RagLak OS: love birds and a cupid.!a gift to Astra akka from her lazy sisters

Raglak os: Love birds and a cupid!
A beautiful park is shown. It was like autumn season with falling leaves, dawn time, sun is going to be sleep, chill air, smell of sand, sound of running water in the lake of the park made it feel like heaven. Without a smile…a pale face with so much tears and broken heart is seen sitting on a bench of the park. The person’s hands are on his knees supporting his upper body on his legs with his fingers crossed. His tears falling on the ground made it wet. His eyes were closed like he doesn’t want to see the real world and digging himself in his own world. He slowly opened his eyes….suddenly a white light flashes…..
A building is shown… “SR University”
A car stops in front of it. A handsome hunk with a smirk face enters the college. Many girls started to drool seeing him. His smirk just widens and walks with much pride inside the campus. Just then a girl dashed on him. His smirk turns into frown and looked at the girl. She was not less than a princess and more than an angel. She was such a beautiful girl. He was looking at her mesmerized. Her hair was dancing in air to make him stare at her continuously. But her hands suddenly waved before him disturbing his stare. Then he heard her lovely voice…
Angelic beauty: Thank god! U have came back to earth or else I should have requested NASA to construct a new rocket to make u come out of ur world.
Handsome hunk: Hello Miss. Whatever! You r the one who dashed me, U should ask me sorry instead u r teasing me. (With a cute pout) How mean?
That girl started to laugh. Her laugh was like a bird’s song. Once again he mesmerized to see her. Her laugh slowly disappeared giving a smile.
Angelic face: Ok cutie, I am sorry.
But she was interrupted…
Handsome hunk (with a terrific face): What did u say? Cutie!? Me?
Angelic face (With a smirk): Yes I said because ur pout is so cute like a small kid.
Handsome hunk pouts again. Angelic face couldn’t control and laughed again. She forwarded her hand for a shake.
Angelic face: By the way, I am Ragini Gadodia. I am first year and was searching my class.

Handsome hunk gave his hand and shakes a little saying: Hey angel! I am Rana Daggubati. I am also first year. I am very happy to meet u. So I think this year will be full of happiness as u will be with me naa friend? {How many have thought him as Laksh ;P …u should comment it}
Ragini: Of course cutie. I am ur friend naa. I will be there.
Saying this she pulled his cheeks and Rana looked at her horrified saying: Hey don’t touch my handsome face.
Both looked each other for a minute and started to laugh loudly that all the students were thinking to call ambulance for admitting them in a mental hospital.

After about 15 minutes, Ragini and Rana were walking on the corridor at that time they felt a tap on their shoulder. They turn around and found a dashing hot man in a white shirt with brown jacket and blue jean. His look made them to stare him as a chocolate. His hands made them to bring back to reality.
Dashing man: Hey guys! I am first year. Shall I
But he was interrupted by two forwarded hands before him. He looked at them confused and they both noticed it and said
Ragini and Rana (Ragna) (in chorus): Friends?
Dashing man smiled and shakes his hand with them saying “Friends! I am Laksh Maheshwari.”
Ragini: Hi sweetie! I am Ragini Gadodia!
Laksh’s face was horrified like Rana’s. He said: Sweetie? ME?
Ragini cutely nodded and said: U look so sweet.
Laksh blinked like a rabbit which made Ragna to laugh like hell. Finally they stopped and Rana said: I am Rana Daggubati.
But Ragini interrupted saying: Cutie.
Now it’s Raglak’s time to laugh at Rana who was standing with a cute pout.
Rana and Laksh (Ranlak): Enough Angel! Let’s go to class.

