Raglak os: Handling my drunken wife

Hello everyone this is another os of mine…
The story starts when Laksh tried to kill Ragini with his car but Swara saved her. Dadi gave complaint on Laksh and he was arrested which made AP’s health worse and DP had no way to go, he requested dadi to get back the complaint. Dadi kept a condition that she will get back the case only when they accept Ragini as their bahu; they should not ill treat her; they should give all her rights. DP accepted the condition so dadi get back the complaint and sent Ragini to MM with Laksh. But Laksh didn’t like this so he humiliated and insulted Ragini whenever he gets opportunities. Ragini accepted it and didn’t said this to anyone especially to her dadi because she thought at least by doing this his anger will become less and he may start love her. But it didn’t happen as Ragini thought. Day by day Laksh was going on humiliating Ragini; he also started to date with another girl, Kavya. The poor thing is Ragini too knows this but she couldn’t do anything.

One day Laksh took Ragini to a business party (as it was couple entry), intentionally hiding that dress code is western type. So Ragini just wore her costly saree and she looked stunning in it. When they reached the party, Ragini get to know about the dress code and felt embarrassed. Kavya is also present there. Laksh took Ragini near Kavya and they both insulted Ragini. Ragini felt embarrassed, heartbroken, pain, hurt, but she didn’t let her tears to come out as she don’t want to fall weak in front of Kavya. At last Kavya and Laksh went to dance floor and danced. Even though Laksh danced with Kavya, his eyes were fixed only on Ragini. He noticed her going near bar. His eyes widens when he saw her gulping a bottle of wine without even leaving any gap.
Laksh’s POV,
What I am seeing is true? I can’t believe my eyes. I hear many gasps which brought me to the world. I immediately excused myself from Kavya and moved….no, ran towards Ragini. I can see her eyes closed and head bend down and her hands freely lying on her lap like she was unconscious. I took a deep breath and moved close to her to pick her but in a fraction of seconds I found myself pushed on bar counter. When I lifted my head, I found her missing I started to panic and searched for her. At last I saw a crowd near dance stage and some barking like sounds came. I pushed myself through the crowd and the scene I saw was the worst or say worstest scene in my life.
Ragini was holding Kavya’s hair and punching her nose, whereas Kavya was trying to escape from her hold but it seems impossible until if someone forcefully drag Ragini from there. I suddenly felt self conscious and looked around if anyone is taking any video. Thank god! Everyone was eagerly watching this women’s WWW match. I took this chance and went near Ragini and held her hand and said in my low but dangerous tone, “Leave her Ragini!” But to my shock she holds her even more tightly. So I have no way to go. I pulled Ragini towards me and trying to release Kavya. I was succeeded. Without wasting anytime I just pulled Ragini from there, but it was not an easy job. She all the way danced like going to kill Kavya. I have to grab her waist and arm like side hugging, and pulled outside.

I let out a sigh and gave a death glare to Ragini who was now dancing in my arms. I managed to call the driver and was about to make her sit in back seat, she ran away once again. I looked around and found her fighting with driver. My anger level reached its peak. I held her wrist and turned towards me and yelled “What do u wants Ragini?” But it’s a very big mistake. She immediately made a crying face which was not normal crying face; it was like a child’s crying face with tightly closed eyes, pouted lips and frowned eye brows. I didn’t want her to make a scene here. So I immediately cupped her face and forcefully added some honey in my words as I said “Aww mera bachha! Why r u crying? U r a good bachha.. naa?? Then u should not cry. Okk?”
I found her immediately grinning like a child and there is not even a single drop of tear in her eyes and cheeks. Blood boiled inside me. But I tolerated and calmly asked “What do u want?? Tell me, bachha!” She answered while grinning, “booomm boooommm…peem peemmm…brruummm..” I stared her like a 5 year child looking for its’ lost mom. I badly wanted a dictionary at that time. I took a sigh to cool myself and asked her patiently. But her face changed into ‘What? Didn’t u understand what I said?’ I tolerated that look and gave her a ‘please’ look. She twisted her lips and said “Boomm….boooommm….Peemmm…peeemm…!!” But this time she showed a symptom like driving a car.

