Raglak os That Night Changed My Life

Hi everyone! This is my second os! It’s just a sudden idea. So I thought to put it as words. Does u want to know it? Then please read!
Note: This is when Ragini was called to farmhouse where Swasan and Laksh exposed Ragini. Ragini was worried about Laksh so to check him, she goes to farmhouse and there both sisters will have a fight and at last Swara asked Sanskar to bring Laksh. So here starts my idea!
Sanskar drags a heavily injured Laksh. Ragini was hell shocked to see Laksh in that state. Sanskar drags him and put down in front of Ragini. Ragini was trying to get into reality but she couldn’t. Her words r struck on her throat. Her eyes were forming fresh tears while her mouth was trying to say something. Her head was slowly shaking in no. Here Swara and Sanskar were trying to provoke Ragini to make her confess her wrong deeds. But Ragini was lost somewhere. Her tears falls down, face was turning red. She moved her hand to touch Laksh to know if it was a dream or true. But just then Sanskar drags Laksh away from her and Swara clutches Ragini’s arms tightly so that she can’t move to touch Laksh. That is when Ragini’s throat cleared, her voice came.
Ragini: LAKSH! (She shouted at the peak of her voice) LAKSH! LAKSH!
She was trying to move towards him but Swara’s hold was strong. Ragini cried heavily and tried to push Swara. She was successful and she ran to Laksh but Sanskar caught her and pushed her towards Swara so that she was again caught.

Ragini’s POV,
What is happening here? Laksh was lying on the ground with so much blood. He was lying unconscious. My love, my life, my world, my husband was lying there in pool of blood. How could it have happened? Why this Swasan were trying to make me away from Laksh. I could not even shout at them. I have no strength to push Swara again. I want to go to Laksh and hug him and cry by hugging him. Please leave me Swara. I want to go to him. My heart was beating abnormally. My head was very heavy and my eyes were tearing. Please consider my situation Swara. Leave me! What? What is happening to me? I could not say but something is happening to me.
Ragini’s eye balls moves up and a white mixture like thing comes out from her mouth. Ragini’s hand and leg started to move abnormally. She falls on the ground with fits. Swasan were shocked and Swara tried to support her but she had fallen down. Sanskar ran towards them and tried to support Ragini.
Swasan: RAGINI!
With that sound Laksh just opened one eye to check if everything is ok. But no! He was shocked to see Ragini on ground with fits. Swasan were searching for some metal objects for Ragini. Laksh ran to Ragini and tapped on her cheeks. But she was not responding. Swasan were trying to place some things on her hand but she threw away. Finally Laksh thought something and ran to the hall and took the farmhouse keys and placed it on her palms and closed it very tightly. Laksh’s tears were falling on Ragini’s hand. She slowly falls unconscious. Swasan and Laksh took Ragini to the hospital.

At hospital,
Ragini was admitted in an emergency ward. Laksh slowly looked at Ragini’s ward and found that she was connected with many machines and doctor was trying to give electric shock. Ragini jerked from the bed due to the shock. Laksh’s eyes widen and tears fall uncontrollably. Swasan were feeling guilt that they were responsible for Ragini’s condition. They didn’t expect that. Sanskar moved towards Laksh and placed his hand on Laksh’s shoulder. Laksh turned and looked at Sanskar.
Sanskar: I am sorry Laksh. I am responsible for Ragini’s condition. I didn’t
He was about to say something but Laksh interrupted in a very low voice: U didn’t do anything Sanskar nor Swara too. Only me, I am responsible for Ragini’s this condition. Please u doesn’t blame urself. Please don’t feel guilt and please leave me alone.
With that Sanskar left Laksh. Laksh was standing near the door waiting for doctor. At that time all members came there and were shocked to see Laksh in that state. AP moved towards Laksh with tears on her eyes. She caressed his face and that is when Laksh found everyone looking at him with tears.
AP: What? What is this beta? What happened to u?
