Raglak os : love was not finished but it was lost


Hey guyz am back with another os on raglak i am so happy with an amazing response over my swasan os i am really happy that you all appreciate my idea plz do appreciate this os too i have tried my level hard to make it awesome do like it and one more thing this os is specially dedicated to my two besties zeenat and madiha my real besties this for you both so lets start
The story starts with a bright morning sun rays falling on a lavish room a girl was sleeping but her sleep was disturbed and she suddenly shouts
Girl : kaka put on the curtains i have to sleep more
Kaka : ragini beti badi mam is asking you its already 8 : 30
Yes the girl was ragini
Ragini : oh shit i am again late ok kaka tell her i will be there in15 mins ok
She hurriedly goes inside the baathroom and after sometime she goes down
Ragini : good morning mom and dad
Shekhar : good morning beta how was your party last night
Ragini : it was awesome dad seriously
Sharmishta : what again party shekhar you are spoiling her ragini enough of your parties ok and i will make you marry soon
Ragini : what dad say na
Shekhar : no beta marriage is necessary but dont worry i will make you marry ina big rich house
Ragini : dad i dont wanna marry now just give me some time ok guyz i am getting late i have to go bye
There in somewhere flat a boy was sleeping but he gots disturbed by alarm and he wakes up with a bright smile and his dad shouts
Dp : laksh have you woke
Laksh : yes dad coming
Yes it was laksh
After sometime he gets ready and goes to dining table
Ap : beta howz ur studies going on
Laksh : fine ma
Dp : so when are you going to join bussiness
Laksh : soon dad ok both of you bye have to go
Laksh leaves botb ragini and laksh studies in same college but ragini is rich so she keeps her friends only hifi type and laksh was a middle classed boy
He got addmission in college by his scholarship and he was a scholar so he didnt keep his friendsip with most but he has few friends like him both ragini and laksh didnt interact with eachother till date they were just knowing their names thats it that day all was going as before ragini was with her friends and laksh was with his then professor entered
Proffessor : so students you all know that youll have to make projects and presentations in 1 month and whoever makes best will get prize and their marks will added to finals youll have to do it in jodi but youll will not decide your partners i have decided and made a list i will tell youll
He tell the list rahul – priya blah blah and at last ragini and laksh so any doubts
Ragini and laksh looks at eachother as if they are seeing eachother for the first time professor leaves the class and all goes to their partners to discuss about it laksh too went to her
Laksh : hmm hii i am laksh
He lends his hand
Ragini :hii am ragini
Both shakes hand
Ragini : actually studying in same class we didnt interact much
Laksh : ya i think so so lets discuss about projects
They start discussing about project n all and yes they start interacting with eachother
It was their first day for project they both have were sitting in library and discussing about project laksh was speaking all of project and ragini was just staring at him
Ragini : laksh since when you are speaking you are not bored
Laksh : ragini its important for marks yr
Ragini : laksh i am bored lets eat something
Laksh : what
Ragini : ice cream
Laksh : what ice cream are you a kid
Ragini : are plz come na will have icecream
She tooks him to nearby icecream parlour and told and ordered icecream laksh denies to eat so she only eat by herself laksh was so adoring her as she was eating like a kid and they left
Next day again laksh was speaking and ragini was just staring at her
Ragini : laksh woh
Laksh : ragini dont say you wanna eat ice cream
Ragini : no i mean i wanna eat choclate come na will buy one plz plz
She again drags him out and buys silk and eats it like a kid
Next day again that laksh was speaking and ragini was just listening
Ragini : laksh lets go out na i am bored
Now its high time for laksh he was frustrated
Laksh : stop it ragini are you a kid sometimes icecream sometimes choclate because of your kiddish behaviour we have wasted our three days and like this we will come last understand
Ragini was having tears in her eyes she was crying
Ragini : i am sorry i have wasted your three days from tomorrow i will not behave like this am sorry
Laksh felt bad
Laksh : am sorry ragini i was angry i am really really sorry i shouldnt have be angry i am sorry
Ragini : its allright
Laksh : so friends
Ragini : we are friends ok
Days paased ragini was now concentrating on work more and thry came close because of that project one day when laksh and ragini was walking raginis one friend name rohit was feeling jealous of him and goes to him
Rohit : are ragini you here come na will go somewhere why are you always with him he dont have class and all leave him
Ragini : just shut up rohit you dont have class and let me remind you you are nothing to me you have no right with whom i should go ok so just get lost with all your shits ok
Rohit : you will pay for it
He goes from there
Laksh : ragini i think you should not be with me like this all of them may get wrong
Ragini : oh common laksh why should we listen to society they dont have the right to say anything its our life we will choose what we want ok so just come
