RagLak One Shot: I Promise


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RagLak OS: I promise

She left him, forever and he merely cried, the dripping water coming out of his nose wasn’t appealing. Ewww! He had to man up, never would he ever have thought of devaluing his precious gem, which now he has lost.

“Lakshya. . .” He heard his name sniff out and instantly turned to the side with red puffy eyes, which were storing his upcoming tears.

“I lost her. . .” He utters as his voice cracks. “She’s gone Ragini.” He manages to say before breaking down into tears.

Seeing him like that, Ragini’s tears seep down, she couldn’t see him like that, it pained her to even stand there and see him cry.

“Lakshya. . .” She trails off and rushes towards him, embracing him as tears leave her eyes, he closes his eyes and reciprocates to the hug.

But that hug wasn’t enough to help him overcome his pain. “Why did she leave me Ragini. Why?” He cries and Ragini hugs him tighter, she didn’t have the answer to his question and joined him in crying.

Lakshya’s eyes flick open with anger filled in them, his movement was uncatchable, he had pushed Ragini away and moved to the side. Ragini was stunned and confused by his movement and then the sound of the bullet drew her attention.

“Get her!”

Lakshya grasps onto Ragini’s hand and pulls her as they drift away, it wasn’t easy for Ragini to match his pace and despite that, she managed to escape from the ruckus.

“Lakshya, you go. Don’t risk your life because of me.”

“I will never leave you Ragini. My Mum risked her life just to save yours and I won’t let her sacrifice go to waste.”

As they escaped from the hospital, Ragini stops her steps. “How much does a King love his Queen?” Ragini asks and his steps also halted as she asked that question.

It has seemed like the moment froze as none of them made a sound, Lakshya had understood what Ragini was trying to say but he wouldn’t let her hear what she wanted, he rotates his body in order to face her.

“To the square of infinity and back that he would even go to any extent, just to protect her.” His response encouraged her tears to stream down, it was surely not what she wanted to hear.

“There they are!”

Lakshya sighed and started drifting away with Ragini, who opens her eyes and starts catching his speed.

Past memories make a visit in her mind due to which she regrets, she was feeling something, something else other than guilt as she stared at Lakshya while running. She wanted to tell him something but was struggling as if her lips were seized together, her voice was yearning to say those words but it felt like someone had locked that voice in a box and threw the key away.

What was it that she wanted to say?


And you’re not allowed to speak to boys. Is that clear?” Ragini nods positively, agreeing to the conditions that were being put forth by her uncle.

“Okay Mama Ji, I won’t skip lessons, I won’t go out after college and I will not interact with boys.” Ragini repeats while clearing it off.

“What Ji? Why can’t she talk to boys?” Her Aunt asks, coming out of the kitchen while looking at her husband.

“You stay quiet Sudha, you don’t know how spoilt, cheap, dirty and mannerless these boys are gone nowadays, loafers they are, just like your nalayak son.”

“See Ji, don’t bring Ajay into this. And not speaking to boys I understand, now but why isn’t she allowed to go out and enjoy after university?”

“Sudha. . .” Arvind, who is also the husband of Sudha and Mama Ji of Ragini, lovingly says with a fake smile and Sudha stares at him with confusion. “Which century do you live in?” His tone changed as well as his expressions.

Sudha rolls her eyes as he continues “Nowadays boys are gone so bad, I just want to protect her from harm, you don’t know what happens on the street. Did you see the news today? A girl got kidnapped yesterday after coming back from the cinema. And god knows where that girl is now.” Arvind concernedly blurts out and Ragini curves a faint smile after seeing his concern for her.

Sudha’s expressions also soften as he merely wants to protect Ragini from evil surroundings.

“Hurry!!” The three hear a annoyed yell, Sudha and Ragini sigh a smile while Arvind shakes his head in disbelief.

“Mama Ji, Mami Ji, I’ll go get my bag, Ajay is waiting outside.” Arvind and Sudha nod as Ragini rushes to her room.

“I will always be grateful to Janki for filling my empty lap with Ragini.” Sudha utters emotionally as her eyes moist.

Arvind curves a small smile “We had the opportunity to hear Maa Baba from her mouth but I let it go. She had the rights to know everything about her real parents.”

Yes, Ragini is Janki’s daughter who was Arvind’s sister. Janki had died during childbirth while she gave birth to Ragini and before breathing her last, she took a promise from her brother and his wife that they should take care of Ragini and not send her to her Father. Arvind and Sudha agreed and ever since, they had been taking care of Ragini and bringing her up and now, it has been 18 years and Ragini is aware of the fact that Janki is her mother and didn’t bother to find out about her Father.

“I will always fulfil that promise till my last breath.” Arvind vows and Sudha nods, agreeing with his words.



“Lakshya, stop complaining and unpack your bags.” His mother, Annapurna says as she sits down on the sofa.

“You drugged me and forcefully imported me from Kolkata to Vijayawada!”

Annapurna sighs at his baseless nonsense and reaches out for a magazine. “Don’t ignore me Maa! Whyyyyy?”

“Chup! What do you mean by why haan? You’re now feeding your deed a rusty coin. This is your punishment and now you have to endure it. Who told you to argue with your father and drag yourself into this mess?” Annapurna had enough of him complaining and bursts out.

