Raglak os ‘I love u Ragini!’

Hi everyone! This is my 3rd os! And I am dedicating this to my birthday baby, Vidhya akka! “Happy birthday akka!!! I wish ur wishes should be come true this birthday and also have a great day ka!”
So here the os starts with Laksh proposing (asking) Ragini in front of everyone for another marriage (The fake proposal). Ragini accepts and also she exposes Urvashi and Urvashi accepts her deeds and also she said about her crime partner Kavita. They both were sent out of the house with a warning that if they do anything against the family then they will be sent to jail.

At night, Raglak’s room,
Laksh was standing in the balcony thinking about his decision.
Laksh’s POV,
I know Ragini u have really changed but what u have done to my family, that I can’t forget or forgive u. I am going to teach u a good lesson for troubling my family. I can’t tolerate any bad things against my family. Including u and ur tortures.
Thinking that, he took a deep sigh and went to the bed and lie on his side. He was about to sleep but felt Ragini getting down from the bed. He saw her going towards the balcony and looking the moon.

Ragini’s POV,
Today everything happened in my life was new. I haven’t thought that Urvashi maasi will play with my emotions and about my feelings on my maa. I am really upset because of her deeds. But I am really feeling bad because of… Laksh’s proposal! Yes, I don’t know why but I am feeling bad, worried and scared because of his proposal. This is really a weird feeling. I have waited for this day in my life; I wished for this day in my life, I have done many things for this day in my life. But! But I am not at all happy, because I haven’t seen the love for me in his eyes. His eyes had some other feeling like a smirk or I don’t know what his eyes expressed. But I can say that I can’t find love in his eyes! I am damn sure of it! (Her eyes were filled with tears. She remembered about his behavior towards her for past few days. Also she remembered about the divorce papers of them which she misunderstood that it’s Swasan’s. Then she remembered the peon saying the papers does not contain Swasan name also she remembered the peon shockingly asking her ‘is she Ragini’. Her eyes widens in shock.) Now everything is clear. His behavior, his so called love, care, sweetness, and proposal were ALL FAKE. It’s just a DRAMA. He just ACTED like loving her. I too stupidly believed his FAKE LOVE (Her tears were uncontrollably falling down from her eyes. She can’t stop them. She was completely broken to face this fact.)

Laksh was just watching at her. He worried for her and went near her. Ragini felt him coming towards her. She quickly wiped her tears and just looked the ground.
Laksh touching her shoulder: What happened to u Ragini?
Ragini felt disgusted because of his touch and those sweet concerned words and most important because of her name from his mouth. She felt really angry and just wanted to slap him but still she doesn’t do anything. She quietly removed his hand from her shoulder.
Ragini: Nothing. I didn’t feel sleepy so I came to get some fresh air.
Her voice and pale face was clear evidence that she had cried hardly. And Laksh too sensed it.
Laksh: Ragini! Why r u crying?

Ragini looked somewhere and said: I didn’t cry. Some dust had fallen in my eyes, so only it was teary and nothing more than that. Please u can go and sleep.
Laksh became little irritated because she was not saying his name even 1 time. She will always say every sentence with his name. But now she didn’t. This somewhere bothered him. He made her to turn and lifted her chin to look into her eyes. He can see her pain, hurt feelings in her eyes.
Laksh: What happened to u Ragini? Why r u crying? Say it to me!
Ragini closed her eyes and took a deep breath and opened her eyes and looked into his eyes. She took his hand and placed it on her head. Laksh looked at her confused.

Ragini: Laksh! Really u love me naa? U has really proposed me for remarriage naa? U have accepted me whole heartedly naa? (Laksh looked at her shocked.) Say yes Laksh. Promise on me Laksh.
Laksh was hell confused and doesn’t know what to say. He avoided the eye contact and looked somewhere and he tried to remove his hand from her head but she didn’t let him go. Laksh doesn’t know what to answer her and he keeps on thinking what to say.
Laksh: err… Ragini! Ragini! Ragini… I… I… Ragini…
Ragini looked only his eyes and all her doubts were now true. Laksh had really acted with her in the name of love. She immediately pushed his hand away and jerked him away from her. Laksh tried to speak with her but she showed her palm to him.

Ragini: Don’t ever show ur face again. Leave me alone! Go away!
Laksh felt bad looking at her condition and tried to speak: Ragini!
Ragini interrupted: I said, GO. AWAY!
Laksh doesn’t know what to do, he thought to leave her alone for some time and moves towards the bed and lie on it. He tried hard to sleep but whenever he closes his eyes only her teary eyes comes infront of him. There Ragini was crying her heart out silently. Laksh felt tears in his eyes but he ignored it. Later they both had slept unknowingly.