After sometime,
The class was started. The 3 musketeers were at the last bench with Ragini in middle and Ranlak on her either side. Everyone was busy in their works. Ragini was busy in taking notes, Rana was busy in flirting with a girl sitting on his other side and Laksh was busy in yawning and looking the whole class other than board. Suddenly Ranlak’s leg was stepped on by Ragini’s legs forcibly. They shouted ‘Aaahh!’ at a time. All looked at them like a ghost including the lecturer. They gave their best smile and said nothing. Everyone turned back to look after their job. But Ranlak turned to glare at Ragini who was already smirking. They acted like they were in angry mood and turned to board but at corner of eyes they looked at Ragini who was already looking at them with mocking smile. This made them to turn to the board completely. But Laksh felt very bored so he closed his eyes and lean on bench to sleep but then lecturer saw him.
Lecturer: Mr. Last bench right cornered first one. What r u going to do Mr.?
Laksh with a half sleepy and half teasing voice: I am going to play with u sir.
All started to laugh including Ragna. Lecturer glared at him and shouted “Get out!”
Laksh as a obedient boy jumped from his seat and starts moving towards the door but before going out he turns and comes closer to the lecturer and looked at him strangely. All students including lecturer were confused with his look. Lecturer asked “What”
Laksh with innocent face: Sir! Something is here on ur nose (pointing towards his nose)
Lecturer touched his nose and asked “What is there?”
Laksh again with innocent face: Sir something is here this side also here too. (Pointing towards right and left side of his nose) Lecturer does the same and looked at Laksh confused who had a smirk on his face. Laksh lightly pressed his nose and said “bye black panda” and ran away from there. Lecturer blinked like a rabbit and turned towards the students who started laugh looking at his face which was full of black except his nose, because of chalk piece dust! At that time the class ends and everyone comes out. Ragna saw Laksh standing near the door and immediately ran to him and hugged him tightly while laughing. The 3 had a group hug.
Suddenly it turns black and white and now completely dark.
Now a big house is shown, people were roaming here and there and children were chasing each other some were at corners sitting and chatting some were seeing something. Following their gaze, it was found that it was a mandap. There a groom and bride were sitting on the mandap with a veil and sehra because of which their face it not visible clearly.
Groom whispers in bride’s ear: Ragini!
Bride (Ragini) is shocked and asked: Rana!?
Suddenly it turns white and the same college is shown. 3 musketeers were walking in the corridor with Ragini in middle and Ranlak on her either side. All the students waving hi and smile towards them and all the lecturers run away from their way and hide behind the pillar. This made them to smirk and all others to grin. But one professor was coming towards them as though he has no fear on them, the 3 looked at him and then at each other. A naughty curve came on their lips. They continued to walk forward. Now they were standing infront of the professor. Suddenly Rana bend like picking something from floor. This made the professor to jerk and fall on the ground. But before that he was saved by two hands of Raglak. His two hands were on their hands; they both looked at him with pity look then turned towards each other. Ragini winked and next Thud! The professor was on the ground growling in pain with Raglakran laughing loud and the whole college holding their stomach and laughing. Raglak hugged each other tightly and laughing like there is no tomorrow and Rana hugged both of them sharing a group hug. Raglakran Rocked! Professor Shocked!
Suddenly it turns black, now the same park is shown.
Laksh was biting his lips as though he was controlling his tears but no longer could the dam stop his uncontrollable tears. They rushed down on his cheeks like river. He closed his eyes tightly and cried loudly which made the birds on the trees to fly.
Now it turns white and a beautiful garden is shown. In a bench, Raglak were sitting. Ragini is seemed to be tensed and Laksh is trying to look at her face and catch the matter. Finally he put his hand on her and asked.
Laksh (with concern): Angel! What happened?
Ragini (still not looking at him and immersed in her own thoughts): Something is happening!
Laksh couldn’t understand and looked at her confused. He cupped her face and made her to face him: What r u saying? What is happening?
Ragini with twisted lips and confused eyes looked at him. Laksh smiled looking at her reaction. Ragini noticed this and frowned her eyebrows which made Laksh to stop smile and give a apology look. Ragini’s eyebrows become normal and smiled lightly. Laksh smiled widely and said: Angel! Say, what is happening?
Ragini once again twisted her lips and said like cute child: Sweetie! What can I say? I myself was very much confused with my feelings then how can I explain it to u?
Laksh looked at her strangely and said: Tell me, whatever u r feeling. I just guess ur feelings.
Ragini immediately give him a best smile and looked at him with ‘really’ look. Laksh nodded confidently and auctioned her to say.
Ragini: Sweetie! Something is happening inside me like I feel…..differently when I stand near him. I will feel like my heart was running in a race. I feel blood rushing in my veins. I feel different things in my stomach. I want to speak something to gain his attention. But something stops me if I blabber something what will happen. (She loses her patience and shouts) I don’t know Laksh how it feels. I can’t say in words. Those feelings were very different for me. I don’t know if I am enjoying it or getting punishment in it. (She shouts more) I don’t know Laksh! I DON’T KNOW!
