Raglak os : their memorable anniversary

Hi friends I’m back this time with an os I know I should update last shot of vivah bandhan nd next part of mother of his child bit this concept came in my mind I will try to update my stories soon but until then please adjust with this hope u like this too like my other stories so here is d os


A groan escaped from her mouth due to the ringing alarm clock..she kept her one hand on her ear n turned to other side wrapping her arm around him..the alarm clock kept on ringing loudly making her finally wake up..she growled n turned off the alarm..all the frowns vanished from her forehead when she looked at his face.. the alarm clock was stinging in her ear but it did no effect to him…such a sound sleeper he is..he looked so cute..so innocent while sleeping but only she knows the real devil behind this gorgeous face.. she ruffled his hair which were falling on his forehead..she closed his mouth which was like always open..she chuckled when he opened his mouth again..so like him’..the small smile which was paying on her lips disappeared on his thought..she stepped out of blanket n moved towards the window of her room..she sighed looking outside the beautiful sunrise..this is the start of her day..she loves watching sun rise..it gives her strength n motivation to go on in her life..when sun can rise evryday after setting then why can’t she keep going in her life without him’..

As the cool breeze of morning hit her..she hugged herself..thinking whether she will ever feel his arms hugging her tightly…when they both stood watching sunrise like this..? she dismissed the thoughts of him as soon as it came in mind..she closed the window n turned to only find her prince raksh still sleeping..her sunshine..her angel of 3 years..

Ragini : come on come on get up..its school time..

He groaned n pulled blankets up ragini narrowed her eyes nd pulled them down again..

Raksh : Mom Please..he cried trying to pull the covers up again..
Ragini: what please..get up or else u will be late..
Raksh : Mom..school nahi..stomach pain..

Ragini smiled on his excuse..

Ragini: oh ho..now who will eat aloo ke paranthe ..u r having stomach pain na..
Raksh : Aloo parantha…he asked opening his eyes..

Ragini smiled seeing the twinkle in his eyes..

Ragini : hmm..it’s ok I will make khicdi for u as u are sick..
Raksh : khichdi..ewww…..nahi…I want to eat aloo parantha…..arey now I’m not feeling any stomach pain ..he quickly sat up..
Ragini ( narrowing her eyes ) : accha but hearing school’s name u r feeling pain na …

Raksh bit his tongue as he realised he was caught..

Raksh : mom I don’t wanna go to school…plz
Ragini : no excuse… get up and brush karo.

she removed blanket n picked him in her arms..After making him bath she placed him on bed n dried his hair with towel..she quickly made him wear the uniform nd combed his hair..After dropping him to his school van she quickly got ready for office..she was standing infront of mirror adjusting her scarf when her eyes fell on calender.. next month it was their 5th marriage anniversary..its been more than 4 years when she left his house or was thrown out of his house n life..He.. laksh maheshwari..her so called husband..who gave her everything but not his love..his time.. Nd his trust..She blinked back the tears which were threatening to come out..She combed her hairs n left for the office..She came to Shimla from Kolkata to start a new life with her baby..she was a month pregnant when he threw her out..The small life she had built here with raksh is everything she has..nd she was happy with it..she doesn’t need him…she has learnt to live without him..

In Kolkata…

Laksh came back late from office..he was climbing up the stairs when Dp’s voice stopped him..

Laksh : papa haven’t you slept till now..?

By saying this he moved down towards him..

Dp : when his son make his condition like this which father will get sleep..y don’t u agree to what I said..?
Laksh : papa we have talked about this matter so many times nd u know my answer ….
Dp : what ever happened it’s happened Laksh..4 years had completed..for how much time u will lead ur life like???..till now even she would have moved on..it’s better even if u think about urself..
Laksh : pap…he shouted..thought of her with someone else burned him..
Dp: don’t shout..what ever u have done to her do u think she will be waiting for u ..? he said in accusing tone..

Laksh remained silent..

Dp : now it’s too late laksh…too late..he left from there leaving a guilty laksh behind..

He stood there ashamed of himself..watever he did with her in those 7 months of their marriage..he was her culprit..he needs her back…he had tried to find her in every possible place but she was no where..but he still had hope that he will find her..nd he will have her back in his life..

The next day ragini was sitting on park bench whereas raksh was playing cricket with his friends..she was looking at raksh’s smiling face…he resembles so much to his father..the same brown eyes..the same smile..the way he frowns when he couldn’t hit the ball..the way his eyes twinkle when he hit a four..he was carbon copy of Laksh..his every action reminds her of him..it was difficult for her…it is still difficult for her..she wants to forget everything about him but now she had learnt to live with it..she can never forget him..how could she forget the man who gave her the most precious gift..how ironical it was..the man who snatched the very reason of living from her also gave her the reason to live..a sarcastic smile came on her lips..

Laksh was standing outside a house…he comes there every week with a hope that today he might get to know where she lives…maybe today..He rang the bell twice..a young lady opened the door..

Swara : u came here again..stop disturbing me..she said in a voice void of any emotion..
Laksh : plz Swara say me once where she is nd i will stop coming here …plz
Swara : i have already told u I don’t know where ragini is..from last 4 years i haven’t talked with her..
Laksh : Dekho Swara if u know anything please say ..
Swara : Laksh I don’t know anything ..if I knew too I won’t say to u..she snapped the door on his face..

Laksh sighed n left from there.. Swara was her best friend…n she didn’t even contacted her in last four years..she had distanced herself from everyone..no body know about her whereabouts..He came back to his office for a meeting..after meeting Dp came to him…he noticed his foul mood..

Dp : wat happened Laksh? U seem distressed..
Laksh : nothing papa…just the work load u know..

Dp knew he was lying…he very well knew it was about Ragini..

