raglak OS “jo mangi thi dua”


Hey guys this is zoya here! I am a huge raglak and swasan fan but from what the story is going in swaragini I love raglak and temish so much so I decided to do a small OS with no villains on my raglak and the name is Jo mangi thi dua. This is my very first OS so I hope you guys like it. Let’s get started
Laksh: a very decent rich man and lives with his mother in Mumbai
Ragini: a very poor girl who lives in a silent area near Mumbai in a very tiny house
Ap: laksh’s mom and is very humble and kind lady

The story starts and the camera rolls on a girl with open hair….she is wearing a simple white colored salwar suit. She is coming from the mosque. The dupatta is set around her neck and on her head. She opens a door and looks around for a while and then starts cleaning. Its early morning and she makes food and gets ready and walks towards the noisy area of Mumbai to sell the floral bracelets which is her job. She lived with her loving mother and father but they died in an accident 3 years ago. She now lives alone in her tiny home. She sells bracelets and teaches some kids of her town. She is alone… she has a habit that whenever she gets time she goes to the mosque to pray. People see her and get furious as to what she is always praying for so deeply and for who. She locks the door and walks ahead
On the other hand laksh is a decent boy. The camera rolls on his hair. He is fixing them. He is smiling and then goes downstairs. He is wearing a white shirt with a brown blazer and blank pants, no doubt he is looking absolutely handsome.
Ap: arrey laksh beta you came. Okay come have food
Laksh: okay maa. He then kisses her forehead in a busy way
Ap: okay beta look actually….here are some pictures….
Laksh: look at the photos and select a beautiful girl right? Maa aren’t you tired by saying the same thing over and over again and hearing my “no” all the time. I don’t want to get married. I just don’t like getting married I don’t maa.
Ap: then what about my dua (prayers)? The “dua” I keep saying all night and all day then what about that? Someday at least some of my dua will be fulfilled na. You just keep saying whatever you want but you see one day my dua’s will be fulfilled.
Laksh: okay maa but now I’m going. We will talk later

@on the way
Laksh on phone: what? But Mr. Agarwal that far? I don’t know the way. Where will I ask? Here I don’t even see anyone. You are calling me at such a place…okay I’ll try finding it. He hangs up then says Mr. Agarwal says such far places. Now who do I ask? Where do I look for it?
The car is going and laksh is getting stressed out. He don’t know where to go but while driving he just reached a silent area. He is driving the car in a rough way and suddenly he sees a girl coming from the side of the road. He tries stopping the car and the car stops but the girl met with a minor injury on her hand due to the sudden break. He didn’t see the girls face yet. He just runs to her and suddenly holds her arm and she suddenly looks at him with wider eyes. Both raglak get lost into each other
Takte rehte tujhko sanjh savere (I was looking at you from dawn to dusk)
Nainon mein basya jaise nain yeh tere (your eyes have been united with mine)
Tere mast mast do nain mere dil ka le gaye chain (your pretty eyes have stolen the serenity of my heart)
Mera dil ka le gaye chain tere mast mast do nain (my heart’s serenity has been stolen by your pretty eyes)
They both come back to reality
Ragini: my hand she says softly and bends her head
Laksh looks at her hand in his grip and leaves it immediately
Laksh: actually I’m sorry. I have a meeting and its somewhere far from here and I don’t know the place and I don’t know where I was looking I didn’t see you and I came here and you were walking ahead and I by mistake just by mistake. You..you please try to understand I am very sorry. I don’t have any bad intentions I’m just lost oh god
Ragini slowly looks at him and looks right into laksh’s eyes and says don’t say sorry, I can understand
There was something in her words that got laksh mesmerized hearing ragini
Tere mast mast do nain tune plays
Ragini: what happened? Please don’t stare at me like this please and how did you forget the way? You don’t just lose your way. You. Yes you probably didn’t ask for dua (prayers) from god
Laksh: dua?
Ragini: you probably didn’t ask for dua
Laksh: yes..yes I mean no… no I don’t believe in all this
Ragini: that is very wrong. Just ask for dua and one day it will definitely be fulfilled
Laksh: all that is fine…oh god your arm is getting red. You are bleeding I am so sorry I really am even your suit got dirty
Ragini: even your white shirt got dirty na
Laksh looks at his shirt and his buttons are open and somehow ragini’s blood got on laksh’s chest by accident
Laksh: oh god meeting. I mean its okay you come with me to the doctor
Ragini: I will go but first let me show you the way. Actually the thing is this place is always silent and never really crowded. Besides me you will find no one really here
Laksh: you know the way?
Ragini: yes. Wherever you want to go tell me I will tell you
Laksh: thank you…thank you so much. If you weren’t here then I don’t know what would’ve happened. Okay you sit in the car first your bandage then my way and then I will drop you till your home
Ragini: no please listen to me and first finish your meeting for my sake
Laksh gets shocked hearing her. He has no words to say
Laksh: okay…okay that’s fine
They go for meeting…laksh gets the project and he calls some workers and they put a bandage around her injury.
After sometime laksh says here you go now there’s no pain na
Ragini: I wasn’t in pain before either
Laksh: but if there was no dressing then later it would pain for sure anyways I’ll drop you to your home
Ragini: no…no I don’t want to go home. When a traveler leaves home then they shouldn’t leave without finishing the work. I will do my work and you don’t worry I will do it I am from here only.
Laksh: but…okay fine as you wish
Ragini: thank you

