Raglak one short love at first sight (Episode 2)

Rags:-hmm bhai just get concerned about me thats it.
Laksh:-he loves u more than his life naa and u too.
Rags smiles and says yes.
Rags:-wat happen to bhai why he wants sanskar photo is everything ok.
Laksh:-lets go.
Laksh:-temple is here..
Rags sees out and oh we reached.
When laksh about to get down.
Rags:-holds sanskar hand and asks lets take a selfiee plzz.
Laksh says ok.

Rags takes selfiee and sends to dev with out knewing to laksh
They takes blessing from god and leaves in car .
When they were in highway its suddenly started raining as its difficult yo ride laksh parks car aside.
Rags enjoys rain thre window ..
Laksh keeps on looking at her..
Rags opens window and keeps her head out and enjoying rain drops falling on her face and closes eyes..suddenly due to thunderstroam she jerks back and falls on laksh .
Her back is tounching his front.
They both had a eyelock and laksh makes rags turn to his side and sets her hair from her face to back of her ears.
Rags feels happy because of his touch and closes her eyes.
Laksh sees this gets more close to her when he about to kiss her on lips a vehicle passes by them and puts horn ..

Due to that they both comes to their senses and seez themselfs close to eachother.
They both compose themselfs..and laksh sees rain stopped and starts car.
Laksh:-wat i am doing shit in her point of view i was sanskar and she too thinks sanskar is kissing If not today then she will come to knew truth about me then can i show her my face or can i say my love towards her wat if she thinks i cheated her and ofcourse wat ever we did its somewat cheating…
Rags:-sanskar ….
Laksh doesnt respond.
Rags shakes him and calls sanskar..
Laksh stops car and asks wat happen.
Rags:-u crossed my house .
Laksh sees back and see rags house and reverse car and stops infront of her house.
Rags:-keeps hand on his shoulder laksh turns she hugs him first laksh gets shocked but he too hugs her immediately..
Rags:-are u ok.
Rags:-meet u tomorrow bye..
Rags goes inside home and laksh goes inside his room and finds Sanskar and swara waiting for him eagerly soon they saw him they gets up in excitement.
Sanskar:-hi wat happen do u enjoy trip.
Laksh sees him angrily and threws coat on bed and he to lays down.
Swara and sanskar sees each other and signals to each other.
On other side..

Rags entres room and sees dev waiting for her and sees her hair wet.
Dev:-why ur hair is wet ragini.
Rags:-bhai their is rainfall at that place and i enjoyed it by keeping my head out so my hair became wet.
He goes and brings towel and wipes her hair by making her sit on chair.
Rags remember there both scenes and smiles..
Dev:-ragini..do u like sanskar or laksh.
Rags:-haa obvisiously sanskar.
Dev:-which sanskar .
Rags:-only one sanskar is there right with whom u people want me to marry.
Dev:-lisen to me carefully and answer do u love original sanskar or the one who is acting like sanskar.
Rags turns towards him and makes him sits and says wat u want to say bhai.
Dev:-the one person whom u were thinking is not sanskar his name Laksh khanna and the person whom u knew as laksh is sanskar.
Rags:-gets shocked and say but why bhai.
Dev:-his parents and our parents want u both to marry first sanskar said yes but i dont knew why he said yes as he already loving swara ..
Rags:-swara aa i knew that girl ..

Dev:-wat but how.
Rags says everything from day one in airport and automatically a Tear falls from her eyes and says.
Rags:-that means they used me bhai but why wats need in that is sanskar said to me straightly i would convince our parents infact his parents also then wats need to them to play with my emotions.
Dev hugs her and says:-do u love that person.
Rags:-which person bhai wat is his real identity whom i loved the sanskar name or the person who cheated me by that name.
Dev consoles her whole night ..
Rags too sleeps in arms of dev and finally dev to dozes off to sleep by laying on wall..
In laksh place.
Sanskar:-wat happen laksh..
Laksh:-i think she loves me.
Swara:-thats a great news right.