She was asking in a broken voice. Laksh held her shoulders firmly and said: Nothing happened to me. These are all fake blood. I am alright. I am alright ma. (Fresh tears forms on his eyes) But Ragini… Ragini… Ragini is…
He couldn’t say anything AP hugged him and consoled him. At that time, Doctor came out and said that she is out of danger and she prescribed some medicines and exercises. All left a sigh of relief. Laksh asked everyone to go to house and says he will stay with Ragini. All nodded and left. Laksh went inside Ragini’s ward and found her sleeping with pale face. Laksh sat near her bed. He then took his mobile and looks at the video which is recorded to prove Ragini’s deeds. He watched how she reacted seeing him. He felt a pain in his heart and looked at Ragini unbelievably.

Laksh’s POV,
Ragini! I am really surprised to see u. U know why because I haven’t seen anyone loving a person more than their life. Till now I have no feelings for u Ragini. Then why do u love me unconditionally Ragini? What I have done to u that u love me this much? I can’t understand Ragini. Ur tears, ur worries, ur pain, when u saw me like that makes me awe Ragini. Why? I am feeling goose bumps seeing ur love for me Ragini. I am feeling very special that someone loves me more than anyone. I am very lucky as my name to get u Ragini. But what u have done in the name of love is wrong. But u could have said about ur love for me at first itself Ragini. So that at least I would have considered ur feelings. But u r introvert that u didn’t express ur feelings till now. Even I am wrong, because I didn’t see ur love when I was behind Swara. But now everything is clear. From this night no more lies and no more secrets between us. I am ready to respect u as my wife. I am ready to accept u as my friend. But I don’t know I am in love or not. It may take time but till then I will respect and care u and ur love unconditionally. It’s my promise Ragini.
With that thought he took Ragini’s hand in his and slept there.
Next morning, a beautiful day starts,
Ragini slowly opened her eyes and saw Laksh sitting near her bed with her hand on his hands covering in his embrace. Then she remembered yesterday night, her eyes widen.
Ragini shockingly and checking him top to toe said: Laksh! Are u fine? And
She was about to say something but Laksh interrupted: Shhhh!
But Ragini doesn’t stop. She was about to wake up from bed but Laksh: Shhhh!
Ragini’s eyebrow frowned. Laksh chuckled looking at her frowned eyebrows. He stood up and helped Ragini to sit on the bed. Ragini looked at him surprisingly. Ragini was about to ask but Laksh interrupted.
Laksh caringly: Shhhh! don’t say anything! I am pakka alright! Nothing had happened to me! And at the same time, I came to know about ur wrong deeds Ragini (His voice become serious now, Ragini looked at him shocked. Slowly her head falls down and her eyes were filled with tears.) I am not going to scold u or hate u or punish u or divorce u. (Ragini looked at him even more shocked.) I am going to be a good friend to u. I am going to respect u and ur love. I am going to give our relationship a chance. (Ragini looked at him like is this true?) U knows why because I am the main reason for all ur wrong deeds. What is the purpose of giving u punishment or scolding u or divorcing u? It not only hurt u but also me too because in these days I am very much used to u Ragini. I will feel alone when u r not around me. I don’t know why but I can’t even think about another marriage. (Ragini looked at him surprised!) If u r getting a punishment, then I should also get punishment. (Laksh with a cute voice) U know what Ragini, I hate punishments! (He made a puppy face. Ragini unknowingly laughed looking at his face, Laksh too joined her.) I didn’t have loved u Ragini. (Ragini looked into his eyes and Laksh too does the same) I don’t know I am loving u or not now. (Ragini looked at him with a painful eyes and Laksh looks on) But I didn’t say I won’t love u Ragini. (Ragini looked at him with hope on her eyes and Laksh smiled a little) Let’s see Ragini. We start our life with a new beginning. From now, we r good friends, ok?
Laksh forwarded his hand for a shake and Ragini too gave her hands for shake by nodding her head. He gave her a friendly hug and Ragini was shocked at first but hugged him back. Then he went out to meet doctor and ask about Ragini’s discharge.
