Raglak OS – You Are My Everything by kitkat….

Hey guys KitKat here with a new os specially dedicated to my sweetheart little sis Manju….

She was asking for it from many days…..

With fantastic response of you all on my first romantic TS Bliss….here I m with a romantic raglak os….

So here we go…..


A big luxurious bungalow which is not less than a palace is shown…..

Many servants are seen rushing here n there without making any noise.

But its quite everywhere…..

like no life exhist there……

Then the camera moved to a classy room with rich n luxurious interior…….

A girl is seen sitting over a big king size bed on it wearing sky blue off sholder Long floor length gown n silver diamond jewellery n a simple mangalsutra in her nake with single diamond pendant n diamond studs in ears n sindoor in parting of her smooth long Rapunzel hairs….

her face is reveled as ragini…..

She was seen engrossed in some thoughts….

looking out of big glass window of that room, stareing the vast sea view but was lost in infinity…..

Raginis POV…..

I m Mrs. Ragini Laksh Maheshwari…

Wife of great n rich business tycoon Laksh Maheshwari…..

Only heir of this vast Maheshwari empire…..

I m daughter of a business tycoon Mr. Shekhar Gadodia…..

n my dad too is equally rich to Maheshwaris…..

My n laksh’s marriage was love marriage as we feel in love during our graduation n dated for 8 long years till our carrier was set….

when I got married to laksh I myself decided to giveup my profession n give my 100% as a wife to laksh…..

We had a big fat Rajasthani wedding with many celebrities and well known businessmans world wide….

It was in news for months…..

N laksh to is soo caring towards me…..

We had a honeymoon in Singapore and Malaysia for almost a month after that…..

Once we returned laksh’s dad his only family after his moms deathwhen laksh was 15 n as he had no sibling …. went back to manage the Mumbai’s branch living us all alone in this house…..

(Raginis mom too died after giving her birth but she was her papas princess n life of her dad shekhar..

He dint want the word Step in his n raginis life so he didnt married again

But ragini had her grand mom who loved her more than her mom.

She was not a typical granny but a cool one but also traditional..

She was always with ragini in every phase n decision of her life without interfering in her decisions but corrected her if she finds her wrong..)

Laksh then got engrossed in his work but we made it a point that we have our breakfast and dinner together
as he have to eat his lunch in our office…

He makes a point to talk to me once in a while even if he is too busy…..

Balancing all this now we are celebrating our first marriage anniversary…..

Yesterday’s night we had our small celebration among us both whereas he gifted me a beautifully crved diamond ring n later we spend some quality time while he showered all his love on me……

in evening a big party is arranged by laksh for us…

Dp papa too is not coming as he is not well and my dad is currently in London with dadi as she too is not well so he too can’t come…..

And here I m ready to give the biggest n most special anniversary gift to my Laksh..

while I was in my thoughts my phone rang breaking my trance….

A smile appeared on my face as it was laksh’s call……


L:- Hey sweetheart…. what is my angel doing????

R:- nothing…. getting bore……

no one is even letting me to do a single thing…..

L:- n even if they let you do anything I won’t allow you…..

OK now listen pack mine n ur stuffs for 3 days trip…..

Tonight we are gonna leave…..

N ya its a trip for just we both so pack accordingly…..

Bye sweetheart… love u….

R:- K bye. Love you too honey.

Past call ragini got engrossed in packing her n her hubbys stuffs as she know even if she asks anything he would denay saying her.

After packing she asked a servent for bringing her a coffee n sat on the chair in their room facing the huge window..

Suddenly someone closed her eyes softly n she smiled recognizing the touch of her love.

R:- So my handsome hub is back..Said she smiling..

L:- yup baby..

Said he remoing his hands from her eyes n swift her in a kiss making her lost in his world of love

In evening..

A grand party was arranged by Raglak for some business deligates n close friends of raglak

Ragini in royal goldan dress(the one she wore in the event of star vaganza) n Laksh in a black n white formal three piece.

All the people present there were awstuck to see the grace they both had being together Marking them as made for eachother.

All their friends insisted Ragini to sing as she had beautiful voice.

And she started singing while raglak were lost in their own lala land..

Tu aata hai seene mein
Jab jab saansein bharti hoon
Tere dil ki galiyon se
Main har roz guzarti hoon

Hawaa ke jaise chalta hai tu
Main ret jaisi udti hoon
Kaun tujhe yun pyar karega
Jaise main karti hoon

Ho ho.

Meri nazar ka safar
Tujhpe hi aake ruke
Kehne ko baaqi hai kya
Kehna tha jo keh chuke

Meri nigaahein hain
Teri nigahon pe
Tujhe khabar kya be-khabar

Main tujhse hi chhup chhup kar
Teri aankhen padhti hoon
Kaun tujhe yun pyaar karega
Jaise main karti hoon

Ho ho.

