RagLak- One Sided Love (Epi – 1)


Hii guyz i’m new in this fan fiction world..i’m a regular reader of fan fiction..and loved the fictions on Swaragni….this is a fresh new story completely opposit of what is shown in Swaragini….Hope you guyz will like it….this is my first attempt anfd first episode so i could write a little in this episode so don’t mind
so here I go

At Gadodiya House
A chirpy bubbly girl is shown….she is seeing in the mirror….
That is Swara
Swara:How dare you….you don’t have the right tjat you look tjis much beautiful.,
And then she goes to a room saying Ragini where are you we are getting late..
The eyes of a girl are shown and the rest of her face is covered with a book….
That is Ragini
Ragini:Swara wait i have to read one more question today is our test you know naa
swara drags her
Swara:Ragini now how much you will read….let’s Go
The full face of Ragini is shown….she is wearing a light blue frock suit
Ragini okay swara
At Maheshwari mension
A boy is shown wearing a red T and blue jeans
saying that is Sanskar
Sanskar goes to a room
sanskar:Lucky get up we have to go to college today is our test
Lakshya(Lucky):Sanskar plz one minute…..i know the girls are waiting for me in te college.

At college….Sanskar goes to the library.
And lakshya is standing somewhere in the college…..looking at girls and commenting on them with the other boys and the girls are happy with it as Lakshya is suppose to be the most handsome boy in the college
Swara and Ragini arrived at the college on their scooty
Swar:Ragini you go i wi come after parking the scooty.
(The test about which they were talking was the college admission test)

Ragini entered the college
Lakshya:woohoooo…..wow what a girl
Ragini heard this but ignored
Sarthak(Lakshya’s friend)-Lucky it is the first time that a girl totally ignored you
Laksh-Lets see for how many times she will ignore me
Screen freezes on laksh’s face full of attitude

i hope you guyz have liked my fiction
plz comment your views
Than u so much

Credit to: Sakshi Jain

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