At morning,
Laksh opened his eyes lazily and looked towards Ragini’s side and found it empty. Just then he remembered the night scenes. He thought to talk with her after getting fresh. He came down and went to the dining table. Everyone was having their breakfast except Laksh, whose eyes were fixed on the kitchen to get a glimpse of Ragini. But he couldn’t see her. So he gave up and asked to AP.
AP: Ragini said she is going to Baadi today morning. She said that she want to spend some days with her family and with Swara. She said that she will return to this house on the marriage day. Why r u asking me Laksh? She didn’t inform u?

Laksh shocked because of Ragini’s decision but still he said: No maa! She informed me yesterday night. But I forgot it. So only I asked u maa. Ok I am getting ready to office.
AP nodded and left. Laksh goes to his room with tensed face. He thought to go to office and then meet Ragini by evening. But to his surprise and shock he called Ragini 100 times in 10 minutes for his wallet, watch, laptop bag, file, kerchief, blazer, correcting his collar and for etc. And now he thought that he want to first meet Ragini and talk with her before doing anything. Without any second thoughts he drove to Baadi thinking how to speak with her and what to speak with her.

At Baadi,
Laksh was about to enter but he felt a lightly wet towel on his face. He stood there numb because of the fragrance which he seems to be addicted to. He slowly removed the towel from his face and was awestruck to see a beautiful angel standing there before him with a shocked, surprised and confused face. He was mesmerized in her lovely magical eyes. He was brought to reality by Swara.
Swara: Laksh! U came here so soon. Why? (With a teasing face) Oh! So Devar ji can’t live without Devarani ji even for a single minute. Wow! I am really impressed Devar ji! Devarani ji u r really lucky!

She giggles while Ragini just gave a fake smile whereas Laksh little bit blushed. But he composed himself and said: Ragini! I want to talk with u alone.
Ragini gave him an angry look whereas Swara naughtily: Oh Devar ji for ur kind information, this is morning time and ur sasural house and not ur bed room and that too night time.
Laksh glares at her so Swara stops her stupid talks and left from there. Ragini gave him not interested look and said: I am not in mood to talk with anyone. Please u goes from here.
But Laksh was uninterested in hearing her talks and drags her to the terrace. He made her to face him. He took a deep sigh and started to talk.

Laksh: Ragini I know, what I have done is wrong. Also I know that I should not have used ur love and insulted it with my acting. But Ragini I know that u have changed now. I know that the old, traditional, innocent Ragini is back. I know that. But still I can’t forget or forgive the way u insult my family and made them to suffer. So only I thought to teach u a good lesson. But before that u have found it. Fine! U needs not to worry, I really proposed for remarriage. So as per traditions and law, I will marry u. Also about those divorce papers, I have already got back them. So our divorce is stopped. Are u happy now? Get ready we shall go to MM.
Saying this he was about to held her hand but Ragini jerked it. Laksh looked at Ragini confused.
Laksh: What now?

Ragini: U have said ur POV. Doesn’t u want to hear mine?
Laksh looked at her confused and asked: What’s ur POV?

Ragini: U have speak to me like a great Mahan, saying that u know that I have changed and u know that u have done a mistake by using my love and u could not forgive me for what I have done to ur family and u really proposed me for remarriage. Ok! Fine! But Laksh! Did u notice that u haven’t used a word, a 4 lettered word, a special word, an expressive word, an abstract word, LOVE. U haven’t said that u love me! U haven’t said that u have started to love me! U haven’t said that I am world to u. U haven’t said that I means a lot to u. U haven’t said that I am the love of ur life. U haven’t said that only I deserve u and ur love. U hasn’t said that I LOVE U to me Laksh! Why? It’s because u r not in love with me. It’s because u r just marrying me to prove what u have done is right and to punish me and use me. Am I right Laksh? But I am sorry Laksh. I can’t marry u. (Laksh looked at her shocked.) I tried to say that to maa but she was not in mood to hear me. So I left from there. But u don’t worry, I will definitely stop this marriage and also free u from me. U said naa I have voluntarily entered ur life i.e. I have forced u to enter into ur life. So don’t worry I voluntarily go away from ur life i.e. I am forcing u to make me out of ur life. Did u get that Laksh?