Laksh gets up in anger and say by shouting yes thats a great news.
U knew why as she loves me now i csn reveal her that i am laksh not Not sanskar and she already loves me so she wont say no and she will convince her parents to stop sanskar and ragini martiage so it will be easy for u know as u wont become bad and their no need to open your mouth to stop your marriage onces your marriage stops then u can introduce swara to them and they will automatically accepts her right am i right sanskar..
Swara:-wat happen to u.
Laksh:-wat happen to me u must say wat happen to us that we played a dirty game with that innocent girl who doesnt knew anything at all we are playing with her feelings she thinks that she is liking sanskar maheswari but no actually she is loving laksh khanna who is covered with name of sanskar.
He turns to him and say how many times i said to u convinces your parents if not i will convince
Them but no then i also i said instead of doing this drama lets says everything to ragini may be she will handle no u didnot even accept for it.
He sits on bed by keeping his hand on his head and says
I used to think i should not hurt her but unwantedly i became main person in hurting her and deceiving her..wat if she comes to knew truth noo now i am getting afraid wat happens to her when She comes to knew truth about us…
Swara:-calm down laksh.

Laksh:-once think yourself in her postion and how it will feel if sanskar decived u ..
U dont knew swara ragini is very sensitive when it comes to relationships..
Sanskar:-i will talk to her i will say her everything wat ever happen because of me and my fear..
Laksh:-no need u knew wat today i saw in her eyes the level of trust she had on me and by seeing it my stoop low in my own eyes .
He turns and sees his mom and dad are standing their by seeing them he soon leaves from their by excusing himself.
Sujtha:-sanskar we were sorry on behalf of him.
Sanskar:-no aunty he is right actually unwantedly we played with her feeling we dont knew that our one lie will reach untill hereWere we cant even repent it..
Swara:-wat we will do know.
Sanskar:-that it i will talk about us to our parents tomorrow morning itself and leaves from their.

Next morning ….
Sakshi comes and sees dev and ragini sleeping in that position she gets worried goes and calls raj.
They both comes and wakes up both ragini didnot respond but dev gets up and sees ragini is having high fever.
They three gets worried and makes her sleep on bed dev goes and call their family doctor.
Doctor checks and gives few medicines and gives a injection to her.
Doctor comes out and says.
Doctor:-haa she is fine now and fever is also came due to lack of sleep and stress i gave injection by evening she will be ok and fever will also gets control while leaving he turns and says one More thing ragini is like my own daughter so i am saying while checking her that her eyes were every red swallon and i think she cried whole night and because of
that only she is unconsious and plzz take care.
Dev gets angry and tears by lisening to doctor and sees sakshi and raj and seeing him and he sees many question are their for them to ask me.
Dev takes them to aside and says Everything.

Sakshi and raj gets angry ..
Raj gets up and about to go but sakshi and dev stops him and asks where are u going ..
Raj:-i am going to kill that idiot for making my child life as drama.
Rags gets up due to this shouting and feels dizzy some how stands up and goes towards them.
In sanskar house.
Sanskar is standing with swara infront of dp and ap with laksh and his parents also present before dp could speak ap comes and slaps sanskar
Ap:-is this wat i teach u is this the way to respect other feeling.
Dp:-without saying that u ever in love how u thought that i will not accept it.
Sanskar:-dad when u said think well and dont u dare to hurt us with your decision.i got afraid that u wont accept swara because raj uncle is very special frd to u.
Dp:-are u mad sanskar i said u too think well and say your decision in yes or no so that because of your wrong decision i dont want our frdship spoil u knew thats why i warned u to think well.
Raj and his family loves their daughter more than anything untill now they didnot allow her to shed a tear from her eyes if she is hurt they will go to any extent to make her happy even she is very spevial to all of us right rp.

