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Hello everyone i know it took a lot time to come but what to do yr jab we met is my favourite movie and i want to give equal importance to raglak too so it took time and i have answered all your comments of my previous os so here is the link and here we go with os hope you enjoy it
Heropanti OS on Raglak

The story starts with a young man was walking wearing white shirt black suit he was looking in mid thirties wearing specs just walking on a road he then went to his car dropped his identity card and left his car in mid way and was just walking till he reaches railway station he was just lost somewhere he was just tired of this world and want to go somewhere he board a train and sits in a compound dont know where he is going what he is doing he was just doing it. And then the train starts screen now shifts to a girl who is running behind the train a man is helping her keeping her luggage while the train was moving she somehow entered the train
Girl : uff jaan nikal di pata hai mera record tha aaj tak ek bhi train nahi chutneka thank you babaji mera record tutne se bacha liya
Then the girl notice the man was still holding his hand
Girl : andar aa gayi hu mai haath chodo
Then she takes the luggage and start moving to her compond and keeps on blabbering with the people and she reaches her seat where that man was sitting
Girl : oh hello its my seat
The man still not listens she shouts but then too he was not listening then she jerked him and tell that its her seat he gets up and sits on opposite sit
Girl : you know everybody dont want this RAC seats but i somehow tells them that plz give me this seat only i just love it so what is your name
The man doesnt pay attention to her he was just lost in his thoughts
Girl : ok i will tell you my intro i am ragini kaoor from bhatinda actually i use to stay in bhatinda but due to studies i shifted to mumbai and there i got the love of my life karthik you know he stays at manali and will run to manali after meeting my family i love him alotbut i am going forcefully to bhatinda where my family stays but i will run away with karthik as my family will never agree for this marraige
She was blabbering and that man was not at all intrested
At that time ticket checker comes he asked tickets to ragini and the man the ragini showed him
Tc : and gentleman your ticket
Man : i dont have any ticket
Tc : you cant enter train without ticket
Ragini : are sir he might be tense you make the ticket and take extra money
Tc : ok challo tell where you want to go
That man kept quite
Ragini : are tell him the destination
Man : where this train is going
Tc : to bhatinda
Man : so make there
He takes his wallet and gives money and tc goes
Ragini : you are a rich man but why are you so quite ok leave all that will talk to u tomorrow good night
She goes in upper birth and sleeps after sometime train reaches a stop ragini gets up and she didnt find that man she was searching for him she came on the door and saw that man was going train starts she was shouting but he didnt heard atlast she left the train and goes to him running
Ragini : are train jaari hai challo
That man was shocked to see her here
Ragini : dont come
She runs ro train but the train was left she was hell shocked she then goes to that man
Ragini : how dare you because of you i have lost my train my purse my belongings everything was there and because of you
Man : i have told you to come after me first i was fed up of your blabbering and then you come to me now
Ragini : are wah i have helped you and instead of thanking me you are shouting i dont know i just want my everything back and you will only give me
Man starts running and ragini runs behind him till he reaches near taxi the man sits in front and ragini sits behind taxi driver to sits but he started praying ragini : are bhai sun li bhagwaan ne ab challo
But he was too slow the man gets up from his seat and makes driver sit on next and he drives the driver was stopping him but he started and he was too fast ragini was happy and finally the reached the next station ragini just ran to station and was relieved that train is stopped and then she goes to water stall and buys water bottle and was fighting with the seller as he was not giving change in this fighting she forgets about train and trainstarted to move and before she could reach train again went she was so much shocked and some boys were bad eyeing her suddenly she runs to that man who helped her she gets out and to her shoch he was there and was paying the bill of taxi driver ragini turned him annd he was same shocked as her
Man : tumne phirse train miss kardi
Ragini nods
All boys who were bad eyeing her went
Ragini ; i am ragini ragini kapoor
And she lends her hand
