Raglak os- the game of destiny


Raglak os- the game of destiny

Hi guys angel here with a os so this is my first ever os so plz support me and if u do then I’ll write more os’s that’s only if u support me and guys get ready for a extremely painfully long os

So character sketch

Laksh maheshwari- business tycoon and the son of ap and dp has a girlfriend kavya but is married to ragini due to family pressure brother of adarsh and uttara

Ragini laksh maheshwari- wife of laksh maheshwari Daughter of Shekhar Gadodia and late janki Gadodia married laksh because of her family but also has feelings for him

Ap-mother of laksh and adarsh and uttara wife of dp a caring mother but has the desire of a grandchild which makes her take drastic steps and is kind of negative

Dp- strict person husband of ap father of laksh adarsh and uttara loved his children and wife also wants a grandchild but isn’t as desperate as ap

Adarsh- brother of laksh and uttara husband of parineeta is positive and loves his family and doesn’t have a child and he also doesn’t want to remarry

Parineeta- wife of adarsh and DIL of ap and dp doesn’t hav a child loves uttara like her sister aswell as ragini

Nw the os……………..………………
A room is shown decorated for a newly wedded couple a girl in a bridal dress is shown with jewellery on wen suddenly the door opens and the guy dressed in a groom attire comes in he closes the door

“Ragini” the guy says softly and turns around

“Yes” ragini responds curiously luking at laksh whose back is facing towards her

“Umm well I wanted to say smthing” laksh says gathering the courage and luks up at the ceiling whilst taking deep breaths

Ragini on the other hand remembers smthing her eyes get big and she turns to the glass of milk that is kept on the night stand ragini gets up from the bed and goes to the glass of milk she picks the glass and then turns to laksh

“Laksh ji maa sent this milk for u” ragini says hesitantly and breathes heavily

“I dnt want it” laksh says harshly and strokes his hair back

Ragini gets scared and decides to put the glass of milk away but then remembers smthing
Ragini is in the room wen ap enters ragini smiles at her ap too smiles back ragini sees ap has a glass of milk in her hand

“Ragini beta plz make laksh drink this milk wen he comes to the room…u will make him drink the milk won’t u” ap says whilst luking at ragini waiting for her to say yes

“Yes m maa” ragini says whilst blushing and trying to control her emotions

“Gud….plz make sure he drinks it cuz he’s so stubborn but u can’t give up” ap says convincing ragini whilst ragini just smiles as a response

Ap gives a smile and leaves the room and ragini Starts blushing thinking about laksh
FB ends

“Laksh ji plz drink this milk for ur maa” ragini says hoping that laksh will give in and drink the milk

Laksh turns around and forwards his hand ragini gets confused an gives him the confused luk

“Milk” laksh says to ragini pointing to the glass whilst ragini realises and gets embarrassed and then hands over the glass to laksh

Laksh drinks the milk and after a couple of seconds later touches his head he then luks at ragini and starts comming towards her ragini’s heartbeat goes faster and she starts blushing laksh comes close to her and kisses her forehead
Ragini blushes hard and goes red
Laksh carries ragini and they both consummate their marraige

Next day
Ragini wakes up and blushes seeing laksh
Ragini’s pov
I didn’t knw that arranged marriage has that much of power that it will automatically make a person fall in love…I always knew that I was gonna hav a arranged marriage and my dadima and Dadaji will decide that but laksh ji as far as I’ve heard he used to be a carefree person who always did watever he felt like and nw he’s actually had an arranged marriage and he has whole heartedly accepted it that’s y he took our relationship to the next level
Ragini’s pov ends

Ragini gets up and covers herself and heads to the washroom and gets ready wen laksh wakes with a heavy head he luks around and sees ragini getting ready and smiling he then luks at the condition of the room and himself and gets shocked
Laksh covers himself and heads to the bathroom

Laksh stands under the shower and gets shocked at his recent act

Lakshs pov
How did this happen…no I can’t believe this no no wen I dnt even love her then how could yesterday……..watever happened wasn’t love but a mistake a accident yes I love kavya not Ragini I need to tell her this
Lakshs pov ends
Laksh gets ready and heads out and sees ragini blushing