I immediately caught what said. I quickly shook my head from right to left. Suddenly her grinning face changed into whining face. I was so irritated. So I run my fingers into my hair to make me cool. I took the key from driver and make her sit on driver’s seat and just inserted key and switched on the headlight and pulled out the keys so that she will think that the car is on. My idea worked. She stopped whining and clutched the steering tightly and looked at the parking way excitedly. She shouted “Goooo tooo laaauunnchhhh….mmm cheat bellt…. Uhh 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Goooooo!!!” I looked at her like a ghost. She was imagining herself as a pilot. My god!! I was brought to reality when she shouted at me “Oye….lifttt…commeeee” I just nodded like a small child and sat beside her. The driver was giggling looking at my condition. I snapped at him with one of my best glares. He immediately stopped it and looked at me innocently. I smirked looking at him. At that time I hear “Boooommm..booommm….Peeemmm…Peeemmmm…Raguu cominggggg…..booommm..booommm…peeemmm…peeemm…..moooove awaaayyy….” I turned to her and saw that only her mouth and head is working. I felt like hitting my head on any wall looking at her antics.
Suddenly she stopped it and opened the door and started to walk. OMG! What she is going to do now? I literally jumped off the car and moved towards her and held her wrist. She made an irritated face but I am the one who is much irritated because of her antics. I calmed down as I don’t want to see that fake crying face and asked “What do u wants now madam?” I asked her like her servant. She immediately smiled widely and pulled my cheeks. I looked at her with a horrified face. ‘WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING HERE?’ is what running in my mind now! She still pulls my cheeks and said “Choooooooooooo chweeeeettttttt cutieeeeee!!” WHAT? CUTIE!? My god! Why r u punishing me like this? I took a deep breath and plastered a wide fake smile and once again asked the same question, “What do u want?” She crossed one arm on her chest and another on it while her fingers tapping her chin showing me that she was thinking. But to say the truth, she looked so cute while doing it. I smiled lightly and immediately snapped myself of what I was thinking.
She looked at me and said “I waaaallkkk hooommeee!!” I am now quite better in understanding her language. I think so! So I immediately shook my head in no! I tried to argue with her to go home by car, but she was faster than me in giving reactions. She made a puppy face with twisted lips and chubby cheeks and lovely eyes. She really looked so cute that I want to peck those twisted lips, but I mentally slapped myself and get rid of those thoughts. By now her reaction became like a whining kid so I nodded lightly. As I expected she smiled widely. I gave the keys to driver and instructed him to follow us slowly so that of she changed her mood we can go by car. I hope so. I turned around to see her jumping like a kangaroo or say rabbit and in the dark streets. My heart skipped to beat when I found a car nearing her. I immediately ran to her and was about to pull her away from that car but she jumped like a deer and escaped from that car and from my grip too. I looked at her blankly and I heard some yelling sounds which made me to come to reality.
Seriously, it’s really a very bad day. Today my reputation as a great business man was about to be ruined; today my girlfriend was hell angry with me; today I have to leave a very important party; today my driver laughed at me; today I got scolding from a stranger claiming that I attempted suicide in front of his car; today I was walking on the road rather travelling in my costly car…….the only reason behind all this is none other than one cute devil! WHAT? What did I thought? CUTE DEVIL!? Really? Laksh Maheshwari is saying CUTE at his wife? Wait!? WIFE!! That too my wife!? Oh God!! What happened to today to me? I think I am going to fall ill. I should check the doctor.