Laksh : i am laksh maheshwari
Ragini : laksh itni khushi mujhe kabhi nahi hui jitni aapse milkar hui hai mai yaha sirf aapki wajah se aayi hu toh ab yeh aapka hi kaam hai mujhe bhatinda pohchane ka tumhare wallet me paise hai i have seen it till tomorrw morning will stay at some hotel then you will take me to bhatinda understand
Laksh just nods
Then they start moving to a silent road but ragini was ragini she was only blabbering
Laksh : you know what you should kept in museum why i am stuck with you what i am doing god
Ragini : are just be calm i am there na
Laksh : this is the reason of my worry
Then they reach to nearby lounge the man was just staring her and assumed her to be call girl
Laksh : ek din ka kitna
Man : din ka kyu hours ka batau
Laksh : jitna pucha hai sirf utna hi jawab do
Laksh understood what he is thinking there came ragini
Ragini : are tum inpe kyu chillare ho
Laksh : ragini you are not understanding what he is saying
Ragini : are i know see we have only some hours work sow what we will do of day you say how much for hours
Ragini didnt understood at all atlast laksh gave up and asked how much for hours he told the money and ragini goes from there to room
Man : bhai kaha se mili
Laksh : pata nahi yr ladki kaisi hai
Man : ekdum kadak
Laksh : teri behen hai salley chal kaam kar apna
He then goes to ragini and both settle down and then lakshs wallet falls from his pocket ragini picks it up and sees a girl photo
Ragini : who is she your girl friend you are really lucky yr
Laksh : i am not she is not my gf anymore she is married to someother
Laksh then goes to sit ragini comes there
Ragini : photo jalado
Laksh : you are not serious
Ragini : i am serious are burn her yr you will feel better
Laksh ; no man
Ragini then gives her matchstick
Ragini : are burn it you will feel better common
Laksh somehow agrees to her childish acts
Ragini : go now and flush this pic from your life
He goes into toilet and flushes it and comes out
Ragini : how are you feeling
Laksh : you know after doing this chidish thing i am actually feeling better
Ragini : i have told you
Laksh : thanks
Ragini : you know you are so innocent and cute if i wouldnt love karthik i have definetely love you can you believe ragini kapoor had fallen for you
Laksh : you love yourself so much na
Ragini : bahot mai apni favourite hu acha tell mai tumhe kaisi lagti hu
Laksh : what
At that time they heard bang on door they ipened
Man : police ki raid padhi hai bhago
Ragini and laksh ran from there and reaches to bus stand ragini sits in bus and laksh comes
Laksh : bus will start in some hours
Ragini : hmm
Laksh : aur tum kyu puch rahi thi tum mujhe kaisi lag rahi ho
Ragini : are haa tell na
Laksh : thik
Ragini : sirf thik
Laksh : achi
Ragini : wow then you will fall for my cousin sister tannu we are of same age she ditto looks like me i will do your setting when i will runwith karthik you too also run with tannu then will all four will stay in himalays
(Guys tannu is played by sriti jha pragya from kumkum bhagya i love her alot and she is perfect for the role)
Laksh thought to tease her
Laksh : but i want you
Ragini : are tannu se shaadi akarlo mai tumhari saali banjaungi aur saali aadhi ghar waali hoti hai
Laksh : mai aadhi lekar kya karunga mujhe toh puri chahiye
Ragini : mil rahi hai na tannu puri
Laksh : i will think good night
Ragini : good night
They slept in bus and bus started next morning they woke the bought some dresses to wear as ragini was in her night suit from night their journey has started to bhatinda sometimes they were travelling in bus or in taxi laksh has now smiling ragini was happy to find a friend on him and next day they came close to bhatinda laksh was now comfortable with her
Laksh : you know durga prasad maheshwari
Ragini : you dont knows him he was famous bussinessman but due to some loss he died
Laksh : i am his son
Ragini was shocked
Ragini : i mean you are laksh maheshwari durga prasad maheshwari son
Laksh : yes and you know i was not like quite all the time but circumstances lead to make us this my mom and dad marry eachother but mom doesnt feel good with dad she was not happy i have born and they thought that i will bring happiness to them but all seems wrong dad was busy in his bussiness and mom kept busy herself in parties unless she got someone one day she ditched my dad and left with that man my dad was broken and so he dies and i was left all alone with his propoerty but what do i need of it when i dont have satisfaction
Ragini : its allright but your mom was also not at fault in this she maybe tried to love your dad but she has found love in someone else love dont tell and happen its just happen and when you are in love everything seems to be right you should understand her
Laksh : why you always keep things positive yr
