RagLak OS simple love story


A newly married couple entered into a huge mansion. It’s huge, but only they two are going to live. Lucky(Lakshya ) gets out from car.
His face is seemed to be arrogant and serious.

Then a cute innocent girl gets down from other side. She keeps her head bending and her face is seemed afraid. She is nervous. She is Ladoo(Ragini)

Raglak names will be.. Ladoo and Lucky.

He goes into mansion and she comes behind him bending her head. Her anklets sounds resonate all the mansion. He gets annoyed with the sound.

Off..! Plz remove that anklets. I can’t bear that sound. He shouts.

She trembles and bends to her legs to remove them.

I have married u forcedly. I hate you..!! How would someone lead life with such a dumb traditional village girl..! I have to scold my fate…!!
He roars.

She keeps her head bending.
Lucky ji, if you don’t like me, I won’t come in front of you. I will go away….

She turns. He holds her wrist tightly.
You can’t go anywhere. Again your villagers will come in a run near me..! You have to stay here.

He says and pushes her into a room.
This is your room.

He says and angrily goes into his room.

Ladoo simply smiles and sets everything in her room. Lucky goes into his room and sets everything and keeps looking at some files.

He goes into flash back…

Ladoo’s marriage was about to done with a local villager. But, Lucky comes and ruins the marriage and even kiss her on lips in drunken state. Nobody comes forward to marry her. So, all villagers force lucky to marry ladoo.
Lucky is a orphan millionaire. He came to village on a business purpose. Till the work gets complete, he decides to stay in that mansion.

Flash back completes.

Lucky throws files aside remembering that scene.
How could I kiss that disgusting village girl..!!! He frustrates.

Ladoo was standing at door with cup of tea for him.

What??? He shouts.

Te..a… she stammering says.

Get out..!! He shouts..

She goes away shivering with his shout.

Ladoo sits in garden near mansion. She remembers lucky kissing her. She blushes.

I was scared at first. But, I feel in love with you just then..! You may reject me, but I love you.. I can wait for your love forever..!
She says to flowers.

A pair of eyes looks at her lovingly rather romantically…

Lucky comes out and about to get into car. Ladoo runs near him.

Lucky ji, where are you going this evening?? Plz, come soon. I’m afraid to stay in this big mansion alone..!! She says scared.

If you are afraid..go and die..!! Says Lucky arrogantly and leaves.

Ladoo hurts with his words. She keeps crying silently.
That pairs of eyes keep looking at her. It is a white fog and it changes as Lucky…!

As it is getting dark Ladoo goes inside and locks the door. She sits at a corner being scared. She holds herself in her knees.

Then she feels a warm hand on her shoulder. She looks up. Lucky is looking at her lovingly. A tear drops from her eye. He wipes that tear.

What darling..are you scared? He asks lovingly.
She nods her head amazed. He sits before her.

Want to hug me? He asks.
She looks even more amazed.

He spreads his hands. Come into my embrace and become mine..! He says looking at her affectionate.

Ragini bends her head and blushes. He raise her head by chin. She looks him lovingly. He moves near her, she pushes him and runs smiling.

The main door opens real Lucky comes. Dummy lucky disappears. Ladoo was holding a pillar shyly. Lucky sees her antiques. She turns to him and keep her head down in shy.

What’s wrong with you. Are you mad?? He scolds and goes into his room.

Ladoo surprises with his question. But, she takes water to his room.

Won’t you leave me peaceful. Get lost..! He shouts.

Ladoo trembles and leaves.
Ladoo gets confused in her room.

The next day too lucky go out on work…ladoo stay alone at home. She is working in kitchen…suddenly she feels pair of hands on her tummy. She turn back afraid…. lucky is looking at her romantically. Ladoo get shy and bend her head.
Just then, real Lucky come back this dummy about to kiss laddoo… but he goes away.

Laddoo turns back and amazes where lucky gone?? She comes to hall…real lucky is setting some files. She gets naughty goes near him and hugs him behind. Lucky get angry push her down. Her head get hit to pillar.
She shocked.

Paagal hogaya kya…??? Mere samne aaneka koshish math karna…!!! I will kill u stupid..!! He shouts as mad man.

Ladoo shakes in fear with his high pitch tone. She remains at pillar in shocked state. Lucky leaves house in anger.

She cries very badly and her head is also wounded. She sleeps there like that only. After sometime, she feels hand on her head. Lucky was applying medicine to her wound. She gets fear and moves far from him. It’s dummy. But lucky looks at her lovingly moves near her, lifts her in hands.. she looking at him shocked.
He takes her to room, make her sleep on bed.

Morning…ladoo wakes and sees herself near pillar only. She amazed, she slept on bed in room right. She touches her wound, it didn’t have any medicine. She shocks.
She goes into her room.

That dummy comes again and hugs her from front. She doesn’t want to resist him.. then she hears real lucky voice from room out. The dummy disappears before her only..! She shocks and runs into hall scaring.

Lucky comes in front of her.. what happened to you???
Ladoo suddenly hugs him being scared. She cries bad..

Please save me lucky ji.. plz save me….

Lucky’s heart melts with her hug. He feels sad for her tears. He don’t know why, but suddenly he starts liking her. He holds her shoulders.

What happened?….

There is a ghost….she tells shivering.

Lucky amazes and goes in to find nothing.
Then Lucky takes Ladoo to physiatrist.

That doctor tells.. ‘she is in hallucination. She likes you so much that’s why she keeps thinking about you. If you be close with her, that dummy goes away forever.’

Lucky feels sad for his behavior. He takes pity on her. Moreover, he loving her, so he wants his ladoo back…

Lucky started showing true love to Ladoo which made her over come her hallucination. They are happy forever…,


I know this is small stupid os. I just want to share a raglak ff with all of you…as raglak ffs are decreasing these days.
Thanking you…….

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