Raglak OS – Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi


Raglak OS

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

Hey guys:):) so basically this is a Raglak OS. And this is an OS for Adhithi who recently won the historical OS competition. So here u go Adhithi:)


Character Sketch:-

Ragini Gadoddia/ Laksh Maheshwari- cute, innocence girl who loves Laksh. Wife of Laksh. Mother of Samar Laksh Maheshwari. Model.

Laksh Maheshwari- handsome young boy who loves Ragini. Husband of Ragini. Father of Samar Laksh Maheshwari. Airforce officer.

Samar Laksh Maheshwari- Son of Raglak. 23 old in the OS.

Tia Shastri/Samar Maheshwari- Girlfriend/wife of Samar. 22yrs old.

Samia (Samar and Tia r just there in the end. They’re role is cameo). And Swasan are also a minor role.


Ragini is seen sitting down in front of Laksh’s photo which had a garland around it. She was crying. (Laksh’s photo has a garland Coz he’s dead at this point in time).

Ragini crying: Laksh! I miss u so much! Everyday…. U know what? Samar is just like u! The way he eats, the way he drools in his sleep, the way he gets so confused while tying a tie, everything! And he reminds me so much of you! And u know what? He’s getting married today! Isn’t that great? Our little boy is no more our little boy….

Swara came running.

Swara: RAGINI! Where r u?

Ragini smiled hearing her sister’s voice.

Ragini: I’m here Shona!

Swara came and saw her crying in front of Laksh’s photo. She understood.

Swara gently: Ragu… U told Laksh?

Ragini nodded quietly.

Swara smiled: Well he must be happy Na?

Ragini: Of course he is… It’s just, I wish he was here to see Sammy getting married. I’m sure he would have been the proudest person. And he would have loved Tia also. She would have been his daughter not daughter in law. How I wish-

Swara: That incident didn’t happen?

Ragini nodded…


Ragini was 24yrs old and was a cute and innocent girl. She was in big tension. She was sitting in her limousine and sweating. The car stopped outside a building which was called “India Fashion House”. She jumped out in a very undignified, non model way and ran. Inside the office, as she ran inside, near the elevator, she was running so fast that she didn’t see where she was running and suddenly bumped into someone. Her papers flew out of her hand and she almost fell. She closed her eyes tightly in fear of falling but a pair of strong arms caught her by her petite waist. Her hair was flowing open. And at that moment, nothing seemed more beautiful than Ragini Gadoddia.

She opened her eyes slowly and saw herself in a guy’s arms. The guy look damn hot and handsome and dashing. He was in an airforce uniform. They got lost in each other’s eyes. The eye lock lasted for about 5mins. Then they both came into senses. The guy helped her up and picked up her papers neatly and gave it to her. She smiled and thanked him. He grinned embarrassedly and rubs his hair near the back of his neck.

Ragini: Thank u:)

Guy: Uh- no problem. U ok?

Ragini: Yea yea… (Remembers that she was in a hurry) oh shoot! I’m late again! Gosh he will kill me! Listen Mr. Uh- ok whatever ur name is. Sorry I sounded rude but I’m in a hurry. I guess after I’m done meeting Joe, I’ll definitely talk to u. But now I gtg. Thanks and bye:)

Without hearing his answer she ran. He stared surprised.

-in the meeting room-

Ragini opened the door and peeked in. She didn’t see anyone. She quietly walked in and started acting as if she was waiting for a long time. But she was caught by her mentor/BFF at work Joe.

Joe wid his arms folded: Ragz!

Ragini bit her tongue cutely and prayed to God before turning her head around nervously…

Ragini innocently: J-J-Joe? Uh hey! Y u so late? U know we must keep time and –

Joe intervened: Cut the crap Ragz. U know ur late. Own up I probably won’t get pissed.

Ragini sighed: Fine Fine! I’m late.

Joe: No sorry?

Ragini: I thought I were the one who insisted that I don’t say sorry-

Joe: As ur friend, yes. But right now u r in ur senior’s room. So u gotta say sorry.

Ragini: FINE! Cholly Joe (in a kiddish voice)

Joe grinned: That’s like my good girl. Now come sit, I have to discuss some things wid u. If I don’t I’ll be slaughtered by Thomas Sir.

Ragini laughed cutely and plopped down in Joe’s seat.

Joe sighed exasperated: you’ll never change will u?

Ragini: NO ! (Laughs) I like the spinning chair. (Childishly) Spin chair bery goooood!

Joe smiled and sat on the sofa opposite her.

Joe: Fine. Where r the documents then?

Ragini gave him the papers. He started checking.

Joe while checking: So tell me, y were u late?

Ragini nonstop: oh, first I got up late, then my chauffeur (driver) came late, then my legs took a loooong time to enter the office, then I had to sign in, then I ran towards that elevator and bumped into a hot dude-

Joe lifted his eyebrows sarcastically.