Ragini : till we dont think positive negative will not go aur burai ko buarai nahi sirf aachai mita sakti hai
Laksh smiled at her
Atlast they reached their destination bhatinda whole family was surprised of seeing ragini with a boy but ragini assures everyone that he has saved her and brought her till here everyone accepts her friendship and asks laksh to stay for some day though he refuses but accepts all familily members were taking good care of laksh and one day ragini called him in farm
Laksh : say miss ragini what problem do you have
Ragini : actually tomorrow sahil is coming to see me
Laksh : what do you mean sahil is coming who is he
Ragini : actually sahils family is our friends so they want me and sahil to run and i am running
Laksh : yr why you always talk of running there are many options
Ragini : no options is there i will run you and tannu too run
Laksh : have you gone nuts you will not run i will do something
Next day sahil family came to see ragini though sahil use to like ragini from childhood but ragini didnt give him a damn all family members insisted sahil and ragini to go alone and talk all family members have gone leaving two of them alone ragini was walking in farm with sahil when she sees laksh from a hand distance and runs to him and stands in frint of him sahil was see8ng this from behind
Ragini to laksh : sahil woh mere peeche hai
Laksh : haa
Ragini : woh hame dekh raha hai kya
Laksh : haa tu peeche hat
Ragini then hugged him leaving sahil shock and laksh surprise
Laksh : ragini leave yr are sahil its nothing leave
Ragini leaves him
Ragini : are sahil you have watched everything oh no
Laksh: are no sahil she is doing drama tell na ragini
Ragini : ha its not true and in mumbai too nothing happened
Laksh glared her ragini went away
Laksh : sahil you are understanding wrong
Sahil : i have two eyes to see i have seen everything
Laksh : are yr woh tumhe dikhane ke liye aisa kar rahi thi
Sahil : and why will she do
Laksh was numb as he cannot disclose that she loves karthik
Laksh: ask her only na
Sahil then leaves with his family telling nothing to raginis family but they were having little doubt on laksh and ragini at late night laksh was sleeping in guest house when ragini came to his room with her backpack
Ragini was patting laksh cheeks to get him up laksh hurriedly gets up seeing her
Laksh : you what are you doing here apne parivar se pitvaana hai kya go
Ragini : laksh if i stay one more day here they will do my marriage with someother guy so i am running
Laksh : you will not do anything
Ragini : i am doing this thing you do one thing live here for some days then you too go to mumbai
Laksh : you are leaving me here where they will beat me till i open my mouth where you have gone as they i must be knowing something
Ragini : ok then you too come with me
Laksh : right if they were having doubt on us it must be clear right
Ragini : but tujhe kya farak padhta hai
Laksh : right mujhe kya farak padhta hai come
Laksh gets ready took his belongings and both were running from house when tannu sees them tannu tried to stop them then she goes to family nembers to tell them laksh and ragini were running
Laksh : so whats the plan
Ragini : lets see will get a taxi or direct railway station
Laksh : what this is the plan you only think of running now listen and come
He turns and took her again in the house but not in the house but on terrace
Laksh : see they will search whole city but not in their own house when wmeverything will be settled will run
Ragini : nice idea photo wali ke saath bhagne ka bhi plan tha
Whole family was worried for ragini and angry on laksh and all man were finfing them but getting no clue at terreace
Laksh : so where is karthik coming station or bus depo
Ragini : actually he is not
Laksh : what dont say me that idiot knows that you are running for him
Ragini : dont know
Laksh : why ragini why are you doing this to you why ate you playing with your life
Ragini : because its my favorite game and whats yours aah i know car racing are dont worry everything will be fine
Laksh : are you consoling me really i will take one flight to mumbai and will go from all these and what will happen to you have you thought once life isnt a joke we have to thik seriously sometimes
Ragini : you were also serious na laksh in your life what has happened see its my life i dont want to live what everyone says i only want to do what i feels and if something gappens i will not let anybody responsible i will myself responsilble and i will happy for that
Laksh was just amused at her
After sometime when all was not there they came down and was running but ragini turns and sees her house
Ragini : after marraige i will directly come and fall on their feets they will shout at me but will accept me