Laksh looked at her with big eyes and slowly looked around to find if someone is seeing them. But he realized not someone but everyone is looking at them. He just returned a small glare to which everyone returned to their own work gulping their saliva. He now turned towards Ragini and slowly patted her back like calming her. Ragini was staring at the ground with frowned eyebrows and fast breathe. Laksh pulled her into his embrace and ran his fingers through her hair in an attempt to calm her. He was successful. Ragini closed her eyes and calmed her nerves. She broke the hug and looked at Laksh for an answer.
Laksh gulped hard thinking what he would say her, but somehow he managed to give her a warm look to comfort her. Laksh: Ragini! I think u have a crush on that person.
Ragini looked at him with big eyes making Laksh feel uncomfortable. Her eyes slowly become small and looked at Laksh to proceed.
Laksh: Ragini! You don’t worry. Crush is just a small thing.
But interrupted, Ragini: What? Small thing!? Do you know how much it is suffering me?
But interrupted, Laksh: Relax! Relax Ragini! I mean to say that u don’t give this much priority to this feel, and then it will be a small thing. I think its Ur first crush so only u r so disturbed.
Ragini slowly nodded her head looking at the ground with red cheeks.
Laksh: ok Ragini! Now chill! Be cool! I will help u to impress him. Okk?
Ragini looked at him with shock but latest replaced by her lovely look. She hugged him tightly.
Ragini: Sweetie! Really you are a sweetheart. Love you so much. Okay I need to go now. See u later Laksh. Bye!
She was about to go but Laksh stopped her and asked with little heavy heart: Ragini! U didn’t say me who is that?
Ragini immediately shut his mouth with her hand and said: Shh! I forgot to say, u should not say this to anyone, including Rana.
Laksh: But Ragini. Why have u said it to me? U could have said to any other girls naa?
But interrupted, Ragini: But they r not my sweetie Laksh! U r the one I could share any things, secrets, feelings of mine. Because u r Laksh! No one can get Ur place in my heart including Rana!
With that she left the place leaving a very confused Laksh.
Everything turns black, now the mandap is shown.
Ragini (with shock and little loudly): Rana!?
Rana (panicked): Shhhh, don’t shout!
Ragini composed herself and asked: what r u doing here Rana? How did u come here? Why r u doing like this? What do u want?
But interrupted, Rana: I want u to realize Ur Love Ragini!
Ragini looked at him shocked and asked (controlling herself not to shout): what love? I don’t love anyone. But interrupted, Rana: oh really? Then what is it feelings on Laksh called?
But interrupted, Ragini: r u crazy Rana? He is my best friend. Don’t say anything and just get up from here.
But interrupted, Rana: Then why did u felt jealous when Laksh was roaming with that girl?
But interrupted, Ragini innocently: which girl r u saying? Why should I jealous on some passing away girls?
Rana smirked: oh yeah! Why should u feel jealous on a girl like Tanvi who always propose Laksh to marry her?
Ragini’s blood boiled hearing that name and remained silent which in turn made Rana smirk more.
Now the screen turns white and the same college’s garden area is shown.
Rana was talking with Ragini but Ragini was in her own world. At that time they both heard Laksh’s voice which brought Ragini to the reality.
Laksh: Please Tanvi! I don’t have any feelings for u. I am not interested in marrying u also because I am in love with another girl. Leave me Tanvi. Leave this love topic. Let’s be friends. Now don’t speak anymore about this. Go!
A broken hearted Tanvi moved away and the heart breaker Laksh moves to his class. Rana looked the way they both gone but Ragini was having tears in her eyes. Rana looked at Ragini and shocked to see her tears.
Rana with concern and little panicked: Angel! What happened? Why r u crying?
Ragini came to reality with that, she removed her tears and acted casually: Nothing! It’s just dust.
But interrupted, Rana: I know want to know what that dust was! Come on Ragini, tell me.
But interrupted, Ragini little irritated: Don’t be crazy Rana. I am alright. Just leave me.
But interrupted, Rana: Ragini, I want to know the reason.
Bur interrupted, Ragini with irritated and frowned eyes looked at Rana and said in a flow: Look Rana! I had a crush on u. I said about it to Laksh. He asked me to move on but I struck into that feeling so he helped me in impressing u. But in that process, our friendship doesn’t go well. We both had many ego clashes, though we talk with each other after few minutes, we were not the same Ragini and Laksh. We had some distance. We were not able to spend time because I spent most of my time with u. In that process he got friendship with that Tanvi. And this only complicated our friendship. We can’t even see each other. I missed him so much. I tried to talk to him but he was busy with that Tanvi. He didn’t call or even message me. I hate this Rana. See today he said he doesn’t love Tanvi and don’t have any feelings for her. I am very happy to hear that but when he said that he loves someone, I feel like kill that someone. I feel my heart broke into pieces. I feel a rage on Laksh and angry on that girl. I feel very angry. Okk! Now did u get the answer? Now leave me.
Without waiting for his reply, Ragini went from there. Rana looked at her with little tears but a small smile in his lips.
Rana (to himself): My angel is in love with her sweetie. (He smiles widely) Now it’s my work to unite this love birds and confess their love and I am the cupid in their love story.
He grinned like a kid and felt happy for his friends.
It turns black again. Now the park is shown, Laksh was sitting on the bench with dried tears on his cheeks, red eyes and heavy hearted.

