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“O god this girl is never on time. Today is an important meeting and she is not to be found anywhere” complained Laksh to himself. No one would have ever thought that the Laksh Maheshwari would be worried about any ordinary girl. But she wasn’t ordinary, she was his girl.

“I am here finally. O god I have reached on time for the first time in my life. Bhagwaanji thank you.” said Ragini Shah while coming through the doors of the conference room.

“Sir you are already here?”

“Hmm come and check the presentation once again, we want the deal at any cost Ragini.”

“Definitely sir, we’ll get it, but'”

“But what?”

“If we get this deal you would have to treat me” said Ragini expressing her desire.


The delegates and few of the board members started pouring in and soon the presentation began. Ragini was the one who had the responsibility to represent the Maheshwari group. Laksh had given her this responsibility. His dad was also present there. Laksh was sitting and staring at Ragini. He had known her from complete one and half years. They both used to attend the evening MBA classes.

Ragini and Swara were sisters and both used to work in Maheshwari group. It was half day job for Ragini and rest of the evening for Swara. The reason they used to work in shifts was that both of them were students and other part time jobs were insufficient to support their education and expenses. And the salary they both get for one job was way too high. Swara used to go to college in morning and work in evening. Ragini used to work in morning and go to college in evening. Laksh used to help his dad in morning and attend the MBA classes in evening.
Laksh and Ragini were in the same batch and would often bump into each other. They both turned into good friends but the things turned bitter when Ragini got to know that he was her boss and it was because of him that she was chosen as his personal associate and Swara was given a good part time job with an awesome salary.

Ragini didn’t like those favors and stopped talking to him. She just blasted out at Laksh in his office without knowing that his dad was also present there. Laksh’s dad explained Ragini that all these favors and promotions are being given to both the sisters because they both really deserve it. Ragini didn’t talk to Laksh except on professional front. But from past 2 months she was again opening up and Laksh was a happy man again because he was head over heals in love with her.

A round of applause brought Laksh back to the conference room. A foreign delegate congratulated Mr. Vishambhar Maheshwari and assured him that the deal would go to his company only. Mr. Maheshwari thanked and congratulated Ragini and soon left the conference room. Laksh was on the seventh sky after seeing a million dollar smile on Ragini’s face. Ragini was winding up her things and then Laksh also congratulated her.

“So when are you going to treat me?”

“Very soon”. Said Laksh and left the room with a cute smile on his face.

“O god he looks so cute. Cute? No he is so handsome and s*xy. O god I love him so much. If I marry him I’ll definitely offer you Rs 101 prasad. Pakka promise.” Blurted Ragini in the conference room which was empty.

Ragini had been very happy that day. Vishambhar Maheshwari had given her the responsibility of this whole project and for this project she will be going to Australia.

Mr. Vishambhar Maheshwari had told Ragini to pack her bags as she will be leaving for Australia. Ragini was very excited at that moment and thanked him. Ragini was elated and she entered Laksh’s cabin happily.

“Chaha humne tujhe…” Ragini’s phone rang which caused Laksh to look up and notice that she has entered the cabin.
“Hello’ Swara dii”’oh the presentation was awesome”’ you know what I am going to Australia”’I am damn so excited and happy””’ ok you attend your lecture”’ we’ll talk later.”

Ragini hung up on her sister and noticed that Laksh was not in a happy mood and she could detect that.

“Why isn’t he happy? He doesn’t look good at all when he is upset. O shut up Ragini. He always looks good. But why is he upset? May be he is jealous? But why would he be? He himself gave me this opportunity. Ok leave it Ragini and think what I will do when I go to Australia?” thought Ragini.

“Laksh I was thinking”’ (come on Ragini you can do it)”


“I was thinking when will you treat me? (Finally I did)”

Laksh who was already at a bad mood now lost his entire cool.

“I have other and better things to do and for god sake please leave me all alone and don’t ever show your faces to me at least till you are out of this country”
Ragini’s eyes filled up and she quickly collected her things and left the cabin.

“O god what did I do? What was her fault if she was going Australia? How would she know that I don’t want to lose her? She might be very upset. I am such an idiot.”Laksh thought of it again and again and stood on the window.

Ragini was in the office. She was sitting in cafeteria.

“If I go to Australia then Laksh would be all alone and I might not able to keep a watch on him. And I will also be all alone there. Aur kya pata ki mere peeche unhe koi bhi bhootni fasa le. Waise bhi kitne seedhe aur bhole hai mere Laksh. Aur unke bina main reh bhi to nahi paungi main.”

Ragini sipped her coffee and stood very confidently knowing what she has to do now. She marched in to Mr. Vishambhar Maheshwari’s cabin.

“May I come in sir?”

“Sir I don’t want to go Australia. Please give this responsibility to someone else.

“But why Ragini? Any serious problem?”

“No sir. It’s that I don’t want to go there all alone. I mean by now you would have come to know that I am a complete chatter box and then a new place and all strangers it will really become very difficult for me.”

Vishambhar laughed a bit when Ragini told the perfect excuse.

“Don’t worry Ragini, Diya is also going with you and a few members from Mumbai branch are also companying you. And it’s just the matter of 8 months and Ragini you need to adjust to the conditions. Now please excuse me we have a really important meeting.”Vishambhar left the cabin so did Ragini.

“8 months? Haye Gannuji !! ”

Ragini was walking aimlessly on the corridor and bumped into Laksh. Ragini’s bag and its contents fell on the floor. Both bent down to pick them up and again clashed their foreheads.

“Ouch” screamed Ragini.

“I am sorry”

“You better be”

“Wait in the cabin till the time I come back.”