Days passes and the result day came and guess what ragini and lakshs presentation was first they were really happy and ragini insisted to take laksh for a part laksh was denying but afterall he accepts ragini took him to disco and both part hard and after that both have fallen for eachother but both didnt confess to eachother exams started and both of them were giving their best and it was last exam night ragini was awake when her mobile rang it was laksh she was damn happy
Ragini : hello
Laksh : hello ragini i hope i didnt disturb you
Ragini : no laksh you can call me at any time
Laksh : i wanna say something to you
Ragini : then say na
Laksh : not today tomorrow
Ragini : i have to wait till tomorrow
Laksh : yes you have to bye good night
And both sleeps happily next day both were eager to meet eachother exams got over and rgini was waiting for him laksh was coming ragini saw him both wayes hand but before they could meet rohit and his friends started to beat laksh ragini was trying hard to let him leave but they pushed her she called all the college members and was successful throw rohit but laksh was beaten badly ragini took him in her lap and cryed hard and took him to the hospital after sometime doctor informed that he is fine now she immediately ran inside and hugged him and he hugged her back
Ragini : i am so happy that you are fine when they were beating you i felt like my life was snacting from me i cant live without you laksh i love you yes laksh i love you
Laksh : ragini today i wanted to tell you this only that i loved you but all this happen but i am glad that in all this i found my love that is you i love too ragini
And both hug eachother
Laksh : but ragini our family you are rich and i am middleclass our parents will never accept
Ragini : laksh money doesnt matter in love when you are there i dont want nothing i only want you and we will convince our family
Laksh : i will talk to them
Some days later both have told to their parents and their reaction first laksh house
Dp : no laksh this isnt possible they are rich and we are middle class this cant happen and what will society tell that you have marry that girl for money
Laksh : dad but i love her and she is sacrificing everything plz accept it
Ap : no laksh understand this cant happen its not your age to take so much desicions concentrate now on studies and work leave this love and all
Laksh : mim i love ragini tahts it if youll dont help me than i will leve this house
Dp : what you will leave us ok then go ahead beta but let me rmind you of one thing desicions which are taken in hurry never succeed you should think calmly
Laksh : but without ragini i cant live its better to go with her i have always loved youll and will always do and am leaving but my love for you both will never decrease and i will come here when you both accept us both
And he leaves both ap and dp were having tears
At raginis house
Shekhar : how dare you ragini this was the reason we have educated you to love somebody and that too with no class
Ragini : dad plz i love him and thats final
Sharmishta : have you lost your manners keep quite i will make you amrry in 1 month then you will learn everything
Ragini : mom i will marry laksh neither nobody mom he is really a nice person plz trust me
Shekhar : no ragini we will never accept this if you want to go with him go but you have to break all relations with us
Ragini : mom dad i have loved you both since childhood you both are my everything but plz understand laksh is also my love and i cant live without him i am going now leaving youll but i will be your daughter forever i love you both and will miss you
She too leaves and both shekhar and sharmishta were crying
After that both of thwm meet and told their stories
Ragini : laksh today my mom and dad broke all relation with me
Laksh : my too ragini now we both will start a fresh lives with us are you ready
Ragini : am always with you laksh
Laksh pecks her forehead and both leaves to mandir both have called their besties and does the wedding happily and after that they left for a house which was a small rented house .
Laksh : i am sorry i have bought you here
Ragini : no laksh its so beautiful i can stay with you anywhere
But she cries remembering her parents he sees this and hugs her and calms her down
Ragini : plz dont leave me laksh i am nothing without you
Laksh : never ragini my heart is with you how can i go away from you
And then he kisses her passionately she too reciprocates it after that both of them consummated their marraige
Days passed laksh got a job and ragini was a perfect house wife and they were going smoothly but all seems not nice laksh lost his job and they need money for rent and all so finally ragini decides to job but laksh always opposes to her but ragini still goes for job and laksh too finds another job and this was the starting of their misunderatanding laksh was involeved in his work and ragini was in her both of them hardly talk to eachother but their misunderstanding was creating more and more one day when laksh came to ragini office to take her home he saw eagini and his boss were laughing he misunderstood them and directly goes to home
Ragini came
Laksh : so how was your day enjoyed with your boss
Ragini : laksh what are you saying i go there for work and my boss wait a minute you are doubting on me.
