ragini cutely.??
“I think I am getting ideas faster than you” said Laksh proudly.?
“What are you blabbering Mr. Devdas?” asked Ragini confusingly.?
“Turn around Mrs. Devdas!” said Laksh smirking.?

Ragini turned and surprised? to see Laksh standing in her balcony and waving hi to her?. But soon her ‘surprised’ reaction turns into ‘frown’.? Laksh was confused to see her frown.?
“What happened bachha? Are you alright? Do you want anything?” asked Laksh in concern.?
“Why do you come here?” asked Ragini coldly.?
“But Ragini you are the one who asked me to come here!” said Laksh surprisingly.?
“Haan I am the one who asked you to come here. But I didn’t say you to come now itself!” said Ragini while crossing her arms on her chest.?

“What do you mean Ragini?” asked Laksh confusingly.?
“You know Laksh, I always wished to see my prince come through my balcony to meet me that too on full moon day?.” said Ragini dreamily.
“But Ragini, see it’s a full moon day and I came through your balcony only; then what’s the problem?” asked Laksh who was even more confused.??
“But I didn’t see it Laksh!” said Ragini in a cold tone.??

“So?” asked Laksh gulping little.?
“So do it again! I want to see it!” said Ragini without showing any mercy.??
“But Ragini it’s very difficult job also…”? Laksh tried to convince her but Ragini interrupted “Laksh! You just married me and taken away. You made me to fall for you so badly just by your looks and care?. You didn’t even do any Romeo techniques but still I had fallen for you?. It’s my mistake?. I should have given a tough…” She was interrupted by a sudden attack of lips on hers??. She couldn’t deny but cherish it with all her love for him.? After breaking their attacking, Laksh merged his forehead with hers??.

“You are impossible drama queen. Wait for me!” said Laksh while gasping for breath??. He again walked towards balcony and looked back at Ragini with pleading eyes? but Ragini was not in mood for giving him any mercy?. He sighed and stepped down through ladder which helped him to enter the room just a few minutes ago. He looked up to see Ragini looking at him with admiration?. That small look of hers made him jump in joy also gave him a thought that ‘I can anything for you!’? He smiled at her and was about to climb on the ladder again but
“Hey cheater!? Keep that ladder in its place and go back to your car; and then you come like you did few minutes ago.” said Ragini in an ordering tone.? Laksh had no way to go so he did like she said. ?

When he jumped off the wall and returned to take the ladder, he saw Ragini’s buddy?, his enemy?? approaching him with all his four legs skipping the steps by jumping to reach him.?? Laksh looked shocked and appalled.???
“Oh My God! Save ME!” Laksh shouted? and ran away to escape from him.? Ragini burst out into laughter looking at the condition of poor Laksh. ???
“Aww buddy! Don’t leave him. Go and get him buddy!” said Ragini adding fuels to buddy’s excitement.??

“Ragini! No! Please ask him to stop! You know naa I hate his licking,?? please Ragini. It seems like he is going to lick my handsome face the whole night?. Please Ragini save me.?” said Laksh begging to Ragini.
“Buddy enemy! Buddy enemy! Please go away. I came here to romance with my wife not with you?, please go away buddy enemy!” said Laksh begging to Buddy too. ??
But it’s too late, he was caught?. He was lying on the ground while Mr. Buddy was on top of him licking his whole face happily wagging its tail.?? Ragini was laughing like there is no tomorrow.??? Finally she felt pity for him? and so she shouted

“Buddy! Leave him!” Buddy becomes sad and pouted looking at Ragini.?
“Aww cutie! Let’s continue tomorrow!” said Ragini dropping a big bomb on Laksh’s head. ??
“BOW BOW” ??said Buddy and wagged his happily. “Ragini! That’s not..?” Laksh’s complaint was interrupted by a gigantic lick from Mr. Buddy.
“YUCK!?” yelled Laksh while Ragini laughed throwing her head back.?
Finally Laksh got released from the love prison of Buddy. He reached Ragini’s room with disgust and crying look. ????”RAGINI!” whined Laksh like a baby. ?

“What’s with that licking? See he licked my tasty handsome face.”? Complained Laksh like a 5 year kid.
“It was Buddy’s way to show the affection Laksh.”? said Ragini defending her Buddy.
“Nice meal for him?” he muttered under his breath looking at the ground.
“Aww mera bachha??” said Ragini looking at Laksh’s cute act and was about to pull his cheeks but Laksh stepped back shaking his head in ‘no’.

“I am stinking! I will come after washing off your dog’s kisses.”??? said Laksh walking towards her restroom.
“Hey, it’s Mr. Buddy! Mind it.”? said Ragini in an ordering tone. “Haan…haan…MR. BUDDY!”? said Laksh sarcastically.

