Raglak OS! Opposite attracts!

Hey guys! Welcome to m,y Raglak OS! As I promised I am here.
Ragini…. What is this beta?’
‘What maa?’ answered Ragini in a childish manner.
‘You have written rubbish all.over the wall?’ asked her mom in an angry tone.
‘Maa these all r not rubbish,these all r my own thoughts.’
‘Beta,now you have grown up,you are no more a child. Stop this….’ said her mom.
‘Maa you can never understand me’.
~Knock Knock~
‘Go Ragini,see who is on the door’, her mother instructed.
‘Ohh Panditji! Namaskar! Come sit here’, her mother exclaimed as she saw him on the door.
‘Sada sukhi raho’, Pandit ji blessed her as she greeted him.
‘Ragini go and bring tea for panditji’, her mother ordered.
Ragini silently went to the kitchen.
‘Why this buddha has come here?’ asked Ragini to her younger sister.
‘ I don’t know didi’, replied Swara,her younger sister.
‘ So Panditji have you brought any alliance for Ragini?’ asked her mother.
‘Yes! I have brought one alliance for Ragini. The boy’s parents are of a well reputed family of Mumbai.’
‘ Areh waah! Call them here as soon as possible panditji.’ ‘Sure. Now I must take a leave’,replied the panditji having one sip of tea.
‘Maa I am not ready for marriage NOW!’,shouted Ragini after panditji left.
‘If not now,then when? Ragini come out of the past’,said her worried mother.
‘Maa! Its impossible for you to understand me’, said Ragini.
She picked up her phone and bag and left the home in a rage. She was walking along the road lost in her own thoughts. Within no time she reached bus stop. She was clueless what to do next. She saw a bus which had a white board at its back for customer feedback. She had a habbit of expressing her thoughts in written form. She does not care where she writes. Sometimes she writes on her father’s shirt also. Ragini was very frustrated that time. She got an idea to bring out her frustration. She immediately took out a marker from her bag and wrote something.
It was-“Why can’t some people understand that time heals the past but cannot completely erase it?” She felt releif after writing.

After sometime the bus left from Pune to Mumbai. Mumbai: A group of boys are seen laughing and cracking jokes. Suddenly a boy’s phone rings.
‘Oh Shit! I am gonna die. Mom is calling’,exclaimed the boy.
‘Hello. Han mom I have reached the bus stop’,said the boy in a nervous tone.
‘Your bua’s bus have came. Go and quickly bring her’,said his mother.
‘Haan mom. I am going. Now bye’,he said before disconnecting the call.
After hanging up the call he ran.
‘Lucky,where are you going?’ asked one of his friend.
Yes! Lucky urf Laksh Maheswari
‘Guys you continue! I will be back in 20minutes’,he said while running.
He picked up his bua and dropped her home. Hr came back to the bus stop. He noticed something written on the back of the bus. He was mesmerised to see the handwriting. He read it and rubbed it nd wrote something. It was-“Time can never erase the past memories. But we can erase it by doing only one thing-MOVE ON!” The bus then again left from Mumbai to Pune. Ragini was sitting alone in the bus stop tired of her family’s taunts. Then she saw the bus came. She moved to the bus to write something. But she saw something written on it. She rubbed it and wrote again something.
It was-“Move on? Huh! Is it really necessary? And is moving on very easy?”
As usual the bus next daty,left from Pune to Mumbai. Laksh was as usual making fun with his friends at the bus stop. He saw a bus came from Punre. He immediately went to that bus to see the reply. He read it and smiled shaking his head. He rubbed it and wrote something.
It was-“Moving on is totally not easy but it is very necessart. Miss?”
The next day again the bus reached Pune where Ragini was waiting for the bus. She saw it and smiled.
She wrote-“I am not miss?, I am Ahana.”
As scheduled the bus next day reached Mumbai. Laksh wrote his name as Abhisek.
They continued to communicate this way. Gradually they became friends. They would use leave each other’s work and wait for each other’s response. And finally they developed into a strong bond of LOVE. They were happy of their new found relationship.Yes! They were in love with each other.They haven’t seen each other yet love was in the air.Their love story was a different story. Everything was going well. Every day they would wait at their respective cities for the bus to arrive. As it is said,every relation is put to an ultimate test.. One day a boy’s family came to see Ragini for a marriage proposal. . Ragini was shocked to hear it.
‘Maa I don’t want to marry noiw’,Ragini protested.
‘Beta!Tumhe meri kasam,you have to marry this boy. This is the best alliance for you’,said her mother in a worried tone.
‘Maa…..’,Ragini said in between sobs.
As her maa had swore on her,she agreed to marry that guy,but her soul and heart was with her Abhisek(Laksh).
Finally,that happened which Ragini never wanted. Her marriage was fixed.She has never seen that guy.Ragini,after the groom’s family went,rushed to the bus stop.
“Abhisek!My marriage is fixed.Please give me your phone number.”
The next day after reading the message Laksh wrote his number.
As the bus reached Pune,Ragini was elated to see the phone number. AS she proceeded towards the bus,suddenly it rained heavily and the number was erased due to water.After the rain stpped,Ragini wrote her number in a permanent marker.But unfortunately that day the bus changed its direction. It instead of going Mumbai went to Nagpur. Laksh was waiting the whole day for the bus but it did not reach. The next day it was Ragbi’s wedding. She was dressed in a white and red bridal lehenga. The groom was in a maroon sherwani.Ragini had a veil on her face. And the groomn had a sehera. Both the bride and groom completed seven pheras. The groom filled Ragini’s maang and made her wear magalsutra. They took the blessings of all elders.