“But’. ”

“Do as I say”

Laksh left the place and Ragini was managing to stand up. “Apne aap ko kya samjhati ho? Prince Charles?” blurted Ragini under her breath.

Ragini now seated on a couch in Laksh’s cabin switched on her iPod and enjoyed some of the songs till the battery lasted. The time passed by and it was late in night and Ragini was on that couch only.

“Ok so you are still here?”

“What do you mean by that? You told me to b here. Remember?”

“Yes but the whole of the office has left leaving me and few other members”

“So what can I do? Why did you tell me to stay back here?”

“I am sorry. I know I was rude at that moment. The reason was I am going to lose my best PA, so the frustration is natural”

“It’s ok. Now can I go home?”

“Come I’ll drop you. It’s late.”


Both of then were in the car and after a few minutes Laksh stopped in front of

“Nice Moments” cafe.

“Why did you bring me here?”

“I had promise someone to treat her.”

Ragini smiled noticing that Laksh had actually remembered to treat her. Her smile widened when she saw he was opening the gates for her.

They went inside and sat on the corner table near the window. Soon the waiter came and Laksh ordered a pizza as he knew that Ragini loves pizza the most. They were happily chatting and enjoying their pizza.

“Ragini I want to tell you something.”

“Wow Laksh it’s raining outside. Come let’s go out. I just love rains. You know I and Swara di love to play football when it rains. It’s really fun.”

“Meri Mumbai express to rukti hi nahi hai” thought Laksh after seeing Ragini talking non stop.
Ragini excitedly moved out of the cafe. Laksh paid the bill and he also moved out. He stood under the shelter only and watched Ragini with a child like enthusiasm.
Finally after 20 minutes the rain stopped and both of them went in the parking lot. Ragini was completely drenched, although she was enjoying her state but it was really difficult for Laksh to concentrate.

“Laksh can I request you something?”


“Laksh can you please request Vishambhar sir not to send me to Australia.”

“But why? Why don’t you want to go?”

“The reason is that I love someone and I don’t want to get separated from him. Love is more important for me than my career.”

Laksh’s face fell immediately.”My girl is in love with someone else? But how can this happen?” thought Laksh.

“Laksh can you please request him?”

“I’ll try my level best. Can you tell me’ if you don’t mind” who is the lucky guy?”

“Laksh”’ the guy is the one who loves me a lot and also loves me silently from last 1 year”” the one who cares for me and my dii a lot”’the one who teaches me every single bit of business””the one who shouts at me without any reason”””the one who makes my day just by passing a smile””’the one who makes me jealous by talking and flirting with that evil witch Kavya””Laksh do you still want to know the name?

Laksh was the happiest man on the planet earth. Ragini was smiling sweetly after telling her heart out.

“Ragini I also wanted to tell you that I love you and want to spend my rest of the life with you. Kya tum meri sangini banogi?”

“Haan Laksh. I love you.”

“I love you too Ragini.”

Ragini hugged Laksh and he too wrapped his arms around her. They broke after few minutes.

“Laksh aapne sangini word kahaan se seekha?”

“I also watch that show “Sanjog Se Bani Sangini”. I actually wanted to see how hot Iqbal Khan is that you talk about him all the day.”

“Oh jealousy! Ok now will you convince Vishambhar sir?”

“I’ll try Ragini because at the end of the day he’ll listen to his mind only”

“Laksh Swara di must be waiting.”

“Ok” Laksh got the car and they both began their journey. On the way Ragini switched on the radio and her current favorite song “aankhon hi aankhon mein” was playing.

As the song proceeded Ragini started blushing because she knew he was staring.
They soon came to Ragini’s home.

“Lo tumhara ghar aa gaya”

“Laksh ghar nahi aaya, hum ghar aa gaye”


“Bye I am going.”

“Wait; there is something on your left cheek”

Ragini took her duppata and tried to wipe her cheek.

“Let me do it Ragini.”

Laksh leaned closer and quickly pecked on her cheek. Ragini immediately turned red.

“Ragini there is again something on your right cheek”

And then again he kissed her. Ragini tried to open the door and go out but Laksh held her hand and leaned very close to her. He slightly kissed her forehead and then the tip of her nose and soon their lips met. The magic, the passion and pure love was all around.

After a few minutes both ran out of their breath and Ragini was beet root red(Aapko jo red achha lage who feel kar lena). She had a sweet smile on her face and quickly moved out of the car before Laksh could catch her.

“Bye Laksh. Good night and sweet dreams.”

“Same to you Ragini” winked Laksh.


Ragini was on the airport getting her tickets checked and tears in her eyes she did not wanted to go but she was helpless. Swara was constantly consoling her and later she was in her flight sitting and the flight soon took off.


Laksh had gone to Udaipur for some important work with Mr.Naksh Singhania and he hadn’t contacted Ragini. After that night she hadn’t talked to him once. His phone was switched off every time she called him. Mr. Vishambhar Maheshwari told her to pack off her bags because she has to go to Australia. And now she is finally going to Australia.



Ragini and Kavya, her all time enemy and other members were in a car sent by the Maheshwari branch of Australia. The driver stopped in front of hotel. All others went inside the hotel but the driver took Ragini somewhere else.

“Where are you taking me”?

“Wait for two minutes madam”

The car stopped in front of a white palatial building. She got out of the car and was surprised to see Laksh standing in front of the gate.

She quickly reached out for him and hugged him tight.

“Laksh I missed you so much”

“I too missed you Ragini”

“So weren’t you in Udaipur?”

“No Ragini I was always in your heart”

Laksh and Ragini lived in that house for 8 months with Laksh’s Dadi(Dadi Maheshwari From YRKKH) and when they went back to India after 8 months, Laksh’s parents got them married.

~~~THE END~~~

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