Laksh’s POV,
I am broken Ragini when u opened ur feelings on Rana. But somewhere in a corner of my heart I felt really happy because I am that much special to u. But u didn’t say why I am that much special to u. U have shared many things with me. But why u didn’t say ur feelings on me? Why Ragini? It’s killing me Ragini even now. I hate the fact that I helped u to impress Rana. At times I felt like killing Rana even though he is my friend. My feelings on u couldn’t let me see u with others including Rana. My feeling on u is none other than love Ragini! I know I haven’t said this to u, but whenever I come to propose u something stops me. It’s because I don’t want to lose ur friendship. I know I am coward in opening my feelings but what about u Ragini? Why has u hide ur feelings on me? Tell me!
His fresh tears falls on sand like rain drop and scattered at all places.
Now the screen turns white and the same college is shown, with some water scattering on the ground from the bottle Rana was holding. He looked around like checking if someone is seeing him. He noticed Raglak coming in opposite directions. Their eyes met and locked with each other. Rana immediately smirked and hides behind a pillar watching them.
Kaise batayein kyun tujhko chahe yaara bata na paayeBaatein dilo ki dekho jo baaki aankhein tujhe samjhayeTu jaane na… tu jaane na… tu jaane na… tu jaane naLaksh looked at Ragini with his love and painMilke bhi hum na mile tum se na jaane kyunMeelon ke hai faasle Tum se na jaane kyun Anjaane yeh silsale Tum se na jaane kyun Sapne hai Palkon tale tum se na jaane kyun… Both looks at the other painfully not able to spare the distance between them..!!Kaise batayein kyun tujhko chahe yaara btaa na paayeBaatein dilo ki dekho jo baaki aankhein tujhe samjhayeTu jaane na… tu jaane na… tu jaane na… tu jaane na
Raglak proceeds forward towards the other forgetting the entire world around them..!!
Two eyes were watching them with full excitement and determination..!!Humko gile tumse na jaane kyunMeelon ke hain faasle tum se na jaane kyunTu jaane na… tu jaane na… tu jaane na… tu jaane na
Ragini’s eyes were glued only on him and the entire world around her turned dimmer..!!
Looking at him fondly.,she stepped on something and trembled.
She was about to fall but two safe arms caught her in his embrace.she opened her eyes slowly when she realised that she isn’t hurt and it was him..!!Tooo jaane na jaane na jaane na… aaa tu jaane na… 
They both shared a cute eyelock and Ragini felt safe in his arms,the entire campus was looking at them with aww and they become the centre of attraction..!!
“mission success..!!”Rana jumps behind the pillar happily.
RagLak came out from their world realising something.
The screen again turns black and white.
Rana:just think about it Ragini..!just once..!!
Ragini with teary eyes turned towards Rana and grasped his hand sighing something..!!
Ragini(lil louder):yes.,I love him Rana..!!I love laksh..!!
Rana immediately removed his turban and veil in excitement and holds Ragini hand in hand.
Rana:run..!run Ragini..!!
Both rushed outside and get into the car.Ragini’s parents and relatives were trying to chase them but before that Rana drove away with Ragini..!!
On the way.,when Ragini peeps out through the window reminisces something..!!
The screen turns black and white..a palace like building is shown and the camera slowly moves ascended the stairs and stops infront of our angelic beauty..!!
She was twisting her lips and nervousness occupied her face.she took her mobile and stares those messages again “am on a date with Tanvi.,will catch u later Ragu..!!”
Ragini(frowning):how could he go for a date..!!that too with Tanvi.She dialled his number.,he keeps on disconnecting it.
Ragini(fuming):how mean he is.,disconnecting my calls.I won’t leave u.
She kept dialling his number and atlast he picked up.
Laksh(irritating):what’s this Ragini.!!I told you not to disturb me na.what Tanvi might think about me..!!ok tell me what are you upto..!
He could hear only her sobs,his face turned pale and he was hell nervous and fear starts occupying his mind.
Laksh:are you ok angel.!
Ragini (sobbing):no laksh.!I fell down on the floor and my leg gets fractured.I can’t even move an inch,noone is here at home that’s why I tried calling you but you didn’t picked up.sorry for interrupting you in between ur date..(she was about to hang up)