Ragini: Shut up! Yea anyways I bumped into a hot and dashing dude, and almost fell. That guy caught me… I must tell u he has muscular arms. I think he has abs too. And biceps. And triceps. And-

Joe: Cut the description. It sounds horrible.

Ragini: Only because u don’t have it!

Joe: Riiiite! No wonder Stella legit drools over me every damn day!

Ragini laughed: y don’t u just accept her?

Joe: Dude! U know I love Clara and we’re even dating. And anyways Stella is just plain annoying. And I hate that squeaky voice of hers.

Ragini: Fine fine! Can I continue?

Joe nodded.

Ragini: yea so the hot dude helped me get my things in order and I ran and came here.

Joe: Hmm… I really love ur excuses u know?

Ragini: Shut up. I’m telling u the truth…

Joe: Fine, I’ll believe you… Ok so Ragini, these papers r fine. I’ve checked them. Now I have a real issue to talk to u about. Just- don’t freak out when u hear it alright?

Ragini: ok…

Joe: Look, v have a bodyguard for u now…

Ragini burst out: BUT Y DO I NEED ONE?

Joe: First listen then shout. Look Ragz, ever since that fashion show in New York, ur life has been in danger. Apparently, the other lady who modelled there, who represented Milan, her brother has his eyes on u. This girl, informed us of this as she’s a good girl and u guys had become friends…

Ragini: Ah yes! I remember her. Her name was Sophia. And when she made me meet her brother, I remember feeling uncomfortable and I even told u.

Joe: Yes yes. That. So basically he has eyes for u. And he’s out to get u and do his disgusting shit.

Ragini: But y do I need a bodyguard for that? He’s somewhere in Milan, I’m here in India.

Joe: Because, the fashion show you’ve been preparing for is happening in Milan.

Ragini: Oh… WAIT WHAT?

Joe: And Sophia’s gonna be participating. And her brother is one of the judges this time.

Ragini: OH SHOOT! Joe-

Joe: And that’s y u need a bodyguard…

Ragini: Kk… I geddit. But who is my bodyguard?

Suddenly they heard a knock. Ragini freaked out.

Ragini: Shit! Is that- Sophia’s bro?

Joe laughed: No u idiot. That’s ur bodyguard!

Ragini calmed down: Oh ok.

The door opened and a handsome guy walked in. (Yes u guys guessed it. It was Ragini’s hot dude who helped her). He was wearing the airforce uniform. He walked up to Joe and shook hands with him. Ragini turned to see who it was and was shocked. He looked at her and smiled.

Ragini: U!?

Guy: Well yup it’s me. Hi again:)

Ragini: But- Jo- Joe-

Joe: Calm down Ragz. He is the guy we were just talking about. Ur bodyguard.

Ragini whispered to Joe: Arrey he’s the hot dude I was talking about!

Joe laughed loudly: HAHAHA! Fine. So Ragini just meet him and get to know him now ok.

Ragini nodded and nervously went to him.

Guy: Y u acting like I’ll kill u?

Ragini: Coz- whatever! Leave it. I’m Rag-

Guy: Ragini Gadoddia, the famous model. Yes I know.

Ragini: What’s ur name?

Guy: Laksh Maheshwari. Airforce officer. Squadron leader. Ur bodyguard.

Ragini smiled and shook hands with him.

Joe: Ok since u both have gotten all familiar wid eo then Lucky, u will stay wid me ok?

Laksh laughed: Ok. But I want ur mom’s pasta ok? Long time I haven’t eaten it.

Joe laughed: If u meet my mom now, she’ll be so happy, she’ll make everything she knows how to and feed u nicely and not feed me.

Laksh laughed: Be happy my mom does that to u.

Ragini looked at Joe curiously.

Joe: Actually Lucky is my childhood best friend.

Laksh: Haan ya. So don’t mind us like this. Hamara nautanki Aise hi chalta rahega.

Joe: Hehe Haan.

Ragini smiled: Oh. That’s nice. So Joe, can I go now?

Joe: Huh? Yea yea. Jaao. Just come early tmrw.

Ragini: Okie:) Bye Joe. Bye Laksh:)

She went. Laksh smiled at her.

Laksh: She’s damn hot dude.

Joe: Abbhay shut up. She sits and goes on about how hot u r and u go on about hot she is. Pls Chup kar. If u wanna praise eo go and tell her and u guys can talk about how hot u guys r to eo. Personally both of u r not hot to me as im ur friend.

Laksh just laughed.

-next day-

Laksh was present at Ragini’s house early morning. Ragini was sleeping when he knocked. She opened it sleepily thinking it was her sister Swara. Without seeing who it was, she hugged him. She was thinking it was Swara so she hugged. He was shocked. She adjusted her face in his chest.

Ragini whining: Uhhh! Swara! Sone do Na!

Laksh grinned and hugged her back holding her waist.