She is about to go when laksh holds her wrist unknowingly. Ragini gets nervous and turns her face towards laksh again and her deep eyes are enough to make laksh senseless.
Tere mast mast do nain plays again
Ragini: do you have something to say? She says it softly and nervously
Laksh: ye…yes what’s your name?
Ragini looks at him and after a lot of thinking says ragini and then leaves
Laksh repeats her name three times “rag” “rago” ragini” and looks at his hands and thinks about ragini’s hand in his hands. He thinks I want to see her again. I don’t know why I didn’t want her to leave from me????

@after 3 days
Laksh is searching for his shirts and he didn’t see anything white. He thinks arrey that white shirt…and then stops and says arrey that day ragini….3 days ago who I met…..I’m just not able to forget her….what is wrong with me???? No…no..no its nothing laksh. Your head is just overthinking things. That shirt is probably not dirty but then stops again and says I didn’t put that shirt for washing it….oh god what’s happening to me??? I forgot to give that shirt!! Oh nooo ugh just forget it and comes downstairs

Ap: beta naina came she is calling you. She’s sitting in the car outside. Look laksh you can marry any girl I don’t really like naina but yes it’s true that she likes you a lot okay so whatever you wish
Laksh kisses on her forehead and says oh my beautiful maa. Why do you worry so much?? I said na I don’t want to get married besides she doesn’t really like me. She is just my friend and then he goes