“Ragini” laksh says feeling guilty whereas ragini smiles and luks down

“Ragini” laksh calls again whereas ragini is blushing laksh gets frustrated

“Ragini listen watever happened yesterday” laksh says trying to complete but ragini starts blushing even more and lakshs anger gets to the top and he pulls ragini’s arm

“LISTEN TO WAT IM GONNA SAY YESTERDAY NIGHT WATEVER HAPPENED WAS JUST A MISTAKE GOT IT A MISTAKE” laksh angrily says leaving ragini shocked and heartbroken tears start rolling down ragini’s eyes

“Actually I’m sorry but watever happened yesterday shouldn’t hav happened I dnt knw wat happened to me and I want to confess smthing” laksh says being guilty and luks at ragini crying

“After saying all this wat else is left to confess” ragini says luking down trying to hide her tears

“This is smthing which I should hav told u earlier but I hav a girlfriend kavya and I’m still commited to her and I will continue to be committed to her” laksh says confidently leaving ragini completely shattered she silently sobs but luks at laksh with a lot of questions in her eyes

“Then y did u marry me and ruin my life” ragini says holding lakshs collar and cries

Laksh luks at her sob and frees himself and walks out

Ragini falls on the floor and cries her heart out

Laksh walks out and comes downstairs and sees ap and gives her a bitter smile and she also smiles back

“Laksh where is ragini” ap asks laksh

“Maa she’s upstairs she’s probably going to come down soon” laksh says and sits on the dining table with dp
And adarsh
Uttara comes near ap

“Maa how cums ur so happy as if ur dreams comming true”uttara asks ap to which she smiles back

“My dream is going to come true soon uttara dear luk ur bhabhi is comming” ap replies and luks at ragini and smirks seeing her eyes red and ragini covering herself and shivering

Ap smiles at ragini

“Parineeta take ragini with u to the kitchen” ap calls out to pari
Pari comes out and takes ragini with her laksh continuously luks at ragini and feels guilty

“Maa nw tell me” uttara insists to ap as she luks at her nods her head

“My dream is going to come true soon becuz we r going to hav a heir in this house” ap says proudly and smiles whilst uttara gets confused

“How’s this possibly parineeta bhabhi can’t and ragini bhabhi u knw laksh bhai he won’t even touch her” uttara says to ap

“Yesterday I mixed a intoxicating medicine in lakshs drink to which he would lose his senses and and they will both give me the gud news soon” ap says and smirks

“Wat maa u I can’t believe u can do this anyways well done maa I’m proud of u….maa how do u knw that ur move is successful” uttara says being happy and hugs ap

“I saw the guilt in lakshs eyes and I knw y this guilt is there” ap says and smirks and uttara also joins her and smirks

“Maa once bhai and Bhabhi find out the truth then wat” uttara adds and and ap gives a smile

“Laksh blindly trusts me and ragini she won’t be able to do anything”ap says and smirks

Ragini tells pari everything and pari consoles her

“Ragini it’s ok dw laksh devar ji will eventually fall in love u” pari says and consoles ragini

“But bhabhi he loves kavya not me” ragini says and cries

“Shhh” pari says and nods no
Dining table
Pari and ragini bring out the food
Everyone taste the food and like it dp and adarsh give ragini some money she takes blessings from both of them the men leave for office laksh luks at ragini but she ignores him

Ragini’s family members come to see her and they bless her and go home in the evening

Laksh comes home in the evening and gets ready to go smwhere
Ragini enters the room and sees laksh getting ready in the evening

“I’m going out it’s kavyas birthday and if maa asks then says that I’m gone out for an important work” laksh says and heads to leave leaving ragini shattered and she breaks down

One month passes and still nothing changes between raglak laksh ignores ragini for kavya
One fine day
Laksh is having breakfast with the rest of the family and ragini is serving wen she suddenly faints pari sees her and shouts

“Ragini” parineeta shouts and brings the attention of the family members and they luk to see ragini on the floor in a unconscious state

Laksh quickly gets up and goes to ragini and starts tapping her cheek

“Ragini…ragini get up” laksh says in concern and his face turns pale

“Laksh I think u should take her to hospital” dp says to which ap agrees

Lakshs carries ragini and takes her to his car he places her on the front and gets in the car and starts driving laksh whilst driving luks at ragini and thinks to himself
Lakshs pov
I’ve been so busy with my life and kavya that I hav never noticed ragini or even fulfilled any responsibility towards her she’s my wife although I refuse to acknowledge that fact but it’s still a fact and the truth the Biggest truth of my life she takes care of my family like her own and even takes care of me….