But interrupted,laksh:am coming angel..!don’t worry.,am coming..!
He hanged the call and without even informing Tanvi he left the place,the only thing spinning in his head was Ragini,Ragini alone..!!
Ragini when heard the horn sound,acts like weeping on the floor.
Laksh rushed to her room and found her on floor wincing in pain.
Laksh:come on Ragu..!!
He tried to make her stand but she winces more in pain.finally he has no option other than this,he slowly took her in his arms and walked towards her bed.
Ragini wrapped her hands around his neck and stares his eyes intensely,her gaze attracted his eyes like a magnetic force and both shared an eyelock.
Being busy in staring eo’s eyes and getting drowned there,laksh forgot to watch out other things.
His legs trembles when he stepped into the slippery surface and the next moment both fall over the bed.
Laksh was above Ragini now,she slowly opened her eyes and both forgot about everything.Laksh gently neared her face which sends shivers to her spine and she felt weird feelings when he pecked her forehead lovingly..!!
His gaze then falls on her lips,it was pulling him more to taste it.he bends down towards her lips and was about to plant a kiss but interrupted.
He takes back and stood up,Ragini who was closing her eyes opened it when she doesn’t felt his fragrance.
She stood up biting her lips and found him looking for something in the draw.
He turned back and comes to her with a first aid box and applied pain relief balm on her leg where she pointed paining.
She closed her eyes and felt his touch,butterflies started created tickling sensation on her stomach but she controlled her emotions somehow not letting him to know.
He stood up and placed the box beside and left the room without uttering anything.
She came back from her trance when the car gets stopped with a sudden jerk..!!
Rana(sighs):go to him..!go to ur love angel..!!
Ragini hugged him and stepped out from the car.her eyes were wandering here and there in search of him but she couldn’t find him anywhere in the park.she then remembered that place and rushed there holding her lehenga.
She then found her love weeping badly throwing the stones on the lake.
Laksh(sobbing):am cursed to miss you Ragini..!!
“no u r fortunate my sweetheart..!”
Laksh slightly tilt his head and found his love standing in tears.he stood up immediately trembling but balanced somehow and goes near her..!!
“why are you here..!you left me and married someone na..!go away.,get lost Ragini..!please.,please.”he fell down on his knees weeping.
Laksh(to himself):stop hallucinating laksh..!!she is someone’s wife by now.!
She bends down and lifts his face by chin and blown a tight slap on his cheek.laksh holds his burning cheek looking shocked,surprised,astonished and what not.
Laksh(shocks):Ragini.,what are you doing here..!you have to be in mandap now na..!!
She gifted him with another blow when he quizzed about her marriage.
Laksh stood up and tried to clear his side but before that Ragini started throwing small stones on him from the ground.
Ragini(still throwing the stones):why u haven’t say this before..!
Laksh(winces):aah angel..!you haven’t gave me a chance and when I tried to propose,u opened up ur feelings about Rana..!
Ragini(changed the topic):don’t act smart and how dare you to date that Tanvi ignoring me.!
Laksh:did you allowed me to date her..!!no na and u are also not that innocent I thought.u have feelings on me know that’s why u voluntarily broke ur leg and spoiled my date.
His statement increased her anger and she picked a stick from the ground nearby and was about to beat him.
He grabbed her hands tightly and trying to make eyelock with her and succeeded too..!
He slowly pulled and thrown the stick away from her.he stares her fondly and neared her cupping her face with one hand and pressing her bare waist with his other hand.he then started chewing her lower lips making her weak by pulling her deep inside him.
Both lost in eo being busy in their passionate love making..!!
Rana(closing his eyes):guys am here only..!!
They parted apart when they heard his voice and both gets embarrassed to look at him.
“ok guys..am leaving u both enjoy ur love making..!!”Rana leaves waving his hand without looking back..!!

