RAGLAK OS “bohot der kar le”


Hello, I’m sidra and I love swaragini. Its honestly one of my favorite shows on aapka colors and I am so filmy and all that I just thought to write this raglak OS. The name of my OS is bohot der kar le I hope you enjoy it and it is way different from the serial. Please let me know in the comments below how you liked it and feel free to say anything and if you guys want you can tell me also what you didn’t like about it so I can fix those things next time when I write. Let’s get started
Laksh: a very sweet guy who loves his friends and believes in love. He is not like the guys who are players and he is definitely not a flirt in my OS. He is very simple and wants a girl who is simple and traditional.
Ragini: a very beautiful girl and does not believe in love. She thinks all guys are the same players, flirt, and betrayers. She is traditional and wears salwar kameez.

The camera rolls and it shows a handsome guy in his hotel room. He comes out of the bathroom and the camera rolls onto his body. He has six packs and then the camera rolls onto his hair. He is fixing his hair and then goes to get a shirt. He wears it and looks in the mirror and camera shows his face. He is laksh.
Laksh to himself: college here I come…it’s been a year and now I’m returning. He takes his jacket and goes down to his car. He is driving and sees all the stalls on the roads and says one day I will bring the love of my life here to eat kulfi’s and Pani Puri.
The screen shifts to another hotel and camera rolls on the side table. The alarm rings and a hand comes out from the blanket and shuts the alarm. The hands take the blanket off the face and the person is seen waking up. She is ragini. She looks at the time and says its 8 I still have time to get ready and reach college by 9. Ragini get to work. Time passes and she gets ready and goes by rickshaw to college.

Laksh comes out of his car in style and all the girls start staring at him. He starts walking and around him are the girls talking about him.
One girl: omg he is so cuteee
Second girl: wow he’s so handsome
Laksh hears all these comments about him but ignores them because he knows that all these girls who wear short dresses and lots of make-up are just flirts. They all just like a guy for their attractiveness not because of his nature and keeps walking.
The camera moves to the rickshaw where ragini gets out of it. She pays the rickshaw driver and smiles in front of the college. She starts walking in and all the guys call her behenji’s. Some guys comment on her beauty with lust and ragini knows that all guys are the same so she just keeps walking.
Laksh is coming from one side and ragini from another. Both are lost in their own world and don’t know they’re about to collide but soon enough you hear a scream its laksh.
Laksh: ahhhhh
Ragini apologizes and says sorry I didn’t see you. Yes they both fell on each other. Ragini is on top of laksh and laksh is just continuously staring at ragini. He gets mesmerized seeing her and ragini keeps talking and talking. Laksh tells her to be quiet and let me talk. Ragini apologizes and laksh tells her okay you first get up so I can too. Ragini sees she is still on top of laksh ad says oh sorry and goes to get up. She gives her hand to laksh to get up but he says no I’m fine and ragini gets impressed by it.
Laksh: you talk so much yaar okay anyways I’m laksh and you??
Ragini thinks for a while and then says r…ra..Ragini. Laksh thinks ragini hmm pretty name and then tells ragini wow your name is pretty.
Ragini thinks he is flirting with her so she gets a little uncomfortable and says okay nice meeting you bye and she goes to leave but her dupatta gets stuck to laksh’s watch. Ragini thinks laksh held her dupatta and gets a little mad and says please leave my dupatta. Laksh hears her and says what? Your dupatta? Ragini gets madder and says sternly yes my dupatta. Laksh looks down and sees her dupatta stuck to his watch and laughs because it was funny and says wo..woh but ragini still thinks he is holding her dupatta and laughing because he enjoys it so ragini gets really mad and turns.
Ragini: how dare you? I’m telling you so nicely to leave my dupatta but you here are being so besharam and laughing. She shows her index finger to him.
All the college surrounds them and watches them. Laksh gets embarrassed and says ragini listen it’s not my fault.
Ragini: oh really? Then why are you holding my dupatta and looks down to take it but realizes that he wasn’t holding her dupatta it was stuck to his watch. She feels really bad and laksh gets teary eyes and embarrassed he just quickly takes out her dupatta and says sorry that because of my watch I grabbed your dupatta and runs off outside the college campus. Ragini feels really bad and looks around college and realizes he got embarrassed in front of all and runs home.
Laksh is seen outside crying hard and leaves in his car

@night at laksh’s hotel
He is crying hard and says why am I feeling so bad? Ragini said so much but I only stood there listening to her. Why did I not say anything? Why are ragini’s words affecting me so much? Why can’t I stop thinking about her? He remembers how both fell and a smile appears on his face. He thinks why am I smiling thinking about her?