Laksh is sitting on the table and he gets up and tries hard to forget ragini but her innocent face and beautiful eyes are spinning in his mind. He gets up and starts walking here and there but suddenly by a jerk to the glass his arm gets injured. He says ouchhhh this glass… he is about to throw the glass but then remembers how ragini reacted when she got hurt in fact there was no reaction just her innocent face and he again gets lost in her eyes
Gulabi aankhen jo teri dekhi (when I saw your rosy eyes)
Sharaabi yeh dil ho gaya (my heart became drunk)
Sambhaalo mujhko oh mere yaaron (my friends, hold me)
Sambhalna mushkil ho gaya (it is now difficult to balance myself)
Bura yeh jaadu teri aankhon ka (the magic of your eyes is bad)
Yeh mera kaatil ho gaya (it is my murder)
Gulabi aankhen jo teri dekhi (when I saw your eyes)
Sharaabi yeh dil ho gaya (my heart became drunk)
Maine sada chaha yehi daaman bacha loon haseenon se main (I always wanted to stay away from beauties)
Teri kasam khwaabon mein bhi (I swear on you, I keep myself at distance from)
Bachta phira naazneenon se main (such delicate thing even in my dreams)
Zara sa hanske jo dekha tune (when you smiled a bit and looked at me)
Main tera bismil ho gaya (I became your lover)
Suddenly naina enters and sees laksh’s injury
Naina: ohhh my laksh baby you got hurt. She hugs him and holds his hands and he gets irritated
Laksh: naina just stop calling me baby…I’ve told you before don’t try I don’t love you in fact I don’t love anyone
Naina: but I love you my sweetheart and I will gain you just see
Laksh: really?? And how are you so sure about it that you will gain me? He thinks for a while and then says okay tell me did you ever wish for me? I mean I’m just asking but have you ever said a dua that I also love you back?
Naina: yes laksh I have ummm when I went one day to the mosque then I did yes and she smiles and laksh laughs with no voice.
Laksh: this is what dua is right “ragini”
Somewhere ragini feels like someone called her and laksh looks at his injury
Jo bheji thi duaa, woh jaake aasmaan se yoon takra gayi ke aa gayi hai laut ke sadaa (the wish I had sent, that collided with the sky such that a call has come back)
Laksh loses control and he starts driving the car towards the road where he met with ragini that day. He reaches there and he starts searching and he looks around. It’s silent with no noise and no voice. Peace and quiet just like the peace of her deep eyes. He closes his eyes and merge his head towards the seat
Aasman zard hai (the sky is pale)
Aahein bhi sard hai (breath is frigid)
Tan se saaya juda ho gaya (shadows are separated from bodies)
Pal bhar mein jaane kya kho gaya (in an instant something is lost)
Saans ruk si gayi (breath flows haltingly)
Jism chhil sa gaya (body feels like it’s been skinned)
Toote khwabon ke manzar pe (on broken dreams)
Tera jahan chal diya (your world survives)
Noor e khuda (light of god)
Noor e khuda (light of god)
Tu kahan chupa hai humein yeh bata (tell us where you’re hiding)
Noor e khuda (light of god)
Noor e khuda (light of god)
Yun naa humse nazarein phira (please don’t turn away from us)
After sometime he thinks ragini is calling him….he smiles with closed eyes
Ragini: you wake up na please
Laksh opens his eyes and to his shock he was not dreaming but in actual ragini was calling him. He smiled with wider eyes with shock and with happiness.
Laksh: yo..you here?? What are you doing here?
Ragini: yes? But I should be the one asking you this question. This is my place, my road, my way. I come and go from here every day. What are you doing here?
Laksh looks around and he is seen sleeping in the middle of the road like some crazy person and realizes his mistake and flows his fingers through his hair and says I’m sorry I actually fell asleep I mean I got tired so I fell asleep.
Ragini smiles deeply seeing laksh’s innocent face and seeing her smile laksh also smiles and they look at each other.
Itti si hasi (just a little smile)
Itti si khushi (just a little happiness)
Itta sa tukda chand ka (just a small piece of moon)
Khwab ke tinkon se (with the straws of dreams)
Chal banayen aashiyaan (let’s make a home)
Laksh didn’t want to miss this moment so he immediately started pretending to have a very bad headache and he held his head with both of his arms
Ragini: what happened? Are you okay? Yo..your health doesn’t seem fine please come with me to my home I’ll give you tea laksh get up please
Laksh suddenly looks at ragini and the fear for him in her eyes is clear and gets furious and asks how do you know my name? (Just so you all know laksh asked ragini her name in the beginning but she never asked for laksh’s name which is why he is a bit shocked)
Ragini gets tensed and says actually your offi..office yes your office I heard them say your name in the office
Laksh: ohhh and then looks at her and again holds his head and says ahhhh its paining a lot