Dp : laksh I want u to go Shimla for this project…it will also be a nice break to u..
Laksh : no papa I don’t want to go anywhere..
Dp : come on..u had hardly gone anywhere in last 4 years…when u should be here u haven’t there..Nd now..
Laksh : papa plz…

he went away from there not able to take it anymore..Dp sighed he don’t want to indict Laksh but he couldn’t help himself..every time he had a conversation with him he end up saying something hurting to him…he knows he is guilty.. Nd now he wants him to get free of his guilt n start living again…n only person can do it n its ragini..Last night when he went to his room he had call from laksh’s best friend Sahil…who told him that he had seen ragini in Shimla..to clear all his doubts he had also sent her picture..dressed in a simple green salwar suit was standing his daughter in law..He was shocked n happy…maybe its not that late..maybe there is still a hope..He had made his mind.. Laksh had to go Shimla..n after that Sahil will make sure that laksh meets ragini..rest watever has to be done is to be done by laksh..he had to woo his lady nd he had faith in his son that he will meet all odds to set things back to normal..

Laksh was sitting in his cabin when Sidharth came.. ( he is an employee in laksh’s office )

Sidharth : Sir..we have a problem..
Laksh : what happened?
Sidharth : sir Mr.Saxena is not well..he is admitted in office..so he can’t go to Shimla for the project..
Laksh : what the hell…okay do one thing u go…or send Anuj..its an important deal..
Sidharth: I know sir..but neither me or Anuj could go.. I’m handling that London project nd Anuj is busy with Mehta’s consignment..
Laksh : shit…now what should we do..?
Dp : u go..he entered in cabin..i heard it all..we can’t trust just anyone for this project..now we don’t have any other alternative..u have to go Shimla..

Laksh nodded half heartidly..he was not interested in going anywhere..but now he had to..

Dp : okay then Sidharth make all arrangements..he will leave tomorrow..

Sidharth nodded n went out…

Laksh stepped out of airport..his driver was already waiting for him..he sat in car nd headed towards his hotel..he saw the roads filled with Snow..it was a beautiful sight but to him all looked gloomy..He reached his hotel where Sahil was waiting for him..

Laksh ( by hugging him ): Sahil…..u r here till now..I thought u r going back tomorrow..
Sahil : s I have to go but kavitha nd Pari wanted to stay back for 1-2 days we had stayed back..

Laksh’s eyes dimmed..if she was with him then they also had a family of their own..

Sahil : we are going back after 1-2 days..Dp uncle had told me that u r coming here in Shimla then I had thought meet u ..he smiled..
Laksh ( nodded ) : ok then Im so tired by journey now I will take rest..

Sahil smiled..he thought take rest today how much you want u can take but it’s for only today ..from tomorrow u have to do really hardwork

It was Christmas so both ragini n raksh had gone to church for the celebration..there was a small fair organised by the church every year..n raksh loves it..so they both had been going there for last 2 years..Sahil had made laksh come with him after lot of pleadings..Salil knew that ragini will be coming there..as he had seen her in the church that day asking for the passes of magic show..

Laksh : Sahil…magic show seriously…I don’t want to see….I’m going back..
Sahil: plz laksh..Pari wants to see so even we should have see na…chal na..
Laksh : if Pari wants to see let her see ..u just make her understand that it’s all waste of time
Sahil: u won’t understand yaar…when u will have children na then u will understand nd it’s all aren’t waste of time for them..now come ….who knows in inside u too could have see magic for u… Saying this he dragged him with himself..

Everyone was watching magician play some old tricks.. Laksh was lost in his own thoughts..Sahil’s n kavitha’s eyes were finding ragini…Pari was enjoying the show..in the back corner was sitting ragini with raksh…both were watching the magic show..Sahil turned his neck back nd he finally saw her sitting…he instantly elbowed kavitha n d she also saw her..ragini had become her good friend after her marriage with laksh..they met only 3-4 times..but they gelled well together…she was happy to see her again…she wanted to go nd meet her but she knew it has to be laksh first..she had to wait to meet her…The show finally got over..everyone left the hall.. kavitha’s eyes followed ragini…who was going towards exit..She got tensed n nudged Sahil…as everyone was getting out it was difficult for them to move quickly…they some how managad to get out as early as possible but ragini was out of there sight..They looked for her everywhere.. Laksh didn’t paid to their changed behaviour…he was walking towards rest room when he collided with a girl..

Laksh : I’m sorr..the words died down in his mouth as he saw her standing in front of her eyes after long 4 years which felt like an eternity to him..Ragini was equally shocked to see him…they boh stood their staring each other…Sahil nd kavitha saw them…they left from there..Sahil informed Dp that finally there plan was successful..It was Laksh who broke the silence

Laksh : ragini…

he traced her face with his hand as if checking she was there for real nd he was not hallucinating..he pulled her in a bone crushing hug..finally the day he was longing for had come…his ragini…his life his wife was there in front of him..

Laksh : I missed u ragini…I missed u so much…he whispered in a broken Voice…

Ragini pushed him away nd stepped back…she came out of his spell..she just looked at him with hollow eyes nd ran away without saying anything..she knew if she stood there for a second more…she will end up crying… Nd crying in front of him was last thing she wanted.. Laksh ran behind her but she got lost in the crowd of people..he stood there disappointed..he can’t loose her…now that he had found her..he will make sure he sets every thing right in their life..He called Sahil n asked him to find about ragini…
Ragini immediately left the fair with raksh..she didn’t knew wat to do..this sudden appearance of Laksh had startled her…she just wanted it to be a some bad dream..but the feel of his arms tightly around her was not letting her believe it as a dream..she could still feel the sensation in her body…

Next day laksh was waiting for her outside her office..Ragini saw him but she just ignored nd moved towards office gate… Laksh held her hand..