Tu jo mujhe aa mila
Sapne hue sirphire
Hathon mein aate nahi
Udte hain lamhe mere

Meri hansi tujhse
Meri khushi tujhse
Tujhe khabar kya be-qadar

Jis din tujhko na dekhun
Pagal pagal phirti hoon
Kaun tujhe yun pyaar karega
Jaise main karti hoon

Ho ho.

As the song ended raglak were still lost in each other and their trance was broken by clapping sound of the guests..

Feeling shy ragini buried her face in lakshs chest n laksh smiled at her antiques while kissing her forehead n hugged her tightly.

Party ended till 10 PM n in nick of time they were ready to leave

Ragini was in a long black offsholder dress with silver studs with straight hairs left open n heer mangalsutra..

n Laksh in his faded blue jeans n black tshirt with V neck to match her

Laksh had booked a private jet for just both of them and he helped her to get inside it

Ragini was very excited as after many days they were going for an outing n she was just spellbound as laksh was treating her as a princess.

Ragini was too tired due to party n as soon as she laid her head on lakshs shoulder she drifted to sleep..

It was 11PM till they reached the beautiful Malabar islands..

Laksh slowly patted her head to wake her up.

L:- Ragu we reached sweetheart..

R(in a sleepy tone):- Let me sleep na laksh I m so tired.. plz.

Laksh smiled at her cuteness n suddenly Ragini felt herseft flying in air n her eyes got wide open

R(while encircling her hands around his neck):- What are u doing laksh.????

L:- u were sleeping so I m carring u as we reached our destination.

He said it while decending the steps of the jet..

L:- Roger( the butler) plz get the luggage down..

Ro:- K sir..

And he left..

Ragini was wide awake now n Laksh left her down..

She was just amazed with the beauty of the wonderful island.

Laksh just smiled at her as she was looking like a kid while noticing that all

L:- So Mrs. Maheshwari did you liked it.???

Said he hugging her from back with his hands around her waist n laid on her stomach with his chin on her shoulder.

R:- Nope Mr. Maheshwari I loved it n she planted a kiss on his cheek.

L:- So now its time for ur next surprise.

Saying so he tied her eyes with a red cloth n took her in his arms again.

R:- what are you doing Laksh??? I will fall.

L:- dont u trust me????

R:- more than myseft

L:- so now b quit..

Ragini got quit and just then laksh gentally made her stand n unfold her eyes..

Ragini was just shocked at her sight..

L( softly in her ear):- This was your dream right???? Happy anniversary Ladoo.

There was a two storey beach house with big glass windows n a lavish swimming pool

Ragini was beyond happy n tears made way through her eyes.

Laksh wiped them n noded in no asking her not to cry..

L:- Dont you wanna see our new house????

Ragini nodded in yes as she was just awestuck with this shock given by her sweet hubby

Laksh took her to door and a maid welcome them with adoring their neck with beautiful lavender garlands n asked ragini to kick the rice pot..

Ragini asked laksh through her eyes n laksh assured her to do it n she kicked the pot..

It was a medium sized house with a living room which has a big picture of both of them with dadi sitting between them n their dads standing on both sides n 3 bedrooms at ground level and a kitchen n dining room.

Whereas second floor was having just a single big bed room with a big king sized bed with a big poster of them both clicked during their Honeymoon..

A mini library was attached to it with a TV room having a big glass window facing sea side which was coved with satin curtains..

Ragini hugged laksh tightly as soon as they entered their bed room on top floor

Laksh too hugged her back.

But sometimes later he felt his chest wet n broke the hug only to find a crying ragini

L:- hey sweetheart why are u crying????

He asked getting tense.

She again hugged him n said

R:- I love u laksh I love u soo much. U are the best thing ever happened to me.. u always treat me like a queen n completed every wish of mine.. It was just once that to 6 years back I said that I want a beach house n u brought it for me n not only this is exactly like I imagined n expessed youwhy u love me this much????
Do I owe to b loved like this..

Before she could complete laksh captured her lips n took her in a liplock which was gentle at first but later turned into a passionate one..

After almost 5 min they parted when they found difficult to breadth.

Laksh joined his forehead with ragini n said slowly while catching his breadth..

L:- You are my queen Ragu n u are owe to b loved more than this. U are my life n my reason to live

I want to complete ur every wish. If u even ask me my life I will give it to you.

Before he could complete now ragini captured his lips but she did it hardly to show her anger due to his words of death.

Slowly her anger decresed n tears rolled down her eyes n then they parted.