@ragini’s home
Laksh enters and the house was very tiny. Laksh had to bend to enter from the short gate and they go inside. For a change her room is decorated very beautifully but it’s just that one room. There is complete peace, quietness, and relaxing and he just sits on the cute bed and soon lays down.
Ragini: you lay down I will go get some tea for you with ginger
Laksh closes his eyes and realizes he is very happy at this moment he is happy like he has never felt what happiness is. After sometime laksh is seen sleeping and ragini enters and she gets nervous but tea is necessary for his health. She came closer to him and softly placed her soft hands on his rough shoulder and rubbed it. Laksh opened his eyes and felt something so so soft and then looks at ragini and they both get lost in each other’s eyes again.
Laksh: I am so sorry my shoulders but did you have any work?
Ragini gets really shy and nervous and left his shoulder and laksh smiles clearly.
Ragini: actually you were sleeping and I needed to give you your tea so please drink your t..tea
Laksh laughs and drinks the tea and it was so amazing…the taste was so out of the world and he was lavishly drinking it
Laksh: the tea was really good I had fun drinking it. There is no name left for the pain I had and suddenly he says in his head arrey you are gone laksh you could’ve sat for some more time here but no nothing stays in your stomach na you just say everything that comes in your mind. You drank the tea? Your headache is gone na anyways the headache that wasn’t even there in the first place but now I don’t feel like leaving ragini and then looks at her and smiles then says aloud okay then I’ll leave now
Ragini: okay bye and smiles
Laksh also smiles and is about to go with no mood of going when suddenly ragini calls him
Ragini: laksh
Laksh: yes ragini and turns towards her
She came closer to him and gave him his wallet…laksh was so lost in her eyes
Ragini: your wallet la…lak…laksh
Laksh: yes thanks okay bye
Ragini: bye
He goes and he himself doesn’t know how many times he has turned back before leaving all the way outside

@night in his room
Laksh is lying on the bed and thinks I just can’t forget even an expression of that girl….ragini there is some magic in calling her name…he starts thinking again why? Why is it that whenever I try going far from her than there is some restlessness feeling going on inside me? What is wrong with me? The person whom I haven’t even known for so long whenever I go close to her why do I keep feeling her always around me? I feel at peace after going to a new place. What is that girl? What magic does she know? Is this magic? That girl…that girl is my intoxication. Magic or love? He then stops and his eyes get wider and says to himself am I…? Am I in love with ragini? Am I..??? He closes his eyes and remembers her words, her expressions, her care, her home, her blood, and her fragrance and suddenly he opens his eyes and says lightly first then shouts in joy I’m in loveeeeeee I LOVE RAGINI!! I LOVE YOU!!! I LOVE MY RAGINI!!! MY RAGO!!! MY RAGS!!!! MY PIECE OF HEART!!! I LOVE RAGINIIIIII!!!

@next morning on a Sunday
He reaches near her home again but gets nervous and thinks will you knock the door laksh? But what will you say? What excuse will you give? What do I do? What do I do? Then he remembers her words again….he suddenly looks in the sky and prays if my love today is true then get me out of this problem god please do something that gives me a reason to go inside. Today I want to tell her….today please listen to my dua….a tear falls from his eyes and suddenly clouds covered the sky
Inside ragini gets furious and thinks this unexpected monsoon….definitely someone asked for it with a genuine heart and it starts raining heavily.
Laksh shouts with happiness….he just can’t believe what happened and thinks thunders, rains what else can be a better excuse than this. God listened to my dua and then knocks the door peacefully and ragini opens the door