Ragini’s POV,
Am I dreaming or this r all really true? I didn’t expect such a day in my life. I thought that yesterday night will change my life. But I didn’t expect that night changed my life like this. I am so happy that Laksh is ready for our relation that too after knowing all my truth. Oh god, thank u so much, at least now u r blessing me. Please I am begging u that don’t snatch this happiness. Please god!
After a while, Ragini was discharged and took her to MM (Gaddodias’ were also there), where they took arthi for Ragini and let her in. They all entered the hall just then AP asked Ragini to take rest. She nodded and was about to go but Laksh stopped her. He took a deep breath and told everyone about Ragini’s wrong deed. Ragini didn’t expect Laksh to say those to everyone. She bends her head and cried silently thinking about everyone’s reaction. Everyone looked at Ragini with disgust, shock and anger. Swasan were wondered about the sudden step of Laksh. Shekhar came forward and was about to slap Ragini, but a hand stopped him and all were shocked especially Ragini to see that it was LAKSH. Laksh left his hand and stood beside Ragini and held her hand in his hand firmly.
Laksh: I am sorry everyone. If u r going to scold or slap or punish Ragini, then u should do it to me first before her because I am the soul reason for all the things which Ragini had done. Now I understood my mistakes and we both decided to give our relationship a chance. I could have closed about Ragini’s wrong deeds from everyone. But I disclosed it because Swara tried her best to expose Ragini to unite dad and mom. Not only she but also we two wanted the same. Am I right Ragini? (Ragini nodded in yes) Please u both should unite and also accept Ragini. It’s my request.

Everyone looked each other and Shekhar took Sharmistha’s hand in his representing that they r united. DP came forward and placed his hand on Laksh’s head.
DP: I am proud of u Laksh. I thought u was immature, happy going, good for nothing and idiot. (Hearing this Ragini lightly chuckled Laksh cutely glared at her. Seeing that Ragini’s chuckling turned into laugh and Laksh too chucked seeing her laugh. Everyone including DP looked at this.) I am very happy that at least now u behaved like a mature one! I am happy for u both. I promise u that no one will treat u or Ragini badly for the wrong deeds. Ok?
Laksh smiled and signaled Ragini something. She nodded and both took blessings from everyone. For few days Ragini felt uncomfortable to be with everyone because now everyone knows her truth and they too were somewhat uncomfortable with Ragini. But Laksh stood there for Ragini. Raglak in that while became good friends and shared their small small secrete with each other. Laksh always have a healthy flirt with Ragini, who always feel shy and blushing. Swasan were staying together but still confused to accept or decline their marriage.
One day, Laksh was getting ready for office after having his breakfast. At that time, Ragini was packing his bag with his laptop, files and some documents. Laksh was looking at Ragini through mirror but Ragini was busy in her job. To get her gaze, Laksh called her.
Laksh: Ragini!
Ragini without turning and busy in her work: Hmmm
Laksh disappointed: Ragini!
Ragini without turning: Haan Laksh!
Laksh frowned: Ragini!
This time Ragini turned and looked at him. Laksh smirked and signed her to come near to him. She goes and stood before him innocently.
Laksh: Correct the collar Ragini.
Ragini nodded and started to correct his collar. All the while Laksh was looking at her and Ragini felt it. She blushed and after correcting she was about to move away from him but Laksh caught her by her waist. Ragini looked at him surprised and shocked. She tried to remove his hands, but he didn’t allow her.
Laksh: Have u given me everything?
Ragini looked at him in what?
Laksh: Have u get ready me to the office?
Ragini nodded in yes. Laksh tightens his grip and looked into her eyes which were widened due to his grip.
Laksh: I think u have missed one thing.
Ragini: No! I didn’t forget anything Laksh. I have made ur bag ready with ur files, documents, laptop. I have already given u ur phone, wallet and watch. I think I didn’t forget anything.
Laksh shook his head in no and said: No Ragini! U has forgotten one thing.
Ragini tried to think but gave up and asked: What?
Laksh smirked and said: U know what Ragini, I have read in an article that a wife should always kiss her husband every morning when he was going for his work. If so she does, his husband’s heart line will be long.