He curves a frown and looks down. “Be glad he allowed me to come with you, or else. . .” She continued but trailed off, unable to complete it.

“You love me don’t you?” His words made her scoff. “A lot.” She replies and his frown disappears.

Lakshya and his father DP had an argument due to which he had sent Lakshya away in the form of punishment.

“I love you too.” Lakshya utters and walks towards his Mother to give her a hug.


“Come, lets go.”

“That was early wasn’t it.”

“Sorry, I couldn’t find the bag.” Ragini says and sits on the bike. Ajay then starts the bike.

“Hold me tight haan, I don’t want you falling and injuring yourself and then Papa hitting me.”

Ragini shakes her head with a small smile and grips onto Ajay’s shoulder, Ajay then starts driving.

“So Di, are you nervous?”


“Now that you can’t reverse back time, you have to deal with it.”

“I regret growing.” She sighs as she wanted to stay in school, now that she turned 18, she couldn’t stay in school, they wouldn’t allow her. So now, she will has to join a college to continue her studies. Ajay, her cousin brother was only a year younger than her.

“Aye! How dare you?! What do you think of yourself haan?!!” Ragini and Ajay stop as the signal’s turned red, indicating them to halt and they turn to the side, looking at the auto driver scolding a local goon.

“Shut up!” The goon responds but receives a slap across the face by the auto driver.

“People told the truth, Vijayawada’s public is more of a goon than an actual goon, the public are heavy on everyone.” Ajay chuckles and Ragini curves a faint smile.

“Get the money out now! Who will pay for this damage? Your Dad!”

The signal light turns green and Ajay hears a horn, he then starts driving again.


“Why this place?”

“Because your Papa’s friend owns it and he is willing to accept you after reading your records.”

“Maa. . .”

“Lakshya! No complaining.” AP interrupts before Lakshya could speak further.

Lakshya sighs a pout and Annapurna ignores his fake puppy pout and begins to walk inside the college, Lakshya had no choice but to follow.

Straight after Lakshya enters, Ajay’s bike stops in front of the same college and Ragini gets down.

“Thank you.” She says and rushes inside while Ajay drives off.

While walking, Ragini opens her bag and checks to see if she has all the things she needs. Lakshya, who was in front of her sighs after losing AP from his sight.

“Where did Maa go.” He mummers to himself and turns but before he could move, Ragini clashes into him.

“Sorry!” She gasps and moves her head away from his chest, looking up at him with guilt as mistake was hers because she wasn’t looking.

“It’s okay, don’t worry.” He slowly utters and couldn’t move his gazes away from her eyes, the innocence in them seemed to have attracted Lakshya’s eyes.

Ragini passes a nervous smile and walks past him, seeing her gone, he comes back to senses and turns around.

“Stop.” He shouts and she stops, he then slowly approaches her and she turns to him.

“Can you please tell me where the principals office is?” He asks and she shakes her head negatively. His eyebrows arch and forehead creased as he stared at her.

“I don’t know, I’m new in this college too.” She responded and his crease from his forehead lifts as he understands.

Ragini wanted to swift away due to the promise she had made to her uncle.

“It’s okay, don’t worry.” Lakshya says and Ragini curves a small smile, walking away.

A smile curved on Lakshya’s lips as he sees her walking away, his forehead slightly creased in confusion, wanting to know why this unknown smile formed on his lips.

AP had finished talking to the principal of the college, he was very much happy to accept Lakshya in his college.

“Don’t worry Mrs Maheshwari, Durga sent him to the right place, I cannot promise you but I will try to reform him.” AP smiles at his words and nods, she then stands up and so does he, he makes his way towards the door opening it and AP steps out, he follows.

“Where is your son?” He asks and she glanced around, finally spotting him.

“That one, in the red shirt who’s searching his way.” AP tells and the principal looks around, finally finding Lakshya among the crowd.

“He can join today, you can leave tension-free Mrs Maheshwari, I will take over from here.” AP faintly smiles and nods, walking away while the Principal approaches Lakshya.

“Mr Lakshya Maheshwari?” Lakshya looked down to the principal. “Yes.” He responds and the principal smiles.

“I’m Rajeev Mathur, the principal of this college, I had met your mother earlier on and she had told me all that I needed to now. You’re enrolled into this college, now if you would like to come with me, we would decide the subjects you would like to take.” Lakshya shakes his head at the principal and the principal smiles, taking Lakshya to the admission room.


Ragini was sat inside the classroom, nervously starting her college life. Her dream is to become a successful doctor and that is why she is here, in this college to study and achieve her goal.

The professor began to teach the lesson.

In the admission room, Lakshya was sat on the chair rejecting all the subjects that were being said, he was bored, nothing really interested him.

The principal sighs “What do you want to be in life?”

“Nothing. I don’t have that motivation to succeed in life, all I’ve been hearing is that I’m good for nothing.” Lakshya responds, not at all surprising the principal.

“Well, seeing your school reports, I’m willing to recommend Science for you as you received 100%.” The principal says and Lakshya sighs with lack of interest.

Seeing no answer, the principal takes it as a yes and begins to enrol him onto that course.