After Rana left the place,both proceeds towards the other in amazement and excitement.!
Laksh was ruffling his hair while Ragini was staring the ground being shy for the very first time..!!
“I love you Ragini/laksh”both said in unison..!!
A small smile crept across their lips and soon it turned out into an wider one.they hugged eo lovingly showing the pain they have gone through..!!
Telusaa telusaa preminchanani
Telusaa telusaa pranam nuvvani
Laksh cups her face and promised her that he won’t even thought to leave her and will love her till his last breath..!!
Raasa raasa neeke premani
Raasa raasa nuvve nenani
Both gets emotional and smiles through their tears..!!
And in between Rana tried convincing ragini’s parents and somehow succeeded too..!!

Ye Dhe Dho Edho edho idhi
Ye Naa Du Naalone lenidhi
Nee Pai Ne Premayyindhe cheli
RagLak sits in the mandap holding hand in hand staring eo forgetting the world.Ragini bends her head in shy and blushes looking their entangled hands.

Naa oopire nilipaavura
Naa kallalo nilichavura
Naa premane gelichaavura
Pandit gave the sacred sutr to laksh.he adores the mangalsutr around ragini’s neck and she smiles touching the sacred thread..!!
Manassune pilichaavura
Naalokamai poyavura
Veyellu natho vundara
Laksh slightly hits her shoulder with his and gave her a naughty smirk,Ragini sighs him to shut up.
Rana huffs in between to bring them back to the world and they pose for a selfie which Rana tooks..!!
The screen freezes with the 3 dangerous devils smiling face..!!
Happy ending..!!
Astra akka..,this one’s for u from ur dangerous lazy goose sisters..!!
Belated happy birthday from ur 3 devils..!!
C:HariniPriya,Vidhya and PriyaDarshini..!!
Keep smiling Akka and we wish you all the luck and may god bless u with all the happiness today.,tmrw and the days to come..!!
Tata akka..!!
N.C::Harini Priya

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    awesome os. sorry for the last comment. even I thought it would be laksh

  31. Elizebathlovely


  32. Laashya

    Wonderful os and cute raglakrana

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