RagLak – Old School Love (Episode 1)

Hello, beautiful people. I hope you remember me I missed writing for you guys and then i got stuck with work, long story short i am back with another RagLak FF
And i also hope that you guys will like it as much as you like my previous FF 🙂

Lots of Love,
I’ve been sitting in this meeting for the past 1 hour looking at this short bald man and his legal team shouting at my associates, and I need to get it over with. It amuses me as to how, even when people know they’re wrong, can defend themselves unabashedly. Okay, I think I need to step in now, because if I don’t, this baldy might just jump onto the table.

“Mr Singh” I say with a very calm tone “I request you to please be seated. We have heard what you had to say, without any interruption, now allow me to speak”

The entire room went silent, and Singh sat down with a look on his face which can only be described as a mix of anger and fear. Yeah, I know that combination of expressions is weird, but I like that expression on his face.

“Mr Singh” I started speaking to him “I absolutely do not care about what the papers, that you and legal team are shoving in our faces, say”. His face now shows more of fear and less of anger; he started to speak something but then decided against it. Good for him
“Everyone in this room, including you, knows what the truth is. So, let’s not pretend now. You hire as many lawyers as you want. But, be rest assured that I am going to bring you down”

“You think I am afraid of your threats, little boy? I will make sure you are punished. I will destroy you. You will regret this Lakshya Maheshwari” the baldy started to shout at me, and I started to laugh.

Okay, don’t judge me, even you would have laughed at the way he looked. I got up from my chair laughing and moved towards the door “Thank you for this entertaining afternoon, Mr Singh. My associates will conclude the meeting for me” and I walked out of the conference without looking back and then I heard him screaming and shouting again on the other side.

As you heard baldy scream out my name. I’m Lakshya Maheshwari, 28 years old and the interim Managing Director of the fastest growing investment bank, MW Group. How is that I am at such a big post in an MNC at such young age, you ask? Because this legacy had been passed onto to me and my partner Karan Walia, by our fathers, the founders of this company. Now Now, you’re judging us, this does not mean that we haven’t worked hard to earn this position, we worked day and night put in all our tears and sweat to bring this company to such heights. Not to brag but when I want something, I get it, whatever be the cost it doesn’t matter to me. And with that over time I have gotten used to having things my way; I like the control and power. It’s liberating. Well up until now I did get what I wanted, but that’s getting ahead of the story.

As I approach my cabin, I stop near Aditi’s desk, my secretary. She looks at me and smiles “I see you had a fun meeting.”
“It was entertaining. Mr Singh should be in show business. Don’t you think so?”
She gave a laugh and said “Off to your cabin, I’ll be there in a few minutes” she waves me off and starts digging for some papers. Aditi is such a sweetheart. It is so difficult to get a smart and efficient secretary, and Aditi is a complete package.

As soon as I settle in my cabin, she walks in with a bunch of papers that I need to sign and starts checking through her Filofax for the day’s schedule. “I have moved your meeting with Pai Associates to 4 pm at Sheraton Hotel and then you’re off for the day” she informs me as she closes her diary.
“Why the rescheduling?’ I ask her while signing my papers
“Because it’s already 2.30 and it’ll be 2.45 by the time you leave from here and unless you own a batmobile, you’re not going to reach there before 4. Well, in Mumbai even with a batmobile you wouldn’t be able to reach anywhere on time” she said while taking the papers from me.
See, I told you she’s an amazing secretary plus she cracks DC puns, how cool is that.
“Thank you very much. What would I ever do without you?” I say to her as I pick my mobile and walk towards the door with her.
“Probably nothing” she says with a laugh and goes back to her desk

I get into my car and connect my phone to the Bluetooth and called Dhruv. Dhruv, Karan and I have been together since 3rd standard. He’s a lawyer, working his ass off to get to head the firm his dad has built up; I’ve never met anyone who’s as hard working as him. Even though we have two legal teams, we get all our contracts and agreements cross-checked by him and he does it all, and we pay for his drinks every time, that’s our deal. The three of us meet at Coral Lounge every night

“Who are you screwing today?” I ask him
“Some MNC, they’re going to be in some deep shit, thanks to their lousy paperwork” he replied
“9?” I ask
“Deal” he says and disconnects the call

Yes, that’s how we talk. I think this was the longest conversation we’ve had in a while, over the phone that is. Damn, I hate this traffic. Finally after reaching, the venue, as I get out of the car the usher smiles and greets me as I get out of the car and hand him the key. “How are you, Ravi?” I ask him
“Doing good, Sir” he replied with a smile as he took the keys. I give him a pat and go in to the coffee house and wait for my client to arrive. The barista comes over with my usual order and flashes me a smile “It’s been a while since you came over, Sir” she says to me.
“Well, it’s been a while since someone pestered me for a meeting”
“Give me a signal, if you need saving” she says with a laugh. I give her thumbs – up and she’s off on her way.
Oh, here is the client, now; I don’t want to bore you with all the details. We sealed the deal. Told ya, I get what I want.

After the meeting, I went home, tired and drained with the hectic schedule, but nothing that a hot shower won’t cure. We have some time as I get dressed, let’s give you all a little more insight of my life.

I stay in Mumbai, heading the West Division of the company with Karan. Our parents stay in Bangalore, they visit us twice every month, with my mother getting me a marriage proposal every visit. I think she has actually taken this mini – matrimony service, of hers, as a hobby and I need to find a way to put a stop to this. Karan is spared of all this matrimonial torture as he’s already taken the leap and married, that too my sister, Arohi, what an idiot.

Arohi has always wanted me to fall in love, she’s been married to Karan forever, has been in love with him for even longer. So, she’s never agreed with the way I live my life, which is hooking up with random girls, I don’t see what’s wrong with that. I get all the fun with no strings attached, and everyone involved is happy with the arrangement. So the point is she wants me to settle down, to find someone who loves me and takes care of me, like she takes care of Karan. Like mom takes care of dad. I keep telling her that’s not going to happen – it’s not what I want.

As I enter in, I spot Dhruv at our regular booth with Karan and make my way towards them; they seem to be involved in some serious discussion, and their serious discussion is usually football. “How did you reach before me?” I ask Karan.
“My meeting was nearby” he said while taking a swig of his whiskey “I heard you’re serving Singh his balls in platter”
“Don’t even get me started on that”
“I got all the papers. Come over to my office tomorrow, we’ll discuss about the case. One of friend is an expert in such cases, so you can have a second opinion as well” Dhruv said
“Alright, I need a drink. You guys want anything?” I said as I got up from the booth
“Another beer” Dhruv said waving his empty bottle at me

Finally getting through the crowd to the bar, I order two drinks. I take a moment to watch the writhing, twisting bodies melt into each other on the dance floor as the music vibrates all around. And then I see her, fifteen feet from where I’m standing, waiting patiently but looking a bit uneasy amongst the arm-raising, money-waving, alcohol-craving herd trying to get the bartender’s attention.

I wasn’t always poetic. Not until this moment. She’s magnificent—angelic—gorgeous. Pick a word, any word. The bottom line is, for a moment, I forget how to breathe. Her hair is long and dark and shines even in the dim light of the club. She’s wearing a red backless dress—s*xy but classy—that accentuates every perfectly toned curve. And her eyes. Her eyes are large and round and beautiful shade of chocolate brown.

I quickly make my way over, deciding then and there that she is the lucky woman who’ll have the pleasure of my company for the remainder of the night. And what a pleasure I intend to make it.

Arriving just as she’s opening her mouth to order a drink, I intervene with, “The lady will have…” I look her over to surmise what she would be drinking. This is a talent of mine. Some people are beer drinkers, some scotch and soda, some an aged wine, others are brandy or sweet champagne. And I can always tell who’s what—always. “…a Glass of White Wine.”

She turns to me with a raised brow, and her eyes appraise me from head to toe. Deciding I’m not a loser, she says, “You’re good.”
I smile. “I see my reputation precedes me. Yes, I am. And you’re beautiful.”
She blushes. Actually turns frigging pink in the cheeks and looks away. Who blushes anymore? It’s goddamn adorable.
“So, what do you say we find someplace more comfortable…and private? So we can get to know each other better?”
Without missing a beat, she says, “I’m here with friends. We’re celebrating. I don’t usually come to places like this.”
“What are we celebrating?”
“I just got won a case today.”
“Really? What a coincidence. I’m in search of a new lawyer for my firm. Maybe you’ve heard of my firm? MW Group?” We’re the number one investment bank in the city, so I’m sure she’s duly impressed.
I noticed the rounding of this gorgeous woman’s mouth and widening of her eyes when I told her where I am employed. I usually get such expressions, but there was something different about this one and I couldn’t really pin-point what. Oh, it’s going to make sense later on. Anyway, back to the conversation.
“We have so much in common,” I say. “We’re both in business, we both like a good red…I think we owe it to ourselves to see where this could go tonight.”
She laughs. It’s a magical sound.
“I’m Lakshya, by the way.” I hold out my hand. “And you are?”
She holds up her hand. “Getting late, I really need to get back to my friends. Thank you for the drink Mr Maheshwari. It was a pleasure” and then she walks away
See now, this never happens to me. I usually don’t have to try, at the risk of sounding arrogant; I must tell you that never have I ever been dismissed by a girl before. To tell you the truth, this wounded my ego a little. I picked up my drinks and went back to the guys trying to brush this encounter off”
“You look like someone punched you. What’s wrong?” Karan asked
“Nothing. I just remembered something I had to get done” I said.
There is no way in hell I am letting them know that I was blown off by a girl. We continue with our talks.
“I have been persuading him to party with us next Saturday and he keeps turning it down.” Dhruv said about Karan
I smirk at that because I know exactly what’s coming.
“I’m sorry, have you met my wife?” Karan asks, his brow wrinkled in confusion
“Don’t be a coward,” Dhruv says “Tell her you’re going to play cards or something”
“Riiight. And when she finds out – and Arohi will definitely find out, I assure you – she’ll cut me up and serve me on a silver platter with nice garlic butter dipping sauce. So no thanks”
That entire scenario had me laughing my ass off.
“Besides boys, I get lucky every night. Unlike the two of you. So suck it up” Karan gloats and stretches his hands over his head
I put my hand up and plead, “Please. Please just stop there.” There are just some visuals I don’t want in my head. Ever
“Say that friend of yours we me met a while ago, still here or she left? Maybe we could set Lakshya up with her” Karan said
“Not gonna happen, she’s a very close friend and there is no way I am going to screw that up for him” Dhruv said
“Anyway, you know I’m not the dating-guy. I would not want to jeopardise your friendship” I say taking a sip of my beer
“That reminds me. She is the same lawyer who’s going to help me with your case, and you will me meeting her tomorrow. So, hands-off okay? No trying to flirt” Dhruv warned me while Karan was laughing at us
“Don’t agree to it Lakshya, trust me” Karan said with a wink
“I am never going to break my rule of keeping work and pleasure separate. You don’t have to worry about anything” I say to Dhruv with a wink
Plus, I wasn’t really interested in whoever they were talking about; I was having a hard time getting Ms Big Brown Eyes out of my head. She had something about her, something that was familiar, that, but I couldn’t pinpoint as to what it was. As I recalled the incident, I realised she addressed me as Mr Maheshwari. The problem is, I didn’t tell her my last name.

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