Laksh : ragini listen to me once..plz
Ragini : Laksh let go me…don’t create a scene here..she said suppressing her voice..
Laksh : raginii..
Ragini : let me go…she struggled under her grip n finally got herself free…stay away from me Mr.Laksh Maheshwari..she left from there not turning once… Laksh closed his eyes…he knew it was coming…he didn’t expected her to forgive him at once..he wants a Happily after for them n he knows he needs to work for it…a lot of work..He looked at the building…it was some small office for which she was working..he had to woo her n for that he had to make her talk with him…so he needs to spend time with her..a idea struck his mind…he called Sahil n asked for one more favor before he leaves for Kolkata…
Laksh enterd ragini’s office late in the afternoon…he looked around the office n found ragini sitting in a corner…he marched towards her desk..Ragini looked up to find him standing there..

Ragini : u..u what r u doing here I told u na stay away from me..Nd who let u to come inside..
Laksh : u r forgetting Mrs.Ragini Laksh Maheshwari..ur husband is a business tycoon..

she winced the way he addressed her nd himself as her husband..

Ragini : not anymore..we parted ways 4 years back…if u remember..
Laksh : but we dint got divorced so legally u r still my wife’..
Ragini : I was ur wife then also when u threw me out of ur life…

she said hatred dripping from her voice.. Laksh didn’t knew wat to say..but Mr.Singh ragini’s boss saved him..

Mr Singh : Mr Maheshwari..finally u r here..but what are u doing hers..but my cabin is that side..

he asked looking from laksh to ragini..

Ragini : umm..Sir vo..

Laksh saw her blank expressions..

Laksh : I was asking for direction to ur cabin..
Mr.Singh : oh..come come.. Ragini come with the file I gave u just now..

Ragini nodded with a confused expression on her face wat was he upto..

Mr.Singh: so Mr.maheshwari..i can’t tell how happy I am that a sheer business man like you wants to work with our compny..its like a dream come true..
Laksh ( with smile ) : come on Mr.Singh.. I have heard a lot about ur company..specially the people here are so hardworking n smart..

he looked at ragini who had just entered the cabin..Ragini knew his eyes were on her..she tried her best to ignore him but she couldn’t help the goosebumps she was getting on his continuous stare..

Mr.Singh: we would love to work with u…Mr.Maheshwari she is ragini..one of our most efficient employee and ragini he is Mr.Laksh Maheshwari..well evryone knows about him..
Laksh : yes I met her..n I can definitely say she is brilliant…infact I would really like if she handles the project..
Mr.singh : why not!! Its excellent idea..
Ragini : NO..n…no..she shouted..

seeing both men’s raised eyebrows she softened her tone..

Ragini : i mean sir I already have one project how can i..?
Laksh : but I really want to have her…

he said in a voice which clearly told Mr.Singh either ragini or the deal is off..

Mr.Singh : its ok ragini..someone else will take over ur project but u will handle this project..its final

Ragini frowned..she doesn’t want to be anywhere near him nd now she have to do a project with him..she looked at his smirking face watever he is upto…she wont let him destroy her again…

Laksh ( stood up ) : Miss ragini..plz walk with me to my car…I want to do some discussion..
Mr.Singh: ya ragini…go go..he said excitedly..

his small company was going to work with Business Tycoon laksh maheshwari..whatelse he could have asked for..Ragini unwantedly nodded n moved out with him…

Laksh : when u came here in Shimla?

He asked they came out of office..

Ragini: this doesn’t sound as a project discussion..she snapped
Laksh : well it is..there is a personal project i’m working on..he said with a confident smile..
Ragini: well then..if its personal I should stay out of it.. because u can force me into this professional project but not in anything personal..she said in a blunt voice..
Laksh : ragini listen to me once plz..he almost pleaded..
Ragini: did u listened me once’..? she asked in accusing tone..
Laksh : i’m fool ragini..i

Ragini raised her hand to stop him..

Ragini: all is said n done Mr. Maheshwari..whether it was right or wrong…its Done ! she walked away from him but stopped in her tracks..

Laksh: there is lot more to be done..the wrongs are needed to be made right..its not Done yet..
Ragini : why r u here Laksh? She asked in a soft helpless whisper..
Laksh ( stepped closer to her ) : i’m here to rectify my mistakes..i’m here to get my life back..m here for u..

Ragini closed her eyes with pain as his every word was like salt on her wounds..

Ragini: go away..just go away..i don’t need u..she said in a choking voice
Laksh: I need you..he said desperately..
Ragini ( gave him a look ) : there is no place for u in my life…
Laksh : don’t worry about that..i will make place on my own..i will make u fall in love with me once again…

he leaned n pressed a kiss on her cheek before leaving….ragini stood there shocked..he was back in her life n not only this he wanted her back in his life too..she only wants it to be nightmare..she cant afford her heart once again..

Later in the night both Laksh nd ragini were standing near window staring out in the sky..it was sudden knock of past on their door..for Laksh..he was happy that he finally found the door to knock…now finally his hope has some way…but for Ragini it was disaster..why suddenly after so many years her past has to come haunting her..

