raglak os : life is all about a second chance by kaynat khan


Hello everyone i am back well weekend is going on so thought to write something new something intresting so i will not say much you will understand and here is the link for my previous os

The story starts with a match of footbaal was going on of state level competition one was mumbaikers and other one was delhi devils and the score was 3 on 3 it was a tuft one all were tensed and one boy then chases the ball all oponents were stopping him but he wasnt the one who will stop by them and atlast he goaled and that time stop watch ends and mumbaikers wins all gets happy all of them picked that boy up and was cheering him and the boy was non other than laksh maheshwari

So the intro of laksh and his family :
Laksh maheshwari : 22 years old a fun loving guy who stays happy and keeps others happy a very decent guy he is not flirty like others he is a simple guy loves his family his passion is football but he handles the bussiness too
Durga prasad maheshwari : dad of laksh totally lovable dad loves his sons very much
Anupurna : a sweet mother loves his sons very much and treats her daughter in law like her daughter
Sanskaaar maheshwari : elder son of dp and anupurna and loves his brother very much but stays in abroad with his wife
Swara sanskaar maheshwari : wie of sanskaar a respectful daughter in law and good wife stays with sanskaar in abroad
Actually sanskaar married swara 2 years back and he shifted to abroad 1 year back for his bussiness in mumbai only laksh his dad and his mom stays laksh looks after bussiness which is in mumbai
So the story starts where it was stopped mumbaikers wins the trophy and laksh went home
Laksh : dad we won again
Dp : superb laksh it was expected from you you are no.1 in your football and no. 1 bussiness man
Anu : i amm happy for both of my sons both are established but now laksh you should also get marry now like sanskaar and settle
Laksh : mom common yr dont start again acha i am going to take shower then will have breakfast together ok
Saying this he ran to hs room
Anu : pata nahi kaun isse pasand karega
Dp : jo bhi hogi but she will be very lucky
After that all of them had their breakfast and laksh moved to office in car he was checking out his instagrama and facebook then he was messaging his friend on fb but by mistake he messages somebody else and he didnt noticed as his office came then he got busy in meetings after 2 hours he got time so he switched to his phone and then his eyes went on notifications where it was written that ragini gadodia has sent to message
He got little surprise as he dont know the girl he opened the message box and it was written
Ragini : hii

Laksh was surprised at this so he replied
Laksh : sorry do i know you
He was about to get busy in some files when his phone again beeped
Ragini : i dont know you were the one who messaged me first
Laksh gets stunned he sees above and realises that he messaged her by mistake
Laksh : woh i am sorry i messaged you by mistake i am really sorry it was unintentional
After 3 minutes message came
Ragini : its ok waise i am ragini gadodia

Laksh checked the message and replied instantly
Laksh : hii ragini i am laksh maheshwari
Ragini : wait a minute are you laksh maheshwari the bussiness man laksh maheshwari well i heard ypur name in last month newspaper in top 10 bussiness man of india
Laksh : yes it was me only well i wanted to become a bussiness man so just pursuing it well you do
Ragini : well i am fashion designer it was my dream when i was small
Laksh : oh wow so following your dream

Ragini : yup like you are following your dream
Laksh : well yes bussiness is my work but my hobby and passion is football i love football
Ragini then goes to his profile and checks it it was laksh pic with trophy and with his friends and all she then messages him
Ragini : well yeah just now checked your profile i think you love it
Laksh : yes its my love but i have checked your profile too you havent posted your pic and why you keep so sad shayri pics
Ragini : well some past connection well i am having some work we will talk later ok
Laksh : sure bye

Then laksh headed towards his meeting and ragini headed towards her work
So intro of ragini and her family
Ragini gadodia : 21 years old a fashion designer she was happy cheerful girl now she is sad but she talks alot but loves her family
Shekhar gadodia : a strict but cheerful guy loves his wife and daughter
Sharmishta gadodia : a dutyful wife and mother she loves ragini alot
So this was going like this only ragini and laksh use to chat daily laksh havent seen ragini once but still he chats with her both have started sharing eachother secrets their hobbies and all both have started to like eachothers company
One day at late night they were chatting like this only
Laksh : so miss ragini what keep you sad all time why dont you keep happy pics
Ragini : when our heart is sad how could we be happy
Laksh : am i not your friend
Ragini : your are my bestie

Laksh : so say me na whats bothering you
Ragini : ok
She tells him story
Flashback starts
1 year before ragini was a happy bubbly girl she use to talk to everyone tease everyone but one day she met a person name rahul (imagine rahul as harshad chopra) actually both met eachother in a wedding ragini was wearing heels when a stone hits her and she was about to fall when a person catches her in nick of time she gets mesmerised seeing him he was smart no doubt both were having an eyelock but ragini rralises her condition and stands but her leg was paining badly
Rahul : are you fine
Ragini : i dont think so actually my leg aahh