After a while, Laksh was on the bed with a big smile while Ragini was cuddling to him on his chest with a cute smile.? The room was filled with comfortable silence and cold moon light.? Laksh was running his fingers on her hair and another hand on her baby bump caressing it.? Ragini was playing with his shirt’s buttons snuggling more into him.? Laksh’s eyes were closed, but not slept. He was just enjoying the moment. Ragini was thinking about Laksh and Buddy’s kissing scene. She started to giggle.?? Laksh opened his eyes and saw her while she was still giggling.?
“Don’t think that again!” said Laksh with fake anger tone.?
“How do you know what I am thinking?” asked Ragini confusingly.?

“This (pointing to her chest) and this (pointing to his chest) are interconnected. Simple!” said Laksh casually?.
Ragini looked at him lovingly? and Laksh too does the same.?
“Your Mr. Buddy is always like a big brother you!” said Laksh as a matter of fact.?
“Haan! He is an over protective and possessive brother?. He always shoo away the creeps which were following me??. One time he even bite one man’s back??. You know he had fallen on his knees shouting ‘forgive me sister, I won’t even show my face to you again. Pleaseeeeee…leave me!” said Ragini while laughing?? and feeling proud of her Mr. Buddy. Laksh smiled looking at her.? Suddenly she frowned.

“But how was he this much lovely to you? He won’t kiss (lick) anyone except me. But how come he was doing to you too?” asked Ragini confusingly?.
“Oh god… It’s not a simple job to correct your Mr. Buddy. God only knows what and all I had undergone.” said Laksh looking at the ceiling like he was reminding what all he had done.??
“Hey! But you have come to this only for engagement and marriage and in between you had disappeared somewhere. Then how come he had became a love sick puppy just in two days?” asked Ragini doubtingly. ?
“Who said I just saw only on those two days? I was behind for almost 4 years!?” said Laksh shrugging his shoulders. ?
“WHAT? 4 years?” asked Ragini shockingly.?

“Yeah!” said Laksh casually?. Ragini stood up and looked at Laksh like she was finding something from Laksh’s face. Laksh looked at her and raised his eyebrow in ‘what’.?
“You have to say everything today Laksh!” said Ragini crossing her hands on her chest. ?
“Not today Ragini… Already, your so called brother made me tired. Now I can’t say that big story and get me more tired.” said Laksh while groaning.???
“You have given more excuses like this. Now I am not gonna leave you. Come on Laksh, tell me the story!” said Ragini while punching on Laksh’s chest.???

Laksh grumpily sat down.? Ragini became cheerful and pecked his lips which made him to smile immediately.?
“Story time!”?? said Ragini sitting with crossed legs and keeping a pillow on her lap while placing her face on the palms of her hands which supported on the pillow. Laksh just admired her cute position. ??
“Come on say!” nudged Ragini.?

Laksh took a deep breath and started “I was 21 at that time…” but interrupted by Ragini “Which means I am 17 naa…”? Laksh nodded and was about to say something but got interrupted “Which means I was in first year right?”? Laksh again nodded and opened to his to close again by Ragini “You must be completed your business course at that time right?”? Laksh little bit irritated “Haan!”? and was about to be interrupted but he succeeded in saying “Don’t interrupt Ragini!”? Ragini bite her tongue “Oops! Sorry! You continue!”? and placed a finger on her lips.

“I was a graduate with no experience in business field. Though I was an intelligent student?, I thought I should have some experience to take over my dad’s business. So I thought to work as an assistant for 1 year and then I can take over the business. My dad and your dad were business partners and good friends too. So I joined in your father’s company as his PA…” said Laksh but got interrupted by Ragini.?

“You know my dad from that time and you worked for my dad!” exclaimed Ragini?. Laksh just nodded looking at his kiddo wife. “Oooh! And so you both were this close!” said Ragini while narrowing her eyes? on Laksh who smiled sheepishly at her?. “But how come I don’t know about this?” asked Ragini while tapping her finger on her chin.? “Because you were so busy in enjoying your life that you didn’t know about your father’s secretary too!” said Laksh while kissing her cheeks?. Ragini pouted and said “Ok…ok! Continue!”? Laksh smiled and started “One day…”
Ragini started to imagine…?

Laksh was in maroon shirt and cream pants with a tie in his formal way looking handsome. ?(In real Ragini was having a smug smile? which made Laksh to smirk ?while he continued saying his story.) Shekhar (Ragini’s father) was talking to someone on his phone while Laksh was working on his table. Suddenly the office phone rang and Shekhar signed Laksh to attend the call. He was about to greet but got interrupt by “Meow!”? from other side.

Laksh raised his eyebrow and looked at the phone weirdly?. He was about to say something but again interrupted by “Meeoooooooww!?” from other side. He was just blinking his eyes and lips forming a straight line.? He couldn’t put down the phone because that voice was so sweet that he would get diabetes just by hearing it??. Looking at Laksh’s reaction, Shekhar came to him and took the phone. He said “Hello!” and Laksh was looking at Shekhar curiously? to know who it was. His face became pale when he heard Shekhar too saying “Meow! Meow!?” that too in a very soft voice that he hadn’t heard ever. Shekhar noticed Laksh’s weird reaction and mouthed “My daughter!”? for which Laksh gave a small smile and nodded and resumed his work?…

“I thought his daughter was some 5-8 years daughter whom I could took in my arms and take to shop to buy chocolates and ice cream.” said Laksh breaking Ragini’s imagination. ?? Ragini just grinned and said “No worries you can take me in your arms even now too!” and signed him to lift her?. Laksh smiled and made her to sit on his lap and kissed her cheeks? and nose tip while Ragini giggled throwing her arms around his neck. She rubbed her nose with him and whispered “then?”? Laksh smiled and said “It was on your 18th birthday…”?