It was an arranged marriage for both of them..Ragini was chosen by Laksh’s dad..she had just graduated then…she didn’t wanted to marry..but her father was suffering from cancer nd he forced her for marriage..his father was the only family she had so for his happiness she agreed..nd then she also had developed a small crush on him when she saw him in their college for a guest lecture..He was also not interested in this wedlock..it was his father who made him say yes..on their first meet he straightforwardly told her that he will give her every thing she need but he can’t love her..he couldn’t give her an ideal married life…he had his goals..his dreams..to achieve..he don’t want her to have any expectations from him..Ragini was disappointed knowing the future of the relation she was going to start..she was also not looking forward that ideal kind of marriage..but somewhere she too had dreams which she felt shattering..but still she said yes for the allaince..because at the end she was also marrying him for her father..The marriage was a great affair..they became husband nd wife infront of society n their family..but behind the closed door of room they were nothing less than strangers..he was an ambitious man..wanting to take his father’s business to new heights..working day and night to accomplish his dream..he didn’t have any time for her…on their wedding night itself he had gone to London for an important meeting for 2 days..Although he had made it clear to her to not expect anything from him but still she felt terrible..she felt rejected..days passed by..things between them remained same..Dp asked them to go for honeymoon but laksh made some excuse everytime n delayed it..Ragini tried to break the ice many times but laksh was never responsive..the silence in their relationship never bothered him..but ragini always made sure that they both have one meal of the together..either its breakfast..lunch or dinner..she used to blabber lot about her..her friends..college life..her dreams..her likes dislikes..but he never really paid attention.. he was always distracted with some office work…his replies will be just a slow hmm..a faint smile or a slight node..she knew he never listened to her but she wished one day..he will surely listen to her..After 3 months of their marriage..ragini’s father passed away..n this was when ragini had Laksh by her side..he handled everything nd consoled her..he became her strength nd helped her getting out of the trauma..the way he stuck by her that time made feelings rise in her heart..he used to call her once daily just to check if she was doing ok..those warm hugs to let her not feel alone..all those made her feelings deep n strong for him..her crush was not just a crush anymore..After the sad demise of her father they both came a bit closer..atleast they started talking little.. Laksh became slight attentive to her..now there were few talks from his side too..3 more months passed..They had gone for some business party n due to heavy rain they returned home late..they both were completely drench in rain..her sari was perfectly hugging her curves.. Laksh wrapped his arms around her..she didn’t resisted nd let herself sink in him..that night they consummated their marriage..they become physically one that night…but emotionally ! for ragini it was definitely expression of love but for laksh…it was ‘mistake’…a mistake he did under the effect of alcohol…ragini cried that day for the first time on her loveless marriage..she knew she was in love with Laksh but it hurt her that he doesn’t reciprocate back her feelings..The next one month ragini felt she was back in initial days of her wedding.. Laksh was again aloof from her but this time she also didn’t made any effort..it was after lot of thinking she decided to talk with him..she went to him nd told him directly that she can’t live in this loveless marriage anymore..she could manage to escape only these words before Laksh burst out on her…breaking her completely into pieces.. Laksh held her shoulders tightly..his eyes were red with anger..

Laksh : yeah rite..why will u live in this marriage anymore ! u have a boyfriend now..

Listening to this ragini winced in pain..

Ragini : ouch… Laksh wat r u saying? Boyfriend?
Laksh : oh…don’t play this i’m innocent game with me…who wat how?
Ragini : laksh I seriously have no clue of wat u r saying..?
Laksh : u don’t know..wait..

he walked towards drawer n pulled out a package..he shoved it infront of her..some photographs were scattered in front of her..it was of her with an other man..the man was kissing on her knuckles in one pic n in other he was hugging her from behind..n there were some more in different poses..ragini’s eyes grew wide seeing them..

Ragini: laksh..i..i can explain this..meri baat suno..
Laksh : shut up…I didn’t expected anything from u..not a thing..i gave u everything u wanted..money power comfort..a desired life..n this is wat I got..u cheated on me ragini..

Ragini looked him with tear stained face…her eyes full of hurt n pain..

Ragini: u dint gave me evrything Laksh..wat about ur time..love?
Laksh ( again held her tightly ) : I never cheated on u…
Ragini ( sighed ) : Laksh I can explain it…
Laksh : wat explanation is required.. sindoor on ur head n mangalsutra in aroud ur neck..proves it that this pics are clicked after our marriage..i never knew u were so cheap…he held her hand n dragged towards door…there is no place for u in my life..he threw her out..get the hell out of here..he closed the door on her face…ignoring all her pleadings..

Raksh groaned in his sleep grabbing her attention..she rushed to him n patted his head..seeing his sleeping face she thought how will Laksh react if he came to know about raksh..no he will never know about raksh..She was thrown out of his life without even given a chance to explain..she was devasted and alone…no family to go..She fainted on the road…she was taken to hospital by passer by’s..when she opened her eyes doctor informed her about her pregnancy..she was ecstatic but all her happiness faded remembering Laksh nd his words..there is no way she can tell him about the baby..he will not accept him..never raksh is just her baby… Laksh has no rite over him..she will do everything to protect her baby..

2 days passed.. laksh tried his best to make ragini talk to him once but she was so repulsive..he understood her every action..he understood whatever happened was stopping her to trust him again…she was angry…she was hurt…but above all she was so indifferent to him..he wanted her to hit him…bash him..shout at him but not this silence..her silence..emotionless eyes were hurting him..he can’t see this..he needs to set evrything rite…he needs to prove his love to her..Ragini was working on her desk when laksh entered..he sat infront of her..

Ragini: wat r u doing here? She asked without looking up..
Laksh : u changed so much..u look more skinny than before..ur hair are short than earlier..nd this speticals..look cute on u.. would u even wear these before too..?
Ragini ( looked him stunned ) : do u know who is my fav actor?
Laksh ( with stunned ) : umm..Ranbir Kapoor..
Ragini ( with smile ) : Aaditya Rai Kapoor..this is wat u know about me..stop playing around.. I’m not going to fall in love with you so easily…she stood up to take a file..
Laksh : not easily…but eventually u will..nd u know I like difficult things..he left leaving her dumbfounded…

Ragini was waiting for a Taxi when laksh’s car stopped in front of her…he opened the door for n asked her to enter..

Ragini (with denial ): I will manage..
Laksh : come on get in..

Ragini started walking cursing him under breath…. Laksh stepped out of car n pushed her in..