Rp:-ofcourse she is only girl in our batch she is like our all daughter.
Dp:-wat if raj comes to knew about your plan he will kill u people how ragini will react before they came to knew from other lets solve this by saying truth.
Rp:-that better lets go.
In raj house.
Rags trying to walk.
Raj fumes in anger
Dev:-wat u thought i didnot get angry i want to kill that sanskar Laksh but i stopped by seeing ragini she likes laksh dad.
We have to handle in different way.
Sakshi:-haa raj first time our daughter like a man apart from you both we have to handle it properly.
Raj:-i dont knew anything i willnot leave them and about to turn and seez whole both family standing their.
Rags finally comes towards hall

and sees them.
Rags:-shit wrong timing dad will not leave them know and starts moving towards them.
Laksh searches whole house for ragini.
Dev sees it and says catching his collar.
Dev:-wat ever u searching haa for ragini is anyrhing left for u to do u came here to complete it.
Because of u first time my ragini cried she is not well she is having high fever u knew wat doctors said because of crying whole night she got fever ..
Laksh too cries keeping his head down and too shocked that rags came to knew truth.
Dp sees raj eyeing sanskar angrily.
Dp:-lisen raj i am not supporting my sons mistake u too knew that for me ragini is more important than sanskar but still raj looks sanskar angrily.
Dp:-w u were lisening to me right.
Sujtha:-first time i am seeing raj bhaiyaa in so much anger go and do something before it moves from our hand.

Raj takes a flower pot rags runs towards him to stop dev and sakshi also runs to stop him ..
Raj about hit him rags runs and hugs him.
All gets shocked to see ragini stopping raj.
Raj immediately controls himself and keeps that flower pot aside..dev and sakshi also reaches.
Raj:-cups her face and asks wat ever u doing here ragini u should rest beta doctor uncle said not to move for 2 days come lets go to your.
Rags:-no dad first u say me wat u were u going to do with that i never saw u in this much anger why dad.
Raj:-u were supporting them after knewing wat they did with u.
Rags:-no dad i am not supporting them i just trying to understand his situation which made him to lie and bring this lie upto here..
And u used to say naa dad in this world most beautifull relation is frdship beccause of his mistake u were going to hurt your bestiees dad afterall they were their sons.
and here mistake is mine dad that i belived them so easily wat were Lied many time i got doudt but never thought to go deep about it.

I belived them and trusted them thats why i was betrayed easily so mistake is mine so u should hit me and gives him flower pot and asks him to hit and moves back she about fall due to weakness.
Laksh san swa comes forward to catch her but dev stops them by showing hand and says.
Dev:-dont u dare to step towards her i will break all your bones.
Raj threws vase aside and hugs her..and say its my mistake i learned u to trust people its my fault today i came to knew we should not trust our own people i am sorry beta i only brought u back from london and because of me u were facing this..
Rags doesnt respond.
Raj and gets tensed and sees her unconsioucess and raj takes her to her room and places her on bed
Dev brings doctor from guest room as before he could leave this all started.
Doctor keeps her saline and oxygen mask as she is turning so weak and fever also got increased.
All were waiting outside.

Laksh is crying by hugging her mother and rp conselling him
Dp goes towards raj .
Raj hugs him and cries .
Raj:-u say naa durga that nothing will happen to her i cant live with out.
Dp and rp consels him.
Sanskar keeps hand on lucky shoulder and consoles him but he is not responding to him.
Sanskar:-i am sorry laksh i didnot thought our lie will turn like this if i had a idea then i will never do it.
Dev lisens and gets angry and about to go meanwhile doctor comes and says.
Doctor:-you all come inside.
Raj and all sees her with oxygen mask and few red patches on her Skin.
Sakshi:-wat happen to her.
Rags opens one eye and sees dev seeing het and closes.
Dev:-open your eyes rags otherwise i will ask doctor uncle to give another injection.
Doctor:-this girl deserves another injection.
Raj:-can any one tell me wats happening.