“I’ll do Chemistry or Biology, they’re the easy ones.” Lakshya sighs his answer with an attitude.

“Well in that case, you would do both of them and after a year, you can decide wether you want to shift to a medical school or do something else.” The principal says and forwards the form with the pen.

Lakshya sits up and holds the pen. “Fair enough.” He utters just before signing the form.

The principal takes the form back and smiles “You can start tomorrow.”

Lakshya stands up with a fake small smile “Thank you.” He utters and before exiting the room, the principal stops him “Today you would have a show around in this college. Meet me right after the break.”

Lakshya ignored him and stepped out of the classroom. The bell rings, indicating break and students begin to come out of their classrooms while Lakshya walked into the ground.

He wasn’t very happy, he just wanted to live his life the way he wants but that wasn’t possible because of his father, with whom he fought with just before being imported here.

Lakshya was wondering around the college and sees Ragini. He gazes her from toe to hair, she was looking pretty and he couldn’t help but secretly admire her and not wanting to admit he’s admiring. Though his sister Uttara wears those type of clothes but he, for the first time ever noticed them standing out on someone so pretty.

He slowly walks in that direction and Ragini sees him walking towards her.

“Ruko.” She utters while showing him her palm and he stops. “Make a U-turn.” She says and he doesn’t move.

She then looks down and walks past him. “You’re looking pretty.” He says just before she moved past.

Hearing a compliment, she turns to look at him while he turns too, smiling at her. She clashes into someone and turns her head, looking at the person she clashed into.

“Sorry.” Ragini apologises and nervously walks away.

Lakshya started to feel something, something which was unusual for him as he never felt it before, he was wondering what is his heart saying.

As the time passes, break was over and it was time for the next lesson. Lakshya made his way towards the principals office, ready for the college tour.

An hour later. . .

It was time now, to go home as lesson was dismissed. Lakshya rushed out of the college gate and there he saw Ragini waiting for someone, he then approaches her, standing besides her and acting as if he hadn’t seen her.

Sensing someone next to her, Ragini turns her head and is surprised seeing Lakshya. Lakshya also looks at her and acts surprised.

“Oh you, hi. It’s such a coincidence.” Lakshya utters and Ragini looks away.

“I’m Lakshya. New student in this college. Now I’m not a stranger, you can talk to me.” Lakshya adds and Ragini doesn’t look at him.

“Maama Ji says not to talk to boys.” Ragini softly utters, surprising Lakshya.

“What?” He chuckles and she lifts her gazes, resting them on his face.

“I heard don’t talk to strangers but never this. Why can’t you?” Ragini ignores him.

“Do you have a brother?” Ragini shakes her head without looking at him.

“He’s a boy too, do you talk to him?” Ragini was about to reply to him while looking at him but stops as she had nothing to say.

“Listen. . .” Before Ragini could answer him back, Ajay stops in-front of them with his bike.

Ragini sees him and then walks towards him, sitting on the bike. As she sat on the bike, she looks at Lakshya who was looking at her. Ajay then starts driving and Ragini moves away from Lakshya’s eyes.

He looks at her leaving. “Palat.”
“Palat.” And Ragini turned while leaving.

Lakshya was only joking with the whole filmy thing but when she actually turned, he doesn’t know why his heart jumped and his face was lit.

“Who was he?” Ajay asks and Ragini sighs.

“I don’t know, he’s new in this college and now finding excuses to talk with me.”

“Are you going to tell Papa about this?”

“I don’t know, should I?”

“Up to you.”

Ragini was now thinking wether she should tell her Maama Ji or not.


Lakshya managed to find his way home and whizzed into his room, ignoring AP’s questions, he then jumps on his bed and holds his cushion. Thinking about what had happened to him today and why he acted different.

Ragini, Ragini and Ragini was on his mind, the way she talked, they way she walked, the way she dressed, the way she was about to answer him back, the way she stopped him and told him to take a U-turn was all playing in his mind and he was staring into space, merely remembering.

“Lakshya.” AP yells while knocking on his door.

Lakshya comes out of his mind world and turns his head to the side, looking at her and she walks inside.

“What happened today in college?” She asks and he sits up.

“Nothing much, just a scroll in the college and met this girl, who my mind seems to be missing.” Lakshya says.

“A girl?” AP confusingly queries and he nods positively. “Which girl?” She adds and he shrugs.

“I don’t know her name.” He responded.

“Why does your mind miss her?”

“Now that. . . I don’t know.”

AP looks at him with suspicious yet confused gazes, figuring out what was happening.

“Do you like her?”

Lakshya looks at her with seriousness “Maa, I met her today.”

“How do you feel about her?”

“I don’t know.”

“Do you ever feel you can actually talk to her no matter what others think?”

Lakshya starts thinking and then nods positively.

“Do you want to talk to her?” Lakshya yet again nods.

“Do you feel like you need to know her?” Lakshya nods again.

“Do you want her to like you?” He nods again.

“Do you want her to have a good impression of you?”

“Sort of.” He finally responded.

“Do you feel happy whenever she talks to you or whenever you see her?”


“Do you have some feelings you’re confused about?”

Lakshya with suspicious eyes “Yeah.”

“Then you do like her.” AP says after coming to a conclusion with his answers.