Laksh : there is no need to become jhansi ki rani ..its too late I will drop u home..he said angrily..

Ragini didn’t uttered a word n sat quietly with a pout.. Laksh smiled a little seeing her pout…he shook his head nd sat back in car..The drive to home was a silent one.. Laksh opened his mouth to say something but ragini raised the volume of radio telling him indirectly to shut up..As he stopped the car infront of her house…she ran out saying a courteous Thank You.. Laksh was bit confused the way she ran away..he started the car nd went away…he was in half way when he noticed her mobile which has fallen down..He picked it up..he turned the car back to her house..he parked the car in side n went out..he went towards her house which was a cottage type small house…He reached near door..he heard ragini talking to someone…he got confused who could be there at this time..he rang the bell.. Ragini came n opened the door..Shock n Fear was written all over face…

Ragini : u here w…what r u doing here ..?
Laksh : relax ragini..meine socha tumhara ghr toh dekh loon..he stepped in..
Ragini : u r not invited in…u may leave..she stood opening the door for him..
Laksh : what is need to go back so fast..wat about a glass of water..even better a cup of coffee…a strong one for me…after u left I missed ur coffee so much that I left drinking coffee..
Ragini : no water no coffee…just leave..she said angrily
Laksh : ragini why r u getting hyper..i just came…

the rest words died in his mouth as he heard a soft voice from behind..

Raksh : mom kon h?

he came out from the room hearing voices.. Laksh turned hearing the word Mom…he saw a small boy of nearly 3 years staring back at him with his big innocent eyes..he looked at wallpaper of mobile in his hand…it was ragini with this very same kid..

Laksh: Mom..he whispered..

it didn’t took him a minute to realize that the this small kid standing here was no one other than his nd ragini’s kid..oh my he was just a carbon copy of him…he could see himself nd little glimpse of ragini in him..he moved forward towards him nd bent on his knees to come in his level..Ragini was silent spectator of this incident..for what she was afraid of that happened..now Laksh know about raksh nd seeing his expressions she understood that he didn’t failed to recognize his own blood..there is no escape from this situation..its the time to face it laksh held him from shoulders politely..he looked at his every feature carefully…

Laksh : who….who r u..?

he asked passing the big lump which had formed in his throat..Raksh looked at his mom first nd then at the stranger in front..

Raksh : I’m raksh maheshwari..he said in his childish tone..

Laksh closed his eyes as he heard him addressing himself as Maheshwari..he hugged him tightly..tears graced his face as he digest in the fact that he was a father..he was the father of ragini’s child..he and ragini created a life together the thought was so overwhelming.. Raksh who didn’t knew wat was happening with him hugged him back with confused expressions constanly looking at his mom’s face who too had tears in her eyes witnessing the whole scenario…she never ever thought laksh will be this emotional on meeting raksh..his child..

Raksh : who r u? he asked in his innocent voice..
Laksh : I’m ur da..

but he stopped realizing it that it was too much for a small child to handle in a day..he will need ragini’s help for this..

Laksh : I’m ur mom’s friend..

he looked at Arohi with stern eyes..she hid this big truth from him..he was father nd she didn’t thought its important for him to know..

Ragini : Raksh… beta..u go n d watch cartoon..mumma abhi aati h….

Raksh nodded n went inside..As soon as raksh left.. laksh burst out..

Laksh : how could u ragini? U have kept this big matter as a secret from me..? he said in an unbelievable exasperated tone
Ragini : aaram se bolo..I haven’t kept any secret from u..

Laksh ( came forward nd held her elbow ) : blo*dy hell u dint told me about me my son..Damn it !
Ragini ( freed her elbow ) : wat son? I wanted to tell u..but if I had come to u would u have believed me that it was ur child?

Laksh remained silent..

Ragini : say Laksh..would u have believed me?
Laksh : atleast u could have tried..
Ragini : I had already heard enough of u..nd I don’t have enough strength to hear more ..I haven’t have enough strength to see u raising ur finger against my child..
Laksh ( closed his eyes n sighed ): I m sorry ragini..i know I wronged u..but plz..give me another chance..i want to be part of my son’s life n ur..

Before he completes his sentence ragini pushed him away..

Ragini : Raksh is only my son…I don’t want u in his life..she said in anger
Laksh : u won’t take decisions for my son n me..
Ragini : I will..i’m his mother..
Laksh : well then I’m his Father…nd I have every right to be in his life..u can’t stop me..he kept her phone on table n left her house..without listening her..

After an hour there was a knock Ragini’s door..Ragini opened it to find Laksh standing there with a bag in his hand..Ragini folded her arms..

Ragini : wat in the world u r doing here again?
Laksh : well not a good way to welcome ur husband who has came home after so long..
Ragini ( rolled her eyes ) : come to the point Laksh..
Laksh : i’m here to stay with u nd my son..
Ragini : u r not welcome here..
Laksh : I will not take a No for answer..

he pushed her side..n entered in..he saw Raksh standing near the door of room looking him confusingly……he went to him nd sat on his haunches… Raksh looked at his bag nd then at him..

Raks : r u gonna stay here?

Laksh smiled nd nodded..

Laksh : I know u need a company to handle ur crazy Mom..

Raksh looked at his angry Mom n then back at laksh nd nodded with a sheepish smile making Laksh chuckle nd ragini frown..

Ragini ( marched towards them ) : raksh go to ur room..

Laksh stood up as he left..

Ragini : Laksh get out from here …
Right now…
Laksh : i’m back ragini..nd i’m here to stay..he said in a calm voice..

his eyes telling her the real words behind his words…

Ragini ( by looking away ) : I don’t care…just stay out of mine nd my son’s life..
Laksh : u r not this much dumb before..he said frowning..
Ragini : what?
Laksh : okay I’m repeating myself for u once again…I’m not leaving…neither today nor tomorrow and not in the future..