Ragini looked at him in awe. Laksh understood her reactions and said: Really Ragini. This is true! Trust me!
Ragini slightly bend her head and asked: Now what should I do Laksh?
Laksh casually: Kiss me!
Ragini shocked and asked: WHAT?
Laksh smirked seeing her reaction: What WHAT? I am asking my wife to kiss me. Is there any wrong Ragini?
Ragini blushed and said: No Laksh! I have to go.
Laksh frowned and loosened his grip on her waist and said: So u don’t want ur husband’s heart line to be long naa? It’s ok.
Ragini looked at him shocked and kissed his cheeks suddenly and ran away. Laksh grinned and took his bag and went to office. But he didn’t forget to wink at his wife to make her blush more. Like this they were enjoying their life.
After few days, now everything is alright between everyone. Suddenly one day Swasan said that they r ready to give their relation a chance. Ragini was happy for Swara but she remembered about Laksh and she slowly looked at him. But to her surprise Laksh smiled brightly and came forward and said ‘congratulations’. Swasan smiled and Laksh hugged Sanskar and turned to Swara.
Laksh naughtily: So Bhabhi, next year I will become chote papa naa?
Hearing this everyone laughed including Ragini, but she was surprised too. Swara was blushing. Sanskar came in front of him and said: Oye! How dare u to tease my wife? See what I will do now!
Saying this he chased Laksh. They both ran all over the house. At last Laksh came and hide behind Ragini. Sanskar was in front of Ragini trying to catch Laksh and Laksh behind Ragini holding her arms to hide himself from Sanskar. Ragini was struck in between them.
Laksh whispered: I know what u have thought Ragini. Why should I jealous when I have such a lovely beautiful wife who loves me more than her life?
Saying this he ran from there and Sanskar chased him leaving Ragini to smile and blush too.
After few days,
Everyone were having their breakfast at that time, everyone were discussing about something seriously. It’s about Swasan’s honeymoon plan. Of course it was obviously Laksh’s plan.
Swara: So Devar ji! U can also join this trip naa? As my Devar ji and Devarani ji too didn’t have gone for honeymoon naa?
Laksh casually: Bhabhi ji! Why we two should come and disturb u both? Am I right Ragini?
Ragini a little disappointed but covered up her pain: Haan Laksh. U r right! I mean u both r newly married and u both should go to honeymoon and why we both as a disturbance to u?
Laksh nodded and said: Haan! Why we both with u as a disturbance? (Laksh looked Ragini naughtily) We will go separately, ok Ragini?
Ragini without even understanding said: Ok!
Everyone burst into laughter and Laksh grinned like a small child. Ragini looked at everyone in confusion then at last she looked at Laksh, who was already looking at her.
Laksh whispered: We will go separately Ragini because I don’t want any disturbance between us especially ur lovely sister.
Saying this he winked at her, Ragini’s face turned into crimson red. Laksh smiled looking at her face, whereas Ragini was still blushing.
Swara naughtily: Enough Devar ji! Devarani ji is blushing very much. Leave her for sometime naa?
Laksh teasingly: For the reason, my Bhabhi ji is always interfering between a cute couple; I said that I would go to honeymoon separately with my wife alone.
Swara glared at him whereas Laksh smirked at her. Ragini and Sanskar were giggling.
Soon the day comes, Swasan went to Paris and Raglak went to Bora Bora Island.
Ragini held Laksh’s arms tightly as it was her first time in flight. Laksh gave made her to lie in his embrace and slept with her. After their long journey, they reached their honeymoon place. Ragini was awestruck to see the beauty of that island. She was mesmerized in it. First they had some rest and soon they started to visit some places and enjoyed their closeness. Laksh bought some summer dresses for Ragini, although at first she was not comfortable in it, she felt good in those dresses later. Laksh was mesmerized only by Ragini and not by the island. Without his knowledge he was watching Ragini like anything. When Ragini felt his gaze she turned to see him but he will be watching somewhere. She thought to herself that it was her hallucination. But it was real, when Ragini was about to turn towards him, he quickly shifts his gaze somewhere.