I leave the room in a mess in the morning well I dnt do it deliberately it just happens and wen I come back home then magic the room is kept nicely clean as if no one has ever touched anything…..before marriage maa would smtimes clean it and if she was out then the room was in the same condition which I left it in…well if I say the truth then I myself am highly responsible for this I dnt let anyone apart from maa touch my things but nw I hav a extra exception and that is ragini I dnt knw y but I just could not stop her from touching my things and nw wen I see her in this state then I feel it’s because of my negligence

ragini gains consious and is shocked to find herself in lakshs car laksh luks at her and his chain of thoughts r Brocken

“Ragini r u ok”laksh asks being concerned whilst still driving

“Yeah but wat happened and where r we going” ragini says luking outside the car window

“We r going infact we hav reached the hospital and dnt ask any further questions” laksh says and parks the car

Both raglak get out and see a doctor the doctor conducts a few tests and asks them to wait outside laksh gets a call and ragini sees the callers name as kavya laksh also realises that ragini knws who’s calling him

“Laksh ji if u need to go it’s ok u can go I’ll manage” ragini says whilst luking down trying to hide her tears

“No I’m staying with u and I’ll drop u home and then go” laksh says and puts his phone on silent in the meantime the doctor calls them back inside they both sit infront of the doctor

The doctor smiles to them and gives laksh a file laksh opens the file and reads it and gets the shock of his life after reading it and luks at ragini being shocked whereas ragini luks at laksh restlessly and asks him through her eyes ‘as to wats the matter’

“Doctor r u sure I mean is this positive” laksh says being shocked unable to digest the recent fact he has just discovered

“I’m 100% sure mr maheshwari that ur wife is expecting” the doctor announces happily laksh closes his eyes whilst ragini is shocked and tears start rolling down her cheeks

The doctor explains some procedures to them and also gives them a next appointment
Both raglak leave the hospital silently without even saying a word to each other they both get Into the car and laksh drives back home

“ragini” laksh says breaking the silence after taking a deep breath and luking at ragini with great difficulties unable to face her

Ragini luks at laksh with tears in her eyes

“Ragini I think we really shouldn’t think of about this baby I mean it’s not a planned baby and u knw that I’m not ready for a baby yet” laksh says to ragini whilst she luks at laksh with utter shock and some disgust

“So u want me to kill this baby” ragini says to laksh coldly whilst he just luks ahead and drives

“Laksh ji I asked u smthing”ragini adds being upset

“Yes all I want u to do is abort this baby becuz I’m not ready yet and I’m commited to kavya so I won’t be there for u or the baby and raising a child alone is a hard job which u won’t be able to do” laksh blurts out angrily which makes ragini shocked she luks the other way outside the window an tears start falling down her cheeks

“I’m sorry laksh ji I won’t be able to kill this baby but dnt worry we both will go away from ur life so u won’t hav to worry and then u can spend ur life happily with kavya” Ragini says whilst she sobs

Just then laksh receives a call laksh without luking answers the call

“Hello” laksh says but is shocked to hear the callers voice

“Kavya….yeah I’m gonna call u later and I dnt knw if we will be able to meet today cuz I hav a very important task to do” laksh says luking ragini whereas she pays no heed to what laksh is saying

“Yeah baby dnt worry yeah ttyl”laksh says and hangs up

“I’ve already made a decision and I told u I’m not going to means I’m not going to kill my baby” ragini says angrily laksh also gets angry and luks at ragini being furious

Both raglak reach home where they see the whole family waiting for them
Ap sees raglak and rushes to them

“Laksh wat happened wat did the doctor say” ap asks laksh whereas laksh just gives her a blank expression ap sees the file in lakshs hand takes It of him despite lakshs effort to stop her but she doesn’t pay any heed laksh closes his eyes and makes a fist of his hand whilst ragini rushes upstairs to her room and parineeta rushes after her

Ap opens the folder and reads it and a wide smile appears on her face dp luks at the smile and he gets suspicious aswell as uttara

Uttara goes to ap and takes the file from her hand and reads it she also smiles and gets happy

