Hi guys this is my first os and my first pieace of writing so pls excuse me for grammer mistakes
this os is inspried by all the ff and os i have read espicallly to writer namrata who wrote swaragini d3 , riya kapoor who wrote pyaar tune kya kiya and yeh hai aashiqui , sree harani and asheenya so if you are reading this i jsut want to say THANKYOU! now enogh of talking lets start

a girl is walking towards a boy with a card in her hands, she hands it to him and she runs away.
the card says i love you laksh from ragini. he hands another card to her and it says i love you too ragini
days pass and they are both in love until……..one day the ragini wants to suprise laksh after he comes from a long trip so she goes to the airport to see him and she sees a girl hugging him and they both say i love you
ragini faints and when she gets better she goes to laksh and says do you love me and he says yes and then she says what about that girl at the aiprot
laksh: shes my sis uttara
misunderstandings get clear until one day laksh is going on a long trip to canada for buisness and the plane crashes and on the news it says that evrybody in the plane died so ragini does suicide jumps off a cliff and she dies as soon as she does that her phone that is in her room beeps a voice messgae come hi laado its laksh u might have heard about the plane crash right but the news was wrong and i survived love u call me later

i know its very boring so pls give me feedback

Credit to: Krystal

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  1. Nice one Krystal.. ! ♥

  2. So itz os…..nice

  3. nice… is rags alive ????

  4. Woah!! Short but sweet! The ending was just amazinggg!?Felt very bad?

  5. Krystal I have read it somewhere it was swasan os 5th storyline is same except the couple

  6. Can u cont it

  7. R u kidding me?As in seriously…..she got a news and gave her life….and then Laksh sends the message….

    Short and emotional…

  8. its nice but very very short…. but nice story….

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