RagLak OS- Limitless Love by Jiya Part 1


First of all let me tell u all that this is not my story.This is written by Jiya on IF.But since she is not able to login to TU I’m posting it on her behalf.

As the sun rays falls into the room through window and birds starts chirping ragini quickly gets up from her bed and goes to freshen up, after taking bath she directly comes down to hall and start preparing everything for morning prayer,after completing all the preparations and as the clock strikes at 7:00 she start singing aarti,she had such a marvelous voice which can attract anyone very easily but even though she had a cute smile on her face,her eyes clearly reflect her inner pain, her sorrows,sufferings,her unshed tears,broken pieces of her heart and soul,her broken trust,belief and when after completing her aarti when she heard someone’s voice,she quickly wipes out her tears and again plaster a fake smile on her face and turns back to as usual saw the faces of her two lovingly twins sid and sanyu which was her life,the only reason of her being alive till now,they both were her world,she can do anything for them…so after giving them parsad they all sit together for breakfast, after eating as usual both of her kids went to their respective colleges and she come backs to her room and opens her diary…she very well knows that people usually writes their diary in night but she loves to write in morning when no one was around her,she loves to share her pain, sufferings,guilt,feelings,her past, her emotional turmoils with her diary, it made her feel relax but still everytime while writing her diary she always went back to her past, she remembers how she tried to kill her sister,how she played with everyone feelings, emotions and how to get back their property laksh played with her heart,with her dignity,self-respect and when he is done with his work how he throw her out of his house and life and then how she gets to know that she was pregnant but then also how laksh didn’t accept her and moreover instead of accepting her and his mistake how he called her characterless, how he denies to accept them as his own kids,how he denies to give his name to their kids,how he suggest her to abort them and her slap and then her leaving him and everyone for forever which brings tears in her eyes but when she feels someone tapping on her shoulder she quickly wipes out her tears and turns to find her son sid standing their and watching here,before he could say or ask anything to her,she herself asked him that what he is doing here by this time,I came here to take my book which I had forget replied sid while picking up his book…

though ragini always tries her best to hide her tears from her kids but everytime she fails because her kids were her shadow with whom she cant hide anything and her tears always hurts her kids a lot so sid bend down on his knees infront of ragini and say why mom why you always remember him and hurt yourself,why cant you just forget him and your past…how can I forget him and my past, for forgetting everything first I had to forget you both because you both were symbol of our love atleast for me,you both accept it or not but he is your father and we cant change this truth replied ragini to which he too reply no never,he cant ever be our dad,we just hate him from the bottom of our hearts and if any day he will come infront of us then we kill him for sure,we even hate his name too,hearing all this ragini gives a tight slap to sid and say you guys accept it or not but it wont change the fact and dare you say those words again for your dad,I leave not leave you understand…before sid could reply anything to her maa ragini samar (ragini’s best friend) comes their and gives a assurance look to sid that he will make ragini understand so sid just went from their angrily,after sid left samar consoles ragini who were continuously crying by saying that don’t cry everything will be fine soon but cryingly ragini ask him when it will gone happen,when that soon will come,all this happening just because of laksh, why he did all this to me just to punish me for what I did with him and his family why,isn’t their any other way to be to punish me instead of playing with my heart, with my soul,with my dignity,with my self respect,he just killed my soul and for that I hate him and will never gone forgive him but I cant see hatred in my kids eyes of their dad,it hurts me a lot,I don’t want my kids to bear any kind of hearted for anyone may be if it is their dad also,why cant they both understands this small thing,I don’t want my kids to go through the same which I had gone through because of my hatred, hatred just kill your innocence and I don’t want my kids to loose their innocence for anyone,after hearing all this samar just wipes out ragini tears,consoles her,hugs her protectively and then after sometime when she just calm down and stop crying they both headed towards their shop “Swaragini Fashion House” whereas on the other hand sid angrily comes to some xyz coffee shop where his sis sanyu is eagerly waiting for him he was boiling in angry and was ready to blast on anyone,anytime but his angry cool down after seeing the cute smiling face of his sis sanyu,but sanyu understands that her bro was angry on something by seeing his red eyes but on what so she ask him the reason to which he told her everything,hearing all this sanyu burst into laughter,but seeing her laughing like mad sid gets confused and give him what happen look but she kept on laughing so sid in bit louder voice ask her to stop laughing as he hadn’t crack any joke to which sanyu quickly stop laughing and say sid may be you hadn’t crack any joke but still what we will gone get up getting upset as maa will never gone change,she will never gone forget her past,may be for world she had moved on in her life but we all very well knows that she was still stuck in her past,she was still their where she was before 20 years,she had never moved on in her life and moreover will never gone be so why to waste our time thinking all this when nothing will going to changed,we tried our best na to make maa forget her past, everything but nothing works out and even we tried to make her get married again but she just slapped us and gets angry on us so now I have decided to leave everything on time,slowly but surely time will gone heal up her wounded heart as time is the biggest medicine for ever problem and moreover we cant do anything so its better to leave it…sid too gets convinced with sanyu words as he too very well knows that really they cant do anything so with this they both move towards their respective clg but on the other hand at the same time laksh step outside the

Mumbai airport with swasan and their two kids,as soon as they all step out of airport they all quickly take a cab and went to their hotel for some rest totally unaware that these journey will bring them face to face with their past,these journey will going to change their life for forever but for good or bad only time will answer whereas after finishing their clg both sanyu and sid comes to meet samar and their maa ragini at their fashion house where sid apologise to ragini for his bad behaviour and ragini too ask sorry from him for slapping him and shouting on him soon both mother and son sort out problem and share a cute hug which is soon joined by sanyu and samar too and it become a family hug,even though still ragini had not able to forget her past,laksh but indeed now she was very much happy with in her small world,with her small but lovely family whereas after ragini left from laksh’s life his life is filled emptiness,loneliness,he forgets to smile,live,love,in these 20 years he had turn himself into a robot who has no feelings,no emotions nothing because he is punishing himself not for the crime but for the unforgettable sin he had committed but still he always wishes to meet his lady love ragini again one day,ask forgiveness from her and unite with her once again but will destiny gone fulfill his wish or not only time will tell but for now both sanyu and sid decided to spend some quality time with their maa and Samar uncle so they all went to a restaurant and luckily laksh is too their with his family…

To Be Continued…

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