A room is shown which is decorated with flowers.Ragini was sitting on the bed while the groom entered. He takes off his sehera. And he is none other than Laksh. He tries to speak to Ragini but he hears her voice.
Ragimni:I was forced for this marriage. I did not want to marry you. I love someone else.
Laksh was stunned to hear all these because he too was going to say that.
Laksh: I can understand. Even I love someone else. I will not force you to maintain this marriage.
Ragini: I will not look at your face even once because my heart belongsto my Abhisek.
Laksh was shocked to hear that name.
Laksh(thinking):Even my heart belongs to my Aahana.
~Time passed~
Everyday both of them without each other’s knowledge would go to the bus stop. Ragini in the hope of getting Abhisek and Laksh in the hope of getting Ahana’s message.
~ Two months Passed~
One day Laksh was waiting at the bus stop notices a number written on the bak of the bus with a name Ahana.
He immediately calls that number.
Ragini:Who is this?
Ragini:Abhisek??? I am waiting for you since that day. Where are you.
Laksh: I had some personal problem Ahana.
Ragini: I knew one day we would meet. Iam in Mumbai. Can we meet?

Laksh: Yes! I am at the bus top. But how will ypou recognize me?
Ragini: I can recognize you among thousands of people..
Laksh:Come soon . I am waiting.
Ragini after disconnecting the call reaches the bus stop in 5minutes. She searches for Laksh a lot. Laksh too searches for her.
Is judai mein…, is judai mein
Firte he firte he mare mare
Firte he mare mare
Tujhe dhundte tujhe dhundte
Tujhe dhundte tujhe
Dhundte dhundte haye
Naina thak thak hare
Then she comes infront of Laksh. She recognizes him at once.
Ragini: Yes! You are my Abhisek.
Laksh: What is Ragini doing here? Ignore him Laksh.You have to search for your Ahana.
Laksh comes close to Ragini.Ragini smiles in happiness. But as Lakshpasses by Ragini,her facial expression changes.
Laksh stops and turns back.Ragini too turns back.
Ragini: Iam your Ahana.
Laksh was very much happy and he hugged Ragini.
Ragini:Finally I got you.
Laksh:Not no! You had got me 2months agao. Yes! I am Laksh,your husband.And You are my wife Ragini.
Then they both laugh. They share an passionate hug.
Bahon se aage tere duniya nahi hai meri
Rakhle mujhko yahi mere rehnuma
It was not a story of perfect romance. It was a story about true love. Love that lasts forever……. Their wait was over and they loved each other forever and ever.
They were complete opposites!
Ragini was a reserved, traditional girl. Family was her first priority.
Laksh was a cool,flirty,modern boy. Friends were his first priority.

Ragini had always believed in love but Laksh never took it seriously.
But opposite attracts!


Credit to: JYOTII


  1. sam

    OH GOD….!!!
    THIS IS AMAZING…<3 <3 <3
    JYOthi I LOveD IT……Can you plz make this os FF into more than 50 shot FF…..PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ………!!!!!!!

    • Jyotii

      Sam! Thanks but now m packed! Currently m continuing one ff n I have already planned next one! SORRY! 🙂

  2. Ani

    Omg it’s an amazing love story… Really a different one… Nvr read this type of love story … True love nvr fails… It will unite them crossing all the hurdles… U proved it in ur os… Loved ur os… Thanks alot for writing a os on Raglak… Continue this os as ff… It’s really very nice….

    • Jyotii

      Ani thanks! Yes love crosses all hurdles! Love is pure and always lovers meet at the end! They may meet very late but they will mate for sure! 🙂 But I cannot make this an ff!

    • Jyotii

      Thanks! My buddhu san brain is clever enough! 😉
      JUST kidding! It was just a co incidence! I was sitting with my math book n my mind was not in the book. I was constantly thinking abt love. Then after thinking abt 2hrs I came up with this story!
      I am so brilliant nah? 🙂 =D

  3. it is more than awesome di..!!!
    i mean really u are blessed with a superb mind…
    ur imagination…hats off to u…
    very different…more)over, it was the 1st os i read on raglak (Completely)
    love u loads…lots of hugs n kisses…

    • Jyotii

      Chotu! Aahhh!! Love you! Infact it is also my first raglak ff!! Uh r also a great writer! N yes lots of hugs n kisses from my side too!

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