“OMG I’m going to become an aunty” uttara exclaims happily dp gets happy and luks at ap for answers and ap nods her head adarsh hugs laksh and laksh luks on

Raglaks room
Ragini packs her bags and gets ready to go to the baadi
She comes out of her room
Parineeta is shocked to see her

“Ragini wat is this and this suitcase where r u going” parineeta says being concerned whilst luking at ragini

“Bhabhi I’m going to the baadi” ragini says as her voice cracks she moves ahead and go downstairs with her suitcase

Parineeta tries to stop ragini but she pays no heed to her

Ap luks at ragini with her suitcase and gets shocked

“Ragini beta where r u going” ap worriedly says laksh also luks at ragini and gets shocked seeing her with her suitcase

Lakshs pov
Wen I saw her with her suitcase just nw I was left dumbstruck I mean where is she going is she gonna go to the baadi…..but say if she doesn’t go to the baadi and leaves this city and goes to another city and that to with my child….wait hang on wat did I just say child but I wanted to get rid of it and nw anyways my main focus is ragini y is she leaving did she get offended that she’s leaving I dnt knw y but my heart ached wen I saw her with her suitcase and it still aches thinking about her leave
Lakshs pov ends

“Ragini y r u leaving” ap says being worried whilst thinking about all her dreams that will soon shatter

“Maa it will be much better if u ask ur son that question” ragini says luking at laksh tearfully

“Laksh wat is ragini saying” dp asks laksh strictly laksh luks down and doesn’t answer

“Ragini beta at least u tell us wats the matter” dp asks ragini calmly and laksh luks on being scared and shocked

“Papaji laksh wanted me to abort this child because he isn’t ready for a child yet” ragini tells the family whilst everyone is shocked and dp luks at laksh being disgusted ap luks on being shocked and laksh puts his head down

“Papaji can I go to baadi plz” ragini pleads and cries and dp nods his head and places his hand on ragini’s head and permits her to go ap luks at dp being shocked and uttara luks at dp angrily

Ragini goes whilst laksh just stands there

Ap rushes to her room and uttara follows her
Adarsh puts his hand on DPs shoulders

Ap’s room

“Maa how can papa do that he let ragini bhabhi go” uttara says angrily whilst she luks at ap

“Exactly that’s wat I’m thinking wat has happened to ur papa”ap angrily says

“Maa say if bhabhi runs away with ur grandchild I mean she’s made a excuse to go to the baadi but say if she runs away and goes to another city taking the baby with her” uttara says and smirks whereas ap gets worried and starts thinking

“No after comming this far I’m not going to back out nw” ap says and smirks

Laksh goes out of mm and stops his car infront of of a park where he sees a lot of children playing and he sees a child falling lakshs heart aches to see the child fall and he rushes to the child and helps him up

“R u ok….r u hurt anywhere” laksh ask the child being worried for him and stroking his hair

“Yes uncle I’m fine it’s just a small wound”the child says and hugs laksh after a while laksh breaks the hug and bids bye to the child and goes
Lakshs pov
I dnt knw wat happened wen I saw that boy falling…..am I letting my child fall by letting it die….but wat about kavya if this child comes Into this world then I will be cheating kavya
I drove off back home to see the family worried and papa he was just going mad and running everywhere I noticed uttara who looked completely broken and was using pari bhabhis shoulder for support

“Papa” I ran to papa who luked at me with tears in his eyes which were making there way to fall down

“Laksh ur maa has suffered from a heart attack” papa told me which made me shiver I felt the ground beneath me slip away

Lakshs pov ends

The doctor comes out and tells the maheshwari family that ap has gained conscious and she should not be given any stress and is currently luking for laksh
Laksh rushes in and sees ap lying down and she has her hand out to laksh

“L L laksh” ap says with great difficulties

“Maa” laksh cries and rushes to her and hugs her and weeps like a small child in his mothers embrace

“Laksh I want to see my grandchild before I d” ap says but gets interupted by laksh who covers her mouth

“Dnt u dare say that ur going to leave me” laksh says and continues crying and hugs ap again ap strokes lakshs hair

“Laksh will u not fulfill my wish….beta plz bring ragini back I want to see my grandchild I want him to be brought up infront of our eyes” ap says pleadingly and luks at laksh emotionally and laksh thinks but then after luking at all he gets determined