Laksh I’m a girly voice: Nahi Ragini. Wake up. U have to go to work.

Ragini groaned and pulled him tighter to her: Pls Swara.

He smiled and held her there Coz he knew if he shook her, she’d freak out wid shock.

Ragini: By the way Swara, when did u become so tall? And y does ur voice sound masculine?

Laksh started laughing. She pulled away shocked.

Ragini: U?! (Blushed) couldn’t u have warned me?

Laksh: I wud have but the shock wud be too much for u. So I thought I’ll calm u down first then say something. But honestly speaking, I couldn’t stop laughing Coz ur just toooo cute in ur sleepy mood.

Ragini blushed and realised she was in shorts and tank top.

Ragini: Uh- how r u here?

Laksh: I came wid Joe. He’s downstairs with ur sister.

Ragini: Oh.. I’ll just change and come.

Laksh: K. R u sure u don’t want me to guard outside ur washroom? (Teasingly) what if that man comes?

Ragini: Shut up!

She ran to her bathroom.


Like this days kept passing. Everyday Raglak wud spend time together and get to know eo. He was still doing his duty but somewhere he started falling in love. But he didn’t want to accept it. One day he was sitting with Joe in his room. They were talking.

Joe: So Howz the protecting happening?

Laksh: There’s no danger. I don’t see any danger bro.

Joe: That’s good then. So u and Ragini r spending so mic time wid eo, there must be something u like about her.

Laksh: I don’t like anything about her-

Joe shocked: WHAT?

Laksh: Calm. I don’t like anything about her Coz I love everything about her.

Joe started smiling: Oh someone’s in love?

Laksh: NO!

Joe: Admit it. Don’t u feel comfy around her? Don’t u feel pissed when u see her talking wid other guys including me? When she’s modelling and so many ppl r watching her, and she’s feeling nervous, don’t u wanna go and hold her hand and tell her ur wid her?

Laksh thought and smiled: Hmm… Yes I do. I guess I do- yes Joe, I love Ragini. But-

Joe happy: But what? R u dumb? U won’t get this chance again go tell her. She loves u too. I’m sure of it.

Laksh’s smiled faded: But Joe, love complicates things. U know what happened when I almost loved Kiara. I tried loving her and I started ignoring my duties. I can’t do that again. Duty comes first. Last time I ignored my duty, I almost got killed in that gunshot!

Joe softly: But this time Ragini is ur duty!

Laksh: I know. But love is gonna make me weak yaar. I won’t confess. After this mission, I’ll tell her.

Joe: Ok bro. As u wish. But tell her soon before she’s taken by someone else.

-time forward-

Ragini was extremely happy. She’d just come back home after spending time at the park wid Laksh. She loved him and she knew it. She called Joe.

Ragini: JOEEE!

Joe on the phone: Uff stop shouting! What happened?

Ragini: Joe I’m in loooooove!

Joe: Whoa! Who’s the guy?

Ragini blushed and softly said: It’s Laksh.


Ragini: Ssshhh! He might hear!

Joe suddenly quietened: Ragini I suggest u stop loving him tho.

Ragini shocked and hurt: y? R u mad?

Joe: No. I’m saying it for ur good.

Ragini found this suspicious: What r u hiding Joe?

Joe sighed and told her about his convo on her wid Laksh. She was thrilled knowing Laksh loves her too but was upset knowing he will never love her.

Ragini wid tears: I don’t wanna loose him Joe. Pls tell me an idea.

Joe thought: Hmm…. Ok listen, y don’t u act like ur in love wid another guy in Milan, and then make Lucky jealous then make him confess?

Ragini wiped her tears: I’ll try. Thanks Joe. Ur my best friend ever! Love u (in a sibling way).

Joe: Aww love u 2 sis. Bye:)

Ragini cut the call and smiled.

-time forward=in the flight-

Laksh tried hard to behave normally wid Ragini and chat but she ignored him which irritated him a lot. They reached Milan and Laksh remembered his duty. He started doing it. He stayed close to Ragini, kept a close watch on her so she won’t be in danger. They reached the hotel. They checked in. Then they decided to go and have fun in the night. Ragini went without telling anyone. Joe knew where she was. Laksh got worried.

Laksh: SHIT! Where did this girl go?

Joe: Oh I think I know.

Laksh: Where?

Joe smiled: To the hotel’s pub. I know she’s tired of being single. She wants a boyfriend.

Laksh: WHHAAAT?! But she’s mine!

Joe: Then go tell her! It’s not gonna make u weak.

Laksh: NO WAYS! Let her do what she wants. I’ll just keep an eye on her.

He ran to the pub and started keeping an eye on her. Ragini was acting actually. Joe’s best friend who was already married was helping them. Laksh got pissed looking at her so close to a guy. But he controlled. At the end Ragini was upset nothing had happened…

-next day-

Ragini had her first ramp walk. She was scared due to Sophia’s bro but Sophia assured her that nothing will happen to her. Today Laksh stayed even more close to her. Ragini finished her walk and the bro winked at her. She glared and walked away. (The bro’s name is Peter)

Laksh followed her. She started her acting again. She acted like she’s on a call wid her bf.