I moved my head slowly to my right side to see the person because of whom I suffered this much in one day. God knows what and all I have to do till her blank out. I found her standing still at a place for about 2 minutes. It is weird because after she had drunk, it was the first time; she was standing in a same place for 2 minutes. I found her eyes falling on a golgappa shop like a kid watching a chocolate while licking her lips. God! It tempted me! What!? No!? I should put a gate to my brain for giving such stupid ideas. I rubbed my nape to remove that thought and asked “Do u want it?” For the first time, I asked calmly and with that sweetly without forcing myself. She immediately gives me a wide smile which made me too smile. She dragged me there and ordered a plate for herself. I just admired the way she put the whole stuff inside her pretty mouth and struggling to complete it. She cutely expressed her love for golgappa with her expressions. Yeah! I admired it or say loved it!?I smiled like mad looking at her. After a while, I paid for 30 plats of golgappa. Her stomach is going to suffer to digest it. I grinned thinking it. I turned around and once again she is vanished. I inhaled and exhaled deeply and looked around to see her. I caught her. She was sitting in a bench in a small park like place and I noticed that her head was facing upward, I mean the sky. I slowly moved towards her and sat beside her. I saw her eyes were fixed on the beautiful full moon. It looks like she was trying to say something to the moon. I wish I could hear it. I suddenly heard some whisper from her mouth. I moved closer to her to hear it.
“Maa…! Whyyy?! Whyy u lefttt meee maaa?? Comeee to meeee!! I wanttt u maaa. Comeee..come…come to meeeee!! Maaaaaa!! Noonee lovesss me maaa! Alll r hatttiinggg meee! Aaaallll hatessssssss Raaagggiiiiinnniiii. Please maaa, at least u come and sayyy I loveee u. Pleaseeeeeeeee. Orrrr takkkeeee meee to u maaa! Pleaseeee maa….”
With that she closed her teary eyes and her head falls on my shoulder. She was unconscious now. I felt some water like thing on my hand, I moved a finger on it and it was a tear but whose tear? I felt chill on my cheeks and chin. I moved my hand there and found…my tears. I was crying…?! I was crying?! I was crying after hearing her words? I am not able to understand these feelings. Why I cried for her? Why I am feeling bad when I saw her crying? Why she spoke like that to her mom? Why all r hating her? Everyone likes her and loves her. Nobody hates her then why she says like this stupidly? Wait!? Nobody!? Which means even I too love her? No, it’s not like that. Its’ just I don’t hate her. I always liked Ragini but I didn’t hate her even I came to know about her deeds. Then, why did she say like that? Maybe she says like that because I insult her and humiliate her before everyone. Oh man! I myself don’t know why I did like that. I thought it would pleasure me seeing her pain but it just paining me. I tried hard to neglect that pain but still I can’t deny it. I tried to make her more hurt by saying that Kavya is my girl friend, which is a big lie. I don’t give a damn to that chameleon for money. Oh My God! What is this? Why r u punishing me like this? I can’t even say what I feel for Ragini.
I felt her head sliding down from my shoulder that is when I came to reality and cupped her cheeks and kept her head on my shoulders. I looked at her face. It has some strains of her tears and a peaceful expression. I took her in my arms and moved towards the car. All the while reaching house I was just looking at her face. I don’t know why, but I felt peace and some soothing feel when I see her face. She cuddled into me and I took her in my embrace. I don’t know why I am doing this, but still something inside me is feeling very comfortable and light weighted by doing this. I carried her to our bedroom and placed her on the bed like a delicate flower. I was about to move away from her but her grip on my blazer made me to move closer to her. I slowly take away my blazer and stood on balcony and remembered each and every moment with Ragini. I was busy in my thoughts that I didn’t even notice that Ragini had vanished somewhere once again. I searched for her in the whole house but she was nowhere seen. I was panicked and get some weird thoughts like if someone had kidnapped her or if she had met any accident. I shook my head to make myself to remove those thoughts. I heard some water tapping sound. As it was night time, I heard it clearly. I know where it is from. It’s from swimming pool. I am sure of it. I moved towards swimming pool. (Guys just consider in MM there is a swimming pool near garden area.)