Lakshya wasn’t ready to admit but since his mother was saying, he might.


“Yes, I even told him to take a U-turn but just before coming here, he met me outside the college and started talking to me.” Ragini says to her Maama Maami.

Arvind shakes his head in disbelief. “These cheap boys, don’t worry Beta, tomorrow I’ll come with you and talk to him.”

Ragini nods and then heads towards her room.

‘I did the right thing by telling Maama Ji, it was better I tell him before the matter got worse.’

As Ragini entered her room, loads of bouquets were lying on her bed and she walks towards them. She picks the one which had a note in it and starts reading it.

‘Hello beautiful, I love you and now it’s time for you to love me back. I’m back sweetheart, I hope you love my surprise. From. . .’ Ragini’s eyes widen as she reads the name.

“Maama Ji! Maami Ji.” She yells, throwing the bouquet away and moving backwards timidly.

Arvind and Sudha rush in, they see he bed filled with bouquets and then look at Ragini.

“What happened?” Sudha asks and Ragini holds her hand.

“A. . . Angad is back.” Ragini utters as her eyes moist.

Arvind and Sudha couldn’t believe it.

Arvind holds onto Ragini’s shoulder and tries to calm her down. The person who sent those bouquets was Angad, a guy who wants Ragini to be his but Ragini doesn’t like him.

It had started when Ragini had finished school and was going to apply to college, there Angad sees her and begins to like her. Seeing him ignore her, he decided to get her under any cost and started stalking her. Ragini was annoyed and told Arvind who warned him but Angad seemed to be more powerful than him and instead threatened Arvind. Arvind reported him to the police and they arrested him, after Angad going to jail, his men/friends began to intimidate Arvind, Sudha, Ragini and Ajay. But as soon as Angad was bailed, they stopped.

Angad threatens Arvind and goes, Arvind then had enough and found an evidence of Angad taking drugs and informed the police, the police caught him red handed and the court gave him a punishment of 6 months as there were proofs saying he had sold one bag only.

The police then took protection of Arvind and family for a month as Angad’s friends were ready to get revenge.

And now, the same Angad is back.

“You tell me inspector, how did he release so early? He was meant to be out 4 months later, not 2!” Arvind angrily yells at the police inspector over the phone, totally shocked by the fact that he was let out early.

“We’re sorry, it was the courts orders.” The inspector responds and disconnects the call.

Arvind sighs and turns towards Sudha and Ragini who were sitting on the sofa.


Slowly the night took over the evening and both Ragini and Lakshya go to sleep in their perspective homes.


It was finally morning, Ragini’s fear of Angad coming to her house in the night had been gone along with the night.

She sits up on her bed and unwillingly stands up to get changed for college.


Lakshya was still laying on his bed, sleeping until AP walked in disturbing him.

“Lakshya! Get up, you will get late for college.”

“Lakshya! Up now!” AP yells again, shaking Lakshya and Lakshya finally sits up. Opening his eyes while releasing a sigh.

AP pulls the blanket off from him and pulls his hand, making him get down from the bed and stand.

Lakshya yawns and walks towards the bathroom to take a shower. AP walks towards his wardrobe and picks the clothes he would be wearing today.


Ragini and Arvind are sat on a scooter which Arvind is driving.

“Don’t worry or be scared, I’m always with you.” Arvind says as he saw Ragini distressed through one of his mirror.

Ragini shakes her head positively.


Lakshya was finally dressed and all ready to leave. Before AP could say anything, Lakshya hops out of the house and into the main road, waiting for a rickshaw.

After two tries, a Rikshaw finally stops and he sits inside it, telling the driver his destination.


Ragini and Arvind stop in front of the college. After Ragini, Arvind got down.

“Where’s the one you were talking about yesterday?” Arvind asks and Ragini glances around to find Lakshya.

Suddenly, Arvind falls forward onto the ground and Ragini looks to the side and down. She then sees Angad standing there with anger.

Arvind turns while on the ground and disgustedly stares at Angad.

“You got me arrested the first time, I still forgave you but this time. No!” Anagd angrily says and walks towards him but Ragini comes in the way.

“No, please don’t do anything to him.”

Angad stops and looks at her. “Then what will you give me in return?”

Ragini was embarrassed and speechless as she has no words to respond to his question.

“She will give you hate in return!” Arvind shouts and Angad looks at him. “Don’t beg in front of people like him, they don’t even deserve us talking with them.” Arvind adds, hurting Angad’s ego.

“You have said enough! Now watch what I would do!” Angad warns and looks at Ragini, grabbing her hand.

“Leave her!” Arvind shouts and Ragini pulls her hand away, taking steps back.

Angad comes forward again but this time he was stopped. Lakshya stood in between Ragini and Angad, becoming Ragini’s shield.

“Who the hell are you?! How dare you stop me!” Anagd shouts and Lakshya slightly turns his head to the side, seeing Ragini from the corner of his eyes.

“By the looks of it, she doesn’t want you near her so why are you coming near her?” Lakshya asks, looking back at Angad.

Angad punches Lakshya on the face and Lakshya stumbles back with his head tilted to the side. “Ahh.” He releases a small hiss and looks up at Angad again.

