Raglak OS – Spreading Happiness by kitkat

Hey guys kitkat here with a new DIWALI SPECIAL OS…..

I know diwali went away but still I m posting it now as I was going to post it in diwali……

So belated HAPPY DIWALI to all…..


A big n lavish flat in Mumbai is shown…..

A girl is seen combing her hairs lost somewhere…..

She is wearing a marun heavy half sari……

Her face is reveled as Ragini……

She have wore no jewelry……

She appeared dull n lost……


At some another place in a big house…..

Ragini is seen making arrangements for Laxmi Pooja trying to do all she can…..

She was having a big baby bump as she was 8 month pregnant…..

n along with her was swara who was actually relaxing and pretending to make laddos……..

Swasan had a love marriage as they fell in love while they were in college but it was a trap of swara for marring a rich guy like sanky…..

Sanskar knew it but his love for her never allowed him to hate her but he felt hurt always due to swaras actions…..

Sujata was in oppose of their marriage so they eloped n married which forced all to accept them….

Where as ragini was an only daughter of DPs business partner Shekhar n AP’s childhood friend Janki…..

Raglak had an arranged marriage after shejan’s death in an accident….

but ragus depression n soft nature made laksh fall in love with her…..

Just then a sanlak came n sat on sofa who wore Dhoti n kurta’s…..

Laksh gave Ragu a sweet smile while she smiled in response……

Sanskar gave swara a look of disbelief as he knew her laziness…

Just then AP n Sujata entered along with a small year old baby girl in sujata’s hands……

Su:- Sanskar just hold sanskriti ( Swasan’s daughter)…

He took her n Sanlak started playing with her…..

Now Sujata turned to swara….

Su:- Hey chori….. give it to me I will do it…… lazy brat….. go n bring oil for lighting Diya’s from storeroom…..

Swara nodded in yes with an irritated face n left to storeroom….

Just then Ansh…. Raglaks 5 years old son came to them n took blessing of all before kissing Sanskriti on chick n Hugging n kissing Ragu…..

All smiled at him…

A:- Mamma I m hungry….

R:- My baby is hungry?

Ansh nodded in yes with puppy face n Ragini gave him some sweets…..

A:- Aadi maa can I take a laddo…

Sw( sarcastically):- y not??? take them all…. ur eating is important na…. No need d for god to taste…..

All ignore her while Ansh felt hurt…..

But AP made him understand that they were for Prasad…..

Just then Sujata spoke with vemon..

Su:- Jiji u r so lucky to get such Sarvagunsampanna bahu n cute grandson…. n see here my fate…..

My bahu is the laziest n even after conceiving 8 years later her marriage she gave me a granddaughter and not a grandson…..

She huffed feeling irritated….

Just then DP n RP too joined them….

All said her to be calm but this all is heard by Swara who just came on middle of steps…( platform as in swaragini between steps)

This was not new for her…. they always use to curse her n her daughter n praise Ragu n Ansh…..

This all made her hate Ragu n Ansh….

But it was all due to swara’s laziness she was cursed….

Just then Ansh’s voice intrupted her thought….

A:- Chachu Papa I will bring papa’s camera from his room…. we will click photo’s….

They nodded in yes….

R:- Ya but slowly don’t run…

While this all conversion Swara spilled oil on whole platform n smirked….

As Ansh started ascending stairs she hidded in gap of main door where no one noticed her…..

Ansh placed his feet on oil n Screened loudly while sliping…

A:- Mumma……

Ragu panicked n Ran towards him throwing the things in her hand on floor…..

R:- Ansh..

She lost her balance n feel on her Stomach while Ansh fell on his forehead which started bleeding….

All rushed to them….

Swara slowly took a cloth n cleaned the oil with it while all were busy in the hussle…..

She then made a entry trying to fake her concern….

All were numb specially Laksh as his life was at sake but then Sanskar screamed making all come to reality…..

Sn:- Bade papa, papa plz call ambulance n Lucky u carry Ragini n i will carry Ansh…..

But laksh stood unmoved so sanky screamed

An:- laksh fast…..

Sanskar lifted a lifeless Ansh while Laksh Lifted a screaming Ragu….

Sirens can b heard…..

Scene shifted to hospital….

Laksh was sitting lifeless on a bend without any expression on his face, sanky was completing the level paper works as Ragu was in labour room n Ansh was in ICU,… n all were standing tence while swara was still faking her concern….

Screams of Ragu were echoing from labour room….