I looked around and found her lying on the floor by her stomach and tapping the water childishly. I felt like my life had returned back to me. I took a deep sigh and moved towards her and lay down beside her. She looked at me and gives me a wide smile which I retuned back without any forced commands from my brain. I don’t know what was going on but I really liked what was happening now. So I let it as such. She suddenly started whining. I was really surprised to see her mood swings and shook my head in disbelief. I asked “Bachha! What happened now?” I asked politely. She looked at me with twisted lips and cute chubby cheeks and said “I chwimmmmm….! Soii!! Soiii!! Soiiii!!….pleaaaseeeeeeee” She showed her puppy face. But it’s a night time so I declined it. But Ragini is Ragini! She jumped in without wasting a minute. I was shocked. She was jumping like drowning in water. I was panicked and asked “Ragini! Do you know swimming?” She shouted “Laakkshhhh!! Chwimmmiiing….cominggg…notttt…Lakkksshhh!!” She drowned in water. By now, I got to know about her language. I catch the point that she don’t know to swim. So I immediately without wasting time jumped in water and took her to the surface. My god! She doesn’t go unconscious.
I took her in my arms and moved towards bedroom to put her to sleep. But all the while she was floating her hands and legs in air like she was swimming. She shouted “Chwwimmm…chwwimmmm!!! Raaguu chwwimmmm!!” But I snapped her with my small glare. She stopped shouting and pouted her lips. God knows how much I wanted to peck that pouted lips. I controlled myself and made her stand in bedroom. She stood there with her arms crossing on chest symbolizing like she is angry with that same cute pout. I just stared her to make her see me. She saw me with corner of her eyes. I smirked. She frown her eyebrows. I raised an eyebrow asking “What?” She turned her face away. I smiled and cupped her face. I said “Bachha! I will teach u tomorrow. Okk?” She immediately gave her best smile and shouted “Paakkaaa??!!” I wished no one should have heard it. I placed my finger on her lips whispering “Shhhh!! Pakka!!” She immediately hugged me. Chills run down my spines. In this wet condition with a chill climate and hugging a really hot wife, made me shiver and gave goose bumps on my skin. I don’t want to lose my control and mess up something. So I broke the hug and my eyes suddenly falls on her saree. It was completely wet which made it hug her body parts teasing me. I coughed awkwardly and mentally slapped myself for thinking like that. I took my night wear and asked her to change. She nodded like a good girl. I smiled and went to guest room to change.
I knocked the door and called out her name but the door was not opened. So I slightly tapped the door and to my surprise it was already opened. The room is filled with the night light and some moonlight. I slowly called “Ragini!!”
‘Ang laga de re……..
Mohe rang laga de re……’
I slowly moved my head to the direction where the song was played.
Ang laga de re..
Mohe rang laga de re….
Main toh Teri joganiya
Tu jog laga de re……
I was frozen at the place where I am standing. I am frozen because I saw her, Ragini, standing near balcony door facing her back to me and most importantly wearing my white shirt and a pajama with free hair.
Jog laga de re
Prem ka rog laga de re
Main toh Teri joganiyaan
Tu jog laga de re
She slowly turned around and shakes her hip making a movement to that song even now with those semi closed eyes.
Ram ratan dhan
Lagan magan man
Tan mora chandan re……
Ujli kori preet piya
Satrang laga de re…
She slowly walked or say seductively walked towards me. I was just looking at her without even blinking till now and with ‘O’ mouth. I was completely blank when she stood so close before me looking into my eyes. I don’t know what had happened next.
Ang laga de re
Mohey rang laga de re…
Main to Teri joganiya
Tu jog laga de re…
I came to reality with a ‘thud’ sound from my back. It was from our room door closed by Ragini. I just stood at the same place where I was standing from the starting of the song.
Raat banjar si hai..
Kaale khanjar si hai…!!
Raat banjar si hai….
Kaale khanjar si hai!!
Tere seene ki lau
Mere andar bhi hai..
Tu hawa de isey
Toh mera tann jale
Jala de re sang jala de re
Mohey ang laga de re
Main toh Teri joganiya
Tu jog laga de re
I felt her one hand touching my shoulder like a flower and slowly traced her path to my neck then came infront of me while cupping my face with one hand and another on my chest. I felt like my heart was running in a marathon. It was the first I looked straight into her eyes. Her eyes had a pool of emotions; love, care, concern, desire, lust, passion and also pain. I don’t want to see that pain again in her eyes. So I stepped forward to get rid of that pain. I was about to cup her face but she moved away and stood on balcony.
Raas hai raat mein…
Teri har baat mein….!!
Raas hai raat mein..
Teri har baat mein
Bol main kya Karun
Aise haalaat mein
Hoon main Teri malang
Tu hi mera nasha
Chadha de re bhang chadha de re
Prem ki bhang chadha de re
Main toh teri joganiya
Tu jog laga de re
Jog laga de re
Prem ka rog laga de re
Main toh teri joganiya
Tu jog laga de re
She made some movements and danced. I slowly walked towards her until my chest hits her back. I nuzzled her hair’s sweet smell and was about to touch her waist, she turned towards me. She placed her one hand on my chest and another on my nape. I saw her eyes once again and I felt like drowning in that mighty ocean of emotions. I can see some loneliness in her eyes. I couldn’t take it anymore. I don’t want to stop myself and control me. I wanted to live this moment. I don’t think about consequences and just want to get rid of those pain, hurt, and loneliness from Ragini.
Ram ratan dhan
Lagan magan man
Tan mora chandan re…………..
I felt myself moving ahead focusing my eyes on her lips. She too moved forward and our lips were in just an inch gap. I don’t know who should fill it. I saw her eyes closed. So I moved forward to fill the gap but suddenly she dropped her head on my shoulder. She was unconscious. I just pulled her into my embrace. She cuddled into me. I slowly took her to bed and made her sleep on bed without disturbing. I was about to move towards my side but she had her strong hold on my T-shirt so I just jumped without disturbing her. I pulled her into my embrace while she placed her head on my chest and slept.
I can feel something new Ragini. This feeling is totally different from what I had felt for Swara or other girls. I can say that she have some special feelings inside me. I had seen an innocent Ragini, devil Ragini and an emotional Ragini. But this side of her made me realize what she is meant to me. She is my wife; she is my life; she is my soul; she is my breath; she is everything to me; she is my love of my life. Ragini! Yes I truly realized and accept these feelings as love Ragini. Within one single night she made me to realize how much important she is to me Ragini. I slowly whispered “I love Ragini!”
I hear her whisper, ‘I love u Laksh’. My heart is connected with hers’. With that new feel, love I closed my eyes to welcome a lovely sleep and a new day in our life, Ragini’s and Laksh’ life, i.e. Raglak’s life.

So, if I wasted ur time with a stupid os then I am sorry. If u r all angry with me for not posting my ffs, then I am really very sorry. I really thank the lovely souls waiting for my ffs. I can assure everyone that I will definitely post my ffs but don’t know when. I won’t leave any ffs incomplete.
So if u guys liked this then please comment also if u want to know what will happen next day, how Laksh will propose, Ragini’s reaction, their cute romance, then I will write next part for this if u don’t want then its okk!! Please comment guys.. Bye! Take care! Keep smiling!

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