“Before saying this isn’t my business. . . Now let me tell you, you made this my business.” Lakshya angrily says and swings his fist on the side of Angad’s cheeks, returning the punch.

“And you brought me into this!” He adds and Angad angrily charges at him.

“Next time. . .” Lakshya holds Angad’s fist. “Don’t come anywhere near her.” He completes and knees Angad’s lower part which hurts the most and then holds his head as Angad bends and slams it on his knees.

Ragini and Arvind were shocked and Lakshya pushes Angad away from him. Angad falls onto the floor, half unconscious due to the nose he had broken now because of Lakshya.

Lakshya turns to Ragini and sees Arvind on the floor, he then forwards his hand to help. After few seconds, Arvind grabs it and Lakshya manages to pull him up.

“Uncle, are you okay?” Arvind nods while dusting his clothes.

Lakshya then looks at Ragini who looks at Arvind.

“You must be her Maama Ji, who told her not to talk to boys right?” Lakshya asks and Arvind understands he’s the same boy Ragini was talking about yesterday.

“Ohh, so you’re the one who was troubling her yesterday?”

“Trouble? I only tried to talk to her but she didn’t.”

“Why do you want to talk to her?”

“Umm. . . Because I like her.” Ragini looks on while Angad sighs.

“Why? You don’t even know her, you can’t say you like her. Yeah, one day you like her and the next day you don’t. I know boys like you. . .”

“Uncle, once I start liking someone, I continue to like them till my last breath.” Lakshya interrupts. “And about me not knowing her. . . Well if she talks to me and I talk to her then that’s how I’ll know her wouldn’t I?” He adds, surprising Arvind and Ragini.

“I promise I’ll never hurt her, I deserve a chance.” Lakshya adds and Arvind looks at Ragini and then at Angad who was on the floor.

“No.” Arvind says and Lakshya scoffs.

“Don’t do this Uncle or else I’ll fall in love with her.” Ragini shockingly looks at Lakshya while Arvind creases his forehead.

“I’m stubborn, I win the things that challenge me and I’m a rebel, I don’t listen and go for it. The more no you say the more closer I will get and the more closer I go that would be the moment when I’ll start loving her, marte dam tak.(Till my last breath).” Lakshya says and Arvind stares at him with seriousness.

“Listen boy! This isn’t a game where you can win it! Stay in your limits otherwise. . .”

Lakshya yet again interrupts and he looks at Ragini. “I love you.” Lakshya says, shocking Arvind and Ragini.

“Not the first time I saw you, but right now, today, at this very moment I fell in love with you. I promise to keep you happy, once I give my words, I don’t take them back.”

Ragini’s mouth drops while Arvind shockingly stares at Lakshya.

“You’re crossing your limits! I will get you jailed for harassment.”

Lakshya ignores Arvind and continues looking at Ragini. “I promise to never disappoint you and to accept you fully with my heart. I promise not to let a single tear drop out of your eyes because of me, I promise to hold your hand till my last breath. I promise to be loyal to you and never make you sad, I promise to be the best as I could and keep you happy and now, I hand over my heart and soul to you.” Lakshya proposes with his heart, he doesn’t know why but each and every word he said felt like it was coming out from his heart, he doesn’t feel like it’s a lie and he doesn’t exactly know why.

This was a double stunner for Arvind and Ragini, Ragini doesn’t know why her heart felt his heart’s voice. She felt as if it was truly said by him but at the same time is shocked with his sudden words. His words seemed to have affected her. Ragini stared into his eyes, seeing no lies.

“Enough is enough!” Arvind shouts, breaking their three second eye-lock.

“You don’t know her, her name and claim to love her?! What stupidity is this!”

“I only liked her but you made me fall in love with her Uncle.” Lakshya utters and Arvind shakes his head in disbelief.

“Don’t go anywhere near her understood!” Arvind warns and Lakshya scoffs.

“You can maybe ward me off and make me put a stop for my love but how will you stop her love for me?” Lakshya asks and Arvind looks at Ragini who was blinking at Lakshya.

“She will never like you.” Arvind confidently says. “Haina Ragini?” He asks, revealing her name in front of him. Ragini shakes her head positively yet slowly and Lakshya smiles.

“Ragini.” He says and she looks at him, not knowing why it felt different and new when he said her name.

“Shut up!” Arvind yells and Lakshya looks at Ragini with a smile and she looks at him nervously yet shockingly.

Their eyes seemed to be locked with each other’s. “She will Uncle, she will fall in love with me.” Lakshya challenges as he continues to stare at her lovingly.

“No, she wouldn’t, wouldn’t you Ragini?”

Ragini shakes her head again, breaking their eye locks and Lakshya chuckles which grabs both of their attention.

“She isn’t saying but nodding, her eyes seem to disagree with what she is saying.” Lakshya says and winks at her.

Arvind looks at Ragini and Ragini inhales a deep breath.

“What do you think? That by saying few filmy dialogues you will impress me? No, you can’t and I will never love you.” Ragini states and walks away and inside the college while Arvind proudly smiles and looks at Lakshya.

“One day you would!” Lakshya shouts just before she entered the college.

“Did you hear her? Now get away from her.” Arvind warns.

“Uncle Ji, some magic might happen in college which would change her mind, you never know.” Lakshya utters with a wink and rushes inside the college, leaving Arvind stunned.