“Ok maa I’ve decided that I’m going bring ragini back” laksh says and ap hugs him in excitement
Ap breaks the hug and laksh leaves

Ragini is in her room and she already has told her family members about her situation and they all rejoice the news of the baby and r quite supportive except 1 member and that is dadi dadi wants to ragini to go back to mm

Ragini is luking outside the widow wen she hears the door opening

“Papa I dnt want to eat anything” ragini says without luking back but she hears more footsteps and turns back to see laksh
Ragini gets shocked to see him approaching her

“Aa aap wat r u doing here” ragini says as she moves back she is about to fall wen laksh holds her

“Careful we dnt want anything to happen to the baby” laksh says and ragini luks on being shocked

Laksh pulls ragini up and holds her hand

“Maa suffered from a heart attack” laksh says whilst ragini is shocked and covers her mouth

“Wat how is she is she ok” ragini asks being worried

“She’s ok nw and she wants to see u” laksh says to which ragini immediately agrees to

“Ragini I want to accept our child plz dnt seperate me from it” laksh adds being guilty and ragini sees the guilt in his eyes but still remembers his words

“Let’s go maa Is probably waiting” ragini says and gets her stuff and leaves

Ap takes a promise from ragini that she won’t leave and ragini hesitantly agrees
Time passes Weaks passes and month passes
The whole family is taking care of ragini especially laksh he is always there for her every appointments scans checkups everywhere they both even attend a yoga class which the doctor recommended for ragini but ragini refused to go but becuz of laksh she goes he even accompanies her
Ragini is nw in her last month and the gud news can knock on there door anytime laksh had also slowly started to fall for ragini but could not confess it to her and he had also broken up with Kavya and they were not in contact with each other either and ragini was however not aware of all this and assumed laksh and ragini were together

Ap is in her room with uttara taking out laksh old baby clothes and ap discusses with uttara how she trapped laksh with the intoxication medicine and laksh will never come to knw about It
But laksh who was passing by happens to hear the conversation along with ragini
Ragini is shocked and covers her mouth with her hand
She luks at laksh who is literally speechless laksh steps back not being able to believe wat he just heard
Ap and uttara both head out to and find a very angry and a heartbroken laksh with a shocked ragini

“Laksh” ap says but gets stopped by laksh wen he raises his hand and stops ap from continuing

“I’ve had enough….I can’t believe that my mom who I considered to be my everything turned out to be a gold digger” laksh says angrily

“Laksh how can u say that she’s ur mother” ragini says and cries but gets stopped by laksh

“Really…..I’m thinking m I even ur son” laksh taunts ap and she places her hand over mouth

“Laksh….listen to me” ap says pleadingly but laksh doesn’t listen and turns the other side

“Laksh I knw I was wrong but plz trust me it was for a good reason” ap says trying to justify herself

“Really maa a good reason….or shall I say a selfish reason” laksh says in disgust luking at ap

“Laksh let’s go we will talk about this later plz laksh” ragini tried pacifying laksh but he pays no heed towards her words
Wen suddenly ragini starts feeling pain in her stomach and she lets go of lakshs arm and holds her stomach

“Ahhh” ragini shrieks in pain laksh looks towards ragini and is shocked

“Ragini what happened” laksh says being worried

Ap comes forward but is stopped by Laksh

“Ahhh laksh laksh” ragini cries not being able to tolerate the pain
Laksh lifts ragini and takes her to his car he gently places her on the front seat and quickly gets into the drivers seat and starts driving

They reach the hospital ragini is taken inside Laksh waits outside and the rest of the family members also reach dp puts his hand on lakshs shoulder
Pari prays for raginis wellbeing whilst ap is in a shock

Ap again attempts to come close to Laksh and she tries touching him but he backs out

“From now onwards neither are you my maa and neither am I your son” Laksh says harshly

Ap breathes heavily and touches her chest

“Oh please at least now don’t do this drama” Laksh says to ap and looks away in disgust but then he hears a thud

He turns to see ap on the floor unconscious

Dp Adarsh pari and uttara run to ap and they call for the doctor the doctor comes and with the help of the nurses they put ap on the stretcher and take her inside

“What happened to Annapurna suddenly” dp says being worried for ap
Laksh looks on and keeps glancing at aps room
The doctor from aps room come out