Ragini’s mouth hung open..which he closed lightly..

Laksh : i’m hungry ragini..cook something good for me.. I’m sick of hotel’s food..aah i’m feeling hungry after ages…
Ragini : wat makes u think that I will cook for u..
Laksh : because u r my wife nd mother of my child..
Ragini : i’m ur wife whom u left n mother of child who don’t even know u..
Laksh ( covered his hurt reaction ): i’m here to take my wife back…nd I will at any cost..nd About Raksh..that reminds me that I need to tell him that i’m his father..
Ragini : u r not going to tell Raksh..

she looked him shocked but the look on his face told her he is not joking….

Ragini : laksh u won’t.. nd u can’t
Laksh : Ragini..i will nd I can..
Ragini : he is so young to understand..
Laksh : leave that to me..he is my son nd I know how to handle him..u don’t worry.. I’m not going to tell him straight away…

By listening this ragini opened her mouth..

Laksh : ragini…we have a lifetime to do all talking..but right now I’m hungry as hell..cook something good plz..he went inside the room..

Raksh was sitting on couch watching TV.. Laksh sat beside him..he was feeling nervous..anxious…the Business Tycoon Laksh Maheshwari who is not afraid while making big deals was nervous to talk with his 3 years old son..

Laksh : hi..he said trying to start conversation..
Raksh ( looked at him ) : hi..nd then he shifted his attention back to TV..
Laksh : u like cricket…he asked in an amazed tone seeing a cricket match on tv..
Raksh : I love cricket..he chirped..
Laksh : I love it too..u know I was in cricket team of my college..
Raksh : do u know how to play?
Laksh : haan..he saw the glow on his face..do u want to learn?
Raksh ( nodded ) : yes..Mom doesn’t know how to play…Nd my all friends plays with their dad’s..

Laksh’s heart ached..he hated himself more for his impulsive nd wrong action..

Raksh : please will u help me to learn how to Play? I want to learn playing cricket..
Laksh ( nodded ) : pakka..i will make u the best player..
Raksh : yeah Thank u Uncle..

Laksh’s smile dimmed listening his own son addressing as Uncle..wat has his one misunderstanding brought him to?

Raksh: can we start practising from tomorrow?
Laksh ( ruffled his hair ) : anytime u want champ..

Ragini was standing outside room listening to all their conversation..her heart ached seeing both father nd son..so close yet so far..things could have been different..only if Laksh had trusted her enough to listen explanation from her..she wiped her tears n went to kitchen….

One week has passed… Laksh nd raksh had come remarkably close… Raksh was enthralled with Laksh..for the first time in his life he was getting so much undivided attention from someone.. Laksh nd raksh came back from park exhausted..they had a big session of cricket practice today..

Raksh : I did well today na..? he asked excited
Laksh : u were superb..he forwarded his hand for HI-5..

Ragini came from kitchen..

Ragini: someone is stinking so bad…she pinched her nose..my cricketer come Mom will help u take bath n change..she said playfully..
Raksh ( giggled ) : Mom its Laksh uncle..u help him take bath…he laughed..

Ragini looked at laksh who was staring her back with a naughty smile on his face..

Laksh : I will be very grateful to u..last time u couldn’t help me..he winked at her..

one look at his face nd she knows where his mind was..her cheeks flushed red remembering an instance from their past when ragini had accidently entered washroom while he was taking shower..the lock was broken nd she didn’t knew he was back home..it was such an awkward situation..she remember how she couldn’t look him in eye for more than a week..

Ragini ( collected herself nd looked back to raksh ) : laksh Uncle is big boy..he will help himself..
Raksh : i’m also big boy..today I will have shower with Laksh Uncle..
Ragini : raksh..bad habits.. Laksh Uncle ko pareshan mat karo..
Laksh : its ok..infact it’s a good idea champ..today I will help u in getting ready..wat say?
Raksh : yeah….

Laksh picked him in his arms n left leaving a fuming ragini behind..After a fun shower laksh helped raksh in wearing his clothes nd combed his hair..he was enjoying doing all this n with ease Raksh had accepted him in his life was commendable..but his stubborn Mom was still not ready to listen him..the last one week he tried his best to make her realize that he was guilty…he tried his best to show her how great family they could be..but Mrs.Maheshwari was so difficult nd resistant..He sighed as raksh jumped from bed nd sat on couch switching on TV..

Raksh : come lets watch cartoon..

Laksh smiled nd sat beside him..

Raksh : u like Tom nd Jerry..? he asked in innocently..
Laksh : yes..he smiled
Raksh : me too.. everyday Aryan will watch with his dad..

Laksh noticed the sadness in his voice..nd the way his face fell..

Laksh : u miss papa..he asked in a whisper..

he couldn’t help himself from asking.. Raksh looked him for while n then silently nodded..

Raksh : Mom said he is busy..he don’t have time for us..
Laksh : u hate him?

He crossed his finger..he was not ready to listen a yes from his son..its too hard to face ragini’s hate filled gaze if raksh also come in that category he won’t be able to handle..

Raksh ( thought for a while ) : no..i don’t….Mom says he wont come..
Laksh : if he come? Will u accept him?
Raksh ( shining eyes with hope ) : will he come ? If he come I won’t talk to him..
Laksh : if I say I’m ur dad even then won’t u talk?
Raksh ( with tears ) : r u my dad?

Laksh nodded with teary eyes.. Raksh threw him in his arms

Raksh : I wont talk to u..he weeped..y have u came this much late????..
Laksh ( embraced him in his arms ): I’m sorry champ.. I’m very sorry..dad always becomes late..
Raksh : Aryan always says that I’m bad so u don’t stay with us..
Laksh : u r very good boy….Aryan is bad boy ….
i will scold him…
Raksh : I love you dad..