She looks at laksh
Ragini : say me am i doing correct
Laksh : no ! But you have only said when you are in love nothing is wrong everything seems to be right so come
Ragini just hugged her laksh somehow reciprocates it
Then their journey started to manali travelling in bus and all laksh has fallen for ragini her blabbering her everything but didnt tell her as she loves karthik at last they reached manali and they were standing outside of karthiks house
Laksh : so you have reached your destination
Ragini : i will miss you
Laksh : i will miss you too
Ragini : come na inside dont go
Laksh : have to go takecare ragini
And he leaves from there ragini too leaves to meet karthik
9 months leap laksh has overtake his dads bussiness he was not old laksh who use to be silent quite actually totally opposite from him now he was talkitive bubbly all because of ragini he has totally became now like hers his company is leading now and he has forgived his mom too he misses ragini but thinks that she must be happy and now her family must have accepted her one day laksh opens a new company in name of ragini he has came on tv and raginis family sees this and hurriedly goes to mumbai here they reach laksh was talking of somemeeting when they came and holded his collar
Shekhar raginis father : where is ragini
Laksh was all shocked
Laksh : uncle lets seat first
Rp raginis uncle : we havent came here to seat say us where is ragini
Laksh : i dont know uncle
Rp : dont say lie we have all watched you on tv you have named one company on raginis name tu bas phone laga ragini ko
Shekhar : beta ragini is with you only na is she safe
Laksh : uncle what are yous aying
Shekhar : no beta tell because it doent happen ragini cant stay without talking us for aminute plz say
Laksh ; uncle she is fine
Rp : means she is with you only
Laksh : yes
Shekhar : then beta call her
Laksh : uncle she is not here with me for now i will bring her in 9 days i promise
Rp : what are you saying and why would we believe you
Laksh : shekhar uncle plz i promise
Shekhar : ok beta 9 days i am trusting you
They left leaving laksh all shocked that what to do now he cancelled his all meetings and went yo shmla to meet karthik he goes there and meets him
Laksh : karthik shah hii this is laksh maheshwari
Karthik ; oh the famous bussiness man what have bought you here
Laksh : umm i am actually raginis friend can you plz call her
Karthik : who ragini
Laksh : bhai how many ragini you know
Karthik : i dont know any ragini
Laksh: what i am talking about ragini kapoor your love
Karthik : excuse me i dont love her and i havent seen her past 8 months
Laksh world was now upside down he dont know how to react
Laksh : but 9 months before only i have left here she told that you both will marry
Karthik : she has came 9 months before i dont love her yr yes i loved her when we were in colleve then college finished i am on my way she is on her way i havent took marraige name she was the who said about marriage i have told her neumerous times that go to bhatinda but no she dont listen to me she lives her in her own dream world
Laksh : and you proved that this not a dream world because in this world cheap peolple stays like you
Karthik : kya cheap hu mai aa that h aise bolre ho maine shaadi bolke bhaa gaya uspe shaadi ka bhoot sawar tha mujhe nahi
Laksh : ragini havent returned from 9 months where is she hw is she dont know and if you are not guilty so whatever hapened to her is right she deserves it she deservrs beacuse she has love a person likes you
Laksh leaves from there and reminds of ragins face when he saw her last he started to search for whole shimla and atlast he found her when he was moving in his car she was crossing him and she didnt notice him which makes him surprise she was not the same ragini whom he have left she was different he has got information that she lives here from past 8 months in hostel she use to teach students and do her own household and was just in her own house works laksh was just teary eye to see her like this and he thought to go to her ragini was walking on road when laksh came infront of her ragini was just shocked
Ragini : are laksh how are you
She was just smiling faintly looking dull
Laksh : you have became so selfish na ragini you cant tell me about all this you cant call me now its finish you are coming with us
Ragini : i am not coming
Laksh : dont create here a scene ragini just come
Ragini : its my life let me live what do you think karthik has gone it doesnt mean you can take me for grant
Laksh : over or you have to say more
Ragini : why are you doing this i dont wanna be a birden on you
Laksh : really ragini you know which i am livong this life beacuse of you i have became most successful bussinessman its all because of you damn it now you want to come or say more its my life i want to live and all