Ragini: Hello? Babe? R u free tonight? (Answers) Oh ok. Well baby I really wanna meet u. Yesterday was so much fun but we didn’t even get to kiss! I wanted my first kiss tho wid u! Pls darling! (Answers) Really? Omg! Ur the best. (Answers)YESS lets meet outside that restaurant. I’ll be ready, u come to pick up. (Answers) oh… Fine I’ll wear strapless, knee length dress. Ok baby. Love u bye!

She turned and saw Laksh fuming. She smirked and almost walked past him when he grabbed her and pinned her against the wall and kissed her hard on her lips. She was shocked. She moaned. He caught her waist and encircled her. Slowly she started responding with the same passion. He looped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. Normally Laksh would have been shocked but now he was to angry to be shocked. Soon they pulled away due to lack of oxygen. They were breathing heavily.

Ragini: What the hell?

Laksh: Shut up! How dare u talk of kissing someone else?

Ragini boldly: What do u care? If it affects u so much y don’t u just admit it to me? Y don’t u tell me that-

Laksh: That?

Ragini softly: that u love me? That u can’t live without me? that u hate the thought of me with someone else? (Loudly) ADMIT IT DAMMIT!


Ragini stared shocked.

Laksh: And if ur dating anyone except me, I’ll kill that person.

Ragini suddenly smiled and kissed his cheek.

Ragini: U really r stupid! U thought I was dating someone else? Gosh!

Laksh surprised: Who were u talking wid then?

Ragini laughed: No one! (Shows him her caller list) see? It was all a plan by Joe and me to make u admit! Really Laksh, u think love is gonna make u weak? Ur mad if u think like that. Laksh (cups his face) pls Laksh, pls love me. Pls admit it to me more often. Coz I love u so so so so so much! I can’t live without u. I don’t like the thought of loosing u. Pls Laksh, don’t shun me. Pls can v do this?

Laksh thought for a moment and smiled. He kneeled down and held her hand.

Laksh: Ragini Gadoddia, will u be my girlfriend?

Ragini cried happily. He stood up. She hugged him tightly.

Ragini: Of course I will.


Ragini crying: That day was one of the best days of my life. I was thrilled Swara. Both of us were really happy. We went around everywhere together. We did so much masti. He always found some time to be with me after work hours. We made it a point to kiss everyday. It was perfect. And when I got to know he was Sanskar Jiju’s brother, I was even more happy. But I wish Joe had never signed me up for that Milan Fashion Show.

Swara: I know Ragu. But didn’t Joe know about Peter?

Ragini: Be got to know after he signed me up. But he couldn’t do anything. Thomas sir wud have been pisse if he removed my name. So we had to do it. And I’m happy in a way, Coz I got to meet Laksh, but I wish my time with him was longer. I wish he was here….


It was before the final ramp walk. Ragini was looking beautiful. Joe, his now fiancé, Clara and Laksh came inside her changing room. Laksh immediately went and engulfed her in a hug. Without anyone’s notice, he kissed her neck. Ragini blushed and pushed him away gently.

Joe: Ur looking great Ragz.

Clara: Yea. I think these jewels suit u well. What do u say Lucky? How does ur to be fia- sorry ur girl look?

Laksh grinned: She looks beautiful. But there is one thing missing.

Ragini: What thing?

Laksh smiled: If u wear this one thing, I’m sure no one will look more beautiful than u…

Ragini smiled: Accha? What is it Mr Maheshwari?

Laksh kneeled down and held a ring out. She was surprised.

Laksh: U know what Ragini? Gadoddia is a nice surname, but I don’t think it suits u anymore. I think u shud change ur surname.

Ragini completely confused: To what?

Laksh: Maheshwari. (Seeing Ragini’s shocked expressions) Ragu, I really really really love u. I don’t know how, when, where. I didn’t even know I was falling for u. But now that I do no that I have fallen for u, I don’t wanna get up. I wanna spend my whole life with u. Will u marry me?

Ragini was super happy. She nodded. He happily slipped the ring on her ring finger. He got up and they hugged. Cloe (Clara+Joe) were adoring their bond. Raglak pulled away and Ragini suddenly did something no one expected her to do. She kissed Laksh on the lip. He was surprised but later responded. It was a soft kiss filled with love. They pulled away. Clara was adoring them. Joe had his eyes covered teasingly.

Joe: gosh get a room!

Raglakra (Raglak+Clara) laughed.

Finally Ragini’s name was announced. Laksh kissed her forehead and she left. She did her ramp walk and came backstage. Peter came there and started troubling her.

Peter: Hey hottie❤️ ❤️

Ragini glared at him: Just get lost.