Dp:-she got rashes raj did u ate chocolate ragini.
Raj and sakshi:-ragini did u.
Doctor:-yes and yaa she is out of danger now and her fever also controlled.
Rags sits and sees laksh and laksh too seeing her he about to come forward but stops seeing dev.
Elders goes from their asking her to take rest.
Dev sits next to rags and asks wats all this ragini u too knew very well that u have allergy to chocolates then how u ate it.
When dp uncle is asking dad to talk and dad is eyeing him agrilybi ate chocolate and then ran towards dad i knew after eating it with in few minutes in will feel dizzy so ..
Dev:-so u did it to change situation between them.
Rags:-bhai u knew that in our childhood we used to play with dp uncle than dad and we even knew that three were bestfrds and if i

Didnt do it then it may cross limits.
Dev:-thats means u forget wat ever happen.
Rags:-no i just want everything fine between dad and uncles thats it more than that i dont care..
Swara:-once lisen to us.
Dev about yo get up rags holds his hand.
Rags:-i had no issues with u people i can understand why u did it and i not angry on anyone and i dont care also.
Bhai i want to talk to all uncle snd anties.
Dev:-wat ..smiles.
Rags:-plzz bhai.
Dev :-ok i will call them.
Rags:-i want to talk to them personelly bhai.
Dev nodes and goes.
Laksh:-ragini onces.
Rags:-who r u sir wats your name .
Laksh feels bad..
Sanskar :-its my idea ragini.

Rags:-u just shut up if u said me this all in a call then how simple it will solve but no u want a thamasha ..
Just elders comes
Rags makes them to accept marriage for sanskar and swara…
Rp:-ragini we were sorry on behalf of laksh..
Rags:-no need to be uncle u just bare with me and promise me that u should always support me means your bahu…
Rp:-done wat u said.
Rags:-if u dont mind then only ..
Sujatha:-why he will mind uf he mind also i dont care i love to have u as my bahu daughter i will support u naa and hugs her…
All smiles …
Rags see raj and family they too smiles and she already confessed that she loves laksh and wsnts to marry him before all came to her room.
Rags:-one more request aunty plz

plz dont say anything to laksh i will make him to say that he loves me and i will do it in sanskar marriage celebrations.
Laksh standing alone in hall and dev sees him and says bechara he is soo sad and feeling very sorry for wat ever he did and i cant stay more anger on him and how much u will tease him ragini i hope u sort out this all in single day.
Parents comes out and declares that they decided to marry sanskar and swara
Laksh and ragini but after sansky marriage only.
Laksh:-did ragini said yes to it.
Dp:-did she say yes to your drama.
Laksh bends his head.
All laughs but controls sanskar and swara sees it and couldnt understand and sees confused.
Laksh:-i want to talk to ragini before u fix our marriage.
Dev:-u can go and talk to her..
Laksh gets surprised and takes raj and sakshi permission and goes from their.
Rags rembers her and laksh first meetings and time spent with him and smiles and she sees laksh coming to her and stops smiling and get up and about to go but laksh stops her and says just once once lisen to me ragini afterwards your wish..

Ragini says ok.
Laksh:-first we thought to say truth to u and take your help but when i saw first time u in airport i forget myself and without reason i started smiling by seeing your smile i dont knew with out my knowledge i lied to u and the time i spent with u dragged me more towards u ur smile you innocences your naughty sense made me to fall in love with you madly soon i dont knew when i became sanskar but i promises when ever u called sanskar i heared it as laksh today i came to When u cry automatically my tears came laksh holds rags hand and say u r connected to my heart ragini thats why when ever u feel happy i felt happy when ever u sad i got restless i promise i love chocolates but i will not eat as u have allergy..
Rags hits him and says no need of this all to say if u just say one sentences i would have forgiven u.
Laksh wipes his tears and says
Wat sentences.
Rags hits her head and wat ever u felt for me wat is the meaning for it.
Laksh:-that i love u…
Rags:-thats it its enough man and i love u too and hugs him.
Laksh firsr gets shocked but soon he too hugs her tightly..
Rags breaks hug and goes and checks everyone is at hall comes back and says .
Rags:-laksh wont u kiss me ..

Laksh smiles and kisses her on Forehead and sees rags sad face he cups her face and looks into her eyes deeply and kisses her on lips tightly and says .
Laksh:-after our marriage if u say me to leave also i wont leave but for today its enough as all their family members are waiting for them
Rags hugs him and wipes his tears ..
After few months rag and laksh married happily…

How is frds plzz comment next time i will write abi oneshot but i need time for it.
Its ego or misunderstanding i think so that ff name any way i will continue that story

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