RagLak OS- Destined to be Together. part-1


Hello everyone our first os was well appreciated and heres the second os requested by an IF member. Hope you guys like it.
Note:All stories will be posted soon even the ffs. Every monday u can tell us if you all want any os.

Os2-Destined to be Together.
OS 2
A school bus comes and stops. All the students inside are shouting and chilling. A girl climbs up. She perhaps she was the new admission. She had a different attitude which makes her different from others. When she comes all becomes silent and starts glaring at her. She was nervous as it was her first day at school. There was no seat blank for her so she went backside and stood up there only. The bus started but there was a silence continued. Suddenly the bus braked and she fell upon someone who was sitting on the side seat. She was so scared that she closed her eyes and holds anything she found tightly. When she opened her eyes, she found a handsome face looking at her. His one hand was over her waist and other on her cheek (perhaps trying to protect her). Her one hand was round his neck and other holding his shirt tightly. She looked in his eyes, it was as deep as ocean and his face was so cute. He looks into her eyes; it was something most beautiful he had ever seen with a charming face. Their eye lock was broke by the bus horn. She got up and he let her to.
Days passed. Lakshya started liking Ragini and tried his best to make her fall for him. But it wasn’t too easy.
One day (school canteen)
Ragini and Swara are sitting as usual. Lakshya comes with a pack of chocolates.
Swara: dekh Ragini… tere liye kya mast chocolates aa rahe hain yaar……
Ragini; shut up Swara, bakwas band kar… mujhe nahi chahiye chocolate woclate.
Lakshya comes to them.
Lakshya: Hi girls!
Swara: hi!
Ragini tries to avoid him.
Lakshya takes the chocolate and gives it to Swara.
Lakshya: lo Swara.. yeh tumhare liye.
Swara: mere liye? Thnx!
Ragini looks at them surprised. Lakshya watches her expression.
Lakshya: Swara… tumhe nahi lagta kuch zal raha hai???
Swara: jal raha hai? kya?
She then sees Lakshya looking at Ragini.
Swara: I think you are right! Smell toh mujhe b aa rahi hai. kyun Ragini???
She stands up.
Ragini: mujhe koi smell nahi aa rahi hai… main jaa rahi hun. Tu chocolate kha.
She leaves. They laugh and have a high-five.
Ragini is sitting in the park.
Ragini: khud ko samajhte kya hain? Honge wo smart… par main b kacchi khiladi nahi hun. Itni jaldi haath nahi aane wali. Bade aaye zal raha hai kuch… main nahi jalti kisise.!
Lakshya: toh mene kab kaha k tum zal rahi thi?
Ragini looks aside and shocks seeing Lakshya sitting beside her.
Ragini: aap…. Yahan kya kar rahe ho???
Lakshya: oh hello! Yeh tumhari private property nahi hai k main nahi aa sakta.
Ragini: mujhe aapse baat nahi karni.
Lakshya: mujhe karni hai.
Ragini: par mujhe nahi karni na…
She stood up and about to go when Lakshya hold her hand and drag her. She was exactly oh his lap!
Ragini: Lakshya… Lakshya kya kar rahe ho chodo mujhe… koi dekh lega.
Lakshya: dekhne do.
Ragini: plz leave me koi aa jayega.
Ragini tries her best to be free but she was in a strong hold. Laksh smiled mischievously and left her. She looks into his eyes and gets lost in it, he smiled.
Lakshya: ab hume koi nahi dekhega??
Ragini gets her senses back and stands straight.
She was about to go.
Lakshya: Ragini!
She stops.
Lakshya: I Love You!
She smiles unknowingly and she was about to leave when Laksh caught her wrist. She shyly turned to him and saw him looking at her with so much love. Laksh slowly asked:Do you Love Me??
Ragini slowly looked down and blushed. Laksh saw that and smiled he said:Mujhe mera jawab milgaya.
And she immediately hugged him and he reciprocated.
This was a start of a new love story. Two different souls, with the same language of love. Lakshya’s mad love had to win Ragini’s innocent love. They destined to be RagLak.

With Love:Shirisha and Tooba.

Credit to: Tooba and Shirisha

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