Once again Ragini imagined…?
Laksh was crossing Shekhar’s cabin but his legs stopped hearing a giggling sound. That voice…? he couldn’t forget that voice?. His eyes filled with excitement to see the owner of that melodic voice?. His eyes falls on an angel,? in disguise of human, in a navy blue and cream velvet lehenga choli with hairs opened waving on both sides of her shoulder with matching jhumkas dancing on air while she laughed throwing her head back sitting on her father’s seat like a majestic queen.? Her long and slender fingers played piano on air while her father was dancing to her tune making her laugh more.? Suddenly she stood up with a big smile? breaking the admiring session of Laksh? and came out of father’s cabin and went off while jumping and dancing like a rabbit??. His eyes never left her disappearing image??…

Laksh was looking at the ceiling like he was rewinding that scene?. Ragini looked at Laksh with surprised and crimson red face?, due to blushing. But she fake coughed to shoo her blushing and started her interrupting session.?
“So you had fallen for me at first sight itself?” asked Ragini with a raised eyebrow and a smirk.?
“Literally!” said Laksh with a loving smile. ?”And so I asked your father for your hands and kept with me forever!?” he continued with that same smile??.
Ragini blushed but still “But you would have run away when you had seen me in my morning face? before marriage.” She said with a sad pout.?
“Who said so?? I have fallen even more only after seeing your morning face?.” said Laksh with a smirk.?

“WHAT?” exclaimed Ragini!? “You had seen my morning face even before marriage?” asked Ragini curiously.??
“Yup?! One time I had came to your house to give your father some important files at morning. At that time you stepped down from the stairs. You know how you looked? You looked like a doll? with your semi closed eyes? and pouted lips? and your fingers running over your wavy hair? made me to fall on my knees before your father for marriage?.” said Laksh with amused and proud face.??

“You mean my half closed eyes? with drool flowing mouth?? and bird nest hair? looks like a doll to you and you had fallen for that look of mine?? Seriously?? You are choooooooo cheesy??!” said Ragini with a grin?.
“It’s not cheesy?, I just said what I felt at that time?.” said Laksh shrugging his shoulders.
“You know Ragini, after 1 year I joined my father’s company as the CEO and so I couldn’t see you?. So I visited your room at night daily and run away through balcony when it was early morning.??? And in meanwhile I corrected your brother too.???” said Laksh drowning into his own flashback?.

“Every night?. Daily?. Balcony??!” exclaimed Ragini?. She doesn’t know what to ask? but she asked “Why you haven’t said this to me before? You could have come to me and proposed me and then married me. You know I wouldn’t have said no after seeing what all you had done for me.”??

Laksh raised his eyebrows? and asked “Ahaan?” while Ragini realized it and said with a sheepish smile? “Maybe I also would have given some tough time and then said yes to you.”? “So only I went directly to your father!” said Laksh as though he was smart?. Ragini narrowed her eyes and asked “Ok then why you have disappeared in between engagement and marriage.”??
Laksh smiled sheepishly? and said “I wanted to complete my works before my marriage so that I can spend my time to woo you after marriage.”?? Ragini glared at him? but soon the glare turns into a lovely look??. Laksh locked his eyes with hers and fallen even more for her? but she interrupted him.?

“Laksh what would you have done if I was a dumb?” asked Ragini curiously.? Laksh smiled and kissed her throat saying ?”I would have fallen for this most beautiful eyes.” and kissed her eyes lovingly.?

“What if I was a blind?” asked Ragini wiggling her eyebrows.? Laksh smiled and said “I would have fallen for this pure heart” and kissed her chest making Ragini gasp??.
At last she whispered “What if my heart was not normal?”? Laksh looked at her straightly and cupped her face. “I would have given my heart and lived with you forever and pumping myself only for you!” said Laksh without any hesitant??. Ragini’s eyes became teary but she blinked them off and said while giggling “You are choooo cheesy!”?
She connected her lips? with him and soon both drowned themselves in their ocean of love sharing a beautiful kiss?. They merged their forehead and said at the same time “Happy new year wifey/ hubby”? and soon the room filled with the reflection of different colors from the blasting crackers in the sky.??✨?
At last Laksh made Ragini lie on the bed and came over her.? The room becomes dark but a pillow was thrown on you by Ragini who was shouting at you saying “How dare you to peep in our room”?? while Laksh chuckled seeing your flushed face???.

It’s not a preplanned os… just wrote what came in my mind… it’s just for wasting your precious time! hehe! So once again I wish you all a very happy new year!

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