RagLak OS- Limitless Love by Jiya Part 2


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Thanks a lot for ur comment ob behalf of Jiya who is the author of this story.Here goes part 2

As soon as ragini enters the restaurant she felt something strange,her heart start beating faster like if will come out any moment whereas on the other side laksh who was already in the same restaurant with his family too felt something strange,he gets some sort of peace in his heart after 20 long years,they both feels each others presences around them but still couldn’t see each other insipte of looking here n their several times as both of them were in totally opposite direction,they both were very near to each other yet very far from each other but their hearts says that their loved one,their soulmate is very near to them which automatically brings a smile on laksh’s face but ragini’s heart filled hearted,her eyes become red in angry because all the past incidents comes infront of her eyes n tears automatically starts flowing through her eyes, she was so lost in her thoughts,in her own world that she totally forgets about her surroundings n because of which she incidently kept her feets on a slippery floor n because of it she was to about to fall n in the fear of failling n getting hurt she tightly closed her eyes but when she realise that she doesnt fall,doesn’t get hurt nor feel any pain she slowly opens her eyes n finds a pair of strongs arms were protectively holding here n it was of none other then samar,he was the one who saved her from failling n were continuously looking at her with a smile because of which ragini felt very awkward n she quickly stands up on her feets separating herself from his grip n after this silently they all takes up their seats at their reserved table which is quite far from laksh’s table but still ragini felt very uncomfortable,she feels like suffocating,may be she couldn’t see laksh but her soul could feel his presence,she could feel him n its making her more n more uncomfortable,she just want to run from their because even though she many a times says she hates laksh but still somewhere deep in her heart his presence still effects her afterall ones she use to loved him truly,madly,she loved him like anything n because of his love only she forgets everything,very relation n even she forgets herself too,she totally changed herself according to his choice,his likes but what she gets in return inspite of doing all this nothing n its the worst thing for her,it killed her heart,her soul…

seeing her totally lost somewhere sid n sanyu many a times call her name but she doesnt responsed,they even wave their hands infront of her but nothing works out so as samar was sitting just beside her,he slightly pinches her on her hand because of which she comes back into the reality n seeing her back into reality both sid n sanyu smiling asked her where she was so lost,shat was she thinking that she forgets everything…before ragini could say anything samar mockingly speaks up n says obviously guys like always she must be lost in her dream man laksh thoughts only, hearing laksh’s name everyone becomes silent, all the smile,happiness vanishs away from their table,everyone went back to the past n ragini she was on the verge to cry so she excused herself n went to bathroom n at the very same time laksh too went to bathroom but this time also they both fails to see each other whereas on the other side sid n sanyu told to samar that firstly they all didn’t like this kind of jokes n secondly none of them had any realtion with that man n his so called family so never again in life tries to tease them all with his name or tries to take his name infront of them otherwise it will not be good, hearing this samar to realise his mistake,he realised that may be he said all that in a funny way to lighten up everyones mood but everything went wrong n it hurts their feelings, his words again freshen up their wounds because he very well knows that who complicit this laksh matter is for them n how much they all hates him n his joke make this situation worse so he quickly apologise to them n promise them that he will never ever repeat this thing again in his life…

after five or ten mins when ragini comes out her eyes were totally red n swallown,her kajal was bit mess,some dried tears were still present on her checks, anyone who would see her can clearly say that she had cried a lot n even outside the washroom too she was silently crying so by seeing her in that state someone without even seeing her face offers his hankerchief to her n she too takes it without seeing that person…after a while consoling herself when she lifts up her head to see that person,to thank that unknown person she saw him going away so she calls him many a times, asked him to stop,even runs after him too but she miss/lost him as he gets mixed up in the crowd but after a while that some unknown person sits on his respective table waits for their order with his family n as we move closer to him n see his face,its revealed that the person who had helped ragini outside the washroom is none other then laksh only but still they both didn’t saw each other whereas ragini too comes back to her respective table n seeing her state everyone understood what might would had happen so no says or ask her anything,their was a ice between them all but soon samar break that cold ice among them by apologising to ragini,he promise her the same that he would never repeat this mistake again, he told to ragini that I had promised to myself that I wont ever let anyone to make u or sid n sanyu cry but see today I only make u guys cries so for that i really deserve a punishment please punish me guys,please…Please samar don’t blame or hurt urself as u hadnt done anything intentionally n moreover u said all that to make us all laugh which was not wrong in any way so who can we all punish u n if we punish u then it will be very unfair to u n we don’t want that so now drop this topic here only n infact u had helped me only because now I’m feeling very light n relaxed n moreover samar I’m not the person who thinks that crying is a cowards act,only weak people cries,I’m the person who thinks that sometime it becomes necessary to let out all pain n problems through your tears because if we can’t do that then slowly bit by bit all our pains n problems will gone kill us n moreover it is necessary to remove all ur pains n problems before they start eating u n ur life so I just did the same ragini replied,thanx ragini after listening this now I’m also feeling very relaxed samar replied back saying this samar went into deep thoughts but soon brings back into the reality by sid who asked him that now what happen to u,why r u so lost,now what r u thinking buddy… nothing much just thinking or u can say just confused that what should I pray to god,should I pray to let u guys meet to laksh n his family so that atleast ragini can get closure to her past n she can move on in her life or should I pray that never let u guys meet them what should I do samar replied…well I have solution to ur problem buddy,u just pray that we guys never meet them because if any day we ever meet them then for sure something would definitely happen that day which we also dont know,we just know that whatever might be happen that day will not be good for sure it will be worse sanyu replied back,well I dont know all this that did we guys will ever able to meet them or not but I know if it is written in our destiny to meet them then we will surely meet them n no can stop us not even we also but if it is not written in our destiny then we will never meet them even though we tried to meet them, it all about destiny n we cant change our destiny so why should we bother so much about it ragini says, yeah I agree with mom why we all waste our present thinking about our future which we dont even know,life changes every sec so why not we lived n enjoy our present,our lifes before our life ditches us sid says…after this before anyone could say anything their order comes n they all eats their dinner with lots of chit chat,fun,masti,they pull each other’s leg,they tease each other on random things,in short all of them were very happy in their short but sweet family which they all had made for themselves n they just love it…

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