Raglak one short love at first sight (Episode 1)


Sansar and swara were sitting tensed and watching at a watch and sitting at cafe..
Meanwhile a black BMW stops and a person gets down and takes black googles and waves hi to sanskar and swara.
Boy:-hi guys wats up why u callefd me here urgently.
Sanskar:-laksh we need your help.
Laksh:-is it serious.
Laksh:-say straight wat happen.
Sanskar:-u knew rajnath uncle and my dad were close frds and business patners ..
Laksh:-haa what happen to him.
Sanskar:-then u knew naa my dad how much kaados he is .once if he take decision he will not lisen to any one.
Laksh:-will u come to point.

Sanskar:-rajnath uncle had one son dev goenka and one daughter
Ragini goenka.
Laksh:-haa i lisened about her but Never say her..their family is very possessive about her right.
Sanskar:-haa my dad and her dad wants me and her to marry and u knew that i love swara.
Laksh:-did u say to your father about your love.
Sanskar:-before i could say he directly fixed my engagement.
Laksh:-shall i talk to her and say that you were in relationship and cant marry her.
Sanskar:-situation is different she too dont knew how i look so for some days if u manage like sanskar maheswari in meantime i will manage first in swara house then i will make my dad agree untill then u manage her.i mean ragini goenka.
Laksh:-are u kidding do u think its a movie or wat its about someone life and why cant u say your situation to her i hope she will understand and which girl wants to marry a boy who loves another girl.

Sanskar:-i dont knew about her well wat if she misunderstands me like her brother.
Laksh:-from where her brother came.
Swara:-he tried to speak to her brother but before sanskar able yo speak he indirectly gave him warning.
Laksh:-wat first u say wat u said to him
Sanskar:-i didnt said anything before i open my mouth he put sweet in my mouth and said
Dev:-i love my sister a lot she is my life .if i see her tears fir any reason i will clear that reason or person whom ever readon for her tears i hope u will never make her cry.
Sanskar nodes his head ..
FB ends.
Laksh:-every brother will be like that only and onces think yourself in his postion and her postion as uttara .

Any way wat u want that i should speak to her and make her understand right.
Sanskar:-yes .
Laksh:-ok i will for sake of our frdship ok.
Sanskar hugs him and says ok.
She is coming tomorrow from london we are going to pick up her ok.
Laksh and swara nodes their head
Laksh:-u knew her right.
Sanskar:-yaa i knew her but i dont have photo now.
Laksh:-if she knews u.
Laksh :-ok lets meet tomorrow morning i will leave now i have meeting .
He leaves from their.
Sanskar and swara gets relieved..

Raj:-did ask sanskar wish before u fix this marriage.
Dp:-no need of his permission any way i asked him and then only said yes ok .
Raj:-hmm then i am too happy my daughter will be so happy coming to your house as bahu.
Dp:-not as bahu but as my daughter we shoukd be happy to have her in our home.
They both smiles.
At london.
A girl is shown slepping peacefull her hair is opened and face is covered with blanket.
A phone rings .
Rags by closing eyes passes her hand on whole bed and picks it up by removing blanket and sitting on bed.
Girls:-good morning bhai.
Dev:-good morning my cute ragoo.
Rags:-thank u for waking me up .
Dev:-welcome dear.
Sakshi drags phone ..

Sakshi:-u can keep alarm right but no why u asked ur brother to call.
Rags:-wat if i didnt get up by alram thats why i asked bhai to call.
Dev takes phone from her and say maa i dont have anyproblem maa.
Sakshi:-i should scold my self to come between u both.
Dev:-rags i am sending sanskar maheswari photo to u ok.
Rags:-no need bhai i trust u people and i want him to see directly not by photos plzz.
Dev:-ok ok. Good morning
Rags:-thank u and for u good night bhai..
Rags:-get ready i will surprise u by this time tomorrow and starts packing and starts to leave airport and call sanskar.
Rags:-hi hello i started boss.
Sanskar:- ok i will meet u at airport.
Rags:-ok and cuts call.
Sanskar cuts call and turns and finds laksh and swara and ays them tomorrow early morning she Reach airport and we will settle everything their ok.
Laksh:-hmm i hope everything should be ok i dont knew why but i am having a strange feeling and rubes his heart..

Swara:-dont worry lucky chill once if we convince her she will handle everything.
Laksh:-first ask your bf to handle everything at your home …
I dont knew wat she will think when i talk with her… Day ends at night laksh at his mansion.
Laksh staring at stars and talking.
Laksh:-tomorrow morning u were coming down from sky i dont knew wat ur reaction after coming to knew about sanskar wat expectation u have about this marriage .i just hope wantedly or unwantedly i should not hurt u ..
A hand is placed on his shoulder he turns and sees sujatha.
Laksh:-maa and hugs her.
Sujtha:-are u tensed about something.
Laksh says everything as he never hides everything from his mom.
Sujtha:-oh u mean ragini goenka ..