R:- Dare you speak about death n before that I will kill u got it???

Laksh smiled at her cuteness n made her sit on bed n gave her water..

Still she was sobbing.

L(while resting her head on his chest n peak her forehead):- k baby clam down sush

R:- Promise me laksh you wont repeat something like this again.

Said she breaking the hug n extending her palm.

L(placing his palm on hers):- Promise I wont..

Ragini now was calmed n lakshs intense gaze made her blush n she bowed her head blushing..

So Laksh made her face him n slowly peaked her forehead while cupping her face, then both her eyes, her nose tip, both her chicks n then pick her lips n nuzzled his face in her neck.

He started kissing her their slowly while he made her lay on bed n came over her..

He went crazy as always after touching her milky skin n gave her a bite on her shoulder.

Her hands which were on his back all this while resulted in clutching his shirt tightly.

Slowly he undressed himself n even her n later covered them with a quilt n the light wentoff

Screen shift to next morning.

Raglak were sleeping peacefully while a smile was permanent on their tired faces( hope so u know why).

Raginis head was on cushion n she was sleeping facing the sealing and Laksh was laying on his stomach with his one arm around her waist n face was dug inside her neck both covered with comforter.

Suddenly ragini got up filling restless n wokeup pushing laksh aside resulting him to wokeup

She was feeling nauseous n ran towards washroom while wrapping herself with the bathrobe n started vomiting badly.

Laksh got panicked n followed her while wearing his rob n patted her back.

L:- hey sweetheart calm down..

Ragini stopped vomiting but felt faintish but laksh picked her up in his arms n made her sit in middle of bed resting her back on bed board.

He made her drink water..

When ragini felt better he hugged her tightly while she too hugged him back n tears rolled down his eyes but he wiped them while breaking the hug

L:- what happened??? Why u vomited????

Come we will go back now here I wont trust any doctor.

Ragini suddenly peaked his lips n he freezed quickly due to shock and ragini smiled looking at his face..

R:- Laksh I m fine just let me explain. K.

Laksh just nodded affirmatively still with shock expression (oh my poor baby)..

Ragini took his hand n kept it oh her stomach n again peaked his lips..

R:- Finally Laksh we need to welcome the new member in our life

Laksh now came out of shock with this double zatka given by ragini.

He looked with an expression of r u saying the truth towards her n she nodded in yes

He quickly hugged her again n now was smiling like a maniac with a closeup smile..

Then he parted n started dancing on bed with happiness..

In his happiness he was not able to think how to express it.

He sat down again and kissed raginis belly above her robe..

After some time both were sitting on bed with Lakshs back rested on bedboard n Raginiis head rested on his chest

Lakshs one hand was on her shoulder while other was caring her belly.

And in response to this Ragini was buring her face in his chest while blushing n feeling tickling sensations with his touch..

Suddenly something striked Laksh n he moved away from her a bit.

L:- By the way ragu, how u know that u r pregnant???(bohot jaldi yaad aaya).

He asked making a puppy face n poutish lips.

Ragini smiled at his cuteness n replied.

R:- I got to know it day before yesterday in morning when u went Delhi.
I fainted in kitchen n then Smitha (their one of the maid) called doctor
She confirmed it.

L:- n u said it to me now??? How could u keep this happiness away from me for almost 2 days????

R(pinching his chicks n shaking it while smiling):- Arey my buddhuram. I wanted it to b ur anniversary gift from my side. But forgot to tell about it to u yesterday. So how is my gift???

L:- its the best birthday gift I have ever got in my life

But suddenly his smile faded when something striked him.

R:- what happen lucky???

L:- Ragini yesterdays activities betten us wont had affected the baby na????

Ragini smiled whole heartly as his childish concern n nodded in no.

R:- doctor said its ok till #rd month n now its just my first month nothing to worry

Laksh smiled to this n then stood up from bed n picked her too up in his arms while she encircled her arms around his neck..

L:- K now enough of talking I have more gifts awaiting for my babies mamma.

Saying so they both went to freshup.

(next u imagine by urself)
Later they had a safari ride followed by sightseeing, then some fun on beach with cute romantic moment n lots of selfies n pics of ev ery moment.

At night Laksh arranged a candle light dinner for them both near swimming pool followed by a dance n lots of masti while chitchatting.

Later when they got changed ragini dozed off quickly on Laksh shoulder while watching a movie as she was too tired n Laksh carried her to their bed n laid her on it.

He kissed her forehead n then her belly n he too dozed off with her in his embrace..

Screen freezes on their faces which are sleepy n tired but had a pleasant smile on them.

Here I completed my officially 6th OS guys.

How was it guys?????

Now waiting for ur comments..


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