Laksh : listen ragini ragini my desicion is final leave your job i am doing it and it’s enough for both of us and dont dare to talk wth that raj your boss ok don’t go to office now
Ragini : whats your problem laksh plz use your brains do you really doubt on me ok then i will too not leave this job do think what you want ok
Laksh : ragini you cant oppose me
Ragini : i can laksh and if plz i have that right to do anything ok
Laksh : so why have you married me
Ragini : i have now realised thats the most wrong decision i have taken
Laksh : so go back i dont need you
Both of them had a great fight and sleep reminding their past incidents next day in raginis office she was so sad and in guilt then her boss came
Boss : ragini where are you lost
Ragini : sorry sir say na
Boss : i have to give you wedding card of my wedding which is next week but it seems you are lost somewhere you can share had a fight with your hubby
Ragini : no no sir
Boss : see ragini husbands and wife do fights but the main root is trust without trust there is nothing and you should not let this realtionship affect so the mistake is yours or him but one should go down and forgive other then only the realtionship will be good so leave all this work and go ok
Ragini : thanks sir for your advice and congrats for your wedding
Boss : humm its allright and plz bring your husband too ok go now
She left hurriedly to lakshs office to ask for sorry there in lakshs office he was too lost when her friend came
Priya : hii laksh how are you
Laksh : are priya you how you came
Priya : are my wedding is there after one week you have to come and bring ragini too
He was again lost when priya notice
Priya : hey where are you lost
Laksh : nothing yr just had a fight with ragini
Priya : oh so this is the matter laksh why you always be angry why cant you control it i know ragini she is really nice you have done something i know now common dont be upset go home and make her mood up
Laksh : yup i will and congrats for your wedding
And both hugs eachother at that time ragini came and she misundertood them laksh sees her but ragini went to home laksh too went behind her he reaches home ragini saw him and slapped hard
Ragini : wow mr. Laksh what a game ayed with me
Laksh : have you lost it ragini what are you saying
Ragini : i have seen with my eyes what you were doing with that priya ok and i got you why are you leaving me because tou want to leave with that priya na
Laksh : ragini mind your language how can you think so low i cant think tht ragini i hve loved is it you only and tell me what about your raj boss you are also so close to him
Ragini : you have turned so cheap laksh so cheap is that you only laksh who have trust me blindly before you know what you dont have trust on me then whats the reason of this relation
Laksh : yup you are right so today i am leaving you go wherever you wanna go
Ragini and laksh both were crying but left eachother and went to their home both families accepted them without hesitation as they are their child days passed both of them misses eachother badly but their ego both were waiting for eachothers phone but no phone came all this days were hell to them they were not interested in the whole world their parents were worried for them and one day
In raginis house
Sharmishta : ragini beta today your boss wedding is there you ho
Ragini : no mom i am not ok
Shekhar : beta see marraige has ups and downs but you shouldnt give up and you were so brave
Ragini : i cant dad
Shekhar : everything will be allright beta ok go for wedding you will be ok
Ragini : i am sorry i have hurted you both so much
Sharmsihta : no beta it was not your fault we would have understand it and dont worry laksh will come soon to take you
Ragini : mom am going ok
At laksh house
Ap : beta today is priyas wedding you ahve to go na
Laksh : mom leave it am not going
Dp : but beta why are you affecting yourself if you are having guilt then go to ragini na
Laksh : no dad i will not go she also didnt need me thats why didnt called me
Ap : see our ego has clashed with love we are the only one qho destroys beta you will feel better go for wedding
Atlast he accepts and goes
Both ragini and laksh reached and was shocked laksh was shocked as priya is getting married to raginis boss and ragini was shocked that her boss is getting married to priya both goes to stage and both sees eachother
Boss : are ragini meet my wife priya
Priya : and laksh meet my husband raj
Both were hell shocked and went to corner and reminded of past
Laksh : ragini i ahve done a big msitake
Ragini : i havent trust you laksh am so duffer
Laksh : that day priya higged me because she told me about marraige and she was the one who told me to solve our problems calmly
Ragini : and boss was the one who has send me to meet you to apologise to you we both were wrong
Laksh : we have only let this to affect our lives
Ragini : we cant blame others i am sorry laksh from marraige i have always opposed you
Laksh : and from marraife i ahve done wrong to you dad was right decsions which are in hurry always let our fall i am so sorry ragini but you know my mom and dad have accepted our marraige
Ragini : mine too laksh actually laksh our marraige decision was taken by us not by our parents thats why it was not so strong and we were having no elders support and elders supportvis really necessary
Laksh : we thought that we can live our lives alone but we cant and ragini in this days i have lived and missed you so much that i have never did
Ragini : and laksh in this days i have waited for you so much than ever i have did i kbow i was wrong but still i was waiting for you you know laksh our love was not finished but it was lost.
Laksh : and now we have found it so lets start our lives happily again with a new start with our families blessings
Ragini : and this time i will never leave you even if you tell then too
Laksh : and who is going to leave you duffer i will never leave you you are my angel who has came in my life and thought me to live i love you so much ragini
Ragini : i love you too laksh
And both hugs eachother
After that both parents accept and both leads their life happily
So guyz finished with this one i hope youll like it plz do comments need it badly and sure will come up with another os for swasan and raglak ok till then keep loving take care see youll soon bye

Credit to: kaynat khan

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