Laksh closed his eyes with a feeling that can be described..

Laksh : dad Loves u too..he dropped a kiss in his hair..

Ragini was standing with teary eyes at door with a glass of milk in her hand..she kept the glass on table n left from there..She always thought she could play the role of mother nd father in Raksh’s life but now seeing him with Laksh..she realised that she failed Raksh miserably in that department..she can’t be his father..that place has always been reserved for laksh..she was scared of this day always.. Laksh took her place in Raksh’s life..the things for which he used to look at her were now replaced with Laksh..he wanted Laksh by his side all the time..in the attempt of becoming his father she failed him as mother too…tears flowed from her eyes..her baby has gone away from him..Later Laksh cme out after putting Raksh in bed..he had not seen Ragini since the time they came from park..he switched on the hall room lights to find her sitting on sofa hugging her knees.. Laksh moved to her n sat beside her..

Laksh : I told him..he announced..
Ragini ( didn’t looked at him ) : I heard..u should be happy..u r a great father..

Laksh looked at her tear stained face

Laksh ( cupped her face in his hands ) : Ragini..wat happened?
Ragini : i’m not a good mother Laksh..i failed Raksh..he always needed u..i couldn’t give him the security which u give him..she hicupped..
Laksh : are u mad ragini..? u r a great mother..if raksh is such a sweet nd genius kid today..then it is because of u..u didn’t failed him..he needs u as well..he needs us both..
Ragini ( pushed his hands away ) : u r getting too much attached to him..it will hurt him when u will leave..
Laksh : for the last time I’m not leaving ragini..he said in a stern n blunt tone..

There was silence for few minutes..they both sat there looking at the front wall..nobody speaking anything…

Ragini : when I was pregnant with raksh..i made few voice recordings nd videos..i was all alone..i didn’t had anybody..there were times I used to crave for u..i needed u..she was saying all this in an emotional voice..i wanted to lean on u..i wanted to say things to u..but I couldn’t..so I used to say all that in a voice clipping..nd when Raksh was born I captured his special moments for u..i don’t know why I was doing all that but I felt like recording them for u..

Laksh : u did that cz u had hope that I will come to u someday..

Ragini looked him but then gave a slight nod turning her head..

Laksh : if u don’t mind I want to listen nd see all those..plz he said in a pleading voice..

Ragini nodded..nd went to store room..she came back with a big cartoon in her hand…she handed it to him..

Ragini : its all in there..

Laksh nodded as he looked inside few cassettes n cds..he picked out one cassette n put it in tape recorder..Ragini left him..giving the space he needed..Whole night Laksh listened to her all clippings..he saw every video..her whole pregnanacy.. Raksh’s life was all captured in it…he cried listening to her messages for him..he was not there when she needed him most..he missed out all the beautiful things of life..he couldn’t be a good husband..nd a good father..He wanted to be with her when she knew about her pregnancy…when she had gone for her first ultra sound..when she had listened his heartbeat..he wanted to fulfil all his cravings..handle all her mood swings..he wanted to be there to see her growing tummy..to feel raksh’s first kick..to have him against his chest when he came on earth..he missed the big days of Raksh..the time he opened his eyes..the time he started walking..he spoke his first word…he learnt cycling..his first day at school.ragini saw him in mornig sleeping on couch..she doesn’t know why she felt like giving them to him..he was slowly getting her guard down..she tried her best…but he made his way back to her heart maybe he was never out of her heart..he broke the lock she had hung on the door of her heart..seeing him with Raksh always gave her the hope that they might be a happy nd normal family..maybe…but is she ready to forgive him…is she ready to let go of all the pain he gave her..no..no all this is a lie..once she lets him overtake her..he will again betray her..she can’t let him break her again..

After those voice messages n videos Laksh was more determined to have her back in his life…the smal doubt which was lingering in his heart was gone..now he was sure that she needs im..but she is just behaving to stubborn to accept..he needs to give her the assurance that he wont leave her this time.. it was time to make her listen to him.. Laksh was still in deep thinking when Raksh came to him

Raksh : dad why Mom is angry with u..???
Laksh : cz dad is idiot..mom is gussa kyunki papa did mistake..
Raksh : u say Sry…
Laksh : I need to do something else..
Raksh : if I do mistake na..i kiss mumma on cheek nd say I Love U..

‘I Love U’..shit what a jerk he is…he didn’t told her these three simple words..which had a power to do anyhting in this world…now he know wat he needs to do..next day it was their anniversary..wat better day can be than this to confess his feelings..Next day Laksh barged in her office..

Laksh : come with me..i want to take u somewhere…
Ragini : I am not coming anywhere with u..
Laksh : u can’t deny me..u have to come..its project site..
Ragini : office hours are over..
Laksh : it wont take much time..
Ragini ( left a breath nd stood up carrying her stuff ) : lets get done with it..

Laksh nodded nd followed her back..Ragini stepped out of car…they were on some hill top…she liked the place at once Laksh pulled her hand nd dragged her to the edge..

Laksh : it has the best view of city..

Ragini pulled her hand out of his grip..

Ragini : yup its ideal for construction of hotel..
Laksh : Hotel !!? no.. I’m planning to make a house here..our home he smiled..
Ragini ( taken back but she recovered ) : are u still not done yet?
Laksh : no..
Ragini : but I am…she turned to leave
Laksh : from here u won’t get any transport…so its only me n u here..
Ragini : u planned it all… didn’t u????
Laksh : yes I did..
Ragini : watever u want to say I am not interested…
Laksh : u have no other choice than listening me today…just listen to me once plz..

There was a long silence before Laksh started…

Laksh : it was 3 months after u left that I got to know the truth..

Ragini looked him..with a expressionless face..