Doctor came out from ICU where Ansh was kept….

Laksh came to sense n rushed to him….

L:- How is my son?

Doctor just sigh….

D:- we tried our best but he lost too much blood n due to internal bleeding his health worsen and we were not able to save him….. I m sorry Mr. Maheshwari….

All were shocked hearing this while awaras stomach was doing flip-flops….

L ( clutched Doctors coller in anger):- Have u gone mad…. his head is just bleeding… he is OK…. take as much as money u want I want my son back…. did u got it…

Sanskar made laksh leave doctors collar n made him sit on the bench…

Just then the door of labour room too opened n a lady doctor made her way towards them…

Now AP spoke up with some guts….

AP:- doctor how is my baby n her child?

Dr:- Ur bahu is good Mrs. Maheshwari but….

DP:- what but doctor….

Dr:- Sorry to say but the child was stillborn….. She fell on her belly n choked the child….. This even injured the wall of her womb so if she conceived again it will cost her life…..

All were in delema now…

they post too of their children in one day….

Laksh was just sitting emotionless….

After some time…..

A nurse came running calling for doctor from raginis ward……

N:- Doctor Mrs. Maheshwari is trying to get up n asking for her son…..

Doctor were about to make her sleep again but Laksh stopped him n headed towards Ragini….

After watching Laksh Ragini tried to go to him but failed due to weakness…..

Laksh went near her with moist eyes and a expressionless face….

Ahe hugged him n bursted out in a loud cry….

R:- Laksh we lost our baby…..

Laksh remained unmoved….

But just then she remembered about Ansh n parted….

R:- Laksh Ansh was too wounded na? he must be crying…. u know na how much fuss he creates for taking medicine n injections??? Take me to him plz….

Laksh made Ragu stand slowly n escorted her to the morgue….

R (In an unsure n disturbed tone):- where r u taking me laksh….. Take me to Ansh…. he might b crying due to pain…. u know na he can’t bear it????

Laksh was blank but inwardly suppressing an urge to cry…..

He took Ragu to a body covered with white cloth…..

The moment he uncovered it Ragini bursted in a load cry while sobbing and shouting Ansh’s name…..

R( cupping a lifeless Ansh’s face while tears ozing her eyes):- Baby see mumma is here…. u r playing with me na??? u r angry that I didn’t gave u laddo…. I know…. but I promise once u wake up I will give u lots of laddos baby…. You know na mumma can’t live without you???? then plz stop this drama…. I know its a prank of u n ur popsy…. Laksh tell him to wakeup na….. he will listen to u…. plz….

Laksh ( in a flat tone):- he won’t wakeup Ragu…. he left us all…… he left us…..

And a Sharp slap landed his chick and he found a enraged ragini in front of him with blood shot eyes…..

R( holding his kurtis collar n shaking him vigorously):- have u gone mad…. u r telling it about our son…. how could u laksh… no he can’t leave me…. he is sleep I think let him sleep….

She kissed Ansh’s forehead n started patting it softly….

Laksh made n turn n slapped her hardy which brought her reality….

N she collapsed on floor with a loud cry n laksh tried to support her but she fainted…..

The hospital staff n the Maheshwaris who all saw this were crying too watching raglak…..

N here swara to was feeling a bit guilty but her cunning mind overpowered her soft corner for Ansh…..

All last right formalities in hospital were done of Ansh while ragini protested to accept Anshs death still n was in control of sleeping doses all the while……

Laksh was beyond broken but acted to b normal for ragini…..

Ragini was brought to see ansh for a last time…….

she took his forehead in her lap n started patting it singing a lubelly…..

All the people present there were crying watching her state…..

Laksh was unable to bear it more n faced sanskar n hugged him while sobbing…..

Some ladies seperated ragini from him n she started pushing them n shouting but as she was too weak she failed n fainted mumbling Ansh’s name….

All family was beyond consoling as they lost the charm, the lifeline of their house….

Days passed,

But the wound that life gave them was beyond curable….

Ragini stopped talking to all…..

She use to spend all her time in Ansh’s room…. Use to talk to his pics n crying hugging his belongings…… or use to b lost in her thought locking herself in room…..

So laksh decided to move to Mumbai n handle the branch there which was previously handled by his elder brother Adarsh n SIL Parineeta alone….. Laksh was gonna join him….

Ragini was somewhat OK now….. she was not jolly as before but still started interacting with all after change in surroundings n parting a bit from Ansh’s memories……

As they shifted to Mumbai Ragini started helping Pari with Jewellery Designing…. Parineeta treated Ragu as her younger sister…..