Ragini : i am coming
Laksh took ragini with him they stayed in nearby hotel
Laksh : listen today we will stay here then tomorrow will leave to bhatinda
Ragini ; hmm what will my family say
Laksh : leave it ragini they are ypur family they will forgive you and you remembered that day when we stayed un longue that man was understanding you as a call girl
Ragini : what are you serious
Laksh : i have tried telling you but you are you
Ragini : i was so dumb thats the reason all this is happening to me
Ragini has started to cry
Laksh : you have his photo
Ragini : no
Laksh : ok tell me his number call him and tell him bad as much as you can
Ragini : what is this childish things
Laksh : this is childish things call him ok
Laksh handover her phone and she calls him hestitently
Ragini : hello karthik
Karthik : yes
Ragini : kutte tune kya samjha ki agar tu mujhee chod dega tu mai tadpadti rahungi tadpega tu salley marne ke baad bhi narak mai jalega you moron
And karthik cuts the call
Laksh : how are you feeling
Ragini just gave him bone crushing hug laksh has taken backoff but he too reciprocates both were lost in the hug after sometime they realise their position and backoffs
Laksh : are koi nahi yr hojata hai kabhi kabhi chal ab khana khate hai
Then next day they headed to bhatinda at afternoon they stopped nearby station and there they meet karthik
Karthik : i wanna talk with ragini alone
Ragini : i dont wanna come
Laksh ; go ragini
Karthik took ragini aside and told him that he his sorry whatever happened and he stills loves him ragini was confused she just went to laksh
Ragini : what does he want now everything was over na
Laksh : you know ragini why my mom and dad relationship doesnt work because there was lack of love and today you are getting your love
Ragini : and your love i can see you love me
Laksh : bit you love him go ragini and yaa after marraige do affair with me
Laksh then took ragini to karthik and told them that he will unite them in bhatinda and tell her family about them laksj was heart broken again but all he wanted was raginis happiness atlast trio reached there the whole mansion was decorated when they came out of car tannu make wear garland to laksh
Tannu : kyu jijaji hamari ragini ko hamse chura kar lekar gaye the
All trio are shocked to hear jijaji from tannus mouth
All were assuming laksh and ragini as couple whoch startled karthik they all thanked laksh for bringing ragini and assumed karthik to be lakshs friend
Rp : thanks beta you have proved yourself i am proud of you
And he hugged laksh
Ragini tried talking with his mom but doesnt work atlast she got time
Sharmishta : say beta how are you laksh loves you na he take good care of you na
Ragini didnt want to tell about karthik
Ragini ; woh mujhe itna pyaar karta hai ki mujhe aaplogo ki yaad hi anhi aati
Sharmishta : i am so happy that you got him
Laksh also couldnt get time to say about karthik this was irritating him
Ragini ; laksh how we will tell them i am so scared i dont wanna tell
Laksh : 1 min one thing was missing here here your smile that old one
Ragini then smiled laksh was happy to see her
Ragini : you have totally became like me
Laksh : all because of you now common sleep tomorrow meet me and kathik at farm side good night
Next day trio meet
Karthik : ragini listen laksh is going today and after that we will tell your parents whatever their desicion is we will accept
Ragini looks at laksh
Ragini : you are going
Laksh : have to go bye
Saying this he move from there ragini was just looking at him and here karthik was blabbering ragini was just lost in her thoughts she dont wanna let him go she just run and found him playing with a boy she just went to him
Ragini : karthik has come
Laksh : yes
Ragini : is he looking at us
Laksh : yes
Ragini then kissed him on lips making laksh shocked karthik realise his mistake nad moved from there ragini then realises the kiss
Ragini : i lobe you laksh i just love you i cant leave plz dont leave me plz i cant leave without you my life is with you only
That boy was happy and runs to tell this to family
Laksh was beyond happiness he didnt tell anything just kissed her tightly ragini reciprocate it both were lost in kiss after that they broke it and touched their forehead happily
And they got married and lived happily
So guyz i know it was long but my hands know my pain hope youll will like it and i havent read what i have written your feed back will tell me my work next will be on swasan jab tak hai jaan and for raglak i am taking humtum i dont wanna keep pyaar kiya toh darna kya and after that all recreations will be finished and i will start my stories till then bye

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