Laksh: I had meeting in a coffee shop with my client..there I saw Swara n that man.. sanskar

Past :

Laksh was leaving just then someone called him from back..he turned to find ragini’s best friend Swara..

Swara : hi laksh..pehchana?
Laksh : Hi..yes I remember u..
Swara ( laughed ) : yeah how can u forget me I have done so much work in ur marriage..bhut mehnat lagi thi tumhare joote chupane mein..she giggled..but laksh had a grim expression on his face..

Laksh : Swara I need to go..
Swara : whats the hurry..come na..i’ll introduce u to my fiance..she dragged him to her table..

Laksh saw a man sitting with his back to him..

Laksh : Swara plz I need to go..
Swara : sanskar..

the boy turned making him shock..he was the same guy from photographs

Swara : sanskar he is Laksh….ragini’s husband nd Laksh..he is sanskar..my fiance..

Laksh couldn’t believe himself..all this while ragini was not only cheating him but her bestfriend also..he hated her even more now..he needs to tell truth to swara..this girl deserves to know the truth…They all 3 sat on table..

Sanskar : so Laksh..how is ragini?

Laksh looked him with hate in his eyes..he wanted to strangle this man..how shameless he was?

Swara : haa laksh..even I haven’t talked with her these days..she is not receiving my phone calls..

Laksh cleared his throat to answer her question..

Laksh : i’m sure ragini will be fine..he looked at sanskar intentionally..
Swara : offcourse she will be..she had got such an amazing husband..she smiled..she didn’t noticed laksh’s anger in his voice..
Sanskar : its been long I met her..he smiled slowly…
Laksh : from how long u know ragini?
Swara : arey Laksh I forgot to tell u.. Sanskar is ragini’s “rakhi brother”..they had been childhood friends..it was ragini who made me meet with Sanskar..

“RAKHI BROTHER” Laksh’s head spinned wat was happening..

Swara : u know Laksh Sanskar is a fashion model in London..recently he needed to do an Indian couple photoshoot..nd we didn’t had any model available at such a short notice..i couldn’t as I had a fractured hand..but ragini helped us that time..did u saw their photographs? They came amazing..

Sanskar : she is such an angel..i sent her the photographs..u saw them?

Laksh couldn’t think straight..a faint memory of ragini calling him n telling or asking him about to do a photoshoot with her friend came..

“Ragini : Hello Laksh.i want to ask u something my friend want’s my help in doing a photoshoot..its an indian couple photoshoot..he wants me to pose with him..i wanted to ask u from saying anything
Laksh : come on ragini…I had so much work to do..u don’t need to ask me about these things..do watever u want..i will call u later..i have a meeting..”

He misunderstood her..damn he doubted her..he didn’t even gave her a chance to explain..wat the hell he had done..he rushed out of cafe not able to listen anything else..

Present :

Laksh : I felt disgusted on myself..i hated myself..i hated every fibre of me..i searched for u in every corner I thought u could be..but I failed..i asked Swara many times but her reply was always same that she doesn’t know..trust me ragini..i have spent every second of these 4 years repenting n grieving for u..
Ragini : if u had never met swasan..then u still had thought I cheated u..
Laksh : I know I was wrong ragini…I know..
Ragini : just tell me..haven’t u still accused me of cheating u?
Laksh ( closed his eyes ) : yes I would have but.. I’m not the same person anymore..
Ragini : I got my answer Laksh..u never trusted me..she started walking from him..

Laksh held her wrist..

Laksh : I didn’t trusted u then which was my life’s biggest mistake…my biggest regret..but I won’t make the same mistake twice…I let u go once but not this time..I Love You Ragini…I Love U more than my life..i was big jerk to do all that at that time..u have every right to be angry with me but I promise I will spend my lifetime trying to pacify but plz give me ur hand in mine for a lifetime..i wont leave it ever again..

Ragini stared him back..

Ragini : I don’t trust words Laksh..i trust actions..how..

But she was silenced by his lips..he smashed his lips on her nd gave her a long..toe curling passionate kiss…he poured his all love in it..the things only his heart know…the words couldn’t express..he conveyed it all..

Laksh : I know u are strong u don’t need me…but I need u..i need u like oxygen..

Ragini looked him with tear filled eyes..she couldn’t take it anymore nd threw her arms around his neck…she was tired denying her feelings..she was tired of fighting alone…she wants a happily after with him..she had always waited for it..she cried in his arms endlessly..all the hurt she was holding in herself she vent it out..she let it came out in form of tears…once she was done..she hicupped

Ragini: i..*hiccups* love..*hiccups*..u too..she weeped..

Laksh cupped her face n showered her with kisses..

Laksh : I almost left the hope but finally..i got u back..i love you..n Happy Anniversary..
Ragini ( with surprise ) : u remembered?
Laksh : how could I forget…?
Ragini : Happy Anniversary..she hugged him once again..

1 year Later :

It was their 6th marriage Anniversary..both raglak were off to Paris for their long delayed honeymoon with Raksh nd a new one to come.. Laksh with help of Raksh had decorated the room with flowers candles n balloons..Ragini entered in n was shocked to see the decorations laksh came with a heart shape balloon n gave it to her

Laksh : Happy Anniversary Wifey…I love you..he kissed on her forehead..nd placed a ring in her hand making her gasp..
Ragini smiled : Happy Anniversary Laksh..its beautiful..but I didn’t got any gift for u..
Laksh : I have u.. Raksh nd this little one..the best gift in my life.. whatelse I could ask for..
Ragini ( blushed ) : where is Raksh..?
Laksh : don’t worry he is just next door with a babysitter..

Ragini opened her mouth to say something..

Laksh : shh..now no more talking I need to show my wifey how much I love her..he leaned took her lips for a delicious kiss…

So how is it??? Is it worth readable??? what do you guys think about this os?? please do comment nd let me know about your views

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