U knew wat whole world want to see her as she is unknown to all untillnow she thinks something and leaves from there asking laksh to wait.
After a moment she come with a small girl photo and handle that photo to laksh.
Laksh:-a girl with white frock.
Who is she maa she is just so cute.
Sujatha:-really .
Laksh:-haa maa who is this angel.
Sujatha:-small ragini goenka laughs and goes from their.
Laksh:-wat u were ragini in that way u were so beautifull and cute in this age i am sure u will look like a pure angel know and keeps that photo in his locker.
Rags feels strange and thinks as if Someone is prasing her..
Next day morning.
Sanskar is weating white shirt black pant and a coat on his hands …
Sanskar and swara are standing at a corner and see laksh who is walking in tension..
Laksh:-shut up yar i was tired by saying for u, that i am feeling restless and my hearrbeat dont knew why its beating like non stop Express.
A announcement is made that london flight has arrived.

They all gets alerted and seeing continusly at main door.
San:-lets have a bet i wont say any thing u should guess ragini correctly.
Laksh:-done and turns at door
Laksh feels someone presence and looks at another way where a girl is coming by luggage pusher and a small boy is on it.She is pushing it by running and that boy clapping and enjoying.
Because if her speed her hair blows back her cute smile her nature automatically laksh started trying to see her but her face is not showing properly because of loose hair.
She brings down that kid and hi fives to him and kisses him on cheecks and says bye champ.
That boy is mentally inbalanced but she cared him like her own kid By seeing it laksh automatically smiled and tries to shows to sanskar by pointing before laksh could speak.
Sanskar:-wow yar u were right she is ragini.
By lisening ragini name she turns and laksh get mesmerised by seeing her…and thinks..
She is like a rain drop fallen in my heart.

She is like a sunshine after rain.
I dont knew now what to do girl
She is breaking my heart…
Ragini comes forward and says by looking confused face ..
Laksh automatically forwards his hand and says.
Laksh:-hi i am ..
Ragini:-sanskar maheswari right..
Three of them gets stunned and looks into each other.
Sanskar observes that laksh likes ragini and before laksh speak.
Sanskar:-yes your guess is right and hi i am sa.. i mean too say My self laksh khanna.
Rags shake hands with them.

Rags:-shall we leave i want to surprise my brother and its already becoming late night.
Laksh opens front door for her she smiles and sits.
Sanskar and swara looks at each other and smiles too.
While leaving airport she see that kid and keeps her head out of window and shouts.
Rags:-hi champ byeeee.
Swara:-hi rags i hope u dont mind if i call u rags.
Ragini:-actually yes dont knew why but i love to lisen my whole name not any short cuts because this name was given to me by my brother i hope u understand.
Swara:-its ok so ragini nice to meet u i am swara gf of sa so called laksh ..
Ragini:-oh nice to meet u and turns to sanskar(laksh) and says wow yar nice patner u selected.
Lak(san):-thank u.
Rags gets a call and signals them to be silent.
Rags:-hi bhai wats up..
Dev:-where r u and why r u not picking up calls.
Rags:-me obvisiously in london bhai where i will be..

Suddenly phone switch on speaker.
Dev:-do u think i am fool.
Rags:-no you were cool bhai.
Dev:-bucks bunny.
rags:-bhai plzz how many times i said u dont call me like that.
Dev:-then why i am getting msg in hindi when i am trying to your call.
That u were unreachable.

Rags looks here and their and says no bhai its not msg its a callertune today itself i downloaded it super cool caller tune hai naa.
All looks at her with eyebrows lift and a small smile.
Dev:-oh plz shutup before u i born and i knew u very well any way at wat time u will reach home.
Rags looks at laksh he says 1 hour. Rag repeats same.
Rags:-bhai arrange something to eat naa i am getting damm hungry plzz.
Dev:-hmm ok i will come fast i am waiting bucks bunny and cuts call.

Laksh(san in her view):-why he is calling u like that
Rags:-actually its a top screate i cant say sorry..
Lak(san):-no problem
Rags:-i will say it promise me that u wont call me.
Rags:-when i was kid i used to watch buck bunny cartoon all time and used to act like that by eating carrot infact i used to try to talk like it and belive me i am succeded in it also from then bhsi only used to call me ofcourse i love it when ever my bhai call me .
I love him the most best bhai ever..
From back side actual sanskar and swara were shocked to see laksh getting attracted to her and talking easily untill know laksh used to get nervous to even say hi to girls.
They drops her home her bhai comez out.
Both of them opens door and waves bye to rags and she thanks him from far by shouting .
Thank u sanskar laksh and swara.