“I’m sorry to say but she has suffered from a major heat attack and she isn’t responding to us” the doctors announces which turns out to be a shock for everyone Laksh freezes whilst dp looses his balance and holds onto Adarsh for support pari and uttara cry

The doctor goes in giving some privacy to the family

The doctor from raginis room comes out

“Congratulations it’s a baby boy” the doctor shares Laksh smiles amongst his tears whilst everyone look on confused whether to rejoice this news or mourn the previous news

“Doctor how is ragini” Laksh asks and the doctor smiles

“She is perfectly fine she will be shifted to another room and then you can see her” the doctor says

“Doctor is it possible if i can see my son please” Laksh pleads and the doctor smiles

“Of course you can nurse bring the baby” the nurse goes inside and comes out with the baby who is wrapped up nicely with a white blanket and is enjoying his sleep in the warmth
The nurse Hands over the baby to Laksh

Laksh looks at the baby and has mixed emotions which he has never had before he is able to see his carbon copy in front of him the same eyes nose mouth and forehead Laksh kisses the babies forehead
And the baby is still sleeping and slightly tilts his head
Laksh smiles and the rest of the family gather around to see the baby

“Annapurna” dp says all broken in a cracked voice

Laksh takes the baby and walks to aps room he opens the door and sees ap attached to machines and his tears just roll down uncontrollably
Laksh places the baby next to ap

“Maa see your grandson is here to meet you are you not going to get up to see him look maa if you don’t get up then he will become his maa’s ‘ladla’ and I won’t be able to stop this…maa pleas get up don’t punish your Child maa…okay fine you want me to say it fine I will say it I forgive you maa I forgive you” Laksh says in a cracked voice completely broken and rests his head near ap wen he feels a hand on his head he quickly gets up to find ap moving her fingers

Laksh calls out for the doctor the doctor and nurses rush in Laksh quickly takes the baby and heads out

Dp Adarsh and uttara rush to Laksh

“What happened Laksh” Adarsh asks Laksh being worried

“Bhai everything is ok” Laksh says and smiles and looks at the baby

In the meantime pari comes out of raginis room

“Devar ji ragini wants to see the baby” pari says and laksh nods his head and dp gestures Laksh to go

Laksh goes to raginis room with the baby sleeping peacefully in his arms he opens the door and finds ragini waiting impatiently ragini smiles seeing the baby in Lakshs arms and all the tiredness goes away Laksh smiles at her and hands the baby over to her

“It’s a boy” Laksh says and smiles
Ragini smiles and looks at the baby and kisses his forehead

“He’s so cute and even more cute when he is sleeping” ragini says

“Haa he’s my son so he’s going to be cute like me” laksh says and winks at ragini and she smiles back

“Ragini I want to say smthing” Laksh says and ragini looks at him

“I love you ragini I have realised that I couldn’t hav asked for a better life partner then you and that you hav a very special place in my heart which no one ever had not even Kavya and talking about Kavya I broke up with her 2 months after your pregnancy because that is when I stated falling for you” laksh says amongst his tears

“Laksh” ragini says emtionally

“No ragini today I want to confess my feelings and my love to you” Laksh says interrupting ragini

“Do love me” Laksh questions ragini hoping that she would also say yes

“I love you too Laksh” ragini says making Laksh feel on cloud nine

Laksh hugs ragini they break the hug and r lost in each other when the door opens and the family members come in with ap on a wheelchair in a weak condition

“Maa” ragini says being shocked

Laksh narrates everything to ragini about ap’s Heart attack and she is stunned ap folds her Hands asking for forgiveness and. Ragini smiles back assuring her that she has forgiven her ragini hands over the baby to ap and she smiles and kisses his forehead raglak smile and laksh places his hands on raginis shoulder and they both rejoice the happiness in their life

raglak decide to keep ap’s truth a secret and never to disclose it to the family members as they will start hating her ap realises her mistake and regrets that deed
they name the baby armaan
Armaan Laksh maheshwari

The end

Authors note: finally finished this OS so please give me your feedbacks because I knw I need improvement definetly please tell me in which areas I need to improve in and also tell me how you found this OS and since this is my first I really don’t knw how it should be anyways if you want me to continue writing OS’S please tell me in your comments if not then I will stop because I don’t get the point in writing if you all don’t like it

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