She again started smiling becoz of Adarnitas 10 years old daughter Grishma….. but still was being reserved…..

Laksh tried to cheer her up but all was in vain….

Here in Kolkata….

Swaras truth came out as a loyal servant who saw her throwing oil on floor reveled the truth to DP N Sanky….

All got furious on Swara n she pleaded but was thrown out of MM n sankys life with a divorce and as she was from a not so proper background sanskritis custody was given to Sanky…..

After 3-4 months of divorce Sanky married his childhood friend Kavita on sujatas insistence and sanky too understood it as his daughter was too young n needed a mother…….


Ragini was brought out of her thought as crackers bursting voice startled her…..

Two hands got slides on her waist n laksh locked them on her belly while his chin on her shoulder….

L:- Happy Diwali my beautiful waify….

R( with a smile but in a dull tone):- Happy diwali hubby…..

Laksh started nuzzling her neck n landing kisses on her shoulder while ragini gripped his hand on her stomach while her eyes were shut tightly…..

Laksh made her turn captured her lips with his with his hands on side of her waist n her one hand on his chest over his kurta n other in his hairs…..

They broke the kissed almost panting n ragini hugged him tightly….

L:- Ragu baby we r going somewhere…. so u need to get ready n I m gonna do that….

R ( broke the hug n looked at him questioningly):- where….

L:- You will get to know it once we are out…. come…. hurry up…..

Laksh made her were her mangalsutra, bangles, earrings, binding n then adored her forehead with vermilion while kissing her forehead….

He took her out of their flat n they left after locking it…..

Adarsh n pari lived seperately but grishma was a regular visiter to them along with Adarnita….

It was evening as raglak left but Ragu was silent as its been 2 years since Ansh left them but still diwali haunts Ragu with her child’s memory….

How can she forget them??? She knew them 9 months before others…. She lost both of her lifelines on a single day…..

The moments when she first got to know about both her pregnancies n how all were happy specially her laksh flash her eyes n a lone tear escaped her eyes…… She was just living for Laksh… He has beared a lot for her… but never complained n now she don’t know how to make him happy while she herself needs a medium….

Her thoughts came to hault as Laksh applied the brakes of the car n she can she a big building before her…..

Laksh made her come out of the car n took out some things from back seat while a man came out of building who helped him too….

Observing all carefully ragini got to know that they were some new cloths for children and some sweets…..

Laksh took ragini upstairs n sight before her made her shock….

It was an orphanage….

So many children were playing n some elder girls were lightning Diya’s…..

As soon as they entered laksh was surrounded by the kids n Ragini too joined them and helped laksh distributing all the gifts they brought…..

Ragini was smiling whole heartily after years….

Laksh dragged ragini to a room which appeared like a nursery n the caretaker there escorted them to a cradle where a baby girl of few months was playing n giggleing…..
Caretaker forwarded the baby to ragini n ragini took her with shivering hands….

R:- she is so cute…..

L:- cute like her ragu maa…..

Ragini was taken aback but once she got her sense back she hugged the Baby tightly to her chest n kissed her forehead….

Laksh side hugged her n she buried her face in his chest…..

R:- what’s her name???

L:- Drushti Laksh Maheshwari….

Ragini smiled n kissed baby’s chick…..

Laksh already had completed most of the adoption procedure without raginis knowledge but some was impossible without Ragu which they completed along with Drushti…

They were about to leave but ragini wanted to use washroom so she asked Laksh to waot while handling Drushti to him…..

while ragini was returning back to laksh she heard someone sobbing from a room n thought of taking a look….

She was hurt watching a small boy of about the age Ansh was when he left her sobbing sitting aside……..

He was wearing a small cream dhoti n kurta….

Not able to control herself she went beside him n sat down while caring his head….

R:- what happed y r u crying…..

Laksh who came to see ragini as she was late stopped watching them….

Boy nodded his head in no while he seems a bit scared n dragged his legs to himself…..

Ragini made him sit in her lap n kissed his forehead while he hugged her sobbing….

R:- Whats ur name??? n tell me why r u crying… I will help u….

B:- My name is Ansh…. n the baby u r taking away is my baby sister…. Mom dad left us n went to god n now u r taking my sister too…. plz don’t take her…..

Raginis heart ached hearing his name n watching him crying still in her embrace…..

Ragini made him face her…..

R:- we r taking her with us but to love her….