Three waves bye at a time so that her brother could not get doudt on them.
At night.
Laksh smiles thinking about ragini and turns and say i like her man may be its also called love at first sight.
Sanskar and swara stood up from their seats and gets happy and hugs him.
Swara:-but for her u were sanskar right.
Sanskar:-let it be first let her come close to u andunderstand u then she can understand why we created such a situation at wat postion.
They all nodes.
Laksh:-but starting a relation with lieing i dont think its good.
Sanskar:-we were not cheating man.U only think if i marry her in pressure then 4 lifes will spoil mine ragini swara and yours.

Laksh nodes …
Sanskar phone rings and its dev.
Sanskar keeps in speaker.
Dev:-thank u sanskar for bringing her home safely…and he gives phone to rags…immediately laksh too takes. He gives his number by saying its his personel number and too call to that number only.
Rags :-ok bye good night.
Laksh:-good night and says i am getting afraid where our lie takes us.
A voice comes ftom back if ur intension are good then results will also be good dont worry.
They turn and sees laksh parents tp and sujatha.
Laksh looks at them.
Rp:-i used to get doudt by seeing to not talking with girls but i must say u selected a very beautifull girl not only by looks but by heart also.
Laksh hugs his dad.

Next day..
Rags calls lucky thinking him as sanskar .
When she dials its shows laksh khanna in true caller she cuts and dials it again but it shows same.
Laksh lifts her call and says hello.
Rags:-is it laksh or sanskar.
Laksh gets shocked and asks why r u asking like that.
Rags:-because when i called u in truecaller it is showing as laksh khanna.
Laksh:-actually its my number but due to some reasons i took number in my frds name thats it.
Rags:-using someone name is cheating right cheater….
Laksh gets shocked and didnot reply to her.
Rags understands his silence and says ..hi i am just kiding i knew that may be u faced some problem thats why u took number in name of your frd.
Laksh:-thank u for understanding.
Rags:-you welcome.

They both talks on random things for about one hour and after they both realises they were talking from onr hour and cuts call.
Rags falls on bed thinking her self as.
Wats happening with me when ever i am with him i will forget my surroundings and smiles.
Laksh too thinks same and rubs her head thinking that .
This girl is driving me crazy..
After few days they started meeting each other at cafes and going to shopping mall..like this few days passes.
On otherside sanskar is successfull in making accept their relationship by swara parents.
They inform samething to laksh.
Laksh:-so mission swara parents is completed and now mission your parents…
Sanskar:-hmm i hope they to lets meet in evening at mall
Laksh:-haa actually i cant come..Sanskar:-why..
Laksh:-ragini wats me to take her to some place near mumbai outcuts soo.
Sanskar:-oh oh so you people reached untill here haa.
Laksh:-shutup sanskar..
Sanskar:-ok fine happy long drive..
Laksh is waiting outside her house gate and turns and sees ragini coming in dark blue yellow and pink mix saree by tieing a cluch and left her hair open.
He mesmerised to see her and keeps looking on her rags observes this and she too likes likes him watching her like this ..
She goes near to him and shakes him which brings him to come to his senses.
Rags:-why u wont come inside ..

Laksh:-i come later.
Rags:-i knew it if laksh is here then u will definetly come inside dont knew why when ever u come slone u dont like to come inside.
Laksh:-nothing like that ragini any way we are getting late lets go.
Laksh makes rags sit in car when he about to sit dev just comes and seez laksh sitting in car and thinks.
Dev:-ragini said that she is going out with sanskar then who is he may be his frd or ragini frd and he too sits and goes out
At traffic signal dev sees sanskar on bike with a girl and thinks if Sanskar is here then who is it and immediately calls to ragini.
Rags:-hi bhai ..
Deb:-with whom r u going out ragini.

Rags:-ofcourse sanskar bhai i said to u yesterday naa.
Dev:-is he next to u.
Dev:-onces give him phone i need to talk.
And gives phone to laksh and say.
Rags:-my brother want to speak with u sanskar..
Laksh starts coughing immediately and rags gets worried and says bhai i will talk to u later and keeps phone a side by thinking she cutted call.
Laksh relaxes by thinking call was disconnected and says i am fine ragini.
Rags:-do u want water.
Laksh:-no need i am fine.
Dev:-this is not sanskar voice and Leaves from their as green signal given while passing he sees sanskar and that girl sitting close to each other..
Dev gets suspicious ..
After reaching he calls again ragini .
Rags:-haa bhai say

Laksh:-how many times u will call man when ever u call i am getting heart attack.
Dev:-rags i want a favour will u do it without asking any questions reasons why i am asking like that.
Rags:-ok bhai.
Dev:-i want a photo of sanskar who is with u and dont say him that u were sending that photo to me..
Rags:-ok but is everything ok.
Dev:-do u believe me rags.
Rags:-i love u more than anything in this world bhai.
Dev:-thank u bucks bunny.
Rags:-love u bhai.
Laksh:-wat happen everything ok

Continuessss in part 2

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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