Arvind’s eyes then land on Angad who was on the floor and as he was half conscious, he had heard what Lakshya had said.


Inside the college, Ragini was running away from Lakshya who was following her. He then manages to come in front of her, blocking her away.

“I don’t love you.” She says and he smiles “Don’t worry, you will one day.” He responds and she gets annoyed.

“What do you know about me haan? Nothing and still you’re saying you love me? Love isn’t a joke so stop all this!” Ragini annoyedly yells moving forward and Lakshya bends back.

He stares at her immensely. “So what? I’ll begin to know you.” He says as he slowly moves up and she moves back.

“Listen, this might be infatuation, please clear it soon.” Ragini says and then moves away.

“If it was infatuation then I would’ve still liked you, not said I love you.” He says and she closes her eyes, releasing a sigh while walking away.

The whole day slowly went with Ragini and Lakshya studying but in break time, he eventually used to bother her but she as usual ignored it. Lakshya was in a different class to Ragini but they did the same subject.

It was eventually time to go home but Lakshya was kept back to do a test which his class had to do on the very first day.

Ragini, glances around and sighs a relief not seeing Lakshya and walks out. There she was waiting for Ajay and a jeep stopped in front of her, she recognise few of the boys as they were Angad’s friends.
Ragini slowly moved back and they got down from the jeep.

Lakshya was writing his answers on his test paper and was pretty much focused on it.

Outside, the boys were approaching Ragini who keeps on moving back.

“That boy would die for sure but after you marry Angad Bhaiyya.” Angad’s friend says while looking at Ragini.

Ragini was stunned, she was nervous and pancaking as they kept coming closer. Her mind traveled to yesterday and flashed the moment in which Lakshya had said his name.

“Lakshya.” She softly says and he feels his name being said.

Ragini looks to the side and starts running, the boys begin to chase her.

“Done sir.” Lakshya says and hands the paper to his teacher. His teacher takes it and Lakshya rushes out.

While rushing out, he sees Ragini rushing inside the college and few boys behind her. While running and not looking forward, she bumps into Lakshya and instantly looks up.

He holds her by the waist to prevent her from falling to the side and looks into her eyes.

“You called me?” He asks and Ragini was surprised.

Lakshya then sees the boys behind her and then looks at.

“Why did you run? You could’ve asked them to wait for me.” Lakshya loudly says to make those boys hear.

He then loses himself into her, slowly pecking her forehead, she closes her eyes as she feels something. He then closes his eyes after leaning his nose on her cheek, feeling her. She feels him breathing feels him too.

The boys look on and at each other, Lakshya pulls her closer to him by the waist and slowly scrubs his cheek with hers. Ragini was falling weak, Lakshya was about to kiss her but moves his head away which made her head land on his chest. She opened her eyes, realising what was about to happen but she feels safe in his embrace and feels something different, which he feels.

Lakshya wanted to kiss her but not when she doesn’t love him. If he did then that would’ve been a unwanted one as she wouldn’t have been happy with it.

“Aye! We’re not here to see your romance! Give us the girl!” The boy shouts and Ragini parts from him, he was looking at them while she looks at him.

“She’s mine. I promised her I will keep her happy so she can’t come with you.” Ragini’s eyes soften as they go moist and the boys charge at Lakshya.

Lakshya grabs Ragini’s hand and runs with her, dodging the men. He even pushes him with his hand if they come close and they manage to get out of the gate.

Ajay was waiting for Ragini, Lakshya sees him and takes Ragini there. He helps Ragini sit down on the bike.

“Go!” He says and Ajay nods, driving off.

The boys catch up to Lakshya and Lakshya starts defending himself. While leaving, Ragini turns around to see Lakshya.

Lakshya continued to defend himself and runs.

After few minutes, Lakshya reaches his home with a blood dripping nose and runs to his room before AP could see him.


Ragini reaches home with Ajay and rushes inside her room. Sudha follows her. All Ragini could think about is Lakshya, his words and affection.

‘How can he love me? He doesn’t even know me properly and love doesn’t just happen like that. Urghh. It’s always better in filmy world, not real.’ Ragini thinks in her mind and sits on her bed, distraughtly.

“What happened Ragini? Why are you worried?” Sudha asks and Ragini hugs her, resting her head on Sudha’s stomach.

“Angad wants to marry me.” Ragini reveals and Sudha looks on.

“We won’t let him.” Arvind says as he walks inside, Ragini sits straight and looks at him.

“We’re moving cities.” Arvind adds, surprising Ragini and Sudha.

“But Ji. . .”

“That is my final decision, start packing.” Arvind orders and walks out of the room.

Soon they hear wild knocking on the door.

“Open the door!” A boy shouts and Arvind takes his phone out, calling the inspector.

“Hello, inspector, we have few boys outside my door harassing us, they are Angad’s men.”

“We will be right there.” The inspector from the other side of the phone says and Arvind disconnects the call.

They start breaking the door, Sudha and Ragini come inside the hall.

“Go take Ragini from the back side, now!” Arvind orders and Sudha was stunned.

“But Maama Ji, we can’t.”

