(RagLak OS) Krish: Roll no.21


Guys, I know yesterday was little depressing day. And, additional to that tragedy happened in my endless love ff…

So, I have decided to cheer you up…
I hope, you all will enjoy this story…


Ragini Laksh- the newly married couple enters into a new house.

Ragini looks into the whole hall smilingly. Laksh hugs her from back.

Laksh: today, no one in this universe can disturb us..!! only you and me..!!

Ragini: I was waiting for this time Laksh. At last we both are alone… in our own world.

Laksh smiles and bends to her neck to kiss…

“Tick… tick tick….”
The bell sound.

Laksh gets annoyed, “aahh, who’s that..!!” he goes to the door and opens.

A kid about 6 years is standing before him. Laksh drops his eyes down. That kid is holding a gun.
{toy gun of course}

He points that to Laksh. Laksh makes his eyes big.

Kid: who are you..??

Laksh: hey.. who are you man..???

Kid: this is my house..!!

Laksh scratches his head,
“aaahhmm, I think you mistook. We bought this house one week back..!!”

Kid pushes Laksh and gets inside.

Kid: I don’t care. This is my house.

Raglak look at each other confused. Then Ragini comes near that kid.

“chotu, who are you..? where are your parents..?”

Kid: I’m not chotu..!! I’m Mr. Krish.. Roll no. 21..!!

Raglak looks each other shocked again.

Rag: ok, where are your parents..?

Kid: hey lady, stop asking me all questions.. I’m not a kid..!!

Ragini holds her head and Laksh beats his head.

That kid starts going upstairs.

“Hey kid.. stop..!!” Laksh shouts.

“I’m not kid..!! I’m krish..!!” that kid shouts.

Laksh: omg..!! who is this boy..??

Rag: laksh, let’s go up..!! we can’t leave that kid alone.

Laksh laughing sadly, “ he is not kid, he is krish..!”

Raglak both rushes up. They both horrified to look at a scene.

“Shakthimaann…” that kid shouts and he was standing on the water tank. He is about to fall. Raglak runs there. Laksh climbs the ladder and holds the boy.

“Ragini, take him..!!”

Ragini holds that boy.

“Hey Rama, lucky, this kid is heavy..!!” Ragini says.

“I’m not kid. I’m krish..!!” that kid shouts again.

Laksh who was standing at the edge of water tank, slips and falls into it. “aaahhhhh..”

……….After a while…….

Ragini is wiping Laksh’s head with towel. Laksh is glaring at that boy. That boy is holding his gun and spying all corners. Laksh sneezes suddenly.

Rag: laksh, are you ok..?

Lak: bahut hogaya..! I will ask this kid who is he..!!

Laksh rushes towards the kid and holds his hand,
“hey..! say who are you..!!”

That kid glares at Laksh and beats on his nose. Laksh moves back holding his nose.

“Laksh..” Ragini concerns and comes near kid. “what is this krish..??” she asks.

Then kid suddenly hugs Ragini and kisses her cheek. Raglak shocks.

“my darling, you are looking cute..!!” he says.

Laksh fumes::: you little..!! even I didn’t kiss my wife still..!!

Kid: how did you marry that old man dear..? come on, leave him..!!

Ragini shocks,
“Laksh, next generation is dangerous..!!”

Laksh who was already shocked:: unbelievable too..!!

Then a phone rings from that boy’s bag. Raglak looks at his bag. This boy takes that phone out.

That boy is about to cut the call. Laksh snatches the phone. He is about to fight with Laksh, Ragini holds him tight.

Laksh: hello..?

From other side panicking a male voice,
“hello, is Krishna over there? That little kid is very mischief..!!”

Laksh: who is this..?

That voice: I’m his father. Is he safe..????

Laksh: yeah he is.. he is in the villa of xxx.

That voice: are you laksh..??

Laksh: hey.. are you Mr. Adarsh..??

Ada: yes me, he has managed to escape from us. Take care of him till we come..!!

Pari crying: yeah please..!!!

Laksh: ok.. ok…

Laksh looks at Ragini, and that kid was holding her.

Kid: your eyes are cute… cutie cheeks, and lips are…

Laksh runs and holds his hand. Then he points his finger to kid.

“Hey, stay away from my wife..!! do you understand..??” he says. Then kid bites his finger.

“aaahhhhhhhh…!!!” Laksh shouts.


Ragini keeps a lemon piece on Laksh’s finger. Krish is watching TV.

Rag: it’s better to leave him like that.

Lak: his parents should come fast..!!

Then Laksh looks at Ragini as he feels his leg was rubbed by her leg. Laksh smirks. He moves closer to Ragini. He holds her face with other hand..

“gravitational force of attraction…” in TV a man was showing some experiment with cartoons Krish is looking at it interestingly.

Laksh: you are my gravitation force Ragini. Who attracts me always..!!
Ragini smiles, ‘love you laksh’
Laksh smiles and about to kiss her.


A glass breaking sound. Krish has broken the flower vase.