Ragini felt jealous and possessiveness whenever some girls try to flirt with him. He will decently ignore them when Ragini was not around him. But if she was, he too flirts with them to make Ragini jealous and irritate. But when her irritation reaches peak she will come in between them and took Laksh’s arms in hers and will say, ‘My dear husband, shall we go?’ or else she will do some pranks like pouring water on that girl intentionally and saying sorry. Laksh loved that jealous and possessiveness of Ragini.
But one time Ragini played along with Laksh. While he was flirting with a foreigner, a boy came near Ragini and tried to flirt with her. Ragini first completely ignored him but to get Laksh’s attention, she too flirted with him. But it was wrong decision because that boy tried to touch Ragini, a strong hand stopped him. It was Laksh; Ragini felt that she was escaped. He left that boy’s hand and turned towards Ragini and cupped her face. In no time, his lips were on hers kissing her passionately. It was their first kiss. He sucked her lips while Ragini was standing there in shock. She tried to kiss like him but she couldn’t because the more and more she tries, he more and more kissed her wildly. With that kiss he expressed how jealous when he saw her flirting with that boy. With that kiss he expressed that she was his possession and no one else’s. With that kiss he expressed how much he liked her. With that kiss he expressed how much he LOVES her. Yes now Laksh was in love with Ragini. He broke the kiss when he felt her hard to breath.
After that he didn’t talked with her. Ragini tried to talk but he simply ignored her. He was all the while having frowned eyebrows and straight face. That day went like that. Even next day too, Ragini tried her level best to say sorry, but Laksh paid no attention to her. They both were walking in the garden by evening. Ragini tried to speak but he didn’t allow her. Tears forms in Ragini’s eyes and started to fall down. But Laksh didn’t even look at her.
Later they reached their hotel it was around 11: 55 pm, When they reached their room it was 11:59 pm. Ragini opened the room door and her mouth was dropped on the ground. Her eyes widened, breath stopped for a while, hands covered her mouth and mind trying to register what she was seeing.
!2:00 am, HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAGINI! Laksh shouted near her ears to make her to come to the reality, her eyes became normal but little teary too, her mouth were closed but with parted lips too, her breath was back but abnormal too looking Laksh that much closer to her. The room was decorated as she decorated on that night when she was exposed. Laksh made her enter the room and Ragini was looking only at him with teary eyes. Laksh bend on his knees,
Laksh: First of all Ragini! A very big sorry for my ignorance towards u. Yes I was very jealous and angry when I saw that boy flirted with u. I can’t control my emotions so only I kissed u then and there itself Ragini. I am sorry if I made u embarrassed. But be truth my anger fled away when I kissed u. I was just acting as though I was really angry because I thought to give a pleasant surprise on ur birthday and to make ur birthday more special. So I end my sorry session here and enter into my proposing session that is my favorite session, romantic session. (He smirked naughtily whereas Ragini was glaring hearing that he was just acting as angry but her mood changed after seeing his naughty smirk.) I don’t know to propose in a filmy way that usually girls would like. I thought to say whatever my heart is saying at that time of my proposal. So now heart is what is saying is ‘Ragini, the most precious thing that I got in my life. I was just about to miss u on that night but fortunately it doesn’t happen. I think it was already said that u will always be mine and I will always be urs. I always say the people who try hard to impress their lover as crazy and stupid. But now I think even I am crazy and stupid. I made this decoration as such ur dream by myself. I don’t know when I exactly fall in love with u. But I can say exactly that I am in love with u Ragini. I, Laksh Maheshwari, wish to start my life with my wife, Ragini Laksh Maheshwari, on her birthday. Will u accept this stupid crazy mad immature idiot lucky Laksh, Ragini? Will u accept my love Ragini? Will u accept me Ragini? Will u be my better half? Will u support me in each and every decision Ragini? Will u have a small family with me Ragini? Will u be my lover Ragini? Will u be my wife Ragini? Will u be mother of my children Ragini? Will u grow old with me Ragini? Will u rule my heart always Ragini? Last but not least! Will u be mine Ragini? Will u Ragini? Will u?’ This is what my heart says now Ragini.