“Go!” Arvind shouts and dials another number. “Ajay, don’t come home. Meet Ragini and Sudha near the temple.” Arvind utters and disconnects the call.

“Ji. . .”

“Go!” He screams again and Sudha and Ragini unwillingly run through the back way, the boys break in and look at Arvind.

“Where’s the girl?!” They ask and Arvind doesn’t respond.

Soon the inspector comes with his team and protect Arvind. Arvind then rushes to the back door and goes to the temple to meet them.

The inspectors take those boys to jail.


AP was out to get the vegetables, Lakshya didn’t notice she wasn’t at home.

“How much are they?” AP asks as she points at the broccolis.

“50 rupees.” The man responds and she nods.

AP wasn’t used to the bhedbhaw some people often do as she would pay full amount of the vegetables in Kolkata. It was Sujata who had mostly done the bhedbhaw.

AP pays him 50 rupees and takes the broccolis, she then starts heading home and on the way she sees Ragini and Sudha running. They stop to catch their breath and a worried AP walks towards them.

“Is everything alright?” Sudha and Ragini look at AP.

Just then Arvind arrives. “Sudha, Ragini.” He says and they turn, including AP.

AP and Arvind see each other receive a shock. Ajay soon stops by as they were only 5 minutes away from the temple.

“Papa, what happened? Why did you call me here?” Ajay asks and AP looks away.

AP’s phone rings and she attends it. “Hello, Maa where are you?” Lakshya asks from the other side.

“I’m near the temple.” AP responds and Lakshya disconnects the call.

Arvind looks at Sudha and Ragini, then his eyes land on Angad who was walking towards them with a plaster on his nose. Arvind panics.

“Sudha run.” Arvind says, a confused AP looks to the side and sees Angad walking towards them.

“Ji.” Sudha now cries but Arvind ignores her. “Go.” He says and Sudha shakes her head.

Ragini sees Angad walking towards them and the faces Arvind with teary eyes.

“Maama Ji, how much does a king love his princess?”

Arvind was also teary eyes, he shakes his head and Ragini sniffs, holding her tears. “Please say.” She utters and Arvind’s tears burst out.

“So much that he is willing to do anything for his happiness.” He says while crying and Ragini’s tears fall out.

“Then please leave from here with Maami Ji and Ajay. You can at least do that for your princess can’t you?”

Arvind while crying shakes his head negatively as he now feels like he isn’t good for anything.

“Maama Ji please, for my sake.” Ragini says while crying.

Arvind was now guilty. “You don’t love me?”

“I do.” Arvind responds.

“Then why are you still here?” She says and Angad finally stops in front of her.

Arvind slowly starts moving with Sudha and Ajay, Sudha was in tears as well.

Lakshya was standing behind AP, watching this all and walks forward.
Arvind sees him and stops. Lakshya pulls Ragini and stands in front of her. Angad glares at him angrily. AP was confused seeing Lakshya.

“Maa, take her.” Lakshya says and surprising Arvind.

AP holds Ragini’s hand, realising she is the girl he likes. AP starts walking away with Ragini and she looks at Arvind while walking past.

Arvind decides to follow but Ragini shakes her head, stopping him. “Go.” She mouths as tears drop down her eyes and Arvind unwillingly leaves with Sudha and Ajay.

As AP was walking with Ragini, few boys follow them but AP manages to protect Ragini by throwing her heavy bags on them. She was then stopped by few boys in front of her. AP stands in front of Ragini guarding her. The boys push her away and as the lorry was passing, AP gets hit by it, shocking Ragini and the boys.

“Aunty!!” Ragini shouts, rushing towards AP and bends down.

“T. . . Take care of my L. . . Lakshya.” AP mummers as blood drops down her head and Ragini cries.

“No Aunty, nothing will happen to you.” Ragini says and shouts to call the ambulance.

Lakshya reaches there and stops, he feels like someone had taken his life away from him seeing his mother struggle long to breathe.”

“Call the ambulance please!” Ragini shouts but everyone just stood there watching.

Lakshya rushes towards AP, bending down with teary eyes. Ragini looks at him, feeling guilty as this all happened because of her.

Lakshya carries AP in his arm and stands up, Ragini also stands up and Lakshya rushes AP to the hospital while Ragini glances around and sees the boys unconscious on the floor and looks on.

It had happened to be that just before approaching AP, he had hit the boys and then rushed to her so that Ragini could stay safe from some danger.

End of flashback.

The two had ran away from the noise, Ragini stares at Lakshya who cares about her so much. Is this really love that he has for her?

As they stop, Lakshya turns towards her. “Are you okay?” He concernedly asks and Ragini couldn’t help but to hug him while bursting out.

Lakshya hugs her back. “Why do you love me so much Lakshya? You don’t know anything about me. I’m a danger, don’t risk your life because of me.” Ragini says in between her cries and he hugs her tighter, closing his dry eyes.

“If I can’t protect you then my love for you was never true.” He says and Ragini sobs on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry.” Ragini says but why was she sorry for? Sorry for what exactly.

Lakshya took it as she’s sorry that she can’t love him.

But she does, she does love him and wants to say those words but isn’t able to, risking his life for her, promising to protect her, making promises to keep her happy has definitely touched her heart and it connected with his but she wasn’t ready to say it.

