raglak os : one night which changes lives


Hello guyz once again i have decided that i will not write ffs i will only write os because now i am addicted to it and i will not stop ok and i have one question regarding my next os i will tell you after this os so first read this and shower your love which you have shower till now
The story starts with a night which changes two lives how it changes does it destroys their lives or make their life like heaven it all starts in a pub where a man was standing near bar wearing casuals he was looking so handsome he was none other than laksh but suddenly his gaze went on a girl who was standing beside him and continuosly watching her watch and the gate as if she is waiting for someone she was wearing white strapless dress she was looking absoluetly hot laksh cannot take his eyes off her as if he wanted her to make his now and forever bust suddenly she sees him and he look somewhere else she then goes to bartendor and odders a soft drink and she is ragini ( no need of confusions) laksh was seeing her with te corner of eyes and then finally she spoked but sipping her juice
Ragini : dont need to check out i am already engaged
Laksh was shocked and was trying hard to speak
Laksh : woh woh actually i was not checking you i was just
Ragini : oh common dont be so formal ok i know you guyz
Laksh : but what if i say i am not that type i am a good guy
Ragini : good man dont come to pub at late night there might be 2 reasons friends or gf
Laksh : not gf but friends and i think by looking at you you are waiting for someone
Ragini : actually my fiancee its getting late
Laksh : what a fiancee a girl is alone t pub and he is not bothered about you
Ragini : he is caring might be some urjent work
Laksh : this is the proof of blind trust why you girls always do blind trust
Ragini : and why you boys always give up so soon
Laksh : seems you are smart
Ragini : seems you are duffer
She suddenly sees his fiancee coming she ways bye to him and went to him and here laksh was feeling upset as she went but he dont know what feelings he was having and without realising he started drinking alcohol more and more
There ragini with karan (imagine karan as karan tacker i like him alot but its just a character guyz)
Ragini : karan where were you i was waiting
Karan : ragini listen you know why i called you here to speak to you and listened carefully i dont love you ok i wanted to broke this engagement
Ragini wasall shocked
Ragini : but karan we love eachother and
Karan : no you love me i dont love you i realised its not love its my mistake you dont have any wrong thing but i cant marry you because i love someone else so its better you should go

Ragini held his collar
Ragini : you bloddy moron you cant do this you cant betray me
Karan : plz ragini stop your drama ok am going forever enjoy your life
Ragini was all broken she wanted her pain to be out but it was not so easy she then goes to bar and odders more and moredrink and drinked it till she was not in her senses laksh already dranked much that its not needed for him ragini then was about to move but cant because of mich drinking she was about to fall but laksh hold her at time
Ragini : oh you also wanted to take advantage leave me i can go i dont need any help
Laksh : if i leave you you will fall down i cant let you fall
Ragini ; i have already fallen that bloddy karan left me what is wrong with me that he left me am i not good looking
Laksh : he is stupid idiot mad you are beautiful he cant see your beauty
Ragini : i wanna go somewhere far away
Laksh : come i will take you
Both were fully drunk they dont know what are they doing laksh and ragini were walking like anything when they saw a hotel laksh drags ragini to hotel
Receptionionst : yes mam sir what can i do for youll
Ragini : 1 room
Laksh ; only for today
Receptionionist : name
Laksh : kapoors
Receptionist : ok (she didnt understand but she assumed them as husband and wife )
Laksh then gives credit card and left

In room laksh layed ragini to bed and je was about to go and sleep on couch when ragini held his hand and due to sudden force he fell on her both were having an eyelock
Ragini : dont leave i am alone plz dont go
He kisses her forhead
Laksh : am not going anywhere
Both were lost in eachother when laksh eyes fell on raginis lips she sees it and smiled and closes her eyes laksh smiled and pecked her lips first to taste it then he kisses it and bites neck she mourns in pain (guyz remember they dont know eachother names ok dont get confused ). They both then consummate.

Next day both are cuddling when raginis sleep was disturbed by sun rays she felt extreme pain in her head and she opened her eyes it took a minute to realise what has happened she is undressed and a person is lying beside her hugging her she realises what happened last night she lost her virginity to someone whom she doesnt knows after that laksh too wakes up and saw ragini beside him he was also shocked what has happened actually

Laksh : woh i am sorry for last night
Ragini : its not your fault we both were not in our senses
Ragini was now crying
Laksh : plz dont cry i will not tell this to anybody you are pure as before forget everything go to your house and trust me i will not let you down
Ragini : i dont have words to say
Laksh : then dont just go to your family its ok
Ragini : thanks
And she drapped herself in blanket and went into washroom and left from there laksh was feeling guilty but its not his fault too he also left for his home

In raginis house all got the news of engagement her parents consoled her and tryed to do her wedding as soon as possible ragini was heart broken first whom she love has left and second whom she slept with dont know who was he she was having so much guilt but she cant share with anyone

There at laksh side he had love at first sight and he wasnt able to forget her whether she is a stranger but he has made her his and he cant forget her and one day his allaince came he was not ready to accept but after having no option he agreed
Anupurna : laksh plz her name is ragini she is famous bussiness man shekhar gadodia daughter she is so nice plz agree for it for my sake
Laksh : as you wish maa
Anupurna : love you son and your wedding is in this week because they want wedding to be soon
Laksh : youll doesnt have problem then why would i have i dont have objection
Anupurna : you wanna see her pic
Laksh : its your choice it would be nice only na
Anupurna : i am so happy today you finally agreed