Laksh gets mesmerized seeing her wet in the rains water….ragini is just looking at him and laksh thinks my crazy heart has fallen in so much love with this innocent face…how do I tell her this. I myself don’t even know how to tell her. Laksh comes inside of course with permission and holds ragini’s hands. He was lost in her eyes and ragini gets nervous and shy….she is shocked. Laksh removes her hair from her face and holds her face and looks at it with so much love then holds her belly….ragini is just looking at him and her eyes get wider…she looks tensed…she hugs laksh tightly and laksh isn’t even in his senses after seeing a beautiful ragini in front of him that he loses control and ragini loses her state of mind seeing laksh after all he is so charming…ragini kisses laksh’s cheeks and laksh gets stunned seeing this act of ragini so he goes with the flow and kisses ragini’s eyes and then goes to her neck behind her and kisses it while from the back he slowly moves his hands to ragini’s belly and pulls her where ragini’s back is touching laksh’s chest. Ragini is really nervous and turns and kisses laksh’s forehead and then his eyes and laksh is holding onto ragini’s waist from both sides and laksh starts dancing with her in the rain lightly.
Kabhi jo baadal barse (sometime, when the clouds rain)
Main dekhoon tujhe aankhein bharke (I see you with my eyes full of water like clouds)
Tu lage mujhe pehli baarish ki duaa (you look like a wish for the first rain of season)
Tere pehloo mein reh loon (I wish to live in your shadow)
Main khud ko pagal keh loon (I wish to be called mad for you)
Tu gham de ya khushiyaan sah loon saathiyaa (whether you give me sadness or joy, I’ll bear, o beloved)
Koi nahi, tere siva mera yahan (there is nobody other than you who is mine)
Manzilein, hain meri to sab yahaan (all my destinations are here in you alone)
Mita de sabhi aaja faasle (come, end all distances)
Main chahoon mujhe mujhse baant le (I wish you to share me with myself)
Zara sa mujh mein tu jhaank le (peek into me a little bit)
Main hoon kya (what I am?)
Ragini: laksh….
Laksh: I love you ragini…I love you not from today but ever since I saw you the very first time from then…I love you so much. I know it hasn’t been a long time for you but for me it has. Ever since I’ve seen you my every moment is yours. Every moment has turned into you memory. When you are here it’s still like a dream. It feels like I am in heaven but why? Why do I love you this much even I don’t know but I just do. You are my rain you are my sun you are my everything. You are my “dua”
When ragini hears all this she cries heavily but with no voice…she runs a bit away and turns her face against him….laksh came closer
Laksh: ra…rag…ragini
Ragini: even you are my love…not from now but from the first time I saw you laksh….I love you endlessly…this much that the sky and ground would still be less…..this much that the sun and shade even become less in front of my love….this much that all my dua’s all turn into your name. She says all this softly and is looking right in laksh’s eyes….laksh gets shocked hearing her and after sometime says r..ra..ragini actually umm but she interrupts again and says shhhh let me talk laksh….first time when I saw you that day I saw you for the first time from then I’ve asked for “dua”
Laksh: that day??
Ragini: no..that day you saw me for the first time….I saw you from today 7 years ago…when you were going to college…I think it was your first day….and a baba passed by your bike that day…you saw his condition and gave him your wallet in his hand and he was giving you his dua and you were taking it…then I was looking at you….that’s when I fell in love with you and your face got captured in my eyes. I told you na laksh that dua will someday get accepted if you ask from your heart….today do you believe me? My 7 years of dua would get fulfilled in this manner I never knew….7 years laksh…whatever time I found I only asked for you….and look now I have you and I got your love too. My life is complete laksh…I’m complete now…my dua is fulfilled
Laksh was touched with her words and thinks that’s why naina’s that wish didn’t get fulfilled? She only liked me but never asked for the dua from her heart…true lovers can sometimes not meet each other because maybe somewhere far away they are being asked for with a true and genuine heart….maybe someone else’s dua leaves a greater impact then someone’s dua who doesn’t ask with a true and clean hear.
Laksh and ragini hug and are lost in each other and continue their romance….<3<3<3


Remember guys all dua’s are fulfilled but some just take time and some don’t really get fulfilled easily because someone else is asking for a dua with a pure and genuine heart and their dua is probably stronger than yours but eventually god will fulfill everyone’s dua’s.
Guys how’s it?? It was my first OS. I hope it was good.
I will post khatti meethi love story and dil ne tujhko hi chaha (it’s not chayya guys I made a mistake last episode sorry) by tomorrow or Friday. I’m still working on it but I just got this idea for raglak so I decided to write it down so please tell me how it was

Credit to: zoya

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