Peter: I’m ur judge. That’s not how u talk to me.

Ragini: Ur my judge, that’s y I haven’t punched u yet. And ur my judge. U can’t talk to me like this. Get lost.

Peter: oh wow! Attitude huh? I like it. U know what? That’s what I like about u. Ur hot, and attitude filled. We can have a blast together. Just come with me tonight.

Ragini disgusted: What the hell? I will scream if u don’t go now!

Peter: Baby, u shud learn to quieten. First listen. Look I’m hot, ur super hot. I have attitude just like u. So come wid me.

Ragini: I don’t wanna be with someone like u. And also, I have self respect, u don’t. So GET LOST!

Peter pinned her against the wall. She was scared but didn’t show him.

Peter growled: SHUT UP! Ever since I saw u, I have eyes only for u. U don’t wanna be my girlfriend, fine! But be with me this one night and I’ll let u go. Do u understand? (I’m sure all of u know what he’s trying to say)

Ragini slapped him.

Ragini: Yuck! What sort of a disgusting person r u? Let me go, I have no interest in u!

Peter: I was giving u a choice, but u refused to take it. Now u see what I’ll do.

He grabbed her by her hair and started dragging her. He dragged her to his room and almost threw him on his bed to do horrible things when the door burst open and Laksh came running in. Peter was shocked. Laksh pushed him away and ran to Ragini and cupped her face.

Laksh: Ragu! R u ok? Did he do anything? TELL ME DAMMIT!

Peter laughed: Oh so this is ur saviour! Ur dear boy friend. Well see now what I do to u in front of him.

He tried to go to her but our Laksh, who was angry, started punching him senselessly. Ragini shouted and stopped him.

Ragini: LAKSH! Pls stop! He’s a judge! I’ll be disqualified! Joe’s job will go! Leave him. Let him go back but don’t hurt him.

Laksh stopped hearing her plead. Peter ran back to the stage. Laksh came to Ragini. Ragini started crying and hugged him tight.

Laksh: Sssh! Ssh! I’m here now! I won’t let him do anything. Calm down mera baccha calm down.

Ragini told him what all Peter had done. Laksh was boiling with rage but calmed down.

Laksh: It’s a good thing I saw u missing and saw Peter also missing.

Ragini nodded. He kissed her cheeks and helped her wash her face and maintain her messed up hair and they went back to the stage. Ragini was informed she was the winner and she walked on stage with Laksh behind her. She took the crown and went to the Mike. She started speaking.

Ragini: Thank you. I honestly didn’t know I deserved this. But thank u so much. There r so many ppl to thank tho. U audience, the judges, Thomas Sir, Joe, Clara, my friend Sophia, my family and other friends, my dog of course and finally a vert special person, the person who I love the most, my fiancé who’s standing right behind me now who came here with the purpose of guarding me, Laksh Maheshwari.

Everyone were shocked. They started cheering. Ragini hugged Laksh tightly. Laksh smiled and hugged back. Peter looked as if he’d been slapped on the face. He decided to take revenge.

-next day-

Raglak spent more time in Milan.

-in the night-

Ragini came to Laksh’s room. She wasn’t getting sleepy. Laksh pulled her in and shut the door. They both smiled. He out her fav songs on his phone and started playing them to make her happy. Seeing her smile and blush so much, he couldn’t control himself. He kissed her forehead. She looked happily at him. He then kissed her eyes, her nose, her cheeks and finally her lips. It was a slow one but turned out to be a passionate. He pulled away and started lovingly at her. She blushed. This was it for Laksh. He picked her up in his arms in bridal style and made her lie down on the bed. Soon he got her permission and (ssssh Gandhi baath?)

-next day-

Ragini woke up and saw herself in her lover’s arms. She smiled and kissed his eyes. He woke up and smiled at her. They remembered last night and both blushed.

Laksh: U trust me so much? U let me do this before marriage?

Ragini smiled: I trust u Laksh. More than myself. I can even die for u-

He covered her mouth and hugged her tight.

Laksh: I love u.

Ragini: I love u too.

Laksh smiled and kissed her forehead.

Laksh: Come lets get up and go. Today we have to go back to India.

Ragini suddenly stopped smiling.

Ragini: Laksh, now ur duty is over with me, does it mean we won’t meet again?

Laksh smiled at that innocent question.

Laksh: It’s not gonna be like that. Y know I can’t live without you. And now we’re engaged also Ragu. Nothing can separate us. And my duty will never end. My duty to protect u, my duty to be with u forever, my duty to take care of u, my duty to love you for all eternity, they’ll never end. I have too many duties now (smiles).

Ragini smiles and hugs him tightly. He hugged back.

-few days later-

Raglak spent all their days together. They went to Clara and Joe’s wedding together, ate together, and did almost everything together. Their families knew about them and we’re happy for them. Soon their wedding was fixed. They were thrilled.