Rahul : ok you sit here
He makes her sit and takes her leg she hesitates but he takes it and twisted her leg and her leg was fine now
Rahul : so how is the pain
Ragini : its gone thanks you
Rahul : its ok waise i am rahul sharma
Ragini : ragini gadodia so what you do
Rahul : i am actually jobless finding job and you
Ragini : i am fashion designer
Like this they talked for hours and exchanged numbers
And now they started to chat on mobiles too and feelings started to grow between them both started to love eachother but both were hesitating to talk to eachother one day rahul called her and told her to come in park both came

Rahul bends on his knees
Rahul : ragini we met coincidently but now i have started loving you plz may you lend your hand to me for the rest of my life
Ragini was crying she nodded both hug eachother
Days were passing and their love was growing more but rahul was jobless and second thing he smoke that was the main reasons of worry to ragini
One day they were talking on phone
Ragini : rahul when you will get job i wanna tell my parents too about us and you leave your bad habit of smoking too my dad doesnt like this
Rahul : ragini i am improving yr and am also finding job but ragini i dont think we have a future ahead
Ragini : what are you saying
Rahul : i mean i am jobless and you are fashion designer i cant leave my cigratte too
Ragini : so what you will leave me
Rahul : i am not saying you that yr
Ragini : so what are you saying we do have a future but plz dont say we dont have a future i will die without you plz
Rahul : are dont talk about all this ok we have a future but dont talk about death and all
Ragini : i love you
Rahul : i love you too yr
Days passed one day ragini was chatting with rahul and her mom called her she kept her mobile on the table and went her mobile was beeping so shekhar decided to check once he was shocked to read the messages it was written i love you and all ragini comes and was shocked to see her phone with shekhar
Shekhar goes to her and slap her
Sharmishta : have you gone mad what are you doing

Shekhar : what am i doing read her messages
He shows her messages sharmishta was too shocked
Sharmishta : what is this ragini
Ragini : i am sorry maa but this is the truth
Shekhar : ragini beta this is not ur age leave him
Ragini : plz papa he is nice
Shekhar : beta all are like this he will leave you
Ragini : maa plz
Sharmishta : beta your dad is right
Shekhar : common choose between he or us
Ragini : obviously youll papa
Shekhar : so swear on us that you will never keep any relationship with him
Ragini : papa
Sharmishta : do as he say or leave us

Ragini : i swear on youll that i will never keep any kind of relationship with him
Shekhar handles her phone
Shekhar : we trust you
Ragini runs to her room crying and locks it
She calls rahul and tells him everything and tells that she will never talk with him
Rahul : thats why i was stopping you to not talk with me now leave alone i am also going bye forever
He cuts the call ragini throws the mobile and cries as nobody was with her
She was now a lifeless bosy she was just smiling for her dad and mom nothing else and she was leaving like this when one day she saw rahul and one girl hugging eachother and saying i love she runs to her home cryingly and tells this to her parents

Shekhar : i know beta i know this boys thats why i was stopping you
Sharmishta : but forget everything you have your whole future beta we are with you always
Days passed ragini now started to talk but with only few ones and she got busy in her work
Flashback ends
Laksh : it was really a sad story yr
Ragini : well yes it is but you know i have talked after 1 year so much with you
Laksh : well dont be sad yr life is all about a second chance give yourself a second chance
Ragini : i dont love him now but i cant forget him acha u say u would also had a gf before you say na
Laksh : well yes actually i had two years before
Flashback starts
Laksh was introduced to his new partner anita desouza
Laksh had first sight love seeing her she was so beautiful and hot
Laksh : hii i am laksh maheshwari
Anita : anita desouza so we are now new partners i guess
Laksh : well you look damn hot
Anita : thanks you are also handsome

Laksh : so what are you doing this sunday
Anita : nothing
Laksh : great well i play footbaal too so if you are free can you come to xyz ground
Anita : will see
On sunday laksh was playing he made no goals as he was least intrested in game his eyes were searching for her only anita syddenly his eyes felled on anita and he get cheered up and he made 2 to 3 goals his team won now
Anita became happy and hugged him laksh became happy he too hugged her
Anita : well am impressed with you
Laksh : its all because of you i wouldnt have made this much goals
Anita : well you are a nice footballer
Laksh : so i would get a gift
Anita : so what u want
Laksh : well a small date with the most beautiful lady
Anita : sure
Days passed like this they became more close this days both use to stay most of the time as their bussiness projects and all both started love eachother but laksh very well knows that he cant marry anita as she is catholic and anita too knows both were doing time pass but laksh have fallen for her completely one day anota stoped talking with him he was restless he drive to her house he was shocked as she was kissing other man he goes to her and jerked her
Anita : what the hell laksh
Laksh : whata are you doing with him
Anita : are you blind you cant see
Laksh : but you love me
Anita : seriously laksh i have never loved you we were doing time pass and now you love me but i dont ok so just get lost
Laksh was heartbroken he knew this was going to happen but not this way after this incident he didnt became sad infact he forget everything and started to give more importance in football and bussiness but he was not able to trust anyone
Flash back ends
Ragini : i am really sorry
Laksh : no its fine now it doesnt hurt you know after anita i have trusted you
Ragini : dont worry i will never ever break your trust ok
Laksh : i know bcoz you are not like others you are different
Ragini : and too are not like other boys