Ragini breaks the hug as she looks at his broken eyes. Before she could say anything, a phone call disturbs her and she answers it.

“Your Maama Ji, Maami Ji and brother Ajay are in my captive!” Angad sniffs from the other side and Ragini was shocked, she looks at Lakshya.

“If you want them then come outside the temple, I’ll be waiting.” Angad disconnected the phone and Ragini began to cry.

“Ragini. . .”

“I need to go.” Ragini interrupts and starts walking away.

Lakshya stood there, feeling as if his heart was crushed beneath a rock. First he had lost his mother and now his love was walking away from him. He wasn’t sure what his aim for living was anymore. But he couldn’t give up, he decided to follow her.

After 10 minutes, Ragini reaches the temple and sees Angad, looking at her as well as her Maama Maami and Ajay being held at gunpoint.

“Well welcome, where is your lover boy? Didn’t he come?” Angad asks and Ragini disgustedly looks away.

“We found him.” His boys say while dragging an injured Lakshya. Ragini looks to the side and is shocked to see Lakshya bleeding and being dragged by the boys.

“Lakshya!” She says and walks forward but Angad holds her hand.

Tears form in her eyes as they throw Lakshya on the floor and begin to kick him.

“Leave him!” Ragini shouts while tears seep down her eyes continuously.

Ragini then manages to free herself and runs to him, the boys after satisfying themselves move back and Ragini bends down, crying at the state Lakshya’s in. She moves her hands forward to lift his head but Angad grabs one of her hand and starts dragging her, her eyes were glued into Lakshya.

“Lakshya! Leave me!” She shouts, more like screams.

Lakshya was half conscious, he could see her being dragged away by him.

“I love you.” Ragini finally admits while crying and Angad stops dragging her, Arvind was stunned after hearing that. Lakshya hears that and his heart gives an unusual beat, a weak smile curves on his lips which were covered by blood.

Angad angrily holds her hair and pulls on it. “What did you say?!”

Ragini, who was in pain looks at Angad.
“I love Lakshya.”

Angad slaps her across the face, Lakshya tries to stand but fails miserably.

“Angad!” Arvind shouts angrily but Angad ignores him.

Ragini cries and her lip starts bleeding due to the hard slap she had received.

“Say it once again!” Angad shouts and Ragini cries.

“I. . . Ahh.” She winces in pain as he again pulls on her hair.

“I love Lakshya.” Ragini shouts and finally pushes Angad’s hand away, freeing her self. She then moves back and stands up, facing him with anger yet pain.

“Main sirf Lakshya ki hoon aur marte dam tak sirf Lakshya ki hi rahungi!
[I’m only Lakshya’s and will be his till my last breath!]” Ragini shouts with confidence, shocking Angad.

“I love Lakshya.” Ragini says as her voice softens and she rushes to him, picking his head up and placing it on her lap.

Angad was stunned.

“Lakshya, I love you.” Ragini cries and places her cheek on his forehead, hugging him.

Angad was about to go towards her but instead gets a slap, he looks up at the person shockingly.

“She doesn’t love you! Leave her!” His father shouts and Angad touches his cheeks. “Inspector, arrest him.” Angad was more shocked as his own father handed him over to the police.

Ragini kisses Lakshya’s forehead and he slowly holds her hand. Arvind walks towards Ragini and places his hand on her shoulder, Ragini looks up at him and he bends down, hugging her, she closes her eyes as tears fall out of their eyes.

It was three days later, Lakshya was completely discharged from the hospital and the whole Maheshwari family had come to do AP’s last rituals.

It was revealed that DP and Arvind used to be friends but due to some problems, the two separated and hated each other but now it’s finally sorted out.

Ragini and Lakshya were in a room while the family outside were talking.

Lakshya was laying on the bed and Ragini was laying besides him.

“See, I told you that one day you will also fall in love with me.” Lakshya says and Ragini smiles.

“I never knew it was a beautiful feeling.” She responds and Lakshya holds her hand and places it on his chest.

“This only beats for you.” Ragini smiles at his cheesy lines.

“Lakshya, at least say some original dialogues of yours.”

“What should can I do? It’s the author of the story who controls my dialogues.”

Ragini creases her forehead and Lakshya points up, Ragini understands and moves forward, connecting her forehead with his. Luckily the door was shut otherwise. . . We all know what will happen if DP walks in on them or any other family member.

Lakshya pulls her closer and the two place their lips on each other’s but Ragini shyly takes her back and turns around. Lakshya slides his hand around her waist and the two begin to talk about their future life.

“Lakshya, if we have children then I will name them, okay?”

“Hmmm.” Lakshya responds.

Lakshya closes his eyes while Ragini continues blabbering, she then turns to him and finds him sleeping. A smile curves up her lips and she hugs him, closing her eyes too.

“Sometimes destinies are written and sometimes they are made but everyone has that moment to find their soulmates, don’t delay in loving but hurry in knowing, take your time ✨”

The End

I know I rushed this, I’m sorry and forgive me.

I thought to give you all a final story before leaving, I hope you all enjoyed it.

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Angad – Ashish Kapoor

Arvind – Vivek Mushrun

Sudha – Rupali Ganguly

Ajay – Anshuman Malhotra

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