-on wedding day-

Raglak were happy. Soon they got married. (I won’t elaborate on the part).

-in the night-

After rituals and all Raglak came to their room. Ragini was extremely nervous. She didn’t know what to do. Laksh came and hugged her to comfort her. Then slowly he pulled away and kissed her softly. While kissing, he lifted her in his arms and placed her on the bed. He came above her and switched of the lights. Ragini was blushing. Soon both consummated their marriage.


Like this they lead a happy married life. Everything was going perfectly.


Swara also had tears in her eyes as Ragini told her more about her husband who happens to be Swara’s devar.

Ragini: U know, these days I’m talking about, they’re the best I’ve ever had. I love Laksh so much. And on the night of our marriage, it was amazing Swara. That was the day I got to know how much he actually loves me. I was happy Swara. Two whole years. In those two years, u also came as my jethani. After two years, Laksh and I decided to go another step forward.

Swara: Yea…


Raglak and Swasan were in a mall. Swasan were newly wed so Raglak decided to let them enjoy on their own and go and do something on their own. Laksh laced his fingers with Ragini’s and pulled her with him. They were strolling around and saw a clothes shop. Ragini got excited and pulled Laksh with her. They started seeing clothes and suddenly Ragini saw a 14yr old girl with her parents. She was helping her mom select clothes.

Girl: Amma here u go! This top will suit u. And the colour also.

The mother smiled: Give it. Do u want anything?

Girl: Ur smile Amma. The smile u have with this top is enough for me.

The mom smiled and went to change. The girl suddenly remembered something.

Girl: Pappa! I forgot completely! It’s Naina’s birthday tmrw! Can I pls buy something for her?

Dad: Sure Kriya. We will do it. Let ur mom Come first.

The girl hugged her dad. Ragini was adoring that. Laksh came with their clothes and bill and both went. While walking Ragini started talking.

Ragini: Laksh, did you see that?

Laksh: What?

Ragini: That girl with her parents?

Laksh: I’ve seen lots of girls with their parents. What’s so great about that?

Ragini: That girl had such a cute bond with her parents.

Laksh smiled: Even u do!

Ragini hit her head lightly: Arrey I know that. Par- (starts blushing)

Laksh raised his eyebrows: Par kya?

Ragini softly: Laksh, don’t u want a child too?

Laksh realised what was going on in his wife’s mind. He grinned and put his arm around her shoulder.

Laksh: Oh so madam wants a daughter now?

Ragini blushed: No. Son. So he’ll be like u.

Laksh: Basically u want a child rite?

Ragini: Yea.

Laksh: Then let’s try. (Winks)

Ragini blushed: NOT HERE!

Laksh: Of course not!

Raglak burst out laughing.

-in the night-

Raglak were in their room. Laksh remembered her words. Even he wanted a child but he wanted her to be ready first. Now that she was ready, they could try. He went to Ragini and talked to her about it. Then both decided to try for a child.

-few months later-

Ragini was pregnant!


Ragini: It was such a beautiful moment. We were so happy! But- (tears slipped) I guess the happiness didn’t want us anymore. Few days before my delivery, it was the worst day of my life. Peter-


They were super happy. Laksh took utmost care of Ragini. But destiny decided to play its game. Few days before her delivery, Ragini was feeling uneasy. She felt like something bad would happen. She told Swara but Swara said its probably because she’s pregnant.
She almost believed it when a photo frame broke. She started creaking out. Laksh tried to calm her.

Ragini: Hey Bhagwan! The photo frame broke. Something bad will definitely happen.

Laksh cupped her face: Nothing will happen. Just relax. I’m here Na?

He hugged her.

-next day-

Ragini was getting clothes back from the terrace when she heard noises. She turned around and it was PETER! She screamed.


Peter laughed: Don’t scream babe. See it’s me. And now I’m not bound by judge rules. Come on let’s have some fun.

Ragini held her stomach and moved back. She hit her back to the wall.

Peter: Oh rite! Ur pregnant. But with Laksh’s baby. But no worries. When u satisfy me tonight, the baby will anyways die!

Ragini scared: J-just go! I’m married! GET LOST!

He started coming near her.


Peter grabbed her and shut her mouth tightly.

Peter: Dare u scream!

Ragini bit him and tried to run but she fell down. Peter laughed and pushed her further. She fell on her back in the lying down position.


Peter started removing his shirt and coming above her. She held on to her stomach to protect the baby. She was crying and screaming. Just when Peter was about to touch her dignity, Swasanlak came running.


He was furious. He went and pulled Peter and started punching him black and blue. He shoved Peter and ran to a crying Ragini. He helped her up but Ragini was extremely weak. Peter took a gun out and screamed.


Laksh turned around to see Peter had held Swara captive. Sanlak ran to save her. Ragini tried to get up but couldn’t. Somehow they freed Swara but at that time, Peter shot with his gun and the bullet hit Laksh near his heart.