Laksh : are ragini tomorrow is sunday if you dont mind shall we meet
Ragini : ok
Next day both meets at cafe laksh was mesmerised seeing ragini
Laksh : are you ragini
Ragini : laksh right
Laksh : well you look so beautiful
Ragini : hmm thanks but you look more cute in real
Laksh : are everybody says that i am handsome but you say i am cute
Ragini : you are too cute yr
Laksh : acha so what you will have tea or coffee
Ragini : welll coffee i dont like tea
Laksh : wow i also dont like tea
He odders two cup of coffee
Now both started to chat meet and talk both are like more than friends both care for eachother alot laksh realised this feeling ragini too have realised it but she was too stubborn to open the doors of her heart she was not ready to accept the reality
One day when they meet
Laksh : see ragini today i want to tell you truth
Ragini : say na
Laksh : actually i have started loving you yes i have fallen again and i think this time for the right girl and at right time i know you need time to forget your ex and move on in life i can wait for you whole life dont worry just be my bestie forever
Ragini was teary eye
Ragini : see laksh you are a good guy no doubt i like you but it will take time for me
Laksh : i will give you ragini dont worry till when you need it but just be my best friend dont take our friendship in between this
Ragini was happy to hear it
Ragini : i will never bring it never we will start besties for whole life
Days passed they were talking as before but now things changed the same ragini was back sweet bubbly all because of laksh he has changed her completely but now ragini also started to love him yes she was slowly slowly falling for his cute antics his loyal behaviour so one day she tried telling him
Ragini : laksh i wanna say something
Laksh : go ahead
Ragini : woh actually

Laksh : what are you saying
Ragini : i love you
Laksh : what
Ragini : i love you yes i love you i know i love someone before but that was my wrong desicion but you are my right desicion you make me smile when i am sad you know what i think you love me more than anything you care for me what a girl needs more than this i will feel bless if i become mrs. Laksh maheshwari will you give me the honour to be at your side as your wife forever
Laksh just hugged her
Laksh : i am so happy that you accepted me we both will live toghether forever i will make you as ragini laksh maheshwari
Both hugged eachother happily
Laksh told this to his parents his parents got ready to see ragini then ragini told his parents
Ragini : dad i dont want to force anything i just love him dont know when i have fallen for him plz just once mwet his parents plz dad
Shekhar : i am ready call them tomorrow
Ragini was just happy next day laksh and his family came shekhar and sharmishta were impressed with raginis choice and dp and anu too liked ragini they agreed for marraige
It was last day before marraige ragini was sitting seeing her mehendi when she sees that laksh was entering her room towards window
Ragini : laksh what are you doing go
Laksh : are ragini i wanted to meet you yr
Ragini : you cant wait for tomorrow
Laksh : no because i cant live a second without you and one more thing i needed to tell you
Ragini : say na dont hesitate
Laksh : actually ragini i had physical relations with my ex
Ragini was shocked at first but she first made her listen to him
Laksh : actually ragini i and anita were indulge in physical activities when we were in relationship i gave my 100% in that as i lived her but she used me time pass and moved on with other guy i am starting a new relationship with you tomorrow so dont wanna start with some secrets i have disclose myself in fronf of you
Ragini just hugged him
Ragini : i am so happy laksh that i got you nobody in this world will ever say these things to be his would be wife one ay before mararige but you have that guts i am very much lucky to have this much loyal person in my life and forget everything which happened in your past just stay in present
Laksh was so happy he hugged her tightly
Laksh : thanks so much ragini i love you
Ragini : i love you too
Ragini realised the hug and looked in his eyes
Ragini : we all face problems i have faced you have faced but l

ife is all about a second chance when we will give ourself a second chance we will give ourself a better life now when we are toghether we should forget everything
Laksh smiled and just kissed her lips ragini was first surprised but she too reciprocated it after sometime laksh kissed her forehead and went
Next day both gets married and lead a blissfull life

We all love someone but some doesnt get ot so wait for sometime dont loose hope because life has something stored for you you just have to kepp more patience and am sure you will get better

So guyz finished with this os hope you liked it next is swasan but time will be taken for it yill then bye see youll

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