Saying this she left from there leaving a confused and shocked Laksh. He tried to talk with Ragini but she doesn’t respond him. Days passed Laksh tried his best to convince Ragini, because he doesn’t want to let Ragini out of his life. He himself doesn’t know the reason. Ragini was trying her best to inform the family about stopping her remarriage. But she was unsuccessful.
Laksh can’t do anything without Ragini. He was so much addicted and obsessed with Ragini’s wifely duties. Also he feels that he was so much attracted to her. He forgets himself when Ragini was around him. He couldn’t concentrate on his work without Ragini. He was desperate to see Ragini back in his house. So he always distracts the family members whenever Ragini tries to speak about stopping their remarriage. Till now he doesn’t know the reason.

Finally it was day before the marriage day. At morning, Laksh was in his room thinking about his feelings and emotions and attractions towards Ragini. He doesn’t know how to name his feelings. These were all new to him. So he couldn’t get what it was. At that time he heard ‘I LOVE U’. He immediately jumped from his bed and looked from where it came. It was from TV where hero was proposing the heroine. Then he remembered Ragini’s words about Love. He just checked whether her words match his situation and emotions. To his utter shock and big surprise they were all apt to his situations and emotions. His face suddenly light up into a million dollar smile. He jumped in excitement and shouted ‘I love Ragini! I love Ragini! I LOVE U RAGINI’. He could not control himself from telling it to her. But he thought he should propose her differently. Then he moved out of his room thinking a plan for his proposal.

At night 10 pm,
Ragini was talking with Shekhar, she was about to say that she don’t want this marriage, at that time she got a message from Laksh. “Meet me at the Xyz Park within 10 minutes or else I will kidnap u”. Ragini was shocked and doesn’t know what had happened to Laksh. She then came out of confusions and went to the park (nearby to Baadi) and saw that it was full of darkness. Ragini was feared of darkness so she slowly moved towards the park by taking step by step. Suddenly a spot light falls on a particular tree. Before even she could register that in her mind a chain of golden lights was on above her. (Like in Remo proposal scene) She was looking at that light then turned towards the spot light. But she doesn’t find anything. At that time she felt rose petals on her and looked above to find a rose petals shower on her. Ragini’s face gives a awestruck reaction. She spread her hands and felt those rose petals on her with a wide smile. She twirled and enjoyed it. After that she again noticed that spot light; she found a figure coming towards her. She can easily find that it was Laksh. She keeps on looking at him. Laksh walks towards her by looking into her eyes with a attractive attitude and smile. Ragini was mesmerized to see Laksh like that. He came in front of her and keeps on looking into her eyes.
Laksh: Oye!

Ragini jerked and came to reality: Haan!
Laksh smiled and forwarded a bouquet full of red roses to her: I have taken much time to realize my feelings on u. I am not going to drag it. So I will tell it quickly. (Ragini was looking on with the same awe reaction. Laksh reads her eyes and smiled.) I am loving u Ragini. (Ragini’s eyes widens in shock.) I love u. I love u Ragini.
Ragini was about to say something but Laksh interrupted: No! No! No need to hurry! U can tell it after u become normal. Ok! Bye! (He turned to go but stopped and said) Let’s meet on our marriage day. Also I love u!

Saying this he goes by jumping and laughing as he had opened his heart to her. Ragini was standing still looking towards the direction where Laksh goes. She doesn’t know what to say him. She was completely numb because of his proposal. She could find the LOVE for her in his eyes. It was twinkling in his eyes. She was happy, surprised, shocked and what not? She could not express her happiness in words. Her eyes had happy tears and she smiled with it.

Next day, at MM,

Swasan’s marriage was held first and then Raglak was asked to come to the stage. Laksh was looking only at Ragini. Ragini feeling his gaze bends her head due to blushing. Pandit was chanting mantras and Laksh was busy in stealing glances of Ragini whereas she was full of red due to blushing. At last Pandit asked Raglak to take pehras. While taking pehras Laksh whispered ‘I love u Ragini’ which only Ragini could hear! She doesn’t know how to react rather than blushing. Everyone adored their pair. At last pandit asked Laksh to adore Ragini with mangalsutra, he adores while whispering in her ears ‘When will u say I love u too?’ Ragini smiled and bend her head in shy. Next he was asked to fill her hairline with sindoor. He was about to whisper something but Ragini interrupted ‘I love u Laksh!’ Laksh looked at her with a wide smile and Ragini returned back it to him. Pandit announced that they were married. At that time too
Laksh: I love u Ragini!

So I am done with the 3rd os. I don’t know how it is. Please comment on ur views and akka I hope u will like it. Once again Happy birthday ka!!

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