@ragini’s hotel
She also cries and says I said so much to laksh. I didn’t even say sorry. I don’t know how he must have felt. I will first say sorry to him when I get to college tomorrow
The next day at college….
Ragini is already there waiting for laksh to come. She keeps checking her phone for the time. Time passes and it’s been 3 hours and laksh still didn’t come. She gets tensed and says where laksh is? Why is he not here still? She goes to the principal and asks for laksh’s address he gives it to her and she decides to meet him and apologize. She leaves
Laksh is seen at home crying hard still thinking about yesterday’s incident. He suddenly hears a knock on his door and goes to see who it is. He opens the door and gets shocked seeing someone. He says r..ra..ragini you here?
Ragini sees his eyes red and understands he cried a lot and feels really bad.
Ragini: can I come in laksh?
Laksh doesn’t know what to say but says of course
She comes in and sits and laksh asks her is everything fine? Ragini says actually laksh I wanted to say sorry for yesterday. I don’t know I just said so much and it wasn’t your fault. I’m sorry laksh.
Laksh sees her and gets mesmerized again and then comes to reality and says no ragini its okay such misunderstandings happen.
Ragini says so you forgave me? Laksh nods yes and ragini gets happy and says thanks and leaves
After she’s gone laksh thinks what’s happening to me? Why was I so happy when she said sorry to me? I always smile whenever she’s in front of me. She’s so pretty and realizes what he said and asks himself and says do I love her? He closes his eyes and remembers everything about ragini and says yes I love her oh my god I will tell her tomorrow.
Ragini thinks I love you laksh and I will tell you tomorrow

The next day…
Laksh comes and waits for ragini but suddenly he sees a girl getting raped so he goes to save her. Suddenly ragini also enters at that time and sees laksh and smiles but when the whole crowd moves she sees a girl bruised and raped lying on the floor and laksh on the floor by her. She again misunderstands him and says to herself l..la..laksh I thought you were different than others but you turned out like all the guys. Player, flirt, and betrayer. She runs home
Laksh asks the girl to wake up but she is unconscious. The gang who raped her runs off and the people around laksh tell laksh to call the ambulance and take her to the hospital we will call police and get those goons arrested.
Laksh does what they say and takes her to the hospital he tells doctor to treat her good and make her better and gives some money for her treatment. He then realizes he was supposed to confess to ragini and gets happy thinking about her. He sees the time and says college is probably over by now I’ll just go to her house.
He searches her online in the college directory and finds her address and goes to her house. He knocks the door and ragini quickly wipes her tears and goes to see who it is. She opens the door and is shocked seeing laksh. She remembers what happened at college and gets scared thinking he may do the same to her and tells laksh why are you here? Laksh says I want to tell you something important and asks if he can come in. ragini gets scared and says no I’ll come outside and laksh agrees.
Ragini: laksh why are you here?
Laksh: ragini I want to tell you something
Ragini: tell me
Laksh: ragini actually the thing is that actually um I want to tell you that I love you
Ragini gets shocked and says what?
Laksh: yes after meeting you I don’t know how but I just fell in love with you. You talked so much and I would get lost in your words. I just wanted to stare at you the whole time. I know ragini you probably don’t have the same feelings as me but I’m saying the truth I really love you
Ragini hears all that laksh is saying and then gives him a tight slap on his face
Laksh gets shocked seeing this side of ragini’s and says r..ra..Ragini why’d you slap me?
Ragini: for what you did with that girl and what you are thinking to do with me
Laksh confused asks what you mean and what girl?
Ragini huffs and says please Mr. Laksh don’t act so innocent. I came to college today and on the road outside college I saw a girl lying molested on the ground with lots of bruises and I saw you next to that girl. You raped her and beat her and now you came to me to do the same. What do you think of yourself Mr. Laksh that we girls are some toys? Whenever you want you play with us. Whenever you want you beat us and whenever you want you leave us. You probably left that girl by herself letting her die right?
Laksh was shocked and mad that ragini the girl whom he loves, thought she is a simple girl who wouldn’t make fun of his emotions is putting such horrendous blames on me
Ragini keeps going on and she gets to his character saying he is a low person. How can he stoop so low and doesn’t even give a chance for laksh to speak
Laksh gets really mad now and shouts enough ragini enough. I came here to tell you that I love you. I did not know you will put such disgusting blames on me? How could you ragini?
Ragini shouts at laksh: laksh don’t shout on me after you’ve committed a sin
Laksh gets really mad and says what sin? What are you saying ragini? How could you think that I can do such a thing?
Ragini: I’m not thinking I’ve seen it with my own eyes
Laksh shouts: what you see with your eyes isn’t always correct. It’s true I love you and I haven’t raped anyone. You know what ragini? It’s my mistake that I love such a woman who doesn’t know how to trust someone. I came here with so much hope that I will tell you I love you and let you take your time to decide if you love me or not but I was wrong. I came here and what do I hear? Such disgusting blames on me.