There at raginis side she agreed without hesitation if she would say anything this will hurt her parents so she agreed
All rituals were done but they havent seen eachother till now and wedding day came rgini was looking like princess in wedsing attite but her face was covered and laksh was looking damn handsome wedding took place ragini cried hugging her parents and left with laksh anupurna took ragini to the room and laksh went inside
Ragini was sitting in middle of bed her head was down thats why he couldnt see her face he goes to her
Laksh : see its hard for both of us to adjust but i will try my best to keep this relationship you dont feel awkwardness i will not harm you and in our starting journey i wanted to tell you truth i love someone else its love at first sight i dont know but loves her and i ahve lost my virginity to her i dont know that i will be able to love you or not but i will never let you down
Ragini was shocked to hear the voice she looked up both gets current shock
Ragini : laksh
Laksh : ragini
Ragini : it means i amarried you
Laksh : oh my god is it real i really married you shit (realises of his confession) woh i am sorry i didnt mean that
Ragini : so you love me
Laksh : no i mean yes yes i love you i dont know is it live or not but from when you have went i only see you everywhere i will not force you to love me back its up to you we are married but you will take your desicion on you own and before husband and wife i wanted to make you my friend
Ragini : i am happy that i marrried you i will be your friend
Laksh : so friend its late now you go and sleep on bed i wi sleep on couch ok good night
Ragini : laksh wait a sec you will not ask about my love
Laksh : its no need i dont find it necessary

Ragini ; but i find when we are starting our journey with friends i want to clear somethings before karan and i love eachother from college and we told our parents they agreed and we got engaged and tat day he came to call off our engagement he says he doesnt loves me anymore he loves someone else my parents were feeling bad thats why they made me married soon and see what destiny has played tha day without my senses with whom i was is standing in front of me my husband
Laksh : ragini that was your past forget it and start a fresh life i will never dissappoint you

Both slept smilingly next day ragini wakes up and does the aarti lakshs momdad get impressed by her and laksh was so happy days were passing their bond was growing much more laksh use to take her ot on shopping and all ragini was loving his company one day when they went out on sunday ragini saw karan with his wife she runs to a corner and cried laksh went to her and hugged her to console ragini hugged her back she was feeling secured in his arms

Days passed ragini now has started loving her and she decided to tell him her feelings and called him in park
Ragini was waiting for him since 1 hour at last he came ragini felt happy she was moving towards him when laksh realise that a truck is gonna hit her he pushes her and truck hits laksh
Ragini : nook lakshsh
She immediately rushes him to the hospital and cried and curses her all the way his parents came and consoled her she was seeing him through window where doctors are trying their best he was covered with all mask and all she was dying she the goes to temple and prayed
Ragini : plz god dont seperate him i love him he is my everything i dont have anybody to live without in my life plz dont take him i cant live without him i beg you plz
She then returns to hospital there anupurna and dp higged her
Dp : beta your prayers worked he is out of danger
Anupurna : goo see him
She happily goes inside and sees him sleeping she sits beside him and holded his hands
Ragini :you know laksh we doesnt get to know the importance of persin when he is with you but i got to know the importance of yoursin my life you know karan was just my infatuation but you are my live true love whom i have given my soul god has written our deatiny thats why we met eachother as husband and wives and we beacame together forever but you realised it earlier the love but i realised it late and because of me you got hurt i am sorry i am very bad but plz dont leave me i am nothing without you plz i love you
And she cried out loud
Laksh : and i love you too
Ragini sees him
Ragini : laksh
Laksh : and if you again say you are bad i will beat dont ever say anything to my ragini she is my life ok and for you if i have to give my life i will
Ragini : you will not anything neither i will kill you
And both laughs ragini then hugged him tightly
Ragini : i am scared plz dont ever leave me
Laksh : never i will never let
Ragini : you downi know that you will never let me down and now stop all this and sleep
Laksh : i love you ragini you are the most beautiful thing that has happened to me
Ragini : you are the most precious thing which i have got and will never leave you

Days paased laksh was now fine and diacharged he is now perfectly fine and ragini has planmed a surprise both dp and ap were out of town and laksb came home after office lights were off he shouts for ragini but no response he then went to his room it was decorated with candles curtains ribbons and infront his angel was standing wearing short dress he went to her and whispered
Laksh : you are looking hot i am loosing my control i want to make you mine again and now forever
Ragini : so who is stopping you i am also waiting to be yours again
Laksh cubbed her face kissed her forehead and he then kisses passionately ragini was reciprocating in equal passion . ragini was enjoying his touch finally both get mingaled once again moons and stars were blessing them

So guyz i hope you liked it first time i made hot os i usually dont make but idea comes and i wrote plz do comment and 1 more thing in my next os maybe of swasan or raglak i was thing to recreate movies with swasan and raglak i am giving option you choose whats better and comment which one you needs first
For swasan there is :
1 : pardes
2 : heropanti
3: vivah
4 : jab tak hai jaan
5 : har dil jo pyaar karega
And for raglak here it is
1 : jab we met
2 : hum tumhare hai sanam
3 : dil toh pagal hai
4: pyaar kiya toh darna kya
5 : kahin pyar naa hojayen
And yeh jawani hai deewani for both i can adjust both so choice is urs whom youll want what youll want and if suggestion are less and you have any come up i will make and comment plz

Credit to: kaynat khan

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