Just then the police came and took Peter away. Laksh was struggling for life. Ragini struggled and came to him but due to shock she fainted. Swasan rushed them to the hospital.

-few hours later-

Ragini got up. Doctor was looking at her.

Doc: Mrs Maheshwari, ur lucky, ur child survived. We had to get him out tho. Yes Ragini, ur a mother to a boy:)

Ragini smiled weakly and then remembered Laksh.

Ragini: What about Laksh? Does he know? I’m sure he’s thrilled.

Doctor’s smile faded.

Doctor: Yes he is. But-

Ragini scared: But what?

Doc: I’m afraid, he won’t live long.


Doc: He’s holding on just to see u. He’s dying. Soon he’ll be gone.

Ragini felt her world was crumbling. She didn’t know whether to cry or just go and beat herself up! She jumped out and ran to Laksh’s ward room. Laksh was struggling for life. She ran and hugged him.

Ragini: Don’t go! Don’t leave me and go!

Laksh hugged back: I have to. B- but I’ll always be here (points to her heart)

Ragini with tears: Our son-

Laksh: I know. Our wish came true. B-but I (wheezes loudly) won’t be there to see him.

Ragini crying: Laksh-

Laksh: Do me a favour will u? (Ragini nods) (he wheezes loudly again) Name our- our son Samar. (Ragini nods) and be there for him.

Ragini: But I can’t live without u!

Laksh manages to smile: I’m always gonna be with u Ragu. In ur heart.

Ragini: What about ur duties?

Laksh: I’ll still fulfill them… And Samar will. Remember I told u nothing can separate us? (Ragini nods, Laksh wheezes) it’s- it’s still true. Not even death can separate us. I might go but- our love will always be there. As long as humanity exists, our love exists. Ragini, promise me one thing. From now on- you’ll be a confident young woman. U won’t let his get in ur way. Ur gonna- gonna be an awesome mother, amazing model and the confident wife of Laksh Maheshwari. (Ragini nods through tears). U won’t feel guilty about my death. And yes, u won’t marry anyone else. I’m selfish that way. Ur mine and mine only.

Ragini: I don’t wanna be anyone else’s.

Laksh: Can- Can I kiss u?

Ragini nods and leans down and kisses him passionately. He kissed back. They pull away and Ragini settles her head on his chest. Swara brings Samar there and Laksh Holds his wife and son together. He kisses both their forehead.

Ragini: I love u Laksh. Samar loves u too.

Laksh: I- I love Samar too. And I- I- I LOVE YOU TOO… RAGINI❤️ ❤️

And then his heart stops beating. His eyes widen and don’t close again. Ragini realises this and screams.



Swara was also crying.

Ragini crying: I miss him so much Swara! In these 23 years, I’ve seen Samar grow up and he’s so much like Laksh! But I can’t break Laksh’s promise. I have to be here till my time comes.

Joe comes and hugs Ragini from the back. Ragini hugs back smiling.

Joe: RAGZ!

Ragini: Hey:) (pulls away) where’s Clara?

Joe: Talking wid Sammy. (Sees her crying) u know if Lucky was here he’d be extremely proud of u… I’m sure he is tho. Wherever he is. And he will never break his promises. He’s still fulfilling his duties.

Ragini smiles.

Ragini: I know. Both my boys will never break their promises.

They heard Sanskar shout.


All three heard this and went. But Ragini turned back and gave a flying kiss to Laksh, knowing it will reach him, before going for Samar’s and Tia’s wedding preps.

And somewhere in heaven, Laksh had tears of joy in his eyes seeing his beautiful and confident wife. He gave a flying kiss back, knowing it will reach her…

Love is a feeling which can never be described. It can either make you or break you. Love completed Raglak. Raglak did not let anything come in between their love. Even death couldn’t third wheel. If you love someone, give them your 100% love, loyalty, friendship and trust. Whether it’s your best friend, mom, dad, rest of ur family members, your partner or anyone else. And see how beautiful your life will become…

I hope u guys enjoyed this OS. Adhzu I hope u liked this sad ending OS. It’s the first time I put so much effort into a Raglak OS. So I hope u guys liked it.

Thank you:)

Credit: Rain

So basically in g+ I had held an OS writing competition. And one of my friends won it. So I wrote this as a gift for winning. And I wanted to share it here yesterday itself. But Telly was not allowing me. So I tried today. Hope u guys like it.

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  1. U made me cry? Super and emotional os… Still I am crying reading ur os… Best love story….