Ragini: laksh I know guys like you. All guys are the same. They all are players, flirts, and betrayers. You use girls for your advantage and your desires and leave them when you get tired of them.
He leaves from there in anger and ragini still doesn’t believe laksh and tells herself we’ll see who was right and who was wrong when the time comes.
Laksh sits in his car and remembers all his moments with ragini and the song I love you from bodyguard plays
Din bhar karein baaten hum (all the day we talk)
Phir bhi lage baatein adhoori aajkal (still I feel our talks are incomplete)
Maan ki dehleezon pe koi aaye na (nobody comes to the gates of my heart)
Bas tum zaroori aajkal (only you are needed nowadays)
Abr main hoon tu aasmaan hai (I am cloud and you’re the sky)
Paas hai tu par kahan hai (you’re close but where are you)
Zid meri tu nahi meri aadat hai tu (you’re not my insistence but my habit)
I love you

Ragini is at her hotel and remembers her moments with laksh and cries. She says why laksh why did you do this? I love you too but after what you did I can’t trust you even though my heart is saying you are right
The next day ragini gets a call from the hospital reminding her of her appointment and ragini says I know I’ll be there soon.
She reaches hospital and waits for her turn she goes inside and doctor checks her and says everything is normal. Ragini asks if she can leave now and doctor says of course.
She is about to leave when she spots someone in another ward she goes inside to see and to her surprise it’s the same girl who was raped. Ragini gets shocked and says she’s here? How? I think someone brought her here. She goes near her and asks doctors how she is now. Doctor says she is doing better. Its good laksh brought her here on time otherwise anything could have happened. Ragini smiles but then realizes doctor said laksh and she asks laksh? Doctor says yes laksh he saw her getting molested by a few people so he saved her and brought her here. Ragini gets shocked but happy that her laksh is innocent and feels bad. She tells doctor I’ll see you soon I have to leave now
Ragini runs outside hospital and runs to laksh’s hotel. His car isn’t there and door is locked so she thinks he probably went to market or something so she runs to find him and thinks mera laksh jhoot nahi bol raha tha.(my laksh wasn’t lying) Usne kuch galat nahi kiya.(he did nothing wrong) Oh I love you so much laksh but where are you?
Laksh is seen driving his car and thinking about ragini’s words. He is lost in his world that he doesn’t see a truck coming. The truck is continuously honking and after sometime laksh sees it and gets panicked he immediately changes direction of the car and the car hits a tree and he falls out hitting his head to a rock and the boxes in the truck are all fallen on laksh’s body and he is bleeding badly. Everyone surround the area and see his phone ringing. It says unknown number and they pick it up and the person on the phone says hello laksh? It’s me ragini (laksh didn’t get ragini’s number so it said unknown because it wasn’t saved in his contacts but ragini got his number from the principal when she went to ask for his address.)
The person: ragini?
Ragini asks who you are and where is laksh:
He person: he met with a major accident
Ragini gets shocked and asks the address of the place he tells her and she rushes to save her laksh. She reaches the place and sees a crowd and says maybe laksh is there she goes and to her shock it was his laksh. She cries hard and tears are falling from her eyes and goes near him and says laksh wake up na please. I’m sorry I didn’t believe you please wake up. Doctor told me you saved the girl’s life please wake up. I love you a lot laksh I’m sorry I didn’t believe you please wake up. She shouts at all the others asking them to call the ambulance and cries and says laksh please wake up.

After sometime ambulance comes and takes him
Ragini shouts doctor please come quick and save laksh. Doctor takes laksh inside and treats him and ragini is outside crying and feeling bad for not trusting laksh. She prays for him.
After sometime doctor comes and says ragini? She says yes and doctor says I’m sorry to say but if you brought him earlier we could’ve saved him. He lost a lot of blood and is not responding. It’s too late miss ragini he is dead. Ragini breaks down and cries and doctor leaves
Ragini: it’s all my fault. Why didn’t I trust laksh? If I had this wouldn’t have happened. Laksh why did you leave me. You didn’t even stay alive for ragini
She suddenly hears a voice from the back saying her name ragini she turns and sees laksh
Ragini: laksh you’re alive. I knew you can’t leave me I love you so much laksh I’m sorry I didn’t believe you
Laksh just smiles and ragini asks why are you smiling.
Laksh: because I told you na that when you realize my love was true than it’ll be too late and he disappears
Ragini shouts lakshhhhh!!!
Kal ho na ho song plays
Chaahe jo tumhe poore dil se (the one who loves you whole-heartedly)
Milta hai woh mushkil se (is very difficult to come by)
Aisa jo koi kahin hai (if there is someone like that somewhere)
Bas vahi sabse hasin hai (he is the most handsome)
Uss haath ko tum thaam lo (you may hold his hand)
Woh meherbaan kal ho no ho (he may not be there tomorrow)
Palko ke leke saaye (to the shadow of your eyes)
Paas koi jo aaye (when someone comes)
Lakh sambhalo pagal dil ko (get hold of your crazy heart)
Dil dhadke hi jaaye (it’ll keep on beating)
Par sochlo iss pal hai jo (remember that, this moment)
Woh dastan kal ho na ho (this story, may not be there tomorrow)


Okay I know this is emotional and raglak didn’t unite but I just have this message if someone is telling you they did nothing than please believe them and don’t judge them. Giving a chance to everyone is the best way to start afresh and like I said if you don’t give a chance and you realize later they were right than it’ll be too late. Time doesn’t wait for you I know raglak fans I disappointed you all but this idea was in my mind for so long that I couldn’t resist. Please tell me how it was??

Credit to: sidra

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