Raglak OS by Shanaya16

We know the phrase”Everything is fair in love and war”…so story goes on this…

Ragini is thinking to tease that guy over phone. She remembered well how he scolded her three days back when they met. Ragini is thinking how this guys could be …. she recollected what happened on that day.

Ragini started liking Laksh when she met him casually in a friend’s party . she was told that he is a 4th year medico. He is smart and good looking . All her friends and seniors are having a special corner for him. RAGINI’S best friend and her senior Swara is deeply in LOVE with him and asked Ragini to help her . Ragini thought she can and Spoke to him three days back regarding this.

Ragini : Hi laksh ; This is Ragini…swara ‘s friend .

Laksh : Hi .. yes tell me ….

Ragini : Need to talk with u about swara. Can I ?

Laksh: See I am Busy .. tell me quickly.

Ragini: Swara is in deep love with you and feeling shy to express it . She is a good girl and she is not at all eating anything or becoming weak as she unable to express it to u . So I took initiation to let u know about this. I am sorry if I interfere in your personal matter.

Laksh: Oh really ; do you think so . So your doing social servicing or mediating .It is called in Another way also .

Ragini: Stupid ; U guys are also … male chauvinists .

Laksh: Mind your own language and leave

Ragini thought I am fool to like this guy and Swara selection is Stupid. I should teach him a lesson. how could these guys be so rude ..

She called Laksh from another num which she never uses like someother girl( Prakruthee). She started teasing him . Infact she spoke to him like she have authority or rights on him. Her voice is so sweet and romantic even Sampath was unable to ignore her call and started thinking of her . Now Laksh started liking Prakruthee that much that he cannot spend his day without speaking to her over call .

Laksh wants to meet Prakruthee and wants to express his love or interest in her. But Ragini determined not to meet him or show any interest in him . But Unluckily heart will never listen to us. She thinks she don’t care him but she does.

Swara and Laksh are from same town and Relatives . As it was weekend holidays laksh called Swara and asked if she wants to join him in for the village along with him in his car. Swara immediately accepted and over joyed. She don’t want to tell this this to Ragini. But she knows Laksh will tell Prakruthee so she told her.

When Raguni heard this she told Swara to express everything and try to get a conclusion about her love.

It was friday evening 3:30P.m and time to start . Laksh came to Swara’s hostel and from there they started their journey. Laksh started asking about her studies and other things and is in good mood. so Swara thought to tell everything and about the call also. She told how started loving him from her childhood and she never think anything other than him. He smiled and told that he knows that . But he can’t say any answer to her as he is in some confusion. It was 7 p.m and they reached their village .

Next day on Saturday Laksh and Swara’s Family had a gathering and in that they raised a conversation about swara getting married to Laksh. Laksh is in extreme shock and cannot answer anything . Swara is in top of the sky and immediately called Ragini to tell about the proposal.

Even Ragini was shocked and didn’t say anything . She conveyed her regards and dropped the mobile. Laksh is calling Ragini but no response from her.

Laksh wants to tell Swara regarding this but ………….

So sunday evening they started back to the city and Swara told she is the most happiest girl in the world . But Laksh told he is not at all sure about the proposal and needs some time. He told nothing about Ragini’s call.

Suddenly he got a call from Prakruthee (Ragini) and he is excited to talk to her . He forgot that Swara is with him and started shouting Prakruthe’s name and excited. Prakruthee speaks casually but in her mind she decided that if Laksh Loves her she will be for him forever at any cost. Now she have to find out whether he have same feelings towards her. She told that she wants to meet him . He was excited but left Swara in puzzle and Now Its Laksh who have to tell about the unknown calls from the girl and the rest of story.

Now Ragini’s plan was success as Swara told her that Laksh loves Prakruthee and how excited to meet her.

Ragini is thinking how to convince her friend about her Love and how to turn Swara’s mind from Laksh. She wants to make a clear path for her life with Laksh without making swara hurt.

And now it’s a big task for her because Swara’s mind and heart is totally filled with Laksh. Ragini is beautiful girl with sweet voice and many seniors and medicos from Laksh Class loves her . Even she knows this. One of Ragini’s best friend Sanskar likes Swara for her shyness and simplicity.So Ragini plans to make use of this.

She wants to make Laksh mad in love with her and stops calling him and switched off her mobile. Swara is in depression state . Ragini meets Swara in her hostel and force her to come out to dinner with her . She invites Sanskar also for dinner. There she starts praising the qualities of Sanskar and reveals the conversation with Laksh how he misbehaved with her when she tried to tell about Swara’s Love towards him. She even adds that inspite of knowing Swara ‘s love how he ignores her . Ragini successfully sowed a seed of poison in Swara’s Mind But swara can’t accept the fact.

Swara was attacked with typhoid and admitted in hospital. Raguni attends her and She forces sanskar to visit swara regularly . Poor Laksh whenever he plans to visit hospital and he gets a call from Prakruthee . Swara realizes that sanskar loves her and Laksh never wants her in his Life. She tries to Accept it but her heart is unable to accept it.

Ragini thought to meet Laksh and tell everything…………….

She requests Sanskar to care of Swara and asks Laksh to meet her.

When Laksh meets her,he got shocked knowing that Ragini is Prakruthee. He is in state of shock . Ragini starts talking .I am sorry that I spoke to you in a wrong name but I want to tease you as you insulted me in Swara’s issue. But later while talking to you as Prakruthee I started liking and loving you more than anything. Laksh is listening but still in shock .. because in his heart he likes Ragini a lot about her boldness and dare. Her sleepy and naughty eyes always makes him mad. Now he is happy to know Ragini and Prakruthee are same .

But his Parents decision and Swara’s match and Situation … all are puzzles for him …But not for Raguni. She stops going to hospital and requests Sanskar to take care of Swara till her Parents come. (Swara’s Parents are on holy trip to Vaishnavi temple).

Soon Swara finds how Sanskar loves her and cares her and try to accept that Laksh never loved her.Now Ragini’s 3rd plan is that Swara should never know about Prakruthee is Ragini. So she requests Laksh to stop telling about Prakruthee and slowly in due time Swara forgets about Prakruthee and her calls.

One day Ragini says that She started liking Laksh and wants to propose him to Swara and asks her help . and swara immediately accepts and according to Ragini’s Plan alaksh accepts Saranya’s proposal infront of swara.

Finally the two marriages are fixed and decided to celebrate once they complete their Studies..


The End.

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  1. Wow superb epi.. Thnk god u didn’t show ragini as sacrificing girl who is completely out of the world.. The title was very much apt for this story.. U rocked it dr.. Luv u

  2. Varsha

    I loved it dear, RagLak pairing was super.

  3. nice good and different

  4. Megha123

    Loved it ?❤?❤the name everything is fair in love and war is justified

  5. Akshata

    this os is really different. something out of the box.

  6. Dafsi

    Nice OS

  7. Pavani

    Title very well justified

  8. Very nice

  9. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 <3

  10. Superb . Hey dear l wanted to ask you something. I have seen this logo with many names. One is ragsan fan( sonya l think)Then one is a big swasan fan.diyansree shayad. Then now sanyaa.
    So is there many sisters with diff taste in same house??

    1. Shanaya16

      No….they r not my sister and even i don’t know them…mai akeli hu…one n only…diehard Raglak fan

  11. Sofia

    Wow!! it was something totally different from the other os!!

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