    1. Raglak last conversation was very very emotional ?

    2. Rain_Lightwood

      Aww thanks:) I was crying while writing it too:p

  2. Brilliant…

  3. Pure love story …nice wrk

  4. Varsha

    It ws really awsm dear, luvd it to the core

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      Aww glad u liked it:)

  5. Megha123

    Aww….It’s too emotional one

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      Thanks:) my friend had asked for a sad ending. That’s y I wrote it:)

  6. Awesome

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      Thank u so much:)

  7. Shipra

    Amazing story…Do come back with another OS 🙂

  8. Oh god it was so emotional!! Loved it.. Please do write more raglak ffs

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      Aww thank u:) I write both Swasan and Raglak. I’ve written a few already. Not sure if you’ve read them but one of them is called Truth Or Dare = Love. Other one is Mujhse Shaadi Karoge.

    2. Rain_Lightwood

      And a three shot. Sorry forgot the name:p

  9. Outstanding os dear and also emotional

  10. Oh my God … I dont have words to describe it… It has been written soooo beautifully… I must say one of the best os i have read so far … Although it was very emotional but still loved it … Few things were so unique in this os… One was when laksh told his love not to marry anyone else after his death .. OMG it was soooo awesome just loved it and secondly that cute flying kiss ???
    Overall it was a very unique and different concept … Thanku for writing such a lovely os and sharing it with us

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      aww that’s so sweet of u:) thank u:)

  11. Nami

    Awesome. It was romantic and emotional at the same time. Loved raglak to the core. U wrote it perfectly. What an master piece it was I must say. I was literally crying and while reading.

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      It feels really good to know all r liking this:) thanks a lot for liking and commenting:)

  12. Omg u made me cry yaaaar….it ws fabulous….no words to describe wt m i feelng after readng dis os…stay blessed yaar…n congrates to ur friend?….loved it ???

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      Hehe thank u so much??? I’ll tell my friend that u congratulated her. I’m sure she’ll be pleased:)

  13. Omg it was too good yaar.Literally had tears in my eyes.Their last conversation was too emotional.Loved it.

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      Thank u so so so much:)

  14. Hey yaar… Superb..
    Plz update ur fiction……swalak and sanskar fiction life changes…

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      Aww thank u Paru:) I will update it soon. It’s not only mine. Life Changes I mean. It’s my friend’s and mine:)

  15. Akhila

    It was soo emotional and superb. 🙂

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      Thank you Akhila:)

  16. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing Fabulous OS
    Loved it to the core
    U made me cry really
    What u said is absolutely true
    Thank you so much for this OS………………

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      Aww glad u liked it:) frankly speaking I have no experience wid love between a couple. so I wrote whatever crap I understood about it from the serial. So if what I said about it was true then I’m happy:)

      1. SPP

        U r welcome dear
        And yeah what you said is absolutely true

      2. Rain_Lightwood

        Thanks:) a lot:)

  17. awesome,

  18. Sree

    Awesome reyyyyyy????
    Veryyyy emotional os. But loved it
    And ya u nailed it.
    Raglak’s eternal love was just very beautiful.
    Love u yaar???

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      MONEY DIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!! YAYY U COMMENTED! THANK UUUUU:) ab toh reward chaahiye Di. Where’s my pocket MONEY? ?

      1. Sree

        Yeh le ?.
        Mera credit card. Jo chahiye lele?

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    1. Rain_Lightwood

      Thanks Chandu:)

  20. beautiful os with beautiful message

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      Thank u so much:) I’m glad u liked it:!

  21. Ashu

    Omg dear!! This is really a emotional one!!
    Ragini’s feeling were so beautifully written!!
    U knw wht the bst part is, apart frm the last words of laksh, laksh asking her to change her surname!! That was really cute??
    Its so so good!! And I’m glad I read it

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      OMG THANK U CHO CHO CHO MUCH❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      Hehe the surname idea I got it from a Percy Jackson HeadCannon.

      I’m glad u liked it:)

  22. wow super…it made me cry…loved ur os a lot…<3

  23. Akshata

    its really very heart touching and you made my cry. you have written it beautifully. I loved this line of laksh’s ,”And yes, u won’t marry anyone else. I’m selfish that way. Ur mine and mine only.” outstanding os.

    1. Rain_Lightwood


      Thank u:)

      Actually about that line, I’ve seen in every ff/OS/ss that if the person is dying they ask their partner to move on, blah blah blah. And I don’t really understand that mentality Coz if it were me I’d never think of saying that… Coz, well I’d be selfish that way. So instead of doing it the normal way, I just wrote what I think I wud have done if I were there…

      I’m glad u liked it:)

      1. Akshata

        yes i am completely agree with you 🙂

  24. RUPA


    If u can then come back with another OS and try to make it swasan

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      Thank you:)

      I had started working on a Swasan OS but the idea was completely bakwass so I had to delete it and I’m writing another one. I’m huuuuuge fan of Swasan. Like I’m a Swasanian and a Raglakian. But more of Swasan. 🙂

  25. Dharani

    it is very emotional and it is awesome

  26. Rafeee

    oh my god… u make me cry…its too emotional… superb dear

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      Hehe thanks:) I cried while writing it

  27. Nita D

    Loved it…..

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