A:- I too love her….

R:- OK we can’t stop taking her but will u come with us to our home…. tell me what u want???

A ( sobbing) :- I want my baby sister n my mumma papa….

Laksh came in with Drushti n handover her to ragini while Ansh saw all this crying n laksh now took him in his embrace….

R ( wiping his tears):- Ansh we can’t give her back to u as she is our daughter now….. but we can give u both ur mom dad n u can b with ur sister if u will come with us…..

Ragu said unsurely about laksh’s reaction as she saw him nodding affirmatively…..

A:- where….???

R:- at our home as my son… will u???

A:- will u love me like my momdad ….???

L:- we will love u both more than them…..

Ansh thought a bit n then nodded in yes cutely while still crying n all his milky white face red…

Ragini kissed his forehead n went to talk to the caretaker about Ansh……

Raglak brought Drushti home after assuring Ansh to return soon n take him too after all the procedures…..

When inquired about Ansh n Drushtis parents raglak got to know that their parents were orphan too but Ansh’s mom was a lawyer n dad a highly decorated army officer….

They got killed in a planned accident when returning from a hearing of a case they won…. Leaving behind a month old Drushti n 5 year old Ansh who were later brought to orphanage….

Drushti was 6 months old now n Ansh 5 years….

First Ansh was bit uncomfortable with calling Raglak momdad but then their love for him made him do it……

Ragini was back to normal n more happy after she got her son n daughter…..

They soon became lifeline of raglak n Ansh was most pampered by Ragu while Drushti was her daddy’s angel…

Ansh never told Drushti about them being adopted as raglak never made them remember it….

APDP N RPSUJI were a bit uncomfortable with this decision of raglak but later were OK when they saw a happy ragini after years…..

Ansh was Grishma’s bestie while Sanskriti n kavsan’s son Bodh were Drushti’s partner in crimes….

After 10 years….

Its Ansh’s 10th grade result today n he have gone to his school to collect it…..

Laksh n a 10 years old Drushti were sitting on sofa suppressing their laugh watching a nervous ragini pacing the lenghts of room……

Suddenly stopping of a car is heard n Ansh came running in followed by their driver with whom Ansh went n Ansh hugged ragini who hugged him back a bit shocked….

A ( in a chocked voice n teary):- ur son is topper again mom n this time in boards….

Ragini broke the hug n kissed his forehead n went to kitchen….

Laksh n Drushti too hugged him while congratulating him…….

She returned with a badam halwa boil which was Ansh favorite sweet n they all shared a family hug while their driver Bhawar kaka clicking for a family pic…..

Screen freezes on happy faces raglak with Ansh beside ragini n Drushti beside laksh..

n behind them a huge potrate soon raglak where ragini is pregnant sitting on a chair n laksh had carried their ansh in his one arm wrapped around ragini….


Hello guys….

Sorry I m late….

So tell me how is it with ur likes comments n votes…..

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My id is @kitkatraglak…


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  1. Shrilatha

    Awwww di so heart touching .I loved it .how can someone be so jealous of a little child and I get angry even on sujatha.what if swara gave birth to a girl child.but this never gave any Right for swara to do such a cruel step ..I hate this girl .at a level we can understand her jealousy for ragini but ansh…what did he do..

    I will remember this os for lifetime

    1. Kitkat

      thank you baby…. n love u soo much as u understood my POV perfectly…..?????????

  2. Shrilatha

    Awwww di so heart touching .I loved it .how can someone be so jealous of a little child and I get angry even on sujatha.what if swara gave birth to a girl child.but this gave any Right for swara to do such a cruel step ..I hate this girl .at a level we can understand her jealousy for ragini but ansh…what did he do..

    I will remember this os for lifetime

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    It was so beautiful. I felt SOOO bad for Ragini all the while but the ending was a very happy one❤❤❤❤

    1. Kitkat

      thank you so much…???????????

  9. Reebamathew

    Awesome dear ,i was having tears while reading this keep writing dear ur a fabulous writer.

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      thank you so much n i m glad u loved it….

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    Wonderful di and poor ragini

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    Fantastic dear… Loved it

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  24. I’m really sorry for late comment. Outstanding os dear ???? Loved it a lot ??? Raglak scenes are beautiful ??? but feeling bad for Raglak ?? if possible please write more more Raglak stories. Love you dear and take care ???????????

    1. Kitkat

      i was waiting for your comment egarly…. its OK dear…. will surely gonna write more thank you n love u….????????????

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