Ragini falls down on her knees and looked at Laksh with all her love and surprise too. Ragini in a mere whisper: What do u wants me to say Laksh?

Laksh too whispered: What ur heart says now Ragini!
Ragini whispered: Do u want to hear what my heart says?
Laksh nodded like a kid. Ragini cupped his face and put his head on her chest and pulled him in her embrace. Laksh too hugged her back feeling her heart beat clearly.
Ragini: Can u hear what it says Laksh? It says only ‘Laksh! Laksh! Laksh!’ No other thing Laksh. Because u r my breath Laksh, u r my soul, my life, my world, my husband, my lover and everything Laksh. U has born to complete me Laksh. U has brought up to care me and love me. U has become a man to marry me and make me as urs Laksh. U r created by god only for me Laksh. U r mine Laksh. Only mine Laksh! (Laksh broke the hug and looked at her.) YES! I am accepting everything Laksh. I accept u and ur love Laksh. I will be always there for u to support u. I will be ur better half Laksh. I will have a small family with u Laksh. I will be ur lover Laksh. I will be mother of ur children Laksh. I will grow old with u Laksh. Only I will rule ur heart Laksh. Also I will die along with u Laksh. Heaven or hell I will travel with u Laksh. Last but not least! I am urs Laksh. I am only urs Laksh. Only urs Laksh! Always urs Laksh! I, Ragini Laksh Maheshwari wish to spend my whole life with my husband, Laksh Maheshwari. It’s my birthday wish. Laksh will u be mine?
Laksh grinned like a small kid after Ragini’s confession. He cupped her face and looked at her with an intense gaze. He brought his lips near hers. It was about to touch at that time Laksh whispered ‘I am only urs Ragini. I love u’. Ragini smiled and whispered ‘I am always urs Laksh and I love u too’. With that their lips united and they started a new life on a new day.
Few months later,
Ragini was serving breakfast to everyone but suddenly she fall unconscious. Laksh immediately rushed to her and called doctor. After examining Ragini she said that Ragini is pregnant. Laksh’s happiness has no boundaries. He hugged everyone saying ‘I am going to become father!’ At last Swara came infront of him and said ‘Someone is very fast! Am I right Sanskar?’ Swasan along with everyone laughed whereas Laksh blushed.
Few weeks later, Swara too was pregnant.
After 5 years, one night,
At Raglak’s room,
Ragini in irritated tone: Like father like son!
Saying this she kept the glass with milk on the night stand. The two naughty boys Laksh and Raksh found Ragini irritated. They immediately made a puppy face with hands on their ear fall down on their knees before Ragini. Ragini glared at them.
Laksh with cute voice: I love u Ragini!
Raksh in a childish voice: I am sorry mamma!
But still she glared them, they looked at each other and winked and in no time they both kissed Ragini’s either cheeks and hugged her at the same time. Ragini’s anger fled away. She too hugged them back and said ‘Aww mera bachhas!’ Raksh hugged her more tightly and released saying ‘Ok Mamma, good night!’ Saying this he closed the door and went to his room. Laksh broke the hug and said ‘Oye! That’s my dialogue!’ Ragini came closer to Laksh and said ‘Whatever is urs are all mine Laksh! So that is also mine!’ She said in a husky voice. Suddenly Laksh pecked her lips and Ragini looked at him shocked and Laksh lifted his eyebrows in ‘what’. Ragini said ‘U has kissed my lips’. Laksh smirked naughtily and came closer to her ‘whatever is urs are all mine too Ragini! So that ur lips r also mine! I can do anything with my lips!’ Ragini shocked! Lucky rocked! Ragini whispered ‘Besharam! My Laksh!’ Laksh whispered ‘Only with My Ragini!’ Once again their bodies became one!
So how is it? Akka I have written this only for u! I hope u like it! Please comment guys. Bye! Take care!

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