{don’t worry, he has not seen Raglak scene}

They both runs to him.

Rag: hey..? why did you break it..??

Krish: to check gravitacial focse of attraction…
(he pronounces wrong)

Laksh makes his eyes big. Ragini holds her head.
“Laksh, I can’t bear this kid..!!”

Laksh holds her, “hey dear, don’t worry. I will take this guy out for a while.. you take rest.. hmm..!!”
Ragini nods her head in smile and about to hug him.

“Stop..!” that kid shouts. “she is my girl friend..!”

“You little..!!” Laksh shouts and lifts that kid up and takes him out.

Laksh was holding him in his arms. He was walking out after buying him an ice cream.

Then krish looks at a dog.

Krish: if spider bites us, we become spider man. Then, if dog bites us, do we become Dogman..?

Laksh beats his head with other hand,
“NO..! we become Doberman..!!” he says.

Then krish looks at other dog and whistles. That dog shouts.

Laksh: what are you doing..??

Then krish keeps his tongue out and irritates that dog. That dog shows it’s teeth and runs towards Laksh.

“No.. no.. no..!!” laskh shouts and starts running.

Come doggy come..!! that boy is shouting.

Laksh: you little..!! why did you do this..?

Kid: to see if you become dog man or dobber man if it bites..!!

Laksh panting, “how your parents are bearing you man..??”

Laksh runs and runs.. that dog keeps chasing.

>>>>>>>After some time<<<<<<<

Ragini opens the door with bell sound. She is shocked to see Laksh. He was all in sweat and he was panting. That boy was happily licking ice cream and comes inside.

Rag: laksh…
Lak weakly:: I’m ok…
He falls on Ragini. Ragini hugs him.

That kid goes into wash room shouting, “nature call.. nature call..”

Laksh gets up from her, ‘haa, did he gone.. at least… rest for a while..!” he wipes his sweat.

Ragini who was wiping his sweat with her saree pallu,
“wait, I will prepare milkshake. You will feel fine..” she says, but.. Laksh drags her near by waist..

Laksh: why milkshake..? your one kiss is enough..!

Ragini smiling, “is it..?”
Laksh nods his head.
Ragini closes her eyes and moves closer to kiss him…

“aaahhh.. aaa…aaa.. aahh…. Help meeee..!!” that kid shouts.

Raglak shocks and runs to wash room.

“krish..!!” both shouts. Krish runs and hugs Laksh.

Laksh: what happened..?

Krish was shivering in fear.. he shows his hand back.. both looks, it’s a lizard.

Raglak smiles. Laksh rubs his head.

Laksh: don’t worry. It’s just a lizard.

Krish: but, won’t it become big and swallow me..?

Raglak makes eyes big, they both look each other and laughs.


Laksh and krish are playing who’s strongest with their hands. laksh gets defeated intentionally.
Krish stands and jumps, “yeah… I won..!!” and then he kisses Ragini again on cheek.

Laksh opens his eyes wide.

“awww.. mera bacha..!” Ragini too kisses his cheek. That kid winks his eye to Laksh.

“Guys are enemies to guys..!!” Laksh says putting his head on couch.

Then, the bell rings. Ragini opens the door. Pari runs into house who’s eyes are bulged. She hugs Krish.
“my boy..!!” she says. Adarsh comes inside.

Adarsh: we sold this house to you. But, krish didn’t like this. he love this house. So, he escaped. Don’t know.. how he managed to come..!!

Laksh: he can do anything..!! he is krish know..!!

All laughs.

Krish: dad, I’m ok if you give this house to them. I’m gifting this to my darling.
He winks eye to Ragini.. Ragini too gives him flying kiss.
Laksh looks at krish jealously.

They both thank to Raglak a lot and they go away. Laksh closes the door.

Then Laksh grabs Ragini near again..

“you gave him flying kiss..??”

Rag: yeah, are you jealous..?

Lak: hmm.., do you know, what’s penalty for this..??

Ragini drops her eyes. Laksh takes her near and locks his lips on hers. Ragini hugs Laksh tighter.


Presented by Astra with love from Astra’s creation box.

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      thanks bubblu, feelings is actually finished.. but i forgot to mention.. i will give epilogue for it soon..

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    hey astra its alisha iqura’s sissy
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        and belive me my dear she is missing you soo much. she all the time talks about her TU FAMILY And SISTERS and her BESTIES here!! <3 <3
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      hai sissy, iqra dear will get well soon. I’m so glad that i made her happy now. convey my message to her, ask iqra to take enough of rest and stay happy. we are waiting for our little sister. i’m happy that you both enjoyed this OS… take care dear.. I’m also missing my cute sissy a lot.. but, it’s ok.. she should get fine soon.. thanks for informing me everything alisha.. take care..

    3. Yashu24

      Why she is sooo careless ??? Stupid girl??? this girl is very stubborn now she is suffering and making us all suffer!!

      1. IQRA222

        yes really sweetie she is too much stubborn. and do give her a tight scolding when she will be back!!

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