Raglak-Obsessive Love\Lust epi 8


Sorry guys to disappoint you all from the last epi….i hope you will like this one

The boy and the family came

Dadi-Jii Come come sit….

Boy’s father-Namastey this is our son

The boy holds his hands

Dadi said to sharmi in a low voice-The boy is so good looking …he is perfect for our laado.

Boy’s mother-So where is our would be bahu?

Dadi-Ji she just coming…you know naa how much time the girls of this period take to get ready

Boy’s bhabhi-Yes this an imp thing our life….sge smiles

Boy’s mother smiles

Boy(in mind)-Oho…so she is greeting ready for me haan…..continue-2 ….He smiles

Ragini came with the nashta and tea

Ragini got shocked to see them….and tears came in her eyes with anger

Yes she was shocked coz he is none other then Laksh

Laksh smirked seeing this ……He winked at Ragini

R(in mind)-So this is his plan…..he is so disgusting….how can he use this sacred thing Marriage…to fullfill his Lust…Ragini got really angry

She kept the nashta and tea on the table and pick up the cups and gave to Do and ap…..then she hasitantly gave it to Laksh

Laksh stares at her….he catch her hand…..while all were busy talking
Ragini tries to free her hand……he leave her hand…winked at her

Ragini goes inside

L(in a low voice)-Bhabhi plz say something naa…

Pari-Oho So devar jii is so excited to meet devarani jii alone haan…..she teases him

L-Bhabhi plz naa


Pari-mummyji why not ragini show laksh the house

Dadi-Why not why not…beta laksh go inside ragini is there

L-Jii….laksh got an evil smile on his face

R-What is in your mind now

L-i said naa I can’t afford some one else to touch you….so I have decided to get married to you then you will be mine

You will be only mine

Their engagement got fixed

After 5 Days (Engagement day)

At engagement venue

All guests came

Laksh came
He wore Blue suit and white shirt under that and pink tie

Ragini came
She wore a pink floral lehnga….her hair was left opened

Laksh kept on looking at her….he winked at her

Laksh wore her ring

And Ragini wore him the ring shivering in anger

All had to stay in that hotel coz the hotel was too far from their houses and it was too late

Ragini was sleeping

Suddenly someone began to caress her cheeks

Ragini opened her eyes and got shocked

R-Laksh what r u doing here

L-Really u don’t know?????

R(angry)-Laksh go from here …otherwise I will shout

L-Calm down baby….now I’m your official fiance now we can do anything

R-laksh you can not do this okay….stay in your limits

He catch her hand tightly and pulls her towards him..

L-You have not seen my limit till now baby

Laksh smirked-he threw her on the bed and leaned over her

Ragini closed her eyes tears rolled down from her eyes

Suddenly Laksh stopped

Ragini’s eyes were still closed

Then she opened her eyes slowly…..she was relieved as well as shocked…..as laksh didn’t do anything this time

Laksh goes

Ragini had tears in her eyes

L(in mind)-Why I was stopped????..what happened to me????….I toh want revenge from her naa…..then why I didn’t do anything ng to her why?????

So what do you think guys…..why has laksh stopped and went from there without doing anything to ragini??

how was it guys….plz post your precious comment and suggestions…..Thank you

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  1. Shana98

    Awesome loved it and I think her tear melted his heart ❤️❤️❤️??

  2. Because I think laksh has started loving ragini that’s why. This ep was awesome specially raglak engagement and their scene. Update soon it’s very interesting

  3. cuz he love her

  4. Sreevijayan

    Nice update dear…

  5. Nice

  6. Pyar ho gya h…awesome… Pls continue

  7. Ragz_teju


  8. Akshata

    OMG!!!! Janab sudhar gaye. awesome sakshi, loved it 😀

  9. lakshya fall for ragini after marriage ragini definitely gonna teach him a lession next part soon

  10. nice

  11. Varsha

    Raglak love gonna blossom I think, awesome update dear

  12. Awesome dear

  13. Teja


  14. I think laksh started feeling for her . and her one tear melted his heart . wow…episode was too good .

  15. Megha123

    Coz he started to fall for her

  16. Nice I think he started feeling for her

  17. lovely i think he loves ragini but hasen’t realised yet

  18. SPP

    Awesome Superb
    Hope Laksh started feeling for Ragini

  19. Hemalattha

    awesome part